Amanda’s Makeover

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I first met Amanda, she was working at a convience shop. Amanda was the cashier, morning cook and ran the Gas Pumps as well. Amanda would cook morning buiscuits like nobody else. She made everything from scratch. There were morning sausage, egg and cheese, bologna and cheese, polish sausage and cheese and sausage and cheese to choose from each morning 7 days a week.

Amanda was about 5’5″ tall, with a bust of 54DD, top loaded or like Dolly Parton, a nice waist of 28 and bottom of 32. Amanda had thick very muscular legs and arms, due to the fact she stalked the shelves daily. Amanda was a character, she was 55 years old, she had Black hair that fell to her waist in a ponytail, that was done starting at her crown. Amanda would walk and the ponytail would sway back and forth as the song said: ” Sways with a ponytail, wiggles with a walk.”

One day I asked Amanda how long her hair was. Amanda immediately undid the ponytail and let the hair drop downward. I watched as it cascaded down, it flew outward, then bounced near her butt, then it laid nicely at her thigh about mid length. I was watching in awe as the hair finally settled, then it sat firmly almost at knee length. The Black shinny mane was evenly cut across the bottom, it glissened in the sun light comming into the store, pure Black and so beautiful. Amanda reached back with her right hand grabbing the hair at her nape and brought it foward saying: “Touch it OC, go ahead it is ok, touch it and feel how soft it is.” I reached out and touched Amandas hair, it was soft, full, thick, with the sunlight beaming off the black, it took on an almost purple and red tint flashing back at you. Amandas hair was the most amazing hair I had felt. I commented back: “So nice, so thick, about 5″ thick, falling some 45″ or, maybe 48″ of just such pure, soft, succulent hair to dream about.” Amanda said a THANK YOU OC, then quickly did a ponytail again and sinched the hair back on the crown of her head.

I curiously asked Amanda: “Have you ever had short hair?” Amanda looked at me and said: ” What is short? Then she laughed. ” I replied: “A Pixie Cut, hair up over the ears.” “NO, nope never had my hair that short OC, but; have had it to my shoulders, in a flip style many years ago, say back in the  70’s, it was the style, especially with the movie Hair Spray, that is about as short as I have gone, but; here lately I havesee women with very short hair, cropped or some call it buzzed, I have thought about just cutting it really short.” I asked “How short Amanda?” “Funny you ask OC, I am looking at a really short 1″ little boy cut, I like that look, it is impish, looks like it will be easy to take care of, unlike my long hair requiring hours of washing, drying, combing brushing, oh yeah a short 1″ cut would be so relieving OC.” My husband said to me the other night, “When are you going to cut that hair Baby? I looked at him, glaringly, I have always had long hair, long hair for just him, not me, ya know? Then he said well, all that long hair is boring now, all those super long strands of hair, they clog up the shower drain, cleaning them up off the floor makes the vacuum cleaner strain, plus, quite frankly it is driving me insane. I mean to say Amanda, sleeping we get all tangled up in all those loose strands at night, all over my hand, my arm, even my leg, so why don’t you just get it cut Amanda, I mean a really nice short, really really short for a change honey? Ya know it might be nice to see a change, from all that super long 4′ mane of hair you have had for so long?”

Amanda had a tear in her eye as she spoke. “OC, I was shocked, I thought he loved me, loved my long hair. I have always kept it long for just him. I once even grew it to my ankles just because he said to, that was about 20 years ago.” I looked at Amanda, I was speechless, I said: “Well, that was something I was not expecting Amanda, I mean wow, I did not expect that response, BUT; just maybe you need to reevalute having your super 4′ of hair? Especially when hubby was so emphatic, I never thought in all the years I have known you, he would tell you cut it off, so now with that in mind Amanda, do you think maybe you want to cut it off now, would that please him? It would also be giving you a new style, something outside of all that long hair you have kept, have cherished for so long?” Amanda agreed nodding her head. Amanda looked at me with wild eyes, she twirled arund 180 degrees, ran into the back room, I stood speechless, what had I done now, or did I offend her saying what I did? I could hear noises of boxes being moved and then Amanda yelled out, “Got it, knew it was back here, yes this will work, YES, going to show him now, ya want it short OK honey, short it will be when I come home tonight.” Amanda returned with a clipper set in hand, looked at me then said to me, “OC, can you, or do you, fee like or have time to cut this hair off now, I want to go home with that 1″ Pixie Cut now more then ever before, ya called it, I am honey, just what ya conjured up a couple of nights ago and last night again, just what ya wanted Babe. What do ya think OC ya game?”

