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Lindsey awoke to Chase’s gentle kiss on her cheek. She smiled as she opened her eyes, seeing him through a curtain of her disheveled hair. His fingers slipped into her angel blonde tresses to brush them back, reminding her of the way he buried them in her mane as she drove her hips against his last night, pushing and lifting herself in that perfect lap of his as he tugged and pulled and played with her long locks, nuzzling into them as he nipped and bit at her neck and ears.

She moaned softly, gently nudging her hips down against the mattress. “Good morning, gorgeous.”

He smiled, and planted another kiss, this time on her lips. “Didn’t mean to wake you. But at least I get to say goodbye.”

Lindsey flicked her hand, whipping the bedsheets away from her body and wiggling her bare little ass at him. “Does it have to be goodbye?”

His gaze landed exactly where she wanted it to, and her giggles grew louder the longer he looked until they became a squeal when, crouched next to the bed, he reached down and pinched one of her perfect cheeks. He then slapped it, harder than necessary but not hard enough, and squeezed. He kissed her again, long and slow as his fingers slid down to her thighs and then between them for a gentle caress from behind.

“Tease,” he whispered.

She scoffed. “How am I the one being the tease, Mister Handsy?”

“We can talk about that later.” He kissed her again, his fingers again sweeping back her wealth of hair as he stood. “Your face is too gorgeous to hide, you know.”

She rolled her eyes. “Have a good day at work.”

“You, too, baby.” He paused at the door. “See you tonight?”

She looked at him over her left shoulder as she lay in bed, blonde locks screening her vision of him again. “Girls night with Audrey and Becky.”

He nodded. “Tomorrow, then?”

“Brunch at Danielle’s Cafe?”

“Is brunch done on Saturdays?”

“Of course.”

“Huh. Thought it was a Sunday thing.” He blew her a kiss and closed the door behind himself. She heard him say hello to her housemate and landlord Audrey, and then waited to hear Audrey’s bedroom door close. Once it did, Lindsey rolled onto her back, purring to herself as she smelled Chase on the bedsheets still. The sunlight shone through her bedroom window, playing through her shiny locks as Chase just had, and Lindsey let her right hand slide down between her thighs where his had been a few moments before. She worked quickly, thinking of Chase’s hands in her hair, his arms around her waist, his pulsing fondness for her plunged deep within her warm embrace.

It didn’t take long, and by the time Audrey was moving around in the hallway again, Lindsey was panting softly on her bed.

A glance at her bedside clock forced some harsh reality upon her; it was time to get ready for work. Reluctantly sliding from her bed and heading toward her bathroom, she paused in front of her mirror when she saw what a disheveled mess her hair was — a gorgeous mess, she wasn’t afraid to say, but a mess nonetheless, falling in wild waves halfway down her back. “Just got fucked hair,” to say the least. It set up a nice contrast to her facial features, which had always been more along the lines of sweet and innocent than sexy or beautiful.

Combined with her light hair and eyes and peaches and cream complexion, that led to more stereotyping than she cared for. But, at least at the moment, an innocent angel was far from how she looked. A wild forest lady might be more appropriate. She chuckled at her reflection, and then decided to have some fun with it. After putting on her big, fluffy robe, she shook her tresses out a bit, pitching up their wildness, and snapped a photo for her instagram.

Her vanity forced her to wait to post it until after her shower, though, giving her a chance to wash her hair and do her make-up nicely. By the time she was ready for the day, her wild mane had been transformed into a sleek, soft ponytail, with its natural waves tamed to look something like a slow, lazy river when pulled in front of her right shoulder to fall across a deep blue shirt that really brought out the stormy sky color of her eyes. She snapped a photo, showing off the neat right-part and the simple barrette that held her grown-out bangs in place as they swept across her forehead.

She set the two versions of herself up in a mini-collage along with the caption, “Having a lot of hair ain’t always easy….”

Once she grabbed breakfast and headed out the door, the rest of her morning passed pretty quickly. When she checked her phone at lunch, she found a message from Chase, along with a screenshot of her posted pics:

You could always just cut it, you know. 😉 Ever consider that?

