All for Todd – Part Two

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“DISCLAIMER This is a totally fictitious story including all the characters names.”



Bright an early on Thursday a very confused Kathryn found herself at the spa, just as ordered. After removing her clothes and putting on her robe she was again escorted to where Dr. Breeman and Missy were waiting. This is it Kat. This will make all that discomfort worth it. You’re going to love them and the feel. the feel is unbelievable, just unbelievable” Missy told her. That being said Dr. Breeman began injecting her left breast with the coagulant. Almost immediately the sensitivity was gone. First the left then the right. Syringe after syringe. Injection, wait a few minutes, then another injection. After what seemed like hours, Dr. Breeman announces there done and Heidi enters the room.

Heidi’s focuses first on her ‘privates’ then the back of her neck. But, Kathryn really couldn’t pay attention to anything Heidi was doing as she felt strange feelings in her breast. Sensitive, not sensitive, erotic sensitivity at times. Feeling like they were getting hard, moving actually moving. After Heidi finished, Dr. Breeman entered the room again. Took a look and pressed on them, feeling them, manipulating them, actually shaping them.

Kat, just lay back and relax, I’ve got to give them their final shape,” Dr. Breeman explained.

Oooo, just his touch made Kathryn wet almost instantly. Her mind went blank and she started to breath heavily. Her hands instantly reached for her crotch. Instantly she had the best organism of her life.

When Dr. Breeman was finished, Kathryn was quite embarrassed.

Don’t worry Kat, it’s just one of the side affects of the enhancement. A pleasant side affect, I might add.” Missy explains. I told you, in the end the pain would be worth it. Now let’s get you dressed.”

The sweater that in the store was so big was tight now. Her now size 36 D breasts filling it easily. Even with her body suit on, her nipples were pointing through the sweater like darts. Another side affect,” Missy says pointing to her own pointy nipples. Not too bad of one either. I might add,” Missy continue helping her with the leather skirt. She then walked together in front of a mirror. This time every step almost sent her into ecstasy. Her breasts were still sensitive, but oh what a sensitivity. As Kathryn looked in the mirror she couldn’t believe what she saw.

Oh my god, is that really me?” Kathryn asked still whispering from the soar throat and staring at the mirror. Her breasts were so big, perfectly shaped big. She had cleavage, a lot. Her lips were so plump and the shape of them even looked sexy. The outfit, she was to wear to work, had the look of ‘have me’ all over it. Her hair still covering bandages on her ears and neck and still that mousy brown color flowing past her shoulders. I can’t go to work looking like this” she whispered squeakily.

Kat, they’ll get used to it and so will you. Just wait until tomorrow, that’s when we say our final good-byes to Kathryn. 9:00 tomorrow Kat, we need you to rested for Todd’s homecoming. Then I’ll go home with you and help you dress.

You’ll need to try and force yourself to talk now. It will be sore, but it should be fine tomorrow. Just keep it moist and keep talking even if it’s just to yourself,” Dr Breeman added.

Driving to work Kathryn almost looked for the small bumps in the road. Each one sending her a little closer to ecstasy. She tried to talk to herself all the way to work. Her throat was still sore. But seemed to get loader as she talked, even though the best sound she could get out of her voice was a high squeaky one. When Kathryn arrived at work, she rushed to her office hoping not to be noticed. Just as she reached the door, Brad asked her Kathryn are you alright? You’ve been actin ” Brad stopped in mid-sentence as Kathryn turned around. His mouth dropped open and his eyes practically popped out of his head. Ah ah ah, you really look different um um you’re wearing your hair down um um I like it” and turned back toward his office.

Um thanks” Kathryn replied in a weird high voice.

The rest of the day, Kathryn saw everyone in the office walk by trying to get a glimpse of her. She really felt self conscience and couldn’t get anything done all day.

Kathryn had trouble sleeping. One, her breasts were so, so, so big. Two, she couldn’t help but fondle?? her nipples, they gave her such an erotic sensation. And three, what has she done. What will everyone think? Will Todd like it?

Finally, morning was here and off to the spa, one last time.

When she arrived, Heidi and Suzi took her to the back and started working mostly on her ‘privates’ this time.   They then removed the bandages that covered her ears, neck and a few other spots. Did a little more work on her eye brows and finally Dr. Breeman walked in. Time to finish those cheeks” and gave each one a small injection of coagulate. Again, Kathryn feels movement under her skin this time, her cheeks.

At last Missy came in and gave Kathryn a complete once over. She had Kathryn stand up and virtually examined every inch of her body. Oh my god, you guys did great. Kat let me hear you say something.”

When , wheeeeen can I ? Kat stops when she hears her high somewhat squeaky, ditsy you might say, voice. My my voice, when does it come back?”

