Alex’s Fetish

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Alex’s head shave fetish


This story takes heavy inspiration from Dreadlock’s story The Prettiest Girl In School.

As I looked into the mirror at my naked body I could only smile. I was perfect, my perfect bald legs that led up to my curvy hips and my jet black bush that I maintain covering my rather perfect vagina. My bush ended abruptly as to not have a snail trail leading up to my stomach that had a hint of abs. My perfectly round boobs that were completely symmetrical and the perfect shape. I gripped them and squeezed them, I loved playing with them. Then I raised my arms up. My armpits completely smooth with only a hint of black stubble. My arms were shaved bald as the black hair made them quite masculine. My neck was very feminine but concealed for the most part by my waist length, straight, jet black hair.

Looking in the mirror at my perfect appearance only made me start to rethink what I had in mind. I stopped looking at myself and got dressed. I stepped out of my house in a tight, high cut tank top and jeans. My long hair tied up into a high ponytail.

On my walk the heat and the wind that whipped my hair into my face made me sure of my decision.

I came up to the final street and my legs started to shake. I could feel my vagina growing warmer and wetter. When I finally spotted the barbershop I wanted to stop turn around. But I thought, “even if I don’t go in today, maybe I can walk past it and look in just to see.” So I walked, the closer I got the more I knew I’m not going in today, or ever. Then in almost a trance, or muscle memory from how much I’ve imagined this, my legs took over and brought me into the shop. A bell ringed as I opened the door. “What on earth was I doing in here.” I thought but at the same time the thought of being in here was amazing.

“Hey-“ the barber said before looking up to see me at the door. “We don’t do woman’s cuts in here.” I wanted to just leave after that but now my mouth took over, “that’s fine, I want a boy cut.” He looked shocked, but not as shocked as I was that I had the guts to actually say that infront of a room of men. There was two barbers cutting two mens hair and there was one- “oh shit” I thought as I noticed Brent from school was there. See school was on break for 9 weeks before grade 12 so I was hoping to either grow out the haircut to an acceptable length for school or get a wig and no one would notice but now Brent would watch my fantasy.

“Take a number, miss.” The barber said as he pointed to the deli-style number machine. I took a slip of paper from the machine, 21. The certainty now that I was getting this haircut made my legs weak and I found it quite hard walking over to the waiting bench that sat opposite the barber chairs.

Now that I was sitting down I could take a breather and watch the barber cut the mens hair, something I loved watching at home on my computer late at night with a finger or two deep inside me. Now that I was watching I could see both men were getting their heads shaved! It made me both horny and nervous. I could feel my bush getting wetter and wetter as I watched the mens hair get reduced to stubble.

“What are you doing here?” Somebody asked, I thought it was my mind again trying to snap me out of it but I heard it again, “what are you doing here, Alex?” I looked over and noticed Brent looking at me, he must’ve asked me. “Getting my haircut I guess, what are you doing here?” I said back. He had a lot of hair, I presume a grown out short haircut, one he would get a lot at high school. “You shouldn’t be here.” He said back to me, “they only cut hair really short. Like really short.” He nodded towards the two men getting scalped. “Why are you here then?” I asked him. “Maybe because I like getting my hair cut really short.” He said, again nodding towards the two men who were almost completely bald now. I looked down and noticed a lump under his shorts. He’s the same as me, I thought. “Maybe, I want to get my hair cut short as well.” I said to him also nodding at the two men who were now standing up and rubbing their respective heads. I noticed the lump under his short grew bigger as I said this.

“20” the barber called. He smiled at me as he stood up adjusting his erect penis so it wouldn’t pitch a tent when he stood. I was about to stand on my rickety legs but the other barber said something about going to lunch and disappeared into the back. I was going to have to wait I thought as Brent was caped. The barber said, “what do you want today?” Brent responded, locking eyes with me in the mirror, “take it all off.” The barber didn’t look phased at all.

I smiled as we stayed locking eyes while the barber got his clippers. He took the guard he was using on the other man and put it on. Brent interrupted him. “No, can I get a zero all around.” Brent knew what he was doing. He was arousing me so much. The barber took the guard off the clippers and turned them on. He plowed them into Brent’s hair over and over. We stayed locking eyes.

Now the top of his head was completely exposed. It was so white I was staring at it and he probably knew because he started to blush. I smiled as his ears got red from embarrassment. His ears now exposed as the sides were shaved down. Pretty soon the back was shaved down. The barber was now going over his jet white scalp with the clippers to make sure no hair was missed. The barber used a hair dryer on Brent’s head to blow off any hair that remained. Brent smiled as the barber rubbed his head. The cape was taken off and Brent went over to pay. As the barber went over to sort out payment from Brent he called out, “21!”

