Amy needed a friend.

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For years Randy had had a crush on Amy.  Amy was the prettiest girl in the whole school that they both attended.  Amy was about 5’8″ with shinning shoulder-length blonde hair. Amy had a great figure that was created by years of her hard work in ballet and gymnastics that had carved every curve of her body. Amy was Homecoming Queen and captain of the cheerleaders, during their junior year. Randy had recently been elected one of the captains of the football team for their approaching senior year.

Randy had known Amy all his life. Amy’s family lived only two houses down from Randy’s house. We had always been friends since they were tots.  When ever Amy had some free time she always came over and spent it with Randy. But, Randy felt that there was something that Amy was keeping in a secret from him. But, as the senior year was approaching and the summer ending something would be reveled to Randy.

Amy had been dating Timothy for about a year, that’s right: Timothy and not Tim. He was the class president, the so-called class brain, and his family was one of the richest in town. Timothy did not like the fact that Amy would go over and visit Randy and that they were friends. Timothy would tell her Amy, that Randy was “merely a dumb jock who would never amount to anything.” That might have been true, but I had an academic scholarship from Purdue University in the school of Pharmacy Education  . Not bad for a “dumb jock”. Amy was an honors club student, also was planning on attending Purdue where was she going to pursue a degree in Veterinary Sciences. This just burned Timothy up, as he could only get a scholarship he was able to get was a full ride scholarship at a local junior college that his father had arranged for him to receive. Class brain, right ,lol.

As the end summer was approaching and the start of school coming on, Randy noticed that Amy’s visits were coming more often and were longer in deration.  Sometimes Amy would visit Randy more then once in a day. But, Randy could see that a sadness was growing in Amy’s eyes. Finally one night soon Amy was going to tell Randy everything that had been worrying her all this time.

Randy sat in his family’s kitchen listening to words following from Amy’s month with total disbelief. Amy had just said  ” Randy, I want to get my hair cut real short,” Amy said.  Randy sat there like he had been hit in the head with a hammer. Randy was able to finally reply,  “Oh, like my sister Lisa wears hers ?” Seeing that Randy’s sister Lisa had always worn her hair in a super cute pixie wouldn’t be all that bad to see Amy wearing. But, no Amy had something else in mind.

Amy said, “No Randy, I want to wear my hair as short in a buzzcut like yours!” Randy looked at Amy as if she had lost her mind. Randy was wearing his hair in a short buzz, #4 guard on top and a #2 guard on the sides. Randy asked Amy if she was sure what she want to do.  Amy then calmy  repeated herself that was the way she wanted to have her hair cut. But this was just the beginning of a Saturday night that was soon to start that was to change both their lives, hopefully for the better.

Amy then told Randy something he thought he would never hear, Amy had had a crush on Randy for years. Amy understood why Randy had never asked her out for a date, as Amy knew that Randy was just to shy and scarred to ask her. Randy said to Amy, “So you want to date me?” Randy was now entering a total state of shock, from what Amy had said to him. First Amy wanted to get her hair cut in a buzz cut like his only shorter.  And now Amy wants to date me.  What could be next?

Amy looked at Randy with those big deep blue eyes of hers and said in a very soft voice, “Randy, I want you to cut my hair! Randy you are the only person I trust to do this. Randy, I know you will do as I ask.” Randy now just sat there wide-eyed and speechless. Randy’s dream girl wanted him to give her a buzzcut. She just sat there looking at Randy, with that sadness in those beautiful eyes of hers. Randy could not say no when she said, “Please,” as she was almost begging Randy to say yes. Randy no longer had any willpower left to say no to Amy.  Randy agreed to, but only later that day when he knew that the house would be empty except for him.

That night Amy came over to my house at about 9:30, as the sun was setting on another hot Indiana summer day. Amy was wearing a white tee shirt and a denim mini-skirt when Randy let Amy into the house. Amy’s hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she was wearing no makeup. Randy had never seen Amy with out makeup , but she still looked beautiful, as she stood at the backdoor asking to come in. After Amy entered, Randy asked her one more time ” are she was sure?”  Amy said, “Randy, do it please. I want to be the real me for the first time in my life.” With that statement Randy knew she was ready.

