An assistant with benefits

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Marlene had been watching her new assistant for a while. Her beautiful long brown hair, straight down to the buttocks, acted like a magnet on the blonde editor. She wanted to take a closer look at the owner of that beautiful long hair. The first step therefore was to set up a place in the office to accommodate the beautiful brunette. With that done, Gabi was ordered to move internally. She didn’t mind that she had to go to Marlene’s loft, instead she found it rather nice.

“Ah you are my new helper, nice that you could come, I do have a few jobs that I want to pass on …” opening sentence from Marlene. She did have things lying around. Like something she’d been playing with for a while when she discovered Gabi. Undergoing a metamorphosis. She wanted to present that plan to Gabi as input for an article. Of course, Gabi would formally protest because her beautiful butt-long mane would have to fall for it. Marlene thought she could convince Gabi.

And even than it was not just at any hair salon that it would happen, no, Marlene had discussed her plan thoroughly with her own hairdresser. After all, Marlene wanted to watch when the long hair would be cut. Only Gabi didn’t need to know.

Gabi was in the room with Marlene and told her that she still had to finish some work of her own but after that it would be entirely for Marlene.  Marlene heard the words and thought Entirely for me – you do not know half how much I like that sound from your mouth. If I start caressing you later, you will indeed be entirely for me. When your long hair comes off, then you are even more for me.

She got up and led Gabi to her place, her hands brushing the brown locks, almost unnoticed, but with an effect on Marlene herself.  How soft and beautiful this brown hair is, I have to enjoy it longer – but getting her in the Chair is also very exciting. Maybe I’ll change my script … and cut this girl short in steps. Then I can play with her in between, then she is “all mine”.  Only then I can no longer use the locks for nice panties and that is a shame… but a mountain of hair on the floor is also a nice feeling. There will be another girl whose hair I can use for that.

Go on with your own work, I’ll hear about it when you’re ready.

“Why did you actually ask me to work for you, there must be some with more experience?”

“Ah, but with what I have plans, I can’t put that to everyone. You seem like the right person for that, a young fresh outlook and I hope dedicated to your work. I mean you are willing to do more than is actually asked of you {while she let her hands run through the long hair more openly to feel the softness}. I will explain that to you soon

 ”Oh honey yes you are special, your beautiful hair does not have everyone, and less experience, I prefer that. You look so good that I already want to taste you here on the spot, want to admire your nudity, see your long hair along your breasts and then gently strike your nipples. I’m really going to come up with something to get you “all for me” tonight, your hair over my body, such a nice idea if you’ll also lick me delicious … yammie. No I don’t want someone else, you are here for that reason and I think you do not mind it at all. I’ll test it in a minute … just want to feel your locks again, go and see if I can put a ponytail in your long hair-

“Do you always wear your locks loose? It seems to me that you can also hold it back very nicely {and she lifted the mane with a small lock of hair making a nice hairdo} or maybe in a ponytail {she took the hair in her hand and looked at Gabi’s face} that is actually quite … Yes, you will know that you work for me, my themes are simply related to hairstyles. ”

“I can wear my hair the way you want it most, I don’t mind.”

“Ah, that’s sweet of you, I think your hair is very beautiful and it feels good to play with it. I think it is very easy to make your partner wild with your long hair … ”

“ Uh, well no there is no partner, but I like the way you play with it.” Marlene continued caressing, let her hand merge with the long hair …

”What a pity for you that there is no partner, it would drive me crazy in bed, it is so wonderfully soft and my skin is sensitive to this softness … I think that’s yours too {and she exposed Gabi’s neck and stroked it with a wet finger} ”.

Gabi gasped with pleasure, she had not expected this, she longed for more and challenged Marlene. “Yes, my skin is sensitive too, especially in my neck under my long hair it is very sensitive. Sometimes I touch myself there, a nice feeling… I would like to be caressed there or a kiss on that spot would really turn me on. ”

Marlene lifted the locks, bent over and gently licked the neck, “shall I kiss you Gabi, do you like this?” her tongue slipped along the edge of her hair, hair that Marlene wanted to see fall, Gabi would get even more horny when she was kissed. “Oh yeah, great, that’s the right place, yeah …”

“Do you find this exciting? “- otherwise I do, your skin tasted good, you just have to satisfy me quickly and you are going to use your long hair ...

“Yes Marlene, I find it exciting and especially now that you do that, I feel a bit horny. ”

“Would you like to share your horniness …”

“Yes that’s a dream of mine to share it with such a beautiful woman … oh you kissed me wonderfully …” “Want more, can I go further? ? ”

“Yeah … much more” Gabi enjoyed audibly as Marlene’s hand slid into her pants. Marlene felt the warmth of Gabi and enjoyed it.

If you come with me then I want to taste your wetness, oh yes, she is so willing, would I cut some of her beautiful long soft hair myself? I think so … shall I shave her locks or do it with scissors? I’m going to use both, shorten with the scissors first and then shave off the hackles. The long hair I’ll keep for my pleasure.

