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We were both beyond excited.  This was going to be the first trip for me and my new girlfriend, Danielle (Dani).  We were both 22, and just out of college and weeks away from starting our future careers.  Although I never thought my grandmother like that I dated women instead of guys this time she came through.  She has owned a travel agency for years and was often going on trips to see new resorts that were being opened, but since Covid had happened she has decided that she was getting to old to keep it up.  It was a total surprise when after graduation she told us about a new island resort in the Caribbean.  It was an all expenses paid trip, given to travel agents for them to review.  All Dani and I had to do was show up, eat and drink like queens, and enjoy the private beach for 9 days

We arrived at the airport and were met by a chauffeur who took us to the resort.  We were immediately impressed by just how high class everything was, from the decor to the drinks we were offered upon arrival.  That evening we enjoyed what I considered the best meal I had ever had, followed by a private tour of the grounds.  I couldn’t wait to try out the spa for a nice massage and one of the beauty treatments they were offering to us.  The tour ended up on the white sand beach, the guide telling us that in the coming few weeks they were going to open a nude beach just down the shore from where we were standing.  She also told us that the nude beach had not been prepared yet so we should stay away on this trip.

The next day we were left to explore the resort on out own.  First we went for a couples massage.  It never took much to get Dani or I going, and seeing each other being rubbed by a couple young, exotic island girls certainly started us on our way.  We were supposed to go for a spa treatment next but Dani had other things on her mind “Jordan, we should go the beach right now”  Me, I would have rather gone straight to our suite for a few hours, but Dani knows I have always dreamed of making out with her on the beach, so it didn’t take much to persuade me to head for the beach.

When we first got to the beach it nearly empty, so we set up our umbrella away from the others, and began to enjoy each others company.  We had only been there for a short while when we noticed that the beach was getting much more crowded.  The beautiful view out to the sea was soon replaced by an older couple who decide to claim their spot not 20 feet away from us.  While we tried to keep the mood going, it seemed every time I looked up either the guy, or his wife were staring right at us.  Neither Dani, or I are shy about our bodies, and  wouldn’t have minded if either the guy or the girl wanted to stare at us when we were walking around in our bikini’s.  This was different, as I am not one to show my affection in public.

I suggested we move to the suite because we both definitely wanted to finish what we had started.  Dani was not to happy about the long walk back to the room and suggested we sneak down to the nude beach.  I was hesitant at first, but we were both more than ready for a little beach romance.  There weren’t any mats or blankets on the nude beach area, so Dani and I laid down the 2 towels we had brought, then quickly slipped out of out tiny bikinis.

We went at each other for over an hour, taking turns planting our faces in each others trimmed pussies.  While we tried to keep the sand out of each other’s nether regions, our hair was now sweaty and loaded of sand.  We slowly made our way back to our suite, more than ready to hop in the over-sized shower and wash out all the sand we brought back with us.  It was once we got under the lights of the bathroom that I first noticed the rash on Dani’s back.

“Babe, whats all over your back?”  Dani turned to see what she could “I don’t know but it’s starting to itch” “Do I have any?”  She looked me over…”You have it on the bottom of your legs too.”  We hopped in the shower together, hoping that a good soaping would calm down the irritation.  What happened was not what we wanted.  The bumps just grew redder, and the itching intensified.  I called down to the desk to ask if they had anything that would help, but they told us we would need to go to the pharmacy in town.

We were given the use of a golf cart for the drive to town.  Dani and I could hardly keep still as we rode towards the place.  The pharmacist was quite helpful, suggesting a strong Hydrocortisone cream and some anti-allergy(Benadryl} capsules to settle down our skin.  We took our choices up to the cashier, who had seen us come in, and she said..”It’s not going to work.”  I told her that the pharmacist promised that between these two things we should be fine within a few hours.  The cashier repeated herself “I’m telling you it won’t work.”  She started smiling at us “You got that from the beach.  You need to see Miss Kiki.  She takes care of all the local girls.  She will make it go away.”  We politely thanked the girl and drove back to the resort.

As we walked back into the lobby the concierge stopped us… “It looks like you two were naughty today.”  Dani and I played innocent and just said “It’s just heat rash.  It will go away by morning.”  The girl wasn’t having any of it…”You went to the nude beach didn’t you?”  We continued to play innocent, then the girl told us…”Have it your way, but come find me in the morning and I tell you how to find Miss Kiki.”  There was that name again.  We asked the girl what was so special about Miss Kiki, she smiled and said “There’s hardly a girl on the island who hasn’t had to go to Miss Kiki.  She can make that go away forever if you want.”  Just like the cashier, we thanked her and made our way back to our suite.  Once there we quickly began to cover each other with the anti-itch cream.  Finding little relief we both took a double dose of the Benadryl, figuring if nothing else it would help us sleep thru the night.