Yeah, sure she could. And then he’d be crying about it until it grew back, just like every other boyfriend who had to struggle through the ordeal of Audrey giving her an overzealous trim. She replied with a quick photo of her sticking out her tongue, a photo which, she noted, made it look like she had a short, slick pixie cut as her ponytail was down her back and out of sight. If she was being honest, it didn’t look terrible.

On her way home, she let her hair loose in the car, shaking and fluffing it a bit with her fingers. The lilac shampoo she used still smelled lovely, and she found herself teasing her nose with it almost the entire drive home. When she finally pulled into her driveway, she saw Becky had just arrived for the Girls Night of Netflix and literal chill and was walking up from the sidewalk.

“Great timing!” Lindsey told her as she gave her friend a hug. As always, Becky looked fantastic even in the most casual of t-shirts and jeans, but that’s why she made the big bucks as a stylist — one who now had her own salon, after all. In fact, Lindsey was fairly certain she had heard Audrey talk about working there once the business-side of things was all settled.

“Terrible timing, actually,” Becky corrected her. She tucked her lion’s mane of light brown/dark blonde waves back behind her left ear. “I asked Audrey to give me a trim today, and was hoping to get here early enough to be done by the time you got home, but I had a last minute perm to do.”

“That’s fine,” Lindsey insisted. She led Becky up the walkway and held the front door open for her to go in first. “It’ll give me more time to drink before we start the movies.”

“Audrey, we’re here! Sorry I’m later than early.”

Audrey poked her head around the corner from the living room into the entryway. Her auburn curls erupted upward in a riotous mass before gravity forced them downward around her shoulders, giving her more volume and bounce than any human had a right to. “That’s okay,” she said. “Lindsey will just have more time to drink.”

Lindsey grinned. Just another example of why they got along so well. “So did you and Brad have a fight or something, Becky? I though he always did your hair.”

Becky’s brow furrowed, or at least Lindsey assumed it did. The woman’s trademark fringe, long enough to tease her eyelashes, often forced Lindsey to guess what her brows were up to.

“Well, for one, we’re not a couple so we can’t be fighting.”

“Sure,” Audrey and Lindsey replied simultaneously.

Becky ignored that.

“And two, he’s really busy getting the financial stuff in order, so I didn’t want to bother him.” She looked to Audrey, “I did tell him, though, so it’s not like we’re cheating on him.”

“No worries,”Audrey replied. “If we’re all going to be colleagues soon, I shouldn’t mess with his favorite play thing…. Too much.” She ran her fingers through Becky’s waves, then turned the other woman around to gather her thick mane behind her shoulders. It nearly reached the girl’s waist. “Good gravy it’s getting long for you.”

“Yeah, I figure it’d be nice to have it really long for a change.”

“Yeah, we can take care of that.”

“Just a trim!”

“Mmhmm.” Audrey tapped Becky’s shoulders. “To the living room with you. I set up a chair and some newspaper. And you, Lindsey — go get out of the work clothes and get some wine for yourself. And me. And Becky.”

Lindsey saluted her friend, then headed up to her room. She dropped her skirt and slipped out of her blue top, replacing them with a grey tank and matching sweatpants. Once dressed, she stopped in front of her mirror and gave her hair a quick run-through with her comb. Audrey, she was well aware, could sometimes get a little over eager with her scissors, and Lindsey knew there was a non-zero chance her blonde locks could end up being the longest of the bunch before the end of the night.

As she headed down the stairs, she saw she had another text from Chase.

That’s not an answer! he said in reply to her photo response. Then a pouty emoji. Either way, I’l have the hottest hottie by my side tomorrow. Love.

Okay, that was… what was it? Lindsey slipped her phone into the pocket of her sweats as she headed to the kitchen. Usually whenever she mentioned getting her hair cut, her boyfriends would do anything necessary to talk her out of it. But that wasn’t what Chase was doing. He was almost toeing the line of suggesting she should cut it, which would definitely be a first.

Setting three wine glasses out, she tried to remember whether he had said anything similar before the last time she’d had Audrey trim her hair. She couldn’t remember, but things were definitely said afterward – wonderful compliments, followed by eager kisses and more.

Granted, they hadn’t been dating for even a year yet, so the sample size was small, but still.

“What would you think of a cute little bob?” she heard Audrey tease in the other room.

