Alice in Wonderland

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Alice is a young woman 178 cm tall with brown eyes and short brown hair that hangs in a long lock on the left side of her face. She loves basketball and was also a beauty pageant champion. She was out shopping one day when she decided to stop at a bar for a coffee. As she sipped her coffee she saw that across the street was a salon with a gorgeous blonde hairdresser working there. Alice had already been watching her for several minutes and she couldn’t stop taking her eyes off her. She was dressed in white trousers and her red turtleneck sweatshirt and that blond hair gathered behind her head was the perfect crown of that slender and well-defined body. She carefully cut the customer’s hair and the smile she had on her as she worked acted like a magnet for Alice who couldn’t take her eyes off her. After a while the hairdresser turned around and her gaze met Alice’s and smiling at her she narrowed her eyes and made Alice jump who quickly averted her gaze so as not to seem that she was observing her. After the coffee she paid and went away to complete her purchases and go home. That night she couldn’t think of anything but that gorgeous blonde hairdresser so beautiful that fascinated her a lot and imagined herself in her chair in the salon with her taking care of her hair and her long lock. Every day before returning home from work he passes the salon just to have a quick glance at the hairdresser and then returns home with the fixed thought of that incredible young woman so sexy that he can make fun of her and play with her hair and maybe go further. In the end the emotion she felt imagining herself on that chair was too strong so she decided that that Saturday she would go there to have a shampoo done. The day had come and she knew the salon would close by 7.30pm and a little after 7pm she stopped by the usual bar to see if there were any customers and only saw a young mother who was about to go out with her daughter. Shortly after the salon was empty and taking courage she entered the salon and the scent that was there was so intense and fresh that it made her feel like she was in a countryside full of flowers. As he looked at the walls of the room he could see many photos of women’s haircuts that varied according to the length and color of the girls who were imprinted on them and on the shelves there were many hair care products and he did not notice that the young woman approached Alice and introduced herself “Hello, do you have an appointment?” Alice was caught in the wrong time but after a moment’s hesitation she began “Hello, no I was passing through here and I was thinking about getting a shampoo done” she was nervous while talking to her and could hardly look into her splendid green eyes.
“Okay, take a seat, I’ll be with you in a heartbeat,” said the hairdresser as she pointed Alice to the washing room and started towards the entrance. Alice as she sat down saw that the woman had flipped the sign from open to closed and then locked the door. On the way back the hairdresser took a towel of hers and placed it around Alice’s shoulders and made her rest her head in the sink.

“Don’t be shocked, but I’ve closed the door because you’re my last client and then I’ll close the salon so I don’t risk other clients entering. Anyway, my name is Marta. What’s your name?”

“Alice, pleasure.”

Marta had started washing Alice’s hair and her hands were so delicate but at the same time they knew how to massage Alice’s head so well that she had wanted for so long that Marta could play with her hair that it didn’t seem real that it was happening . It was like she had always dreamed of and Marta even from below was so beautiful that Alice had difficulty seeing her not only because of the water but above all because she will feel so embarrassed while she saw her.
After a few minutes the shampoo ran out and Marta led Alice to one of her armchairs to dry her hair

“Your hair is really very beautiful and very soft” said Marta as she brushed it and turned on the hair dryer.

“Have you always worn your hair this way?”

“Yes, sometimes I’ve shortened it a little at the back and sides but nothing drastic also because I’ve always had a long tuft so I can play with it and tie it back while playing sports,” said Alice who could now see herself in the mirror while Marta dried her hair.

“I understand and have you ever wanted to change your style?”

“Oh no, I wouldn’t have time to take care of my hair if it were longer and at the same time I like my hair this length so I can play with it” answered an excited ALice

“Too bad. I would have liked to give you another style and maybe cut off a few strands of this beautiful hair” said Marta while she had turned off the hair dryer and started stroking the nape of A’s neck with both hands.

This touch confused Alice because she wanted to change her look but at the same time she loved that Marta stuck her fingers in Alice’s precious brown hair who closed her eyes at her touch and with her hands pressed on the edges of the armchair.

Marta while playing with Alice’s hair moved her fingers very slowly and as she brought them over Alice’s head she saw that her client had her eyes closed and was squeezing her legs as much as possible as if she was trying not to let herself go too much to sensations that he was rehearsing and so I think if he played his cards right he might have had a chance to cut this lovely hair and have some fun with his new client.

“You know” said Marta “I think you have a really fantastic hairstyle and that you look after it very well” while she reached Alice’s forehead with her hand and ruffled her tuft she put all her hair in front of her eyes .

“Oh but someone here can’t see us, she needs me to help her” and so she picked up Alice’s lock making sure that all of her front hair was hers in her grip of hers.

“You’d really look great without this tuft in front of your eyes if you could just cut it off” and as she held it in her hands she saw Alice staring at her worriedly:

Alice sat there with the woman of her dreams playing with her hair and holding her precious long lock in her hands. Part of her was terrified of not having it anymore even though her forbidden dreams of her said otherwise and she wanted Marta to have carte blanche to give her any hairstyle of hers she wanted.

“I… I see well even with the tuft and I always wear it to the side so it doesn’t bother my eyes” Alice’s voice stammered and Marta knew that now her prey wouldn’t have resisted.

“Really a pity because my scissors were ready and well sharpened and they would have had no problem removing a few inches too much from this tuft” said Marta as she approached and smelled Alice’s hair.

