All or Nothing

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Steph is a 24 years old girl, 5’4 and has a long black hair until her waist. She worked at The Venetian Las Vegas Casino as a card dealer for the past 2 years. She wears a ponytail during her work and her long hair is always touching the table as she deals the card and lies delicately on it as she watch the game as it progresses. Many male customers are often caught playing at her table due to the attraction from her long hair.

It was New Year’s Eve and Steph worked till midnight as guests proceed to celebrate the countdown with wine and great fireworks. She walked along a very dark alley behind the casino as it was the quickest way to reach the main road to fetch a cab. As she walked in the alley, she began to hear footsteps following her, which grew louder and louder. She began to walk quickly and before she could reach the exit of the alley, a man grabbed her by her long ponytail and suffocated her with a handkerchief. She became unconscious and her body went wobbly.

She woke up and found herself in the middle of an abandoned warehouse. She was sitting on a big red barber chair with her legs, waist and neck tied onto the chair. Her vision was still blurry, but could make out a slot machine that is on her left, a table with a tray of objects on it was on her right. She looked directly across the table and saw a familiar face. He’s John, one of the men who played cards with her all the time at the casino, from the first day of her work. John confessed his love for her hair and told her how much he wanted to keep it for himself.

Steph was obviously scared and was starting to wet her panties. John kept on staring at her long black hair.

“Before the sun rises on New Year’s Day, I want to win all of your hair.” John whispered across the table, with a slight sarcasm in the tone of his speech.

“The slot machine has three columns; I suppose you already know that after working in the casino for so long.” John began to slur his sentence.

“But instead of the cherries and ‘ 7’s that you have to connect in a row to earn your winnings, each column have been changed specifically for today”

“The first column is the part of you head that is going to get a makeover, either fringe, sides, back, whole head, etc. The second column is the amount of hair that will get the makeover, like 6 inches, 1 foot and nape. Lastly, the last column is the equipments, I mean, the ‘toys’ that I’ll be using on your hair, like clipper, scissors, razor, etc.”

This was not any ordinary slot machine game. Just the option presented to Steph was enough to make her go nuts.

“IT’S ALL OR NOTHING”, John emphasized on it.

“I’ll spin the slot machine when you lose the game against me.”

Steph thought to herself, “I must leave this horrible place with my hair intact!”

Scissors, clippers, shavers, curling iron, perm rolls and hair dyes are placed all over the tray.

Steph began to wet herself crazily, the prospect of losing all her hair on New Year’s Day is totally insane and the game started immediately.

They played Blackjack for the first game and the winner is decided by the best of five. Steph concentrated hard while thinking at the back of her mind about the mess she has gotten into. The first two rounds ended with Steph winning, given the experience she had. But John caught up and won the remaining three rounds. John walked towards the slot machine and yanked on the arm and “Sides, 6 inches, Curling iron” came out. Steph was relieved as she has not lost any of her hair yet. John rolled up her long hair for 6 inches and let it get curled. Steph suddenly had an orgasm when she felt how gently John stroke her hair with his fingers and curled it carefully. After 30 minutes, the ends of Steph’s long black hair became big curls.

The next game in line was Stripper Poker, same as Blackjack, the winner is decided by the best of five and Steph lost again. The slot machine was activated again and it stopped at “Back, Nape, Clipper”. Steph cried out loud and pleaded John not to shave her nape. John just walked calmly to the tray and took the electric clipper. John pointed at her blouse and she immediately took it off, showing her bra and continued pleading. Steph fidgeted hard on the chair but she cannot escape the clutch of John’s clipper and the big red barber chair. John moved his hand from Steph’s neck and pulled it up in the air.

“Don’t fidget, I don’t want to hurt you, I just want your hair, that’s all”, John whispered quietly beside my right ear.

“He is right, he just want my hair, that’s all. My hair will eventually grow back. Since I’m getting aroused by his actions, why stop? It’s so sensational, something I had never felt before; I should just let him do it” Steph thought to herself as she obediently bowed her head down for John to shave off a chunk of hair from her nape and some fell into her cleavage.

The third game was Baccarat and before the game was about to continue, Steph suggested that one round is all it needs to decide the winner. John looked at his watch and it’s was almost 4am, time is of the essence and readily agreed. The cards were dealt by John and Steph received an Ace and 9, while John got 3 and 6. John dealt one more card and Steph got a King, which made her final score 9, and she thought: “Finally I will win this round”. Both of them turned over their hands and Steph saw John have 0 points as he got an Ace. Steph was feeling ecstatic inside but saw the look on John’s face. She also knew that the Sun is going to rise and she should just let John win. Steph herself was also waiting to get ‘high’ again.

“Just pull the arm, I’ll let you win this round, my hair will grow back anyway, but your chance to get my hair is slowly slipping away, so just pull the arm” as Steph blurted out her thoughts simultaneously. John’s eyed was wide opened.

“Are you sure you want to do this, it’s you long precious hair and it’ll take time to grow back”

“Heck it, just pull the freaking arm before I change my decision”, Steph yelled furiously.

This time, the slots stopped at “Whole head, 3 Feet, Hair dye”. John went to the tray and got a bottle of blonde hair dye and squeezed it all over Steph’s hair. Steph was getting a huge orgasm now and urine is starting to leak from the seat to the floor. John gently and carefully ensured every strain of Steph’s 3 feet long black hair is covered, so it would not look weird with streaks of black hair popping out. It took 45minutes for the colour to set and Steph took the opportunity to get to know more about John.

