An afternoon at the beach.

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An afternoon at the beach.


Spring was cold, except for last Sunday. With temperatures expected to rise to 80°F  I got into my convertible and drove like a 100 miles to my favorite spot along the coast.

I managed to park my car away from the crowd,  at a beach club that can only be reached by climbing the dunes that are very high there. It takes a lot of steps up and down to finally land on the beach. Not an option for lazy folks.

Found me a spot with plenty of distance from other visitors and laid down to enjoy the sun, the mild wind and the sound of the waves.


Closed my eyes for a little nap. Half an hour later I sat right up again and noticed a young woman approaching. She put her beach towel a few meters from me and began taking off her clothes. She wore very wide white linen trousers you could almost see through and a white short t-shirt that left her middle bare. Quite a bohemian look. A beautiful face and … her hair buzzed to nearly bald. I could not keep my eyes away from her.


Minutes later she took a dip the cold ocean water and while returning from the waterline she was approached by a young woman with shiny long hair. They sat down together and had a chat and seemed to be making friends easily and rapidly. First the blond was working her hair with her hands and the buzz lady reacted by touching the blond tresses too. From the look of it, the smiles and the nodding they looked like reaching some agreement. Or was this my fantasy maybe. Half an hour later the blond said goodbye and went back to her own spot on the beach.


I wondered how to get noticed by this beauty. Suddenly I got this great idea. I walked over to the beach club  and got me two ice-creams. Returning I walked  a small detour, along where she was laying. She looked at me as if she found this strange.

“You like an ice-cream?” I asked her. First she did not respond.  “It’s vegan.” In that moment she stretched her arm to reach for the ice-cream I was presenting to her.


“Thank you. Have a seat.” We introduced ourselves and started some small talk.

She rubbed her hand softly over her head.

I said: “I like your hairstyle. In fact I think it’s great.”


She smiled and said “You can have it too you know. Only takes a few minutes.”


“Well to be honest I think it is quite daring and I admire your courage. But for me … I don’t know.”


“So what’s keeping you for doing it?”


“I’m afraid it will not suit me and I will regret it. I must confess it has crossed my mind. Even made an appointment at a salon once to take the plunge. But the moment I got there I lost nerve.”


“Only one way to find out how it will look on you.” She lifted the hair on the sides of my head and pulled it backwards. Then she did the same with the hair on my forehead.

“From what I can tell, and believe I am honest, you can get away with it. And isn’t it better in life to regret something you have done, than to regret something you haven’t done?  Next time don’t make an appointment like a day in advance. Act on impulse. Not giving yourself the opportunity to panic.”


I smiled “Guess you are right about that last thing”.


“How about now?”


“Now? What do you mean …”


“Not next week, not tomorrow, but right now. Come with me to my cabin, just a five minute walk from here. I’ve got all the tools we need there. It’s not rocket science you know. I would be glad to help, it’ll be gone before you know it.”


I kept silent and looked in her eyes. She started packing her towel and other stuff. Stood up and said “Are you coming?”


As she started walking I hurried to get my things and rushed to catch up with her. As I did she turned her head an gave me huge smile. Unexpected, but not as a real surprise the blonde from earlier on, did catch up with us.

The tree of us walked without conversation or any nonverbal communication to the cabin of the bohemian girl. Once we arrived there she dropped her bag and walked towards the outside shower. “Let’s get rid of the sand …” She undressed completely and got under … “Feel free to join me.”


The blonde looked at me and giggled, within second she followed the example and got naked. What choice did I have but to go along with them. So a minute later we were standing very closely packed together, touching bodies to keep under the shower head. The bohemian girl picked up a plastic flacon of 2in1 shampoo and began washing the blonde’s tresses and back. As she handed the flacon to the blonde, the blonde – she could not get closer to me than she did right now – started washing me all over. As the three of us switched positions the bohemian girl emptied what was left in the flacon over my head and began washing my hair with very slow moves. This was heaven.


“Sorry, no clean towels …. Guess we’ll have to let the sun dry us.” Spoke the bohemian girl with a facial expression that clearly showed she enjoyed this to the max. She picked a chair from inside the cabin and placed it outside. “So who goes first?”


The blond tip toed like a little mouse to the chair and sat down. “So you’re sure you wanna go ahead with this?” The blonde nodded yes. The bohemian girl combed the blond wet tresses backwards and made a long pony tail, tightly fastened close to the head with a rubber string. She got a pair of big shears out of her bag and started cutting the tail. As she finally got through the vast strand of hair, she handed it to the blonde, who shed a little tear, which the bohemian girl wiped from her face softly. “Are we finished or wanna go on …?”


The blonde said “Yes please” and spread her legs widely. The bohemian girl meanwhile had gotten a pair of clippers and kneeled down in front of the blonde. Carefully but without hesitation she began shaving the blonde’s pubic hair to zero. As it was gone, she stood up and moved the blonde’s head closer to her so she could lean over and start the clippers from the back to the front.  Heaps of hair fell on the blonde’s naked body. Being still damp from showering the hairs kept sticking to her shoulders, breasts, belly and legs. I found it a quite erotic view.


Moments later the blonde girl’s head was completely bald. As the clippers made a final pass to get rid of a few hairs, they red light went on. Battery as good as empty. “Just in time, better get it plugged in to recharge right away”. Was this my luck? It running out of power.


No it wasn’t. The blonde got up from the chair, walked towards me and led me to sit on the chair. As I sat down, I noticed the seat being both hot and wet. This left not much to my imagination.


As my hair is quite thin, it was nearly dry by now. The blond rubbed through it with her hands. Only to hold the moment the bohemian girl handed her a pair of scissors. Which she herself also had a pair of. The women looked in each other’s eyes as to find agreement on what they were planning to do to me.


They then placed their shears, one on the left one on the right, very close to the skin of my head and slowly but decisive started cutting strands of my hair. Leaving little length. There was absolutely no escape as they sandwiched me between their naked bodies.  I ‘d never seen so much of my hair falling. Sticking to each of our bodies.

While the blond was still operating the shears, the bohemian girl went into the cabin and quickly returned. “Surprise, surprise. It is a super rapid charger!”

The blond girl let go of the shears and legs spread landed on my lap. I was not my intention, but it was bound to happen. I entered her warm and humid body. As she started to make slow up and down moves, the bohemian girl came standing behind me “Let’s finish this …”.

The blonde replied with “Yes, let’s finish him.” Starting to thrust her womb faster and more fiercely around my manhood. The same moment I heard the clippers clicked on and from the base of my neck moving upwards. The wind was betraying that this was zero. I could feel the chill.


The instant she held my head to position her clippers on the middle of my forehead and ran it down the middle without mercy. The blond finished me. Both girls sighed and smiled. After the clippers had done their job, they took me by the hand an led me to the cabin. We made love until the next dawn.

Ultimately falling asleep in each other’s arms.

When I woke up, both of them were gone. The cabin was empty. All there was to remind me of the afternoon and night before were the little hairs of both me and the blond, that were left on the matrass. Had I been dreaming?

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