Lindsey ran her fingers through her hair, lifting her soft, almost-curls from her back and neck and trying to picture herself without them.

“Just a trim!” Becky insisted.

Lindsey dropped her hair again, shaking it out before filling the three glasses liberally and then setting the bottle, along with a second, on the tray.

She pulled out her phone and looked at Chase’s message again. She moved to the liquor cabinet and poured herself a shot of whiskey. It burned on the way down, forcing her to clear her throat. Then she texted back Maybe I don’t have an answer yet. 😉 Then it was time for the phone to go back in her pocket.

When she joined the other girls in the living room, things had already gotten underway. Audrey’s styling tools were splayed across the coffee table; a few pairs of shears, lots of clips and combs, and a very large-looking set of clippers. Lindsey couldn’t imagine Audrey getting the chance to use them on Becky, but maybe her hope sprang eternal?

Becky, meanwhile, sat in a dining chair close by, with the large wall mirror to her right so she was sort of facing the couch where Lindsey could grab a seat.

Letting Audrey get at her treasured mane without keeping an eye on her – now that was a sign of trust.

Lindsey set the tray down and handed a glass of wine to Becky. More than half of her hair, it seemed, had been piled up and clipped in place atop her head, while Audrey carefully combed through the rest, which had been dampened a bit.

As Lindsey curled up on the couch to get a good view of the happenings, Audrey took her first cut, carefully pinching and tugging Becky’s captured locks straight before snipping away the last inch or so.

Thinking back to how many time Audrey’s “trims” set back her hair-growth goals by half a year or so, Lindsey thought that she was showing some remarkable restraint, right there. Before she could comment on that, her phone jangled in her pocket.

What sort of timeline are you on to get an answer?

Again, not a “No, please don’t cut it!” What would it take to get a “No, please don’t cut it!”

She gathered her hair in front of her shoulder, stroking it slowly as she looked at her reflection in the mirror Becky was ignoring. Was she teasing Chase, or was he teasing her, or were they doing some other kind of strange dance?

Not sure. Audrey’s cutting Becky’s hair now. So… soon?

She examined the ends of her silky locks. They looked pretty dang perfect, in her opinion, but… She took a long pull from her wine. “Audrey, since you have your stuff out anyway…”

Audrey smiled brightly. “You wanna be next?”

“You don’t even need one,” Becky told her.

Lindsey nodded. “Just a trim. Couldn’t hurt, right? If you two don’t mind, I mean. It can wait if you’d rather.”

“Nope!” Audrey blurted. “You’re in the chair next.”

Okay, so she was locked in to at least a trim. She curled her feet up under her bottom, checking the screen of her phone for any reply. Her eyes flittered back and forth from the screen to Becky’s hair, its damp-darkened lengths gradually shortening with every snip.

“So how long are you hoping to get it?” Audrey asked.

Becky shrugged as another layer of her locks were loosened, dampened, and combed out. “I’ll know when I decide to not let it get any longer, I guess.”

“You’re doing it to spite Brad, right?” Audrey teased.

Becky laughed, but Lindsey noted that wasn’t a denial. She seemed to be catching on to that a lot today.

Not for nothing, but you have a really, really sexy neck, you know.

Lindsey gulped, then drank more wine. Of course he thought she had a sexy neck. That was obvious, both in what he said before, what he did in bed, and how much make-up she occasionally had to use to cover up for the latter. But there was no mistaking what he was suggesting.

He hadn’t said her hair looks pretty when she wears it up, or that he liked when she braided it to show off her shoulders. No, he’d only mentioned her neck.

She listened to Audrey tease Becky about Brad a little more, trying to calm her racing heart and cool her heated cheeks. After a few moments, she decided it was time to get it in writing. You think I’d look good with a bob? Just all of it… gone?

She hoped that was what she typed, at any rate, as she filled her wine glass again. The pace with which she was drinking might have had an impact on her texting skills, though she was genuinely too nervous to go back and reread them.

A bob is hardly “all of it,” but you’d look pretty damn hot, in my opinion. Just saying.

She huffed. A bob is hardly ‘all of it.’ Of course an engineer would focus on the particulars. She rolled her eyes, catching the other girls looking at her with raised eyebrows.