That’s perfect, perfect. Ian that is perfect,” Missy goes over and hugs Dr. Breeman. That is just perfect,” she says again turn back toward Kat. Kat that’s your new voice, it’s perfect. You sounded like a damn lawyer. Now, you sound like a hot girl. Hot!!! Real Hot! Missy continues.

My new vooooice? I sound like a ” Kathryn questions with her new voice, speaking softer as she asks. She just looks down and slowly follows Missy to a hair station realizing it doesn’t matter what she wants anymore. At the station she notices there is no mirror.

Kat this is Vanessa, we call her ‘Vee’ for short.”, she’ll be creating the transformation of your hair.

Vee, this is the girl I was telling you about. I want her hair to epitomize the look of sex. When men see her I want them to want to get in her pants. Needless to say, she needs to look hot. Work with Candy. Candy will be doing her makeup. Here’s sort of what I was thinking,” Missy continued talking to Vee like Kathryn wasn’t even there. She moved her hair up and over and tugged here and there all why explaining different things to Vee. Then finally acknowledging that Kathryn was in the room, she said, You’re in good hands, Kat, Vee’s the best. Be back in a sec, Vee,” and walks away.

In a matter of seconds, Kathryn felt all her hair pulled back and then heard a ‘schnick’. No need to color all that.” Another ‘schnick’ to the hair this time that was covering her face. Finally she heard a buzzing noise. Next thing she feels is something vibrating running up the back of her head. She tried to move her head but Vee has a good grip on it and tells her to be still. In less than a minute Vee announces, Now were ready. Now we can get got down to business”.

Boy you didn’t waste any time, Vee. Here’s the bowls of color. Can’t wait to see the final product,” Missy says looking directly at Kathryn. Todd’s just going to love it.”

Do you think I’ll like it,” Kathryn asks childishly, not even recognizing the voice of the person who spoke.

That’s not important. Is it? It’s what Todd thinks that matters,” Missy reminds her.

Kathryn just sits there stunned, while Vee starts to paint her hair with the various colors. She couldn’t believe what has happened to her in just one week.  First her fiancé is going to leave her. Then she allows a bunch quacks throw all her good clothes out and spends a fortune on a complete new wardrobe, a trampy wardrobe at that. Then some doctor reshape her body annnd finally something happened to her voice. Now, they are doing god knows what to her hair. What else could happen?

At that moment, Missy runs in all excited and interrupts Kathryn’s thoughts. Kat, you’re not going to believe this. You’re not going to believe this. Remember on Tuesday when you signed a bunch of papers. Well they already got processed. They rushed them and they’re processed. It’s now official. It’s really official.”

What are you talking about? What’s official?” Kathryn asks softly in her new ditsy voice.

Kat, Kat, your name has legally been changed to KAT. Your name is now Kat Altman. No more Kathryn. Now, you are legally Kat Altman, attorney at law. Isn’t that great? Isn’t it just great? Todd will just love it.” Missy continues.

I’m what? My names been changed? It’s what?” Kat asks her new voice fading away with the question.

Kat’s head drops looking at the floor as Vee escorts her over to the heat lamps.

Kat’s sits under the heat lamps while her hair processing, stunned, motionless, limp. ‘What happened? Who is she? According to Todd, I’m a control freak. How did I let this happen? I’m an attorney. Yeah sure, who will have me now? What if she did all this and Todd doesn’t like it?’ She fights back the tears as her thoughts continue and Candy applies her makeup.

In what seems like no time, Vee takes her back to the styling chair. More cutting, then lots of tugging and a lot of hair spraying. Vee calls Missy over and turns the chair to face her as she approaches. Missy’s eyes get huge as she gasps. Vee, my god Vee, this is perfect. Nice. Real nice. Todd, any man for that matter, is certainly going to look at her twice. Nice job. Come on Kat, lets show you the new you.”

Missy walks with Kat to a dressing room. She’s wearing a wrap covering her lower body and a long robe. As they walk into the room she orders Kat to shut her eyes.

Are you ready?” Missy asks turning Kat toward the mirror. OK open your eyes”.

Almost instantly, Kat’s mouth drops open, her eyes open to the size of saucers. She just stairs into the mirror.

I’m a blonnnnd,” are the first words that softly and very meekedly come out of her mouth with her new high voice.

How about that cut? She cut it slightly asymmetric. See the right is just to your chin and the left is about at your lip.

Kat repeats I’m a blond” seeing just how sexy the highly teased crown makes her look.

And how about those bangs?” A full heavy curtain of straight across bangs stop just short of her eyes. Vee mixed the color special for the bangs. It’s a mix between an auburn and a copper. It’s a fantastic contrast to your new golden locks. Here take a look at the back. They’re the same color as the undercut.”

Missy instructs her as she holds up a hand mirror to reflect the back, she sees an auburn-copper ‘V’ shaped short hair sticking out from under a bob that has a weight line about an inch above the hairline.