It was the longest night of our lives.  The only relief we could get was by standing in a super hot shower as long as we could.  By the time morning came around our skin felt raw and the itching was worse.  At 8:30 the concierge came to our room to check on us, and seeing our condition, told us something that neither one of us wanted to hear.  “You have sand fleas, or sand mites.  They’re nesting in your hair, and will keep reproducing over and over again.  I was grossed out by the thought of bugs in my hair, but still not ready for what she said next.  “I’ll send the stylist to your room, she’ll give you a nice short cut.  That should help.”

I was beside myself, never having short having in my life and this was certainly not how I wanted to try it.  Dani, on the other hand, was not that upset.  When we first met her hair was above her shoulders and has grown down to to her bra strap since.  The stylist knocked on the door.  She had a tall folding chair and a cloth bag, telling us she didn’t want to bring the fleas into her shop.  She asked us who wanted to go first, and it was then that Dani told me a secret from her past.  “I’ll go first, it will be nice to go short again.”  Surprised first that she wanted to go short, and more so that she had short hair I asked “Your hair wasn’t that short babe.”  Dani had a funny smile on her face “When we first met I had been growing out my hair for a couple years.  Before I met you I had a girlfriend who was into butch girls, so I kept her happy until we broke up.”

I was still trying to imagine my beautiful Dani looking all butch when the stylist floated them cape around her head.  Dani had a big smile as she looked at me “Don’t worry Jordan, we’re both going to look great.”  The stylist was ready to go when I asked her how short she was going to cut Dani’s hair.  “The shorter I cut it, the better chance of getting rid of all the bugs on your head.”  Dani was more than ready “I want it really short, with clippers.”

I watched as the stylist started cutting massive chunks of Dani’s hair.  Tears we running down my face once I saw her pick up the clippers, then run them up the side of her head.  Dani, seeing me all red eyed, tried to calm me “Don’t cry baby.  I loved having my hair buzzed short, and you will too.”  It was then that I remembered that my turn in the chair was next.  As Dani’s hair was falling to the floor, I was running my fingers thru the long strands of my hair, knowing it was just a matter of minutes until it too would all be on the floor.

Dani had a happy look on her face as the cape was removed.  She now had the shortest hair I had ever seen on a girl, but as she rubbed the almost bald sides of her head, she started playing with my emotions “We’re going to be the hottest little dykes around, once we look like twins”  I was asking the stylist if I could have something longer, but I was quickly shot down by both her and Dani “If I don’t buzz you down short you’ll just need to see me again later.”

I sat teary eyed as the cape was put around my neck.  The stylist didn’t hesitate and started to chop my long hair off up to my ears.  The tears were now flowing full force, and I hadn’t noticed the clippers being turned on.  It was just a few seconds and the side of my head was now bare.  The back followed as she continued around my head until she cleared the other side of all my beautiful hair.  I expected her to cut the top of my head with scissors, just as she did for Dani, but instead she brought the clippers up to my forehead.  I didn’t have time to react before they were plowed into the top of my head.  While Dani had a very short pixie cut, I on the other hand had ended up with a very short crewcut.

I was still in shock as I saw the stylist cleaning up the massive pile of long hair.  Dani came over and gave the top of my head a rub “We should keep it this short from now on.”  I was less enthused than she was, wanting my long hair back as soon as possible. Once the stylist had left, Dani was all over me.  We had always enjoyed great sex with each other, but it was me who usually took the more aggressive role, while Dani tended to be a bit submissive.  Now it was Dani who took control over everything, and although I was surprised by her actions, I can’t say that didn’t enjoy how it made her.

After several hours the best lovemaking I had ever experienced, we both hopped in a hot shower before crawling back into bed for the night.  We had barely fallen asleep when we were both awaken by the same itching that had plagued us for the last two days.  I don’t know what I was more mad about, losing my beautiful long hair, or that cutting it all off didn’t work at all.  It was another night from hell, then at 9:00, the concierge called our room to see how we were doing.  When we told her that the haircuts had not worked, she apologized and said the only thing left to do would be to see Miss Kiki.  She called and made the appointment for us.  “Miss Kiki said you should come right now.  I’ll drive you myself, so you don’t get lost.”

After a short drive, we arrived at a very warn-out building.  We were led inside waited for Miss Kiki to appear.  It was about ten minutes later when she came out from the back room.  She greated us, then asked us to follow her into the back.  To my surprise, the concierge came with us into the work area.  Miss Kiki wasted no time “Okay girls, you need to get rid of all those clothes you have on.  I was a little shy about being totally naked in front of her and the concierge, but Dani quickly shed all of her clothes, standing naked and ready to go.  “Come on now.  Don’t be shy.  I’m going to get to know every inch of your bodies before I’m done with you”  I finished with my clothes, then we were told to lay on the two tables.