“So what’s your occupation, John? Do you like cut people’s hair? Cuz you approach towards my hair was very gentle,”

“I’m a hairdresser at a salon 10 miles from Vegas and we are actually 10 minutes away from the salon”

“Oh I see, so how does my hair rank in terms of the texture? Length? Volume? Is it good” Steph blatantly asked John, to see whether he have any reaction and erection.

“I’ve been a hairdresser for so long and you long hair is the best I have seen so far. That’s why I want to own it, but I didn’t want to really frighten you will all the strapping and games. I’m really sorry that I have to fulfill my desire at the expense of your beautiful locks” John sounded very apologetic.

“I think my hair done already, we can continue with our game”

John looked at his watch, it’s about 5.45am and the Sun will rise anytime soon. John decided that we will just play one more game and proceed to his salon after that to fix my hair.

The final game is randomly select five cards from a deck of cards and the one who gets the card with the highest value wins.

“Spades J”

“Clubs 6”

“Clubs 9”

“Hearts 9”

“Spades 5”

“Spades 2

“Hearts Queen”

“Diamond K”

“Spade King”

“Spades Ace”

“Well, this is the last time I will pull the arm, so let’s make it good?” He looked straight into Steph’s eyes and agreed to it with a blink of an eye.

“……Fringe, …1 foot, …Scissors”.

Both of them where disappointed with the final result.

John just picks up the scissors and snips the long fringe that was below Steph’s chin until the eyebrows, sparing her the agony.

“Let’s go to the salon now, I have a mess to fix” John replied, with his head looking down as he releases the straps on Steph. She could clearly feel his disappointment and decided to make up to him.

They left the warehouse and arrived at the salon exactly 10 minutes later, Steph’s hair was covered with a blanket that is stuffed at the back of John’s van. She has bangs with her ombre waist length hair that curls at the end for 6 inches. Some bad haircut it was.

John escorted Steph to a similar barber chair that was in the warehouse. Steph sat down quietly as she surveyed the hair salon. It was quite run down, as though he had no customers coming in. “Maybe he really wanted to cut all my hair? There isn’t any customer in sight. Maybe his business has taken a hit due to the economy.”

“Ok, I’ve decided.”

John asked her to come to the basin for him to wash her long hair for her. John kept on apologizing to Steph, but she remained silent.

They were back at the barber chair and John place the tissue around her neck and then the cape over her body.

“I think I better start of with those curly blonde ends that you have, it really don’t suit you”

Steph nodded in agreement and John starts to snip off 3 feet of blonde locks fro her hair. The sunlight penetrated into the salon and was reflected of the blonde locks that lie lifelessly on the ground.

“I’ll give you a layered cut first, maybe to about your chest level, that’s another few inches, are you ok with that” John asked timidly.

Steph nodded again.

The scissors was in action again and the blades cut through the hair like a hot knife through butter. As Steph was only wearing her bra with her blouse tied around her waist during the Stripper Poker game, the tingling sensation with her hair fell off and brushed against her back and her cleavage give her a shudder and was beginning to wet her panties again. More hair was now piled up even higher.

After John was done with the layering, Steph shook her head and her hair was flying freely in the air. It felt light and great. John assumed he was done and was about to brush off the hair from Steph’s back when Steph coughed.

“I want to go shorter, maybe to my shoulder or a bob or a pixie, what do you think suits me” Steph picked up the couraged and ask John for his opinion, but also to let him to cut off all of her hair.

John started to get excited and was erecting like mad.

“What do I want? I said I want all of your hair, so I want you bald, but I feel bad doing those things to you already, so I think the most I will go is a bob.”

Steph just sat quietly and waited for John to make his move.

POP, goes the clippers with a #3 guard and John places his left hand over Steph’s head and starts to shaves the back of Steph’s nape. The cold metal blades shear through the remaining long hair that was once her identity and symbol in the casino, now its slowly dropping down to the floor. Steph was able to feel a cool breeze brushing her exposed skin and was eager to touch it.

“Hold on, I’m not done yet, just wait for a while longer” John said in a serious tone.

But Steph couldn’t wait any longer; her hands flew out from under the cape and quickly touched her nape. It’s totally not what she wanted, but it was a totally new feeling and sensation for her. John went to get a thinning scissors to take away some of the volume in the bob, so that it would feel lighter for Steph to flip and stroke her hair. He then used another scissors and slowly cut the bob at an angle towards the floor. Hair just fell and dropped into the pool of hair trapped by the cape. Steph peaked down and was amazed at the amount of hair that she had and now it is just in a pile in snipped hair. John went on to trim off some of the long stray hair that wasn’t cut off properly.

“ Do you like it now, short and bouncy, hope you like it” John looked extremely pleased with his work on Steph’s hair as he took the big mirror and let Steph see the reflection of her nape. Steph now has a sleek inverted A-line bob and it really looks nice on her, retaining her jet black hair colour and given a sleek fringe to complement her overall looks.

It was a brand new image for Steph and she is totally digging it.

“Thanks for the makeover and you can keep all my hair. I’ll grow my hair long again and find you in a few months time! You can always come to the casino to give my any hair care tips” (Even though deep down inside Steph wanted to shave totally bald to get the orgasm again)

“I will and Happy New Year to you Steph and thank you for your hair”, John brushed of the hair from her shoulder and seat.

“What a way to start a new year right?” Steph joked and smiled to herself.

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