An Exhausted Girl

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My name is Jessica. I’m married to a woman named Zoey and I own a barber shop in Hawaii. I’m fairly tall with a short blonde pixie cut and I’m quite muscular. Not like super shredded or anything but I’ve got a nice six pack with nice biceps and my legs are getting stronger everyday. My wife and I live above my barber shop. It’s a small living space but it works for us since it’s just us two.


Our morning routine usually works like this: I wake up before Zoey and do some weight lifting at the gym and run on a treadmill. About an hour after I’ve gotten started is around the time Zoey wakes up and showers. After she is done with that she brushes her teeth and gets started on breakfast for the both of us. By this time I’m headed back home after having my own shower at the gym. When I get back home Zoey is usually done making breakfast and we eat. After we clean I do Zoe’s hair for her. And by “doing her hair” I mean shaving her head bald.

Zoey has been bald since I meet her. In fact it’s what got me so interested in her to begin with. You don’t see many bald women walking around. At first I didn’t think it would work out between us since I tend to gravitate toward very feminine girl’s since I’m a butch lesbian. But me and Zoey hit it off instantly. Even with a shiny bald head she still manages to be very feminine without it seeming forced at all.

Anyway, after I’m done shaving her head I apply a special essential oil to it to make it more resistant to sun burns and to make it shinier and more comfortable for her. After that is done we usually get¬†down and dirty if you know what I mean ūüėČ

But this wad no ordinary morning sadly. After shaving her head like I usually do instead of doing what we usually do *Wink Wink* She instead told me that we needed to talk. Not a good sign. So I sit on the edge of my bed and look at her after we both headed upstairs to our room. She explained that she was going to see her sister.

“Why?” I asked very bluntly. “My sister is a painter as you know…” I nodded in response as she talked. “She is planning on opening her own museum for paintings.” I was shocked to hear this but not completely surprised. I knew Shelly (Zoe’s sister) was loaded but I didn’t think she was¬†this¬†rich. Zoey continued “I’m going to catch flight so I can see her and help in anyway I can and also just so we can catch up.” I understood why she wanted to go but I still wasn’t a big fan of the idea. Believe it or not I actually rely on Zoey to help keep the barber shop in working order. I told her my concerns and she told me that she will only be gone for a few days. Eventually I relented and Zoey was on her way to Shelly’s.

Two days past and I was really starting to regret agreeing. Not because I’m a control freak or anything but because I only just started releasing how difficult it was cleaning a barber shop by yourself. But hey, it’s only one more day until Zoey arrives back home. So I just decided to not open shop up that day so I can get a damn break. I was sitting outside of the shop looking at the sun setting slowly and the waves crashing against the sand at the beach while drinking a beer.

“Hello?” someone said. I turned and saw what looked to be a white woman in her mid to late thirties with brown unkempt hair in a messy bun on top her head. She was wearing a black suit with a skirt that had black pantyhose covering her legs. She adjusted her glasses around her eyes with dark circles underneath them while she waited for a response. “What is it?” I asked. “Are you by any chance open?” She asked. I looked at the sign on my door that said “closed” on it. “Can you read?” I said sarcastically as I pointed to the sign. “Please… I really need a haircut and there’s not many other places nearby.” She begged. I laughed to myself and said “I only do short haircuts girly.” “I don’t care. As long as it looks professional.” She said with a look of pure desperation on her face. She looks real desperate and I’m kind of bored anyway. “Fine. But I’m only doing this once ok?” I said with a slight firmness to my voice. She nodded with a look of relief present.

When I stood up I realized just how skinny and short she was compared to me. She only just reached my shoulder. We walked in and she set her purse down on the waiting area chairs. “Come sit please.” I said as guided her to a chair. She sat down and I started taking a look at her hair. It was thick and stringy It desperately needed to be washed. “Ok let’s go upstairs.” I said as I signaled to the staircase. “Why?” She asked as we walked upstairs. “You need a shower girly. I cant work with messy hair like that.” I responded in a joking way. We walked into the bathroom and I gave her a bathrobe. I walked downstairs back to the shop and waited for her to be done.