Alice was now utterly confused and she didn’t know what to do whether to get up and save her precious lock or stay and allow this hairdresser to trim it to her liking.

Martha let go of Alice’s hair and picked up both her comb and her scissors.

“Now is the time to choose. Do you want me to do your hair and you will leave as you came or do you want me to use the scissors and I decide for you?” Marta’s words were decisive and Alice was terrified but she knew that this could be a unique opportunity to get a haircut from Marta and so she gave in:

“Do whatever you want to me,” Alice managed in a small voice as she looked away in shame.

“Perfect is just what I was hoping to hear” replied Marta as she put down both the comb and the scissors and this confused Alice as she thought she was getting a haircut.

Marta turned and grabbed Alice’s sweater and quickly lifted it upwards leaving her with nothing underneath

“Does a person walk around without a bra?” said Marta while she stuck out her tongue in the direction of Alice who, caught off guard, instinctively brought her hands to her breasts to cover her boobs.
Marta didn’t stop and did the same with Alice’s pants, also taking off her underpants and leaving her completely naked on the armchair. Alice was utterly embarrassed and tried to get up to cover herself but Marta put a hand on her shoulder and forcefully made her sit down on the armchair again:

“Where are you going? The best is yet to come” and so she took a rubber band from the counter and once again gathered Alice’s lock on her forehead by tying it into a small ponytail.

“I want you to be able to take a good look,” Marta said as she tied Alice’s hair back and walked over to the counter again. From one of the drawers she pulled out an electric razor which scared Alice and the sound it made after being turned on didn’t improve the situation.

“Now let’s have some fun shall we?” and So Martha went up behind Alice and pulling her pigtail up she held her head still and plunged the razor into her hair at the back of Alice’s neck. The razor was being pushed up from the neck and Alice was enjoying her like never before.

Squeezing the arms of the chair as tightly as possible, she screamed with pleasure “YES! YESYY MAKE ME YOURS” His vision completely naked on the chair of such a beautiful barber while she was shaving her hair had sent her out of control and as if her precious tuft weren’t enough it was pulled by Marta who used it as a hold to keep Alice’s head from moving. Martha had finished the back and was starting to shave the right side of Alice’s head that she was starting to see the first signs of her head shaved after the razor was making her passes. From the right side of her fell some hair that Alice gathered from her legs and squeezed as much as possible. She wanted Marta to fuck her and she hoped that this would happen as soon as possible but at the same time she felt the speep into her cunt as she saw herself with one side shaved and Marta going to the other side of her head to shave the hair on her left. Finished the sides Alice looked straight at Marta and yelled “Please fuck me!”

Marta smiled and replied “We’re not done yet” so she switched off the razor and grabbed the scissors on the counter. A couple of blows in the air confused Alice who didn’t understand why she had taken the scissors and it was then that Marta grabbed Alice’s ponytail and pulled it towards her “YOUR LOCK MUST GO!” as she did so she dipped the scissors into the base of the ponytail and began to cut


Alice was crying as she heard the sound and tug of the scissors cutting off her beloved lock and after a few seconds the pressure was gone and her head bounced back and Alice could see her beautiful long lock in Martha’s hands shaking it like a valuable trophy.

“Now I have to finish the job,” Marta said as she took the razor back and quickly placed it on Alice’s forehead as she pushed towards the center of her head.
Alice had closed her eyes and felt utterly helpless as she enjoyed the feel of the razor going over her head and shaving it clean.

She loved her haircut and he loved her precious lock but the feel of her hair being shaved against her will was something new and beautiful and she felt wetter than ever between her legs.

After a few passes Alice’s head was completely shaved and Marta switched off the razor and bent between the legs of her client who had completely spread them during the head shave and was ready to receive her final prize.
Without wasting any more time, Marta slipped her tongue into Alice’s cunt and with repeated passages brought her back to a state of total pleasure. Alice first grabbed Marta’s neck and then her head and rubbed her hands in her hairdresser’s blond hair. Alice knew she was at her limit and as she squirmed in the chair she felt the scissors Marta had placed between her leg and the back of her chair. She instinctively picked them up and opening her eyes she saw Marta’s blond crop of hers at her complete disposal

“You know.. anf, anf, anf… I think it’s really irresistible to cut someone you like’s hair giving her an unexpected hairstyle” and so she pulled Marta’s hair loosening the updo and with great speed gathered it in a ponytail of horse that reached her breast. “Your precious ponytail needs to go!” and she forcefully began to cut Marta’s long tail between the elastic and the scalp. Marta was assorted in Alice’s cunt and she did not notice that Alice was cutting her hair


Alice was at the limit and she surrendered together with the last stroke of the scissors which freed the long blonde tail from Marta’s head:

Martha after getting wet from making Alice reach orgasm straightened up and it was then that she noticed her ponytail dangling from Alice’s hand while in her other she had her scissors.

“What did you do to me!?” Marta said shocked as she saw that her hair now reached just above her chin

“You’ve returned the favor,” Alice said as she struggled to get up.

Marta turned to Alice but she wasn’t angry on the contrary she approached the other girl and gave her a long kiss on her mouth before walking away and saying

“If you dress we can go to my place tonight and spend the evening together”

“Only in the evening?” asked Alice

“Nah, I think a lot more my love”

The two girls laughed and shared another kiss.

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