Amanda’s Fresh Summer Cut

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Hello my name is amanda, I’m 15 years old and I’ve got one issue. That being, my hair. I never get to grow it out and it usually stays between my chin and shoulders, sometimes even shorter. This is because instead of my mom and I going to a hair salon like normal, she and I go to a barber shop targeted towards women. Everytime I’m forced go there, I have to see my barber, amy, a girl who has a short chin length bob haircut with blunt bangs. She’s also really scissor (and I’d assume) clipper happy. Everytime I sit down in her chair she tries her hardest to get me to go really short. And even when I get my way, that doesn’t stop her from taking me an inch or two shorter than I desire. Why do I bring this up? Well, this morning my mom said we were getting haircuts today and I’m not looking forward to it. Especially considering the fact that its summer, meaning she’ll be even worse this time. “Oh but its so hot! Wouldn’t you want something much shorter like a cropped pixie or a faded undercut?” God it always gives me the chills!

While I’m in the car, I’m worrying that the worst case scenario of amy getting her way will happen. We walk in and my mom and I wait. Then Amy says the dreaded word, “Next!” I walk over to her chair with so much nervousness and anxiety, I don’t wanna lose my hair! I sit and get that weird paper thing placed around my neck, while the giant cape is placed around me. “What are we doing today, Amanda? Considering that its summer, maybe you could break out of your shell once and go short?” Oh god no! “Um no, I’m fine. Just a trim like usual please!” She then grins and says, “Come on, let’s do it! I’m sure deep down you’d love to see this mop cleaned up into something short and extreme!” I try to be firm and say, “No thank you! I’m fine with just a trim!” She looks as if she’s thinking and finally says, “Maybe we should we ask mom what she thinks!” Oh no, this is not gonna end well! “Hey Tina,” (my mom’s name) “Is it really ok if she goes with just a trim today?” My mom thinks about it for a second and then amy says, “Not only is it looking somewhat damaged, but its also starting to get hotter and hotter out there!” My mom then says, “Hmm well you do have a point. Maybe it is a good idea to take her shorter.” Amy lightens up and smiles. “you think so?” “Yeah, it’ll also be a nice change for her too.” FUCK! I DON’T WANT TO BE SHORN!!! My mom walks away and sits back down. “Don’t worry! You can trust me! I’ve been your barber for how many years?” So many thoughts are going through my head. How short will she take me? Will I look like a boy? I’m just so scared! As these thoughts roam my head, she starts to section my hair with clips and turns me away from the mirror. Then she takes out her scissors and goes crazy! She takes a chunk of hair and snips it off without hesitation. She continues to do this with a big grin on her face. SHNICK SHNICK SHNICK! I’m starstruck. By the way this feels, I can already tell this is too short! “Looking better already!” I’ve had enough of her! Then I hear a snap, a click, and then, HMMMMMM! A CLIPPER OMIGOSH “Head down please, you’ll feel a little tickle!” She says, as I comply. I feel the vibrations as she runs it up my neck. She makes sure to take her time and have as much fun as she can. She then goes after my left and right sides When she’s done, I hear the same 3 noises i heard before, snap, click, HMM! Only, this time she goes for my lower neck section flicking it up, and taking off more hair. She repeats this with many different clipper guards until she’s finally satisfied. At this point, my mom is already getting her haircut and watching me get sheared. She takes out a smaller pair of clippers with a higher pitched noise and shaves my face and neck with it just to make sure she left no hair behind. She then uses her fluffy dusting brush to dust off any hairs on my face. My top section of hair is unclipped and she wets it as much as she can. Then she ruthlessly starts chopping off all of it with glee. She combs up, snips, and moves on. As she does so, she goes shorter and shorter until my head has only 1.5 inches of hair on top. “We’re almost done! Just need to make the finishing touches!” She blow dries and thins out my hair until she’s satisfied and puts this styling gel into it that feels icky! She spins me back around so I can see the damage done and I’m horrified. She faded my sides so short you can see the skin, and spiked up my top section into tiny short spikes. “It looks so good!” She exclaims. She then uncapes me, dusts me off with the duster and that talcum powder I’m probably going to have to get used to, shaves my neck with the little clippers again and uncapes me. “Amanda, it looks amazing! What do we say to Amy?” My mom gestures to me. “Thank you.” I reluctantly say. My mom pays and as we’re about to leave, Amy says, “Do you want to schedule another appointment with her for maintenance on her new cut? Its every 3 weeks!” “Sure! Its so great we might as well shear her like this every summer!” They both laugh in unison as I feel despair knowing my fate.

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