When she came downstairs she was only wearing the bathrobe. I may have underestimated how small the bath robe was because it barely covered her snatch from poking out at the bottom and only¬†just held her tits in. She sat down in the same chair and took off her glasses. It was only then I saw just how exhausted she looked. “Jesus girly, how long has it been since you got a good night of rest?” I said slightly considered. “I’ve been to busy with work… I was hoping this business trip here would help but if anything it just made me more stressed.” She responded. I touched her hair to get started but then I realized how cold it was. “Uhhhh girly you do know there is hot water right?” She responded to my question with a nod then said “I shower in cold water so I stay awake longer.” “Girly I know you said this was a business trip. But you can rest you know that right?” I responded feeling sympathetic for this poor girl. “I guess you’re right… The meeting I was sent here to attend was pushed back until tomorrow anyway…” She said finally opening up to the idea of resting.

“So what haircut do you want me to do? Remember, I only do short haircuts so your options are limited.” I said as I handed her a few pictures of women with short hair. “Honestly I don’t know what I want… What do you think would look good on me?” She said disregarding the pictures. “Well I have an idea…” I said in a seductive tone as I walked to the Clippers hanging on the wall. “But I’m not sure you’ll like it…” I said taking the Clippers off the wall and seductively twirling them around my hand while smiling. “N-No I don’t think I would like that…” She said shyly while looking away blushing. “Oh…? Did I pinch a nerve? Do you secretly want these?” I said continuing my seductive tone. “N-No seriously. I don’t what you using those on me…” She said in a shaken voice. I sighed “No fun at all…” I said as I put the Clippers were I once found them.

I picked up the scissors and said “Do you want to to start at your shoulder and see where we go from there?” She nodded in response. I started cutting at the shoulder length slowly and carefully. After a bit it was done. She had a completely straight line across her back at the shoulder line for her hair. I waited for her response as to how it looked but after a bit she was still quiet. I looked at her through the reflection in the mirror and saw she had fallen asleep while I was cutting her hair. She looked very cute sleeping in my chair like that but I knew she could be cuter. She just needed to let me do what I needed to so she could reach that cuteness. Then I got an idea…

She was very much against the idea of using Clippers on her. But who said I couldn’t use my straight razor?

I pulled my straight razor out of my drawer and looked at it carefully. I always took great care of my tools but my straight razor needed to be perfect. It is after all what I use to shave Zoes head in the morning. I looked at the sleeping girl in my chair and then whispered to myself “The only way I can make you look amazing is if you let me do what is needed.” I put the razor at her hairline and gently started pulling upwards toward her crown. I dug the path of pale unseen skin gently so she wouldn’t wake up. I stepped back to admire my handy work. At this point there is no way she could leave without the bald head that she¬†despertly needs. I started shaving right next to the last line. After that I did it again but to the other side of her new reverse Mohawk. After I was done she now had a skullet and I have to admit while I only have eyes for Zoey this girl looked amazing with a skullet. But I knew that a skullet isn’t very professional in nature. So I gently tilted her head to the left and started shaving the sides of her head. Slowly the pale skin untouched by the sun made itself visible and all that was left was the back of her head. I titled her head down towards me slowly. She made a couple of noises in her sleep but didn’t wake up while I was moving her. I positioned myself behind the chair so I could get access easier. After a bit she started making more noises even though I was being incredibly careful and quiet. But it didn’t matter because she woke up just as I was shaving the last hair on the back of her head.

“H-Huh” she mumbled as she awoke. She blinked a few times as I quickly moved in front of her. “O-oh hey…” She said realizing she was still in my shop. “Get a good nap in girly?” I said with a grin on my face as I laughed to myself about how she still hasn’t released what she looks like. “Yeah I’m really sorry.” She responded. “Oh it’s totally ok girly… If that name even fits you anymore.” I said with a chuckle. “What do you mean…?” She asked confused. “Since you fell asleep in my shop I took the liberty of giving you an amazing new style.” I said as I moved out the way of the mirror. Since her glasses were off all she could see was a blurred lady with no hair. Her eyes grew wider as she slowly lifted her hands to the top of her head. And then they grew even wider when she felt skin and only skin on her head. “O-oh my god!” She said with her voice raised slightly. She grabbed her glasses off the table and put them on quickly. Her jaw dropped instantly and she put both of her hands on her head. She made I noise that I think was supposed to be a scream but came out more like a whimper.