Her cheeks got hot again. “Don’t mind me.”

She waited for their conversation to build up again, and then considered his message again. Was he really such a stickler for wording? What would you consider ‘all of it’?

She didn’t have to wait long, and her eyes widened when the answer came.

Pixie cut. Cute little ears out in the open.

She gulped again.

And you’d look fucking amazing and you’d have to peel me off of you with a crowbar to go to work on Monday, he added.

The phone fell from her hand as she let out a bit of a meep sound.

“Do we need to cut you off?” Audrey asked with a laugh.

Cut her off? Did Audrey know? How would Audrey know already?! No, of course she didn’t.

“Sorry, texting with Chase. He … suggested stuff.”

“Uh huh. Why don’t you comb your hair out?” Audrey suggested as she let down the last of Becky’s lion’s mane. “I’m almost done here.

“Yes, boss.” Before reaching for the comb, Lindsey reached for her phone on the floor, leaning down so her hair tumbled forward and surrounded her like a curtain. When she lifted herself straight, it brushed against her cheeks, strands clouding her vision and dancing in her breath as she looked at her reflection in the mirror.

Chase certainly hadn’t left any doubt, that was for sure. Before reaching for a comb, she gathered all of it – or as close to all of it as she could – back into a high ponytail and looked at her reflection. Sweet, cute little Lindsey looked back at her. That wasn’t who she wanted to be. But was that what Chase wanted?

No, not judging by the crowbar comment. That didn’t strike her as something said to someone you thought was cute and sweet. (Well, maybe, but… while she was sure he thought of her as cute and sweet in some ways, that didn’t apply to the context of the moment and she was overanalyzing things and assumptions made by the patriarchal order of society and then she realized maybe the wine was going to her head ….)

She let her hair down and grabbed a comb, running it through her long, thick locks as she strolled into the kitchen.

All of it.

All of it. All of it. All of it.

And a crowbar. She’d never had to peel a guy off of herself with a crowbar, but if that changed, she’d want Chase to be the guy who changed it.

She set the comb down and picked up the bottle of whiskey, letting another shot burn the back of her throat. She set the shotglass down and picked up the ends of her crowning glory, kissing them softly.

“Don’t you dare!” Becky threatened.

Lindsey quickly hurried to the living room – she knew Audrey’s resolve wouldn’t hold.

“Oh come on! How are we supposed to show Brad I know my stuff if you won’t even let me cut your bangs?”

“By your entire portfolio, maybe?”

“Come on,” Audrey pled. She added a pout for good measure.

“But I like them long.”

Audrey turned for backup. “Lindsey?”

“You have gorgeous eyes, Becky. Might be nice to show them off.”

“Et tu, Lindsey?”

Lindsey nodded. “Et me,” she replied before taking another swig of wine.

You better bring a crowbar tomorrow, she texted.

“If you let her cut your bangs,” she said, “I’ll let her give me a pixie.”

Okay, so that was a little manipulative, but why should she be the only one to get a new look?

Both of their jaws dropped.

“You serious?” Audrey asked.

Lindsey nodded. “Yup. Something short and sexy, though. Not cutesy. An Audrey special, if you will.”

“You’ll cut off all of your hair if I just get bangs?” Becky asked.

Lindsey shook her hair out, letting it fall in front of her shoulders and into her face, a wild cacophony of waves and almost-curls that had formed the most gorgeous twists and updos and braids in the past… “All of it,” she said. “Deal?”

Audrey turned to Becky. “You cannot deny me this opportunity and still consider yourself a good friend.”

Becky sighed and closed her eyes before just barely nodding. Audrey moved in quickly, combing the other girl’s thick bangs before adding to their bulk, drawing forward long, sweeping locks that fell past Becky’s breasts until their volume was almost doubled.

“Wait a minute–” Becky started, but it was too late. Audrey’s scissors slipped into Becky’s beautiful hair an inch or so higher than they probably should have and started cutting. And cutting. The curtain of maybe-blonde/maybe-brunette locks melted away with every snip, baring an expression of pure agony as Becky chewed at her bottom lip.