Isn’t that sweet, it’s undercut up to here,” lifting the bob to show her the buzzed nape up to the occipital bone. Notice how sharp the ‘V’ is. Heidi reshaped your hairline into the perfectly shaped ‘V’. Isn’t that awesome, you’ll have a perfect hairline forever.”

What’s that? Kat asks pointing to behind her ear.

That my dear, is a tattoo for Todd,” moving the mirror to better show a black tat that is shaped like the tongue on rolling stones albums. If you read the words written on the tongue they say ‘LICK MY STARS’. You said you wanted Todd to nibble and lick you. Well we’ve put stars in various places for Todd to lick.

What?” Kat’s eyes immediately turn to the big mirror and she drops her robe seeing her breasts naked for the first time. They’re soooo big”, comes out of her mouth as she notices a cluster of three stars next to her right nipple.

Nice huh? Ian’s the best. There about a 36-37D.” Missy explains. Here let me show you” and Missy takes a feather and rubs it across one of her nipples.

Oh my god” Kat shouts as her knees almost buckle from the erotic sensations.

That’s one of the side effects of the EU Saline. I’ve had mine done for about two years now and I still get the wet from the slightest touch on my nipple. Ian says he thinks it’s permanent. I can only hope so,” Missy continues. Imagine when Todd finds those starts to lick. There’s one just under your belly button too. You may have to move the jewel a little.”

Sure enough, Kat’s belly button was pierced, nothing gaudy, just a nice ring with a peril hanging down.

Go ahead take a look at your pussy.” Missy suggests.

Kat takes off the wrap, only to see a virtually hairless pussy. The only hair is a strip about 3/4 inch wide above the vagina, a vagina that is surrounded by small stars.

We call that a landing strip. What do you think? And how about all those stars, that should be fun for someone “.

I “.

That’s permanent too. I figure if Todd doesn’t like the strip we can remove it too and make you as smooth as a baby’s behind. Take a look at the top of your foot and side of your calf. We had a couple of stars put there just for fun. Oh yea, the inside of your left bicep has one too.”

Kat is just stunned. She starts to turn to leave.

What a second, I’ve got to show you your back.” Missy holds up the hand mirror again and shows her the small of her back. There’s a large, about 2 1/2 inches high and 8 inches across, winged shaped tat made out of stars. The center is one large star and the sides look like shooting stars. If you look close at what the center star’s outline is are words. The entire stars outline says ‘Todd Forever I love Todd Property of Todd Todd’s Bitch Todd and Kat. That was Suzi’s idea and took her all week to finish. Looks great though, doesn’t it. And the print’s small enough that really only Todd will see what it says. And lastly here at the base of your neck,” she says moving the mirror up.

“Here you can see your name stamped on your neck.” Looking in the mirror Kat sees the words ‘Pussy Kat’ with a star on each side of it. If that along with your new nape doesn’t get him nibbling, nothing will,” Missy proudly says.

Just a couple more minor things,” Missy having Kat look back to the full length mirror.” I’m sure you’ve noticed your nice plumb lips and Ian added just a touch of EU Saline to your cheekbones, making them just a little higher.

Then Missy lifts Kat’s bangs out of the way. Now take a look at those brows? We tried to pluck them, but they were so full they were going to be a maintenance nightmare. So Heidi removed them and Suzi gave you permanent perfect brows. The perfect arch for your new facial features. Not too thick and not overly thin either and like I mentioned maintenance free.”

Oh, I almost forgot your ears,” carefully moving the sides of her hair back. Nothing crazy here. Just a diamond stud in the top of your ear and a couple of 3/8 inch solid button plugs in the lobes.”

Kat looks carefully seeing her newly ornamented ears. Seeing what looks like a flat button silver colored earplug with a black star in the middle of it.

We didn’t want to put too much there and keep Todd from nibbling them. And with the small plugs if he decides he would like them bigger, we can stretch them as large as he wants. So, what do you think?”

Kat continues to stare at the mirror, having trouble realizing she’s looking at her. Standing before her it looks more like a poster of girl out of Playboy than a reflection in a mirror.

I I”

Come on, It really doesn’t matter,” Missy interrupts. It’s all about Todd. Here throw these on” handing her sweat pants and a button down shirt to where, as to not mess her hair. Go home now and I’ll leave here in a minute and be right behind you and help you get everything ready for Todd’s arrival. Now go, go,” Missy says chasing her out.

Driving home, Kat was still stunned. She finally had time to think of what transpired to her over the week.   She keeps looking in the rearview mirror astonished at the image reflected back at her. That person is beautiful. Outright gorgeous, but who is that person. She looks like a fn slut. What have they done to me? I’ve even got a ‘tramp stamp’. What have they done? What have I done?