Miss Kiki then explained that we could choose from two different treatments.  The first would just treat the fleas and mites that were currently on our bodies, or she could do a permanent treatment that would take care of them forever.  Before Dani, or I could even ask about the treatment, Kelly, the concierge spoke up “Don’t worry about the extra cost.  The resort is paying for your treatment.”  I was still unsure, but Dani spoke out “We should do the permanent one, that way we can get back on the beach for the next few days.”  It seemed I had been out voted, so I reluctantly agreed.

Miss Kiki started with Dani.  She slowly applied what looked like a dark red honey-like liquid to Dani’s legs.  As she made her way upwards, there wasn’t any part of Dani’s skin that wasn’t covered, even completely coating her private areas.  Miss Kiki continued until all that was left was Dani’s head. The only parts of Dani’s body that didn’t get fully coated were her eyes and her lips.  Miss Kiki then turned her attention to me.  I could feel relief as soon as she started to cover my skin.  I was overjoyed that I wouldn’t have to deal with the itching ever again.  It took about 1/2 hour to coat each one of us, and once she had finished me Miss Kiki said it was time to remove the coating from Dani’s body.  I watched as she started to roll long pieces off of Dani’s legs.  As Miss Kiki got towards the top of her legs Dani tried to put me at ease “Jordan, it’s wonderful.  I don’t itch anymore.”

Miss Kiki then started between Dani’s legs.  As I watched her pull away the dried substance, I noticed that Dani’s beautiful trimmed bush had disappeared into the gel.  The rest of the gel came off easily as Miss Kiki made her way towards Dani’s face.  It was when she was just about done with her face that I saw Dani’s left eyebrow disappear.  I was now starting to panic.  If her pubes, and her eyebrows came off, what about the hair on her head.  It was just a few seconds later when I got my answer.  All of the hair on the side of Dani’s head was coming quickly off with the gel, leaving nothing behind but smooth pale skin.  What scarred me most was it was my turn next.

I couldn’t stop looking at now hairless Dani.  Miss Kiki was now rubbing her skin with some fruity smelling oil.  The attention then shifted to me.  As much as I wanted the gel off my body, I feared the results that would happen.  The feeling was undescribable as Miss Kiki began peeling the gel from my body.  I was so happy that I no longer itched that I couldn’t wait for her to finish.  As she was peeling the gel off my head, I looked over to Dani who was talking with Kelly.  All of a sudden Kelly removed her headscarf, revealing that she too had a hairless head.  Dani started to rub Kelly’s head and I couldn’t believe what I heard Kelly say…”You guys will love being bald.  Miss Kiki gave me the same treatment 5 years ago, and I haven’t seen even one hair on my body.”

I was now getting very upset…”Are you saying that my hair won’t grow back?”  Miss Kiki, now rubbing the same oil on my head smiled…”Yes dear.  You asked for the permanent treatment and that’s what I gave you.  If you didn’t want to stay hairless you should have asked for the one time treatment.”  I looked at Dani who seemed to be enjoying her new look.  She came over to me and gave my head a rub “Jordan, you look so hot like this.”  I was confused..”Dani, did you know that we would end up bald?”

Only then did Dani admit that Kelly had showed her bald head the day before, and she was extremely turned on by the look.  “Why didn’t you tell me?  I certainly wouldn’t have chosen this.”  Dani just laughed at Jordan…”Come on babe, live a little.”  It was a quiet ride back to the resort, with me riding in the back seat, while Dani and Kelly rode up front.  Every once in a while I noticed them smiling at each other, and when we were back at the resort I wanted to go straight to the room, but Dani said she was going to get some sun on her pale scalp.

When Dani didn’t come back to the room after an hour I put my sun hat on and headed towards the beach to find her.  I was just about to give up when I saw Dani and Kelly walking hand in hand towards the nude beach.  Now totally devastated, I hurried back to the room and started packing.  Our charter flight wasn’t due to leave for another 4 days, but I didn’t care, I needed to get away from there.  Thankfully my grandmother was able to arrange a flight for me that afternoon  I left without even telling Dani.

My grandmother smiled as I got off the plane…”I see you’ve been to see Miss Kiki.”  I started crying again as we started walking towards picking up my luggage.  Once we were at baggage claim I started to wonder how my grandmother knew about Miss Kiki…”Gram, how do you know about Miss Kiki?”  The old woman was smiling again as she rubbed my head…”It’s been a long time since I too visited Miss Kiki.”