It couldn’t be said that Audrey was haphazard, that was for certain. She worked meticulously, first cutting away the bulk of Becky’s former bangs and then chipping and nipping away at what remained, lifting them higher and higher as more and more fell away, until thick, Bettie Page bangs bared a hefty portion of her brow and revealed every single bit of Becky’s beautiful doe-like eyes for the first time in years.

When the scissors stopped, Becky turned to the mirror and simply said, “I hate you.”

“But…” Audrey prodded.

“They look fucking great.”

Audrey beamed.

“You realize I’m growing them out immediately, right?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. It still gives us the rest of the year to actually see your face.”

Lindsey, meanwhile, took another gulp of wine and shook her hair out some more, probably, she realized, for the last time in a long time.

“Ready?” Audrey asked.

Lindsey took a deep breath and settled into the chair, turning it to face the mirror. “Let’s do this.”

“So, an Audrey special?” Becky asked. “No specific style in mind?”

Lindsey jumped when Audrey snapped a cape out behind her, then flippped it over her shoulders so it fluttered softly into her lap. Suddenly, things were getting very real.

“I just don’t want anything that makes me look like a cupie doll. I want sexy and hot, not cute and sweet.”

“Mmhmm.” Becky pulled out her phone and started scrolling. “What are you thinking, Audrey? Something like this?”

Audrey took a look at Becky’s phone, then at Lindsey, then back to the phone. “Yeah, that’d look great on her. I’m gonna go shorter, though. Much shorter, because that’s what I do.”

Lindsey leaned forward to take a look, but Becky whistled innocently as she walked away.

“I feel like maybe I didn’t think this through,” Lindsey murmured as Audrey began gathering her long hair, tucking it over one shoulder before snapping the cape closed and then letting it fall free down her back.

“Probably not,” Audrey replied. “And with Becky, that might have mattered. But with me, not so much.”

“Can I have my wine at least?”

Becky granted that wish, with a fresh refill as well. As she drank, Audrey patted her shoulders from behind and then kissed her cheek. “You are going to look awesome. Trust me.”

“Of course.”

Long, slow comb strokes through her silky locks helped take the edge off Lindsey’s nerves. And in any other circumstance, she would have been enjoying them a whole lot more. But knowing they were the last long strokes anyone would be taking through her hair for a long while blunted some of the enjoyment, she had to admit.

Soon enough, the strokes stopped, and Audrey carefully created a long, straight part above Lindsey’s ears. Like, well above her ears – just about where she would part her hair when wearing it to the opposite side. She gathered everything above that line, twisted it a couple times, and then clipped it into a bit of a topknot, leaving everything else free to cover Lindsey’s ears and neck. All those places Chase referenced in his campaign to have this happen.

“Okay, do me a favor and look down at your lap,” Audrey said. Lindsey did as ordered. “Good girl, but just a bit more.”

A gentle nudge at the crown of her head forced Lindsey’s chin down further, and her heart started racing.

She was doing this… she was really doing this.

Audrey’s fingers brushed high against the nape of her neck, lifting away a thick, heavy lock of her treasured hair. Becky tried to muffle a squeal but failed, and Lindsey waited for that first brutal cut… only it never came. Instead, there was a loud pop and a low hum, followed by a low, vibrating pressure just below her hairline.

“Okay, here we go!”

Becky full-on squealed and Lindsey gasped as she felt Audrey’s clippers rise, their tone defiantly changing as they plunged into her thick, long hair. Higher and higher they rose, and deeper and deeper Lindsey sucked in her breath, feeling the nibbling teeth chew away more and more of her lush mane. She had seen clippers used before, heard them used, but never felt them used and now there were all sorts of nervous tingles firing through her body as they sheared away her crowning glory, cresting over the curve where her nape turned into her crown before Audrey finally pulled them away.

“There we go,” she said. “So long to the Disney princess hair.”

It took a moment for Lindsey to risk looking up, and when she did, Audrey’s reflection was holding a long, perfect trophy of Lindsey’s gorgeous hair. It must have been almost two feet long, silky and shiny in the lamplight.

Audrey passed it to Becky, who began to stroke it as she held it in her lap.

In her lap.

Lindsey tried to grasp the idea that Becky was able to stroke her hair from across the room, but it seemed like such a foreign concept.

“You okay for round two?” Audrey asked, as if it made a difference.

