(An Hairfetisher’s) Dream Friendship – Part 1

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SCENE 1: Evening, post work (Fri)


“So um..What plans for the weekend?” enquired Tom as he stepped out of the office building, along with Lucy. Both walking to the bus stop.

Lucy was silent, occupied with some thought.

“I need to buy some furniture. Hopefully that’s the final step before I settle into my apartment,” replied Lucy

She undid her hair bun and started running her fingers through the long golden mane, only to put it back again into a high pony. The thick shy mane, usually hidden in a bun had been released from its confinement momentarily. Tom watched on intriguingly, thinking how beautiful this woman was. He was in a relationship but often thought about Lucy. Although he was in a happy relationship with Simone, his high-school sweetheart, he felt a certain intimacy with Lucy. She was recovering from her break up and lately, Tom had witnessed signs indicating that Lucy had started to come back to her natural self.

“Fiiii-naa-llly, after 2 hard months, you’ll have the place set up as per your liking,” he chuckled, still watching her. It wasn’t easy for him to take his eyes off her long ponytail which dangled from side to side. He noticed the ends of that long hair did show signs of weariness. Maybe he could bring up a topic about her hair, he feared it being awkward and out of place. So he dismissed that thought.

“Oh yes, I can laze around peacefully. Now my apartment feels like home. You know how I like to keep things organized. It doesn’t help to have clutter in one’s living space. Cluttered spaces directly cause clutter in one’s mind. That theory appeals to me I guess……” Lucy stopped talking and blushed lightly as she noticed Tom glaring at her, listening innocently.

“…..What? Stop..I wasn’t preaching..I was just telling you how staying neat helps me stay calm.” Both of them laughed and now she enquired about his plans for the weekend.

“Well, Simone isn’t home. She has a meeting in Portland. So, I’ll just play games or something. Movies maybe. Nothing special. I am available in case you need any help” replied Tom.

“I don’t want to hijack your weekend. Thanks though.” she smiled

“Oh come on! That wont be trouble at all. I’ll probably get bored alone anyway. Might as well go shopping with you. Maybe we can have lunch.” he asked reluctantly

“You would do that? If you really want to waste your time with me, sure why not”

“Okay! yeah, so I’m in!” he said, spending a good bit of willpower to not seem overexcited.

“Okay Tom, I’ll pick you up from your place at 11 tomorrow? Is that fine?”

“Yes….H-hey…Your bus is here… I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.”

“Seeya, bye” Lucy smiled

She turned around and Tom helplessly stared as her long tail dangled over her back. He watched her take a seat and both waved at each other as the bus drove away. He felt a glimmer of excitement. The kind of feeling that he felt as a teenager, when he had been too anxious about venturing into the unknowns with Simone.

He loved Simone and cheating on her was far from his fantasy. He was aware that they were just very good friends and Lucy’s beautiful hair alone was an object of his affection. Dismissing this train of thought, he went over his emails.

Lucy had boarded the bus and started checking her phone as well. That’s when she noticed a reminder for Saturday.


That bothered her somewhat as she’d forgotten about it and already made plans with Tom. She took a deep breath and decided she’ll sort it out after she gets home.


Scene 2: Doubtful excitement (Fri)


“Hey,” said Tom, picking up Lucy’s call later in the evening

“Hi Tom, there’s an issue. I forgot about a hair appointment that I booked a few days ago. I need to be there at 1 pm tomorrow. Sorry about our plan.” she said in a seemingly dejected tone

Tom felt as if lightning had struck him that instant when he heard Lucy utter the word H A I R. Oh how much he adored that beautiful woman! Now he could picture her sitting in a salon chair, or maybe she’d be standing to get a small trim. He struggled to gather his thoughts, also aware that this was an opportunity not to be wasted.

“But why!?” he blurted out these words that had Lucy confused. He knew he had to recover from this situation. What Lucy did with her hair was not his business.

“What do you mean why? I just need a haircut.”

“Oh no, I meant why are you sorry? We could still go ahead with shopping. I suppose two hours are enough for that and instead of lunch, we’ll pick up some light snacks,” said Tom, strongly holding his urge to offer to go to the salon with Lucy. He knew that haste there could spoil the entire plan if she thought it to be a weird.

“Uhm…yes! I thought you were implying why I couldn’t be more careful with my planning or why do I need a haircut?” she chuckled rather nervously. She had always enjoyed how sensitive and thoughtful he was towards her.

“Oh no no, I didn’t mean that. I hope you understand what I meant?” he enquired cautiously

“Of course, lets go ahead with it as you suggested.”

“Great. So pick me up a planned?”

“Yes Tom, good night”

“Good night”

Lucy stood in front of a mirror later that night brushing her long hair. She turned sideways and examined the length of the waves that had thinned towards the ends. It was well past her waist, with few strands attempting to kiss the tail bone. It had been three years of growth from her usual inverted bob that she maintained through her late teens all the way into adulthood. She wondered how she looked like a traditional lady with her simple long mane.

This long hair had been an object of deep affection for Evan, her ex-boyfriend. Evan had an opinion that short hair among women was a mere attempt to rebel; to go against patriarchal customs. This was a factor that had given her this long mane.

She gathered all her hair in her fist, holding a long tail behind her and looked at herself in the mirror.

“I don’t care if I am a rebel. I am beautiful with or without long hair. Take that you cheating turd. I throw you out of my life! Fuck off Evan!!” she said rather loudly. This act made her feel calm, helped move on for real.

She went to