Gabi stroked Marlene’s hand in her pants. Marlene kissed Gabi, whose tongue touched Marlene’s mouth. “I’ve longed for this for a long time, I think you are so beautiful when your blonde hair is long, I want to feel it.”

“Also on your bare skin, right?”

Gabi sighed with pleasure “yeah even when I’m naked and lying on your bed. That’s a dream of mine … ” Marlene stroked Gabi “you wanted to be entirely for me, you just said, now that gets a different meaning …, I like that sweetie” She kissed Gabi again, the tongues touched each other mouth, her hands caressed the long brown hair.

“But we also have to get to work, although you are very exciting and I would like to take you here. I have a job for you, you can go home with me for that, you probably want that.”

“Mmm, at your home we can combine work and play … I’m looking forward to that.”

Marlene ran her hands through the locks of Gabi, “I would like to play with you, with your long hair you can make me horny, I have a plan that I will explain to you at home.” Because, first I want to play and make love with you, before I’m telling you that I dream of cutting your hair, and that idea alone excites me.

“Marlene this afternoon? That’s possible, I’ll cancel my visit to the hairdresser… it can wait.”

“What plans did you have at the hairdresser? A drastic different coup … color or just a little shortening? ” “Shorten it a bit, so that it looks good again, the points off. It is not yet time for a drastic coup, especially now that you enjoy my hair so much. I would like to make you horny, soak your juice with my locks and then lick the locks together … ”

“ Sounds good, a drastic coup would make that less attractive, on the other hand it might be a nice idea to write a story about it. The experience you have had… beforehand after making the appointment, during the cutting and then the end result. Would be nice for our readers. ”

Marlene again stroked the locks she wanted to feel on her skin, loved to see it slide over Gabi, into her lap when she sat in the Chair … Gabi kissed Marlene again to quickly change the theme … Marlene stroked Gabi’s long hair, it slipped through her fingers and she brought it to her mouth.

So many treats I can do with your hair, a panties made from your manes would be really nice. I’m curious when she sees what I’m wearing now, that there are the locks of two girls in it.

Oh that reminds me of the moment those beautiful girls sat in the Chair, I want to experience that with Gabi too. That beautiful black-haired girl who was the first to sit … how wet she got when I shaved her long hair and when the second came in to take over the locks from me (not knowing that she would also end up in the same chair).

Mmm that was nice, yes. How cool it was when I had the first black locks off, they were beautiful locks, and so long. The stubbles on that head, the result was so good. And then, the second one who didn’t know I would be harvesting her long hair too. Oh she got so horny when I asked her if she wanted to sit too.

Mmm yes, Gabi your brown hair is also coming loose in the Chair. For the time being, I will let my hairdresser wait. I’m going to tell you how my black panties are made, maybe you will offer me your long hair yourself. I want you to wear hair panties too. Maybe I’ll start with harvesting long blonde hair for you, as reward once you’re shaved and your long manes are partly on the floor and partly on my desk. That gets really exciting. Yes, I’ll go and get that blonde intern for you, harvest her blonde locks for you. She has hair almost as long as you my sweetheart… I actually want to test that blonde too.

“I’ll have Evy come and let you in the system,  she is good at that ”And then I can see how you react to this blonde girl, whether she can come with us, or whether we leave her here… If she comes I have two girls to make love to. Oh dear, she has to see and feel my panties first … ”Close the door, I want you to come and caress me for a while, I long for your fingers in my pants … come let slide your hand in… that’s good… ”

“ What a soft panties are you wearing, feels very nice, are they made of hair? ”

“Yes honey, just leave your fingers in it, strike my panties, made from the hair of some beautiful black girls, hair that was freshly cut when they were used on my panties.”

“Oh it feels good, exciting and a nice idea to use hair for that. I should also try it out. {Gabi fingered Marlene gently, wanting the blonde to get turned on. The two women meanwhile tongued each other and Marlene told her plan with Evy}.

“Take a good look at Evy, her blonde hair is long and suitable for panties … If you want I’ll have her long blonde hair shaved for you … You can watch when that happens, would you like that?”

Gabi nodded and gasped in agreement, Evy’s hair was long and the idea excited her. Marlene stroked Gabi and whispered that they would have sex together first, and Evy would leave her blond mane on.

“Oh Marlene, that’s good, although it seems to me that Evy is also pretty with very short hair and I would like such panties. Maybe you also want to cut some of my locks, that seems exciting to me. Shall we let her come, I would like to take a closer look at her with this thought. ”

And Marlene arranged that.

So the blonde stepped into the office with her long hair loose over her back. “Can you show Gabi around the Evy system… how long is your hair, by the way, I never noticed that.  {And now that you are here, I will also give it a nice caress and see how Gabi treats you} May I hold it, see if it’s nice if you can secure it with a few strands of hair. ”{She stroked the blond loose hair while working some strands with her fingers}. Gabi watched, longing for Evy’s long hair to be shaved for her.

To be continued (soon)

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