“I told you not to use the Clippers!” She shouted at me. “I didn’t” I said as I pulled my straight razor out from behind my back. She silently shot daggers with her eyes as response. I walked behind the chair she was still sitting in and said “I said you would look good.” She looked back into the mirror and after a bit she said. “I mean I guess it’s not that bad…” She started running both of her hands over her head as she kept looking at herself. “I just wish you told me what you were going to do…” She said clearly coming to like her new baldness. “I did. But you spat it back in my face” I said as I pointed at the Clippers hanging on the wall. I continued “So when you fell asleep in my chair I took matters into my own hands.” I started rubbing my own hands on her head and said “I knew you would look good but I honestly wasn’t expecting you to look¬†this good.” And it was true. She looked amazing with a clean shaved head. Her ears didn’t poke out at all. Her skin was smooth but not rubbery. Her head was the perfect shape. “You know I was right… You do look better when you allow me to do what I need to do” I said breaking the silence. “Ok fine you were right… It’s just going to take time getting used to this…” She said finally admitting that I was right. “You do look good baldie. But I can make you even better.” I said as I brushed her eyebrows with my finger. “W-Wait you’re not suggesting…” She said as she realized what I was getting at. “I understand it’s a big change. You don’t see many bald women let alone¬†eyebrowless¬†women but trust me. Was I wrong about the head?” I told her. “No… But still… Do you really think I would look better?” She said concerned. “I don’t think I¬†know baldie.” I responded as I slowly removed her glasses.

I took out my straight razor once more. When she saw it she visibility shivers at the sight of it. I put my muscular arm on her shoulder to comfort her but to also keep her in place so I don’t slip by accident. I place the razor at the end of her left brow and start shaving towards the right side of her face. After taking the brow off completely I start working on the right one. I repeat the same process as I did with the left.

After I am finally finished I hand her the glasses. The second she sees herself she lights up. “Oh my god! I look so much better with no eyebrows!” She said clearly happy with her new clean shaved look. “There’s one more thing I have to fix for you baldie.” I said cutting her celebration short. “What do you mean?” She said with a look of confusion. I walked over to her and undid her robe. It opened up to reveal some pretty impressive tits but her boobs aren’t what I was looking at. She noticed I was staring at the unkempt bush that plagued the spot between her legs. She looked back up at me and said “Get rid of it.”

I got on both of my knees and cleaned my razor of the hair from her eyebrows. “Spread em baldie” I command. She silently obeyed and spread her legs so I can access her pussy easier. I put my razor at the top of the bush and shaved downward. Clumps of hair fell down to the ground joining the other hair. I repeated the process until her pussy was as bald as her head. I stood up and opened yet another drawer and pulled out the oil I use on Zoes head in the morning and start rubbing it into her scalp. “Mmmmmm that feels amazing. What is that stuff?” She asked with her eyebrowless eyes closed. “It’s a essential oil that makes your head shine more and helps stop sun burns.” I informed her. “It feels heavenly. Where can I get some?” She asked. “You can order some from my website.” I told her “You can also buy razors and shaving cream in case you decide to keep this look.” I added “I will have to remember that…” She responded.

When I was done she went back into the bathroom and changed into her clothes again. When she came out I handed her a broom and told her to clean up her own mess. She swept all her hair up into the bag like I told her to. After she was done she unexpectedly hugged me. “Thank you so much. I really needed a change. I will be keeping my head, eyebrows and crotch shaved for a long time.” She said. “Don’t get too sentimental baldie you still have to pay me.” I responded in a¬† sarcastic tone. After she paid me she was on her way with her bald head shiny as can be.

The next day Zoey came back home and as expected she was tired from her trip. “Man, I am beat!” She said as she collapsed into bed. “You aren’t planning on going to bed now right?” I said with a thought crossing my mind. “Well yeah it’s late and I’m tired babe.” She responded. I chuckled and said “No you’re not. At least not until we do something about those eyebrows…”

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