I was awoken out of my trance as I was still staring at Brent’s bald head. I realised this wasn’t another video I was watching late at night and I snapped my hand out of my jeans and stood up. My legs were pretty much noodles as I walked up to the chair. I finally managed to drop myself into the chair but there was no way I was getting out now my shaved legs were pool noodles. I tried waking them up until I saw the barber behind me. His shadow, menacing as it covered me. He asked “what do you want done today?” as he threw a black cape over me. When he buttoned the cape up it almost strangled me at how tight it was and at wrapped around me, further concealing me in this tomb, only my head sticking out. He pulled my waist length hair out of the cape. “A lot of hair!” He said. I finally responded to his first question. It took everything in me but I said, “take it all off.” My bush was soaked. The barber looked shocked as he got the clippers. “Are you sure?” He asked. To be honest I wasn’t, at all. But my mouth took over “yes! Take it down to the skin.” My mouth must’ve learned that phrase from all the videos I watched but this wasn’t a video.

The barber whispered in my ear, “you’ve got an audience. He spun the chair around and I saw Brent sitting on the waiting bench watching. The lump was now unmistakable as he would’ve heard everything I said. The barber left me spun around as Brent and I were staring into one another’s eyes. I heard the barber get something, then I heard a click, then I heard a buzz that filled the room. Oh my god this was really happening I thought, as I snapped out of my trance. It was too late, I saw the barber next to me and saw something which must’ve been the clippers at the top of my forehead. “Say bye to your long black hair.”the barber said as my breathing was speeding up and my mouth was getting dry. “Bye.” I said in a weak voice as the clippers disappeared from sight and the buzz change to a low buzz. Long black hair tumbled infront of my eyes and landed on my now soaked lap. I felt the clippers reach my crown and be lifted up and put back at the top of my forehead. This time the clippers were offset by about an inch from the last stroke. Again I felt them being pulled back into my pride and glory. And again I saw cascade of jet black hair tume infront of my eyes. Brent was transfixed. Pretty soon I couldn’t see any hair infront of my eyes and knew it would be a while before hair would hang in front of my eyes again. I also felt a cold breeze hit my scalp. It had never even seen the light so now my scalp was super sensitive. I felt the barber breath and I felt him stroke a hand over the top of my scalp, it was the best feeling I’ve ever felt. Brent was staring at the top of my scalp. Knowing it was even whiter than his was I blushed. My ears felt hot and my scalp also felt hot. My scalp must blush too. This was so embarrassing. I must’ve looked like Benjamin Franklin. The barber started on the sides and moved the clippers starting from low on my sideburns and moving them up to the top of my exposed white scalp. The barber made short work of both side and started on the back. I felt so much lighter. And dreaded moving my head because the lack of hair hitting my shoulders or neck would freak me out. The barber was now going over my chrome dome. With the clippers. I then felt a hot towel being placed on my naked scalp it covered my eyes so I couldn’t see. I could only hear the sound of a machine humming. The barber then put the towel over my face only leaving my head exposed. I felt a warm lather being spread over my surely dribbled head.

Soon I felt a blade at the top of my forehead being brought back with a rasp. All I could hear was that rasp and all I could feel was the blade being brought over my denuded scalp. I son realised he was shaving my head bald! With a razor! My face was bright red from embarrassment which only got redder as I realised my scalp also gets red so the barber and Brent must have seen my embarrassment. After a while the towel covering my face was used to wipe over the top of my head. The towel effortlessly glided over my head. Brent smiled when we locked eyes again. My face, ears and head must’ve been so red. The barbers chair I could feel was slowly turned around. I closed my eyes. “Open your eyes. You look so different from the beautiful women when you came in you probably won’t even recognise the ugly creature looking back at you.” The barber said. I wanted to cry as those word hit my exposed ears.

I opened my eyes as I couldn’t take the embarrassment anymore. I saw someone looking back at me through this window. She was ugly and was completely bald. Her head looked like a round egg with no sight trace of hair except for the black roots underneath her scalp than stained the surface a jet grey. The egg that stood on the top of a long neck was reflective and reflected the barbershop lights that shone above her. Her ears stood out and were bright red along with her face and glassy scalp. The barber who had cut her hair took her cape off at the same time as me and we were wearing the same outfit.

When I realised it was me my heart broke. I had fucked my life up completely. Brent had vanished seeing how ugly I was with even less hair than him if that was at all posssible. I had gone from the most beautiful woman in my whole school with the longest hair. To easily the shortest hair in the hole school and easily the ugliest.

I paid the barber and I walked out of the barber shop. As I walked down the street my mindset changed. The wind felt awesome against my dome. And the sun simply bounced off my mirrored scalp. I felt sorry for anyone who I passed as I would’ve reflected the sunlight into their eyes but everyone stared at me so I don’t feel too bad. When I got home I was alone in the house. So I got undressed and looked at myself in the mirror. I really started to like the way it looked. I loved that you couldn’t see any hair at all even close up right next to the mirror. My ears didn’t poke out that much, they were kinda cute. I should’ve been worried for school starting again but I wasn’t. I was excited. In fact I realised I hadn’t felt my head yet. So I slowly reached up to my forehead with my toe hands and pulled them back. My knees failed as I felt my glassy smooth head. It was smoother than my legs. It made glass feel like sandpaper. I loved it and I made and i was about to make another appointment with the barber for a week from now when I noticed the razor sitting on my ensuite vanity. I realised I can shave my head myself it’s not that hard. So I lay down naked in my bed watching tv. I used to play with my long hair but now I have to play with my bush as it’s the longest hair on my whole body.

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