I said “Ok Amanda, if this is what you really want to do, lets do it, but; where?” Amanda said “OC, we do it right here, now, we can do it in the break area, nobody comes in here except in the morning an in about 3 hours this afternoon.” Amandad pulled me by my right arm to the break area, she then said: “OH OC I cannot wait to cut this hair all off to 1” now, wow is he gonna be shocked when I walk in tonight and throw the hair at him saying “HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW HONEY?  OC lets get to it, no time like the present, wow I am getting excited OC, first time in m life my hair will be really, really, really short, wow, OC lets do this now OK?” I smiled and said: “Your right Amanda, no time like now, sit down in this chair Amanda, lets cut all that super long hair off to a 1″ Pixie Cut, Amanda, I am so ready to cut all that hair short, wow I cannot wait to do this myself.” Amanda hung a sign on the front door that said in bathroom will be right back in 30 minutes. Amanda said we got 1/2 hour to do this OC lets get it done now.

Amanda was seated in the chair, capped with a towel from the bathroom, tied back with a safety pin. Amanda sat very upright and still. I plugged in the clippers and turned them on, Amanda jumped a the sound, knowing what was going to be happening next. I held the pony tail up in my left hand. then took the clippers in the right hand, I plunged them into the ponytail, the clippers starting chopping the ponytail away. Hair fell away along Amandas chin line. Amanda was yelling “OH MY GOD OC, OH MY GOD OC, all this hair falling to my chin line, the clipper noise cutting through the hair, crunching it away, all away from the ponytail, that sound of the hair being severed, WOW OC WOW, we are really doing this for real.” There was no mirror for Amanda to see so she kept saying, is it almost done OC?  Are you half way through the ponytail OC? How far is it from being all cut off OC? OH GOD I love this felling of hair clinging to my chin line, now my neck line, short hair OC it is really the shortest hair I have ever had OC. I cannot wait to see all my long blond hair in my hand, getting to hold it after it is cut off, after it is not on my head OC? Is it done yet? With that the hair was severed, the ponytail was cut off from the head, the rest of the hair fell to the left side along the chin or just above it. I took the ponytail and handed it to Amanda, she squeeled, as she held the hair up and then carressed it say: “Oh my super long 4′ of ponytail, here you are for me to hold, I get to see you at last, all severed from my head, now a memory, OH GOD OC is he gonna died when he sees this ponytail, he will get to hold it without me attached to it for the first time? I then put the attachement on the clippers, Amandas hair was maybe 3-4” at most, I did not have any comb to cut the hair with so I said to Amanda, “1” here we come, are you ready Amanda?” “OH YES OC, HURRY UP, I cannot wait to see me with a 1″ Pixie cut or Buzz cut or crew cut what ever they call it do it, get it done now OC please do it.” I went right to the top of Amandas head in front, Placed the clippers on her forehead, “NO TURNING BACK NOW AMANDA.” Then I ran the clippers right down the middle from the forehead to the crown, done Amand, no turning back now for sure I said as 3″ of hair fell all about us, on the toweled cape, on the floor all over the severed hair rained. Amanda screamed a shrilling scream of joy and wiggled about in the chair like a little child. Oh so cool as she reached up to feel the new path of severed hair to 1″. OH MY LORD OC, how cool that feels. With each path of the clippers, Amanda reached up to feel the next row of hair at 1″, she would wiggle in the chair saying “OH YES YES, YES, this feels so cool OC, do some more quickly.” I went to the left side and the clippers peeled away hair again, then over the ear, then up the back side of the neck, up the nape of the neck. Amanda was beside herself, “OOOH that warm clipper feels so good running around my head OC, hurry up OC, OH GOD I WANT TOSEE THIS HAIRCUT SHORT, I want to see my 1″ haircut OC.” I finished with the right side up the back side of the ear, around the ear, then up the side burn. “All done Amanda.” Amanda jumped up, the hair on the cape fell to the floor, a nice thick pile of freshly shorn Black hair flashing back at me with purple tints. A screem came from the bathroom, Amanda yelled again: “OH OC, THIS IS SO COOL. I LOVE HOW COOL IT LOOKS AND FEELS NOW, WOW OC, WOW JOB WELL DONE.’ Amanda then gave me a big hug, ran to the front door and opened it, turned the sign to open and too down the note. Amanda smiled bigger then I have ever seen her smile, gave me another big hug and said: “OH he is gonna pass out when he sees me OC, he is gonna die. We smiled and I said got to get home Amanda, love yoy, that was a real thrill, a really big thrill Amanda, you will never know the joy it gave me to do this. Amanda smiled as I walked out the door, I could hear her inside saying, YEAH ya want short hair Baby, well Babys got short hair now.

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