An assistant with benefits (3)

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A sequel to An Assistant with benefits… 1 and 2

read it first if you want to know the characters in this story! Otherwise enjoy now!


Marlene groaned from the indulgence the two girls gave her. With both tongues they did their best to lick up as much juice as possible. Gabi’s long brown lock got wetter and wetter with every stroke on the pussy. Marlene played with both girls’ hair. The half-cropped blonde hair felt good, Gabi’s long soft brown mane turned her on the most. She felt that these locks were special, so they wouldn’t be cut just like that, even though she was really looking forward to it.

“I want to sleep with these girls, play with them and lie down, a threesome is great, but watching the two of them spoil each other is not a punishment either. Mmm, they already lick me so good, I want their tongues in my mouth and then I will continue to cut blonde. Getting horny again from the falling hair. I’m going to take everything off now, nice and super short, she is completely ready for my bed, and I also want to give her pussy a turn… Oh yes and Gabi can participate… Position 69 on Evy with both of us, she probably likes that. And of course we’ll turn the tables. Ooooh they lick really well, I want to taste this wet hair of Gabi now and then … more blond hair to the floor, how lucky I am ...)”

“Gabi dear, get up, I would like to taste your wet locks too, Evy may sit back in the chair, time for the next round of haircut…”. Gabi offered her long wet locks to Marlene “if I cut it I will enjoy it more Gabi… ”, Marlene joked when she took the locks. She let the scissors touch it for a moment, Gabi hiccupped but Marlene only licked the locks and gave it back “the rest is yours, you can harvest more later on, first remove these blond mane, the floor must be covered with blonde locks and then to bed with you ladies, I really want to play. And tomorrow breakfast in bed, which I will of course prepare myself, maybe I will even have two breakfasts! ”

She winked at Gabi, who understood that she or Evy would apparently serve as breakfast for Marlene. Well that seemed exciting to her too. Especially if Marlene wanted to prepare the breakfast on her own …

Marlene again took hold of Evy’s blond locks and was less fussy about where to put the scissors exactly. She wanted it off now quickly, later on she could make everything even with the clippers. Blonde strands of hair quickly left Evy’s head. Gabi watched, hand in her crotch, the cutting of the blond hair turned her on, more than she thought possible.

In her mind she was chasing her friends, who would she want to have a haircut like that? Who could she introduce to Marlene as a new toy? Kimberly, popped up more and more in her mind. Kimberly was a beautiful Surinamese girl with a lovely tinted skin and long brown black hair. They had played together once, and touched each other. Nothing further, nothing permanent.

Cutting her beautiful long black hair, a thought that she liked very much. She wanted to keep this thought alive. After Evy would have been shaved, Marlene probably wanted another girl to experience scissor sex with, and, Gabi thought, that might keep my long locks out of harm’s way. She looked at Evy again, enjoying the short game of tongues they had had. Marlene was almost done, she thought, then they could continue playing.

“Baby you are daydreaming, I asked you for the clippers, then you can continue with this blonde and straighten the hairs.” Gabi was startled and picked up the clippers for Marlene. “I want you to shave Evy, extension #1 you can put on, that gives lovely spines, afterwards you can feel her with your tongue. Your brown locks will come another time, I still find the length too exciting as you wear them, and you look so sexy as you wear them along your breasts. I’m going to save you for later. Even though I’ve an eye on your hair for a while, I would have liked to cut off a nice ponytail… But enough about your brown locks. Caress Evy through these uneven strands.”

Gabi ran her hands through Evy’s blonde locks, the different lengths were palpable, she enjoyed the touch.

“If it turns you on, I’ll be happy to help {her hand slid over Gabi’s pussy and she patted it softly with her fingers} or else Evy will want to.” Marlene laughed and stroked Gabi’s hair. Gabi carefully put the clippers on Evy’s head and gently pulled the blades from front to back, a line of short spines remained and the blond locks she threw to the ground. She had to go over the head a few times before the top was completely short. Some longer tufts hung from Evy’s temples, and Gabi’s clippers and fingers had no problem with that. Marlene caught some of those locks and stroked Gabi with them.

“You’ll like this honey, freshly cut blond hair over your skin is so soft and so sexy. Soon on bed I’ll let Evy caress you again with her shaved hair, on the floor it is beautiful, on your naked body it turns me on more.”

She kissed Gabi and let Evy get up from the barber’s chair. She stroked Evy’s shaved hair and kissed her too, tongues touching in Evy’s mouth.

“Pick up your shaved locks, I want you to satisfy Gabi with it in bed. Together we’ll spoil you afterwards. And tomorrow morning I‘ll take you both for breakfast, but first you may play with Gabi’s brown locks for me. And a collar of some locks is still waiting for you… Gabi will cut it for you herself, that will be the last thing we cut tonight “.

Evy picked up the bobbed blonde hair from the floor and looked horny at Gabi. Gabi held the scissors and took hold of the tiny braid that Evy had made. Marlene encouraged her to cut it. Gabi obediently did as she was told, cut the small braid of her brown hair close to her head and gave it to Marlene.

“For Evy, right?” …


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