Then she starts talking out loud, forgetting she’s got a new voice. F&*%, I sound like a ditz. No one will ever take me serious again. She tries to make her voice sound a little deeper, a little less squeaky, No matter what she tries, she sounds ditsy. ‘Oh my god, I sound like a dumb blond. A dumb blond with a law degree from Yale,’ she thinks. ‘Oh my god, I’m a dumb blond!”

Then it dawns on her that legally she is not even the same person. Kathryn is no more. What kind of name is KAT? My god what have they done to me. What’s Mr. Black going to think?

As Kat slowly walks up to her house wondering what to do, she sees Missy is already pulling in the driveway and waits for her at the door.

Come on, not mush time lets get you and this place ready.” She said virtually dragging Kat to the bedroom. We bought you satin sheets and Wendy picked out the perfect outfit for tonight.”

Missy holds up a very sheer, flower laced strapless black bustier and a matching g-string. Here’s the heels,” showing her a pair of 4 or 5 inch black open toe high heels. Then cover up with this,” she says handing her a white satin robe. He’s just going to die when he sees you in this. Now get this stuff on and I’ll fix your room,” Missy continues.

While Kat is in the bathroom Missy makes the bed with the white satin sheets, turns it down and lights about a dozen romantic candles around the darkened room. As she fills two glasses with wine she brought she hears a truck pull up in the driveway.

Kat, Kat, he’s here,” she shouts to Kat while entering the bathroom. As she enters, she sees Kat staring at herself in the mirror. Oh Kat, your beautiful.” Kat’s not just beautiful, She’s gorgeous, sexy, she’s every man’s fantasy. She certainly isn’t any resemblance of the Kathryn of just a week ago.

OK Kat, know it’s up to. Here’s what you do. When he comes in, I’m going to introduce ‘Kat’ to him. You come out to the hall and stand there with the robe on. After I introduce you, you slowing walk over to him taking off your robe, dropping it to the floor just as you reach him. When you get there you bury him with one of the best kisses you’ve ever given, stick that tongue of yours down his throat. At the same time you’re kissing him, move your hands down and loosen his pants. Then slide down him and finish dropping his pants and give his manhood a couple of ice cream cone licks before you deep throat him. Just do it once. Then stand up, take his hand and lead him to the bedroom. He’ll be putty in your hand by then Got it?

Kat just looks at her with her mouth open, almost in a trance.

Kat, you got it? Do exactly as I said and he’s yours. Yours forever”

Yeah, yeah, I got it.” Kat finally answers.

As Missy walks through the hall to the front door, Todd enters. Missy, what are you doing here?”

I was just helping Kat get ready for your return,” Missy explains as Kat reaches the end of the hall. Todd, Kathryn told me how important you were to her and how she wanted to have things the way they were.”

Todd’s looking at Missy, not noticing Kat yet. That might be a little to la ”

Missy cuts him off. Todd let me introduce you to Kat. Kathryn’s gone forever. She has officially and legally been replaced. Kat is here now, she’s your fiancée. You may remember her. The fun loving, spontaneous, crazy, love making girl you once knew.”

Hi Todd” Kat says slowing opening her robe and walking towards him.

Who’s this?” Todd asks not recognizing anything about this gorgeous person walking toward him. He sees a drop dead gorgeous sexy blond, with crazy reddish bangs, high cheekbones and sensuous dark red lips walking to him. Her eyes surrounded with black eye liner giving her the most sexy ‘I want to have you’ look. As she opens her robe, he sees a see-through black nighty revealing the most perfectly shaped breasts and perky tits he’s ever seen with a see-through g-string to boot. He can see through to her sexy smooth ‘play ground’ surrounded with a bunch of strategically placed stars.

It’s me, honey, Kathryn. I mean Kat. I’m Kat now. No more Kathryn, not ever again. I promise. I promise. I love you. I want you back. I want to be your pussy cat again.” Kat says as the robe drops and she turns slowly around giving him a good look at the new Kat.

Todd immediately notices the ‘PUSSY KAT’ tattoo at the base of her newly shaped hairline.

As Missy leaves, she hears Todd asking, But your breasts, your hair, your voice, your, your gor geor geous”.

Todd’s quieted as Kat’s tongue enters his mouth. Her hands reach down to his already hard manhood to loosen his pants. Missy was right. By the time Kat slid down to her knees, he was already pumping.

Slowly walking to the bedroom, Todd is already licking her new nape.

The rest of the next two days is up to your imagination. I will only tell you, Todd and Kat barely ever left the bedroom until Sunday afternoon. It took time and a lot of explanation but Kat did convince him that she was indeed the same girl he proposed to. They played the star game a lot during that time, Kat exploding immediately every time he licked the stars on her breast not to mention her ‘play ground’. And finally it took him the entire time to realize the ‘tramp stamp’ star on the small of her back was actually shaped with sayings for him.

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