“Gram…Do you mean you were bald?”  “Dear, it’s something every girl should experience at least once in their life.”  I started to well up with tears again…”But gram…She gave me the permanent treatment…I’m going to be like this forever.”  Gram just smiled again..”We’ll see what happens.”  We left the airport and my grandmother took me to a wig store.  An hour later we walked out, with me now wearing a professionally fitted wig, although my gram insisted that I have nothing longer than my shoulders.  I was now sporting a french bob, in a dark brown color, instead of my usual dirty blonde.

I stayed with my gram for the rest of the week, only returning to my apartment the day before I needed to go back to work.  The people at work loved my new shorter/ darker look, none of them seemed to notice, or at least comment/ about my now drawn on eyebrows.  I actually started to embrace my baldness, and how easy it made things.

It was 4 month’s later, when to my surprise, I actually started to see a slight fuzz forming on my head.  I quickly called my grandma to tell her what I was seeing.  Her response kind of surprised me “Wow 3 month’s.  Miss Kiki must be slipping.”  I was confused, so I asked what she meant…”To make the treatment permanent it has to be repeated a couple more times.”  I started to ball my eye out, but this time they were tears of joy “Oh my God.  I’m never going to shave, or cut my hair again.”  Within a couple months I now had an inch of super curly hair on my head.  My gram said it reminded her of a poodle perm from years ago, and as it grew longer the curls just stay close to my head.

It was a couple months after I first saw my hair coming back when I came home from work only to find Dani back in our apartment.  She wanted to come back home to me, saying that she was sorry about what she had done to me.  It seems that Dani always had a fetish for bald girls, and seeing Kelly bald the first time made her do things she couldn’t control.  Unlike me, Dani was still totally hairless.  She had been convinced by Kelly to repeat the treatment 2 more times which I assumed meant she would stay bald forever.

I had struggled to pay all my bills without Dani’s half of the rent, so I told her we could give it a try.  While I had always been equal to Dani in the past, for some resaon I found myself taking more of a dominant stance with her.  I told her that she could sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor until I decided she derserved to come back to our bed.  I also told her she wasn’t allowed to ever cover her bald head.  Dani didn’t question what I said, and made up her spot on the floor.

The next few weeks I continued making Dani conform to my will.  The former college graduate was reduced to working at Burger King at my insistence.  Whenever she wasn’t wearing her work uniform I would have her dress some very cheap, childish looking clothes from the charity store.  I had also taken over her diet, making sure she eats at least 2 big meals a day from the Burger King she works at, and every day she walks out with a large strawberry milkshake.  She doesn’t like strawberry, but gets it because I told her to.  Between all the greasy, high calorie foods she was getting at work, and all the mass weight gain shakes I was giving her at home, Dani was changing from a toned beautiful girl to a homely bald girl with a growing belly and poor complexion.  She was thriving in her new role and so was I, so I saw no reason to change it.

A couple month’s later my gram came over to visit.  I had recently taken Dan to have her eyebrows permanently tattooed on, and they were now very curved pencil thin lines, and she began wearing make-up that came from a little girls dress-up kit.  When gram saw what Dani had been reduced to she just rubbed her head, treating her like a child…”You’re such a cute little girl.”  When Dani went into the bathroom my grandma surprised me again…”So, by her new position in your lives I guess your not going to let her ever grow her hair back.”  Confused I told my gram that Dani had 2 more treatments than I had, and I assumed she would stay bald forever.  She then told me that the treatment wasn’t really permanent, but the new hair follicles were just dormant.  She told me I could take her to her “old lady” beauty parlor and they could give her a scalp treatment, which would open the follicles back up again.

As the weeks passed I felt more and more guilty about what I had done to Dani.  I was still mad every time I looked in the mirror and saw my own hair still tight to my head.  It only got worse as it grew out, so I had started going to the “old lady” beauty parlor with my gram, and kept it in the short poodle perm look.  The last time I went, I asked the owner about giving Dani a scalp treatment so she could grow hair again.  When Dani came home from work that night I told her I wanted her to go with me to the beauty parlor next time.  She asked why she would need to go, and I told her what I had scheduled.  Dani seemed to struggle with the thought of having hair again, having grown so used to the bald lifestyle, but could never say no to me anymore.

Six month’s later we both had a head of tiny curls cut close to our heads.  She was still very submissive to me, even though I had invited her back to our bed.  She had just celebrated her one year anniversary at the Burger King, so we celebrated by getting her an ice cream cake, which she sat and ate all by herself.  She had grown to love our feeder/feedee relationship, having finally passed the 200lb mark.  I was thinking of taking her back to the resort to celebrate her achievement, and get to even spend a few days back on the beach, maybe we’ll even get sand fleas again.

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