An assistant with benefits (part 2)

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This is the continuing of part 1, read nr 1 first to understand the characters! And enjoy, leave a reply please!

Ah and meet here my blonde muze, isn’t she hot!

The main character of most of my stories. 



Marlene stroked the locks of Evy a little more, she enjoyed the softness of the golden locks. “Have you ever had your hair cut short Evy? I think you have a pretty good face for that … It would really fit you. ” “Eh no, never and never really thought about it. It would be special so short. I always thought you went for long hair, like Gabi’s… ”“ Mmm, yes Gabi has lovely long hair, you can feel that, it’s very soft. Let it slide over the back of your hand and tell me what you feel, and I’ll let Gabi feel your blonde locks too. Then after that we’ll see when you get your mane cut for me {I’m just telling you, see how you react, nice thing because I want your locks off real quick, and of course see you play with Gabi. Oh that long brown hair over you is going to be a lot of fun.} ”. Evy looked at Gabi, who offered a handful of locks of her brown mane … Evy took it and did as Marlene said, she let the hair slide over her hands and enjoyed the soft mane … Gabi then stroked the long blonde hair from Evy and started talking to her. “Marlene says short hair looks best, I think she’s right. Your face is beautiful and short hair suits you. I think it would be fun to cut your blonde hair together with Marlene. Marlene is a beautiful woman and you probably want to please her too, right? In any case, I would like to please you, to feel your blond locks loose … Your locks in a ponytail with which to please Marlene. That seems very exciting to me {she stroked the blonde hair, swept it back and grabbed the long hair in the ponytail}. Look Marlene, she is very beautiful indeed. ” Evy gasped softly, all that talk warmed her up and she whispered “I really want to please Marlene with my hair, it’s long and I’ve grown it for her … then it’s okay if she likes to have it to harvest. Your hair Gabi is really super soft on my hands, I would like to feel that elsewhere, maybe you want to give me a nice long lock, which Marlene will of course cut for me”

{This is going in the right direction, the girls prepare each other for me. Wonderful that Evy agrees to have a haircut, I change my schedule, I have to do this quickly. And wonderful that she would like some locks from Gabi… I’m going to get her a collar, my blond slave. She will get horny when Gabi starts wearing her blonde hair, funny idea to braid some blond locks in Gabi’s hair… Oh these girls make me so hot}. “Yes Evy, that doesn’t seem like more than that, fair trade, I have already discussed Gabi’s long hair with her, if you get cut, you also get some brown locks, like a piece of jewelry. A small soft furry brown collar of freshly cut hair… that’s what I have in mind. We had already decided to stop earlier this afternoon, I feel like playing with your blonde hair {she stroked the long blonde locks, enjoying the length and thought of cutting these locks}, you go with me and Gabi later if you can? ”


At Marlene’s house a room was set up as a salon, she showed the blonde Evy and brown Gabi the salon. There was a beautiful red leather chair in the room, which was full of mirrors and cameras. She stroked Evy’s blonde hair. Her fingers slid through the soft mane and ended up on the blonde’s buttocks. Marlene also wanted to kiss Evy, she stroked her long hair back first and gently licked the ear. “Is this tasty enough? I want to have you in the chair baby, get your beautiful hair off. I want to see you get horny while Gabi and I play with you… ”“ Oh Marlene I long for that, I would like to kiss you before I sit down, and can I feel Gabi again… ”Marlene kissed her on the mouth, tongues who found each other. “Gabi is for you too, touch her, stroke her hair and you make me happy too … You can make a tiny braid on her, that will be for your neck when you have been cut …” Evy stroked Gabi through her long soft brown hair, she enjoyed the softness and whispered that she would like to feel it on her bare skin … Dexterously she braided a few strands of Gabi and tied the end. She lifted the braid and licked the ends, nice soft brown hair slipped on her tongue. Gabi took the caress and pulled the blonde towards her at the end to kiss her. Evy was not averse to Gabi and again stroked the brown long hair and softly sighed and whispered that she thought it was so beautiful and so soft. Marlene enjoyed {this foreplay is fantastic, they like each other and their hair is so delicious, it’s time to get some haircuts and then in bed with these two, can they make me ready with their tongues} “come on darlings, Evy it is time to sit down, hand your blond mane over to me. Take off your blouse, I want to see your hair hanging down your breasts {and then I’ll stroke you a little easier too} ”The blonde took a seat in the chair, naked. She brought her long hair forward, it hung between her breasts along her neck. Gabi got close to it and stroked the locks one more time and licked the blonde’s breasts. Marlene held a pair of scissors and stroked the long blond hair with them as well. “You can play with yourself if you want to, or you can let Gabi help you … I want you to enjoy every lock that I am going to harvest …” Let Gabi help if she wants, she is also very beautiful … “Marlene lifted the first blonde locks on, the scissors in one hand, she let the hair fall again, she postponed the cutting… Gabi was sitting next to the blonde Evy, hand in her lap and she looked at her blonde mistress. Marlene lifted the blond locks again and found the beginning of it on Evy’s head. She combed the lock and said she was really going to cut it now. The scissors slanted them into the lock so that the maximum length came off. She held up a nice long lock of hair and put it away. Her hand went back into the blonde hair and lifted a lock of hair with her fingers. A fat one, Marlene had thought of cutting it close to the skin again… the scissors crunched slightly as they cut through the lock. Evy was unmoved, Gabi stroked her with a brown lock of her own. Marlene showed the long blonde locks to the girls. “Look what beautiful hair, there is so much more to it that we are going to use in panties …”

And she caressed Evy again, making sure her mane were even, enjoying the softness of the tresses soon to be cut. Again her hand went into the blonde mane of the girl, she lifted the hair and let it slide through her fingers. Marlene felt her wetness coming up, a pleasant feeling with which she wanted to do something. But first she wanted to cut more blonde locks. She decided to cut it near the scalp, so that very short hairs remained on the head. Later she would decide to shave Evy, or leave the tiny hairs. She had been fantasizing about shaving the head of one the girls, so it might be Evy as well. That idea turned her even more on, she noticed. Marlene proceeded and took the scissors, lifted the blonde locks again and cut the locks near the scalp. The remaining hair had a pleasant effect on her, she stroked it again and enjoyed the sensation of stubbles. The freshly cut locks she put apart, later to convert in panties for Gabi. As Evy had long thick locks, Marlene was enjoying herself with the scissor. Again she sought some locks to harvest, sliding through her fingers and cutting them at the scalp. Evy and Gabi did enjoy the game (as Marlene called it). Evy let her hand to her hair and felt the stubbles on her head. “Marlene, this is much shorter than I thought you would cut me, it IS exciting, but will it look good?” “Darling, when all of your locks are gone, sure you’ll look good and I’ll reward you very much cause your hair is turning me on. Do me a favor, I’d like to feel your hand in my pants… as I feel some wetness coming, maybe Gabi will offer a few locks of hers to dry me up, enjoy both of my wet pussy before I finish cutting your lovely blonde locks.” Evy stepped out of the chair , freshly cut pieces of blond locks falling from her chest, and together with Gabi she went on her knees in front of Marlene, she unbuttoned the pants of the blond Marlene, lowered them and put her fingers in the black panties and experienced the warm wetness of Marlene. Gabi told her to slip also the panties down, Evy did as asked so Gabi could also enjoy her blonde goddess. Evy took some of Gabi’s long brown locks and caressed the wet pussy of Marlene.

To be continued …

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