Randy had Amy sit down on a chair. Randy placed a towel around Amy, to catch the falling hair. Randy asked one last time if Amy was sure. And Amy only gave Randy a reassuring smile that she was. Randy reached over and grabbed a pair of scissors that he placed there earlier. Randy took hold of her ponytail and pull it tout and started to cut. It was hard cutting through all that thick hair, at first but little by little Randy was able to. After a number of cuts and a few minutes Randy stood there with Amy’s ponytail in his hand. Randy was becoming very aroused by excitement of cutting her ponytail off. Amy could tell that Randy was very excited by looking at him.

Amy looked at Randy.  Randy could tell Amy was relieved, as the cutting had started. Randy now got the clippers ready. Randy placed a #3 guard on them and turned the clippers on. Randy placed them to her forehead. Randy closed his eyes and pushed the clippers straight down the middle of Amy’s head, pushing them all the way to the back of her head. Amy’s hair fell to the floor like rain to the floor. Randy did this four more times taking all of Amy’s beautiful blonde locks off the top of her head.

As Randy had finished shaving the top of Amy’s head, he placed a  #1 guard on the clippers so he could shave her sides and back. Randy started clippers. Randy started with the front of her right ear. Randy ran the clippers all the way up the side of Amy’s head to the buzzed area on top of her head. When Randy did her neck Amy let out very soft groans of pleasure as he shaved her. The sounds of Amy’s groans and the sounds of the clippers made for some interesting music that night in the kitchen. Randy finally finished with the last few strands of hair in front of Amy’s left ear. In less then 10 minutes Randy had shaved this blonde beauty’s tresses off and left Amy with the cutest buzzcut ever.

Randy need to do some cleaning up of his work. Randy started cleaning up Amy’s neck and nape of loose hairs. Amy started moaning again as Randy did the final clean up. When Randy finished he got a mirror from the kitchen table to show Amy the new her buzzcut. Amy looked long and hard at herself in the mirror. Tears came to Amy’s eyes, as Randy feared that Amy was having second thoughts. But, Amy wasn’t, as she quickly jumped up from the chair set the mirror down and threw her arms around Randy and gave him a long French Kiss. When Amy finally let go of Randy, Amy shouted , “I LOVE IT,” was heard through out the neighborhood. “It’s was just a little before 10;30 and Amy said to Randy’s complete surprise. Let’s go out on our first date – my treat.” Amy stated. “If you’re paying, girl, then I am driving.” Randy said and off they went.

Amy and Randy stopped at the local burger place in town. As Amy and Randy lived in a small rural town they do not have the luxury of having chain fast food places near by. Amy and Randy went into the hangout after park his car. The whole gang from school was there. The place went silent when Amy and Randy walked in.  Amy’s girlfriends came rushing up and rubbed their hands over the stubble of Amy’s new buzzcut.

Timothy was already there sit at the front counter in his regular spot. He walked up to where Amy and Randy were standing and he started to yell at them, “Who did this to my princess? I need to know, who did this. “Amy looked at Timothy and said loudly and clearly, “My new boyfriend Randy did it. Doesn’t it look so I look so COOL, don’t you think?” “No, it does not,” screamed Timothy, like some little child. “Randy is not your boyfriend, and I have no idea he was because  I am.”

Amy fired back at Timothy “Not anymore little boy”. “You see, Randy will accept me any way I am and will do whatever I ask.  Randy showed me what a real friend is and it is not you! All you wanted was that Barbie Doll clone that I had become.  Randy wants the person inside of me! So go get lost loser.” With that everyone in the whole place started to chant, “Loser, loser, loser…” With that Timothy figured it was best to get out of there before I or someone else kick his ass. So Timothy did the right thing by running all the way to his car in the parking lot and getting out of there fast

After Timothy left, Amy and Randy sat in a booth in the back. Amy told Randy how grateful she was for what he had done for her. With this Amy sealed the deal with a public kiss with all their friends watching. They both blushed when they realized that everyone was watching. This was a start to a night that neither one would ever forget. True love will keep them together forever.


This story was published and posted back in 1998 on the original and first organized hair fetish sight that I took part in “Haircut Story Archives” I have changed and added a couple of names to my story. I have also made other changes to the story as well, from the original.  It was my second attempt at a full and complete story that I had published in an open forum. Thank all again for reading my new and hopefully improved storing, James.


Also please note at the top of this page appears the copyrights and renewals there on. No part of this story or story in whole maybe reproduced and is not allowed under copyright laws without the permission of the copyright holder.

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