Lindsey nodded anyway, and her head was nudged downward. The clippers met her nape again, nibbling and nipping their way up the back of her head, and another thick, heavy lock was passed to Becky. Lindsey watched as the beautiful ponytail in Becky’s lap grew, every massive shorn lock being added before Audrey attacked her mane again, a look of sheer delight on her face.

She was standing next to Lindsey when she whispered, “Now this is the fun part.”  She gathered the long, silky locks left around Lindsey’s right ear, and with a bright smile fed them to her clippers. The beautiful tresses put up little fight, completely overmatched by the whirring blades and were quickly reduced to a half-inch of soft, near-white pelt. Again and again, Audrey attack with her clippers, slowly, confidently and surely, until Lindsey was left to breathlessly realize her ear – her own, perfect little ear with the four stud earrings – was now completely naked and bare for the world to see. There was nothing to cover it, nothing to tuck behind it.

All of her long, beautiful hair, her beautiful, tumbling waves, were gone. All of it.

Well, mostly. Audrey stepped to Lindsey’s left, gently tilting her head aside as her clippers went to work again, leaving nothing for her left ear to hide behind or under either.

“I’m, like, even more impressed with your color, Lindsey,” Becky said in admiration. “It’s so perfect, from root to tip. This is the color I want if I ever color my hair.”

“You can keep it, I guess,” Lindsey murmured with a smile. She couldn’t look away from her reflection, even as she drank her wine. Never would she have thought before today that she’d give up so much of her hair so quickly. A bob? Maybe. Not chin-length or anything, but she’d considered getting a lob before. But now a lob was… what? Two years away? Maybe three? And all because the guy she loved promised her a good tumble in the sack – one he probably would have provided anyway?

No, she did it because it’d make him happy, and she wanted him to be happy.

Even if she currently looked like some kind of far Eastern monk with her shorn sides and silky blonde topknot. But she had only thought her sides looked shorn. After a brief pause, Audrey returned with the clippers again.

“More?” Lindsey gasped.

“Audrey special,” was the only reply. Again and again, the clippers ran up her head. The lack of resistance they met shocked Lindsey, as did the intense amount of hair being peeled away from her head. At a half inch, her hair had look soft and fuzzy, but now Audrey was halving everything around Lindsey’s ears and up her nape, coating Lindsey’s shoulders in a soft blonde pelt. With the same care she showed Becky’s bangs, she blended the two lengths together, and then turned again to her table of attachments and equipment. The new attachment she put on the clippers seemed even shorter, and again Lindsey found herself looking down at her lap as her nape was shorn again and again. An occasional cursory exploration by Audrey’s fingertips sent shivers down her spine, parting the nervous panic that had been building and replacing it with an eager desire to feel Chase do the same.

But, gods, that used to be where her ponytail was. Her long, envy-inducing, beautiful blonde ponytail.

Now when she looked at the mirror, the sides of her head looked bald. She turned this way and that when Audrey set the clippers aside, and she could barely see anything in the back.

“Okay, one last stage,” Audrey assured her as she returned with her scissors. She reached up and undid the clips holding Lindsey’s topknot in place, setting the last of her long, silky hair free. The tresses flowed and swung freely in Audrey grasp, as it they were completely unaware of the rest of her mane’s fate.

But with a few, loud, crunching snips, their fate was the same.

Despite watching it all happen, despite seeing her beautiful waves of pale blonde hair get mowed away by her roommate’s clippers, Lindsey still couldn’t believe she was, as of this exact moment, a short-haired girl. What remained fell around her head in a mop of a million lengths, spilling at all angles, some locks tickling her ears while other threatened to hide her eyes, but all of them looked absolutely terrible.

Spritzes of water snapped her out of the momentary malaise as Audrey set about wetting what few locks of her crowning lory remained. She enforced some semblance of order with her comb s she considered Lindsey’s reflection thoughtfully, but then it was all back to business. She gathered a thick lock from the crown of Lindsey’s head between her fingers and, barely more than the width of those fingers away from Lindsey’s head, sheared it away.

