All because of one stream

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“They pay to see you”,Freddie, my man, said,”It profitable for you to pander to them”

I was never a hair-fetish streamer, but because of one stream where I gave myself a trim, my fanbase soon changed to a bunch of people who desired me to cut more off.

” I’m not a hair model”, I said,”This is not a haircutting channel, I love my long hair”

”Whatever, babe”,he dismissed my concerns,”If you don’t like money, then don’t”

I turned off my computer and sobbed, I had been streaming since the start of this month; it took me long time to get 50k followers, and to just lose half of them-I couldn’t it.

I thought about what to do and decided that Freddie was right, pandering to a bunch of hair-fetish nerds was the best way to go.

How bad could it be?

My next stream had a hairdressing theme, I wanted to troll my new fanbase; had a barber’s chair and the works.

The stream started out fine, fans requesting I brush my hair slowly and seductively and whispering, ASMR style, “naughty” things.

Then the heat was started, they asked for me to bob my hair.

I thought about shutting down the stream but Freddie’s words convinced me to play along.

I held the scissors to my hair and took the plunge, my locks laid on the floor of my room.

They had their bob but the mob wasn’t satisfied, they told me to give myself an undercut.

I should’ve turned off the stream at that point but did as they said, buzzing my nape bare for their entertainment.

With that, I asked them what’s next and a bidding war occurred for their style of choice.

The bidder, with 500$ donated to me, requested I shave me head bald.

I didn’t want to want to but money was on the line.

I got close to the camera and put the clippers to my hairline.

Deep breath and in they went, I couldn’t believe what I was doing.

When I was done, people praised me and offered me money to write in sharpie brand names or phrases.

When my scalp was a field of words, someone donated a thousand bucks to me if I shaved off my brows as well.

Having grown accustomed to the feeling of the clippers, I shaved my brows.

I ended the stream, bald and filthy rich.


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