Lindsey held out her hand, and a wine glass was pressed to it. She made use of the straw that was included before handing the glass back, watching as another shorn lock tumbled free and down to the floor. Again and again Audrey cut, transforming six-inch tresses into one-inch locks, littering the newspaper around the chair with a gorgeous carpet of silken curls. Audrey’s movement became rhythmic, almost hypnotic as she worked her way forward, turning Lindsey’s long, soft hair into a constant rainfall of shorn locks.

When Audrey moved in front of Lindsey, she combed her bangs forward, jus like she had with Becky. The difference was that Lindsey could still see through hers, as opposed to the thick curtain Becky’s had been.

“Bangs will make me look too cutesy,” Lindsey insisted.

“I know. But you’re gonna have to have them, at least for a little while, if you ever decide to grow this all out.”

Lindsey closed her eyes when Audrey lifted her shears, and could only feel the cool steel blades brush against her skin high on her forehead. Like, very high. There was more soft crunching, some fluffing with Audrey’s fingertips, and then more crunching. Soft bits of hair tickled Lindsey’s nose as they fell past, and then Audrey was at Lindsey’s side again, still working back with her fingers and scissors to chip in bits and pieces and blend the sides and top together before finally saying, “And there we go.”

When Lindsey opened her eyes, her once-flowing, once bouncy and once-wavy hair was absolutely gone. Maybe an inch and a half or so – maybe – remained at the crown of her head, growing shorter and shorter toward the front until it blended in with nearly non-existent bangs. The sides – what was left of them, started out as nearly nothing around her ears and at her nape, gradually lengthening until they were meticulously blended into the rest. There was no part visible, or maybe even possible. Just a very, very short cut on a very, very stunned young woman.

As she looked at herself in awe, Audrey rubbed some product into her hands and smoothed it through Lindsey’s locks, sending shivers of both delight and dismay through her.

“Oh my god,” she murmured.

“Yeah, I’ll say,” Becky commiserated as she stepped up behind her. She ran the back of her fingers up Lindsey’s nape, sparking more shivers of delight, and then over what remained on each side. “You really look amazing, Linds. Seriously. And Audrey, gorgeous work. Brad is going to love working with you.”

Lindsey slid off the stool and stepped toward the mirror, still trying to convince herself that she was really the person in its reflection. But it was – those huge, gorgeous blue eyes were definitely hers. But they looked even bigger and brighter than before! She ran her hands over her hair – over, not through – and let them play through what little was left on the crown of her head.

“Oh my god,” she repeated. No more ponytails, no more braids. Hell, no more barrettes or clips or anything like that, not for a long time. No more ear tucks, not for at least half a year or more.

Oh gods, she hoped Chase would like it.

“I’ll clean all of this up tomorrow,” Audrey said behind her. “Shall we get ready to start the movies? You can keep playing with your hair while we watch.”

Lindsey grinned, knowing she probably would.

“Hey, Lindsey.” Becky tossed her her phone. “Looks like you have few messages.”

Did five count as a few? That seemed like more than a few, but it was how many Chase had left. They were sweet and encouraging, but with a definite tint of DESPERATELY needing to know what was going on.

Lindsey considered her reflection again. Her make-up from her work day still looked pretty good, so she figured she could risk a quick selfie. With her phone pointed at the mirror, she looked downward and to the side, just enough to have her baby blues peer through her thick lashes as she raised one eyebrow in a bit of a challenge.

She snapped the photo, and added it to her text: So, I guess I should ask – would  this qualify as ‘all of it’?



Hope you liked this one — as always, any input is appreciated! You never know what might inspire the next vignette.

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  1. I have been reading these stories on multiple sites for about 10 years.. This is the best one I have ever read by far. A part two would be great with Lindsey seeing to it that the boyfriend received a haircut as well perhaps? Again, incredible story!

    1. Thank you so much! That’s hefty praise… I’m sure Lindsey and her boy will be around in the future. I have to be honest in that men’s haircuts don’t do much for me, so it might be hard for me to do as good a job with it, but we’ll see if I can work one in.

  2. Another great one, normally I prefer salon based stories over home ones but I gotta say I really enjoyed this. Super well detailed and a great built up. I love how all these stories are interconnected. Really looking forward to what else you have planned.

    1. Thank you! I kind of wish I’d thought of some over-arching title to give the connected stories, in case I want to do some that aren’t or in case the connection isn’t obvious. I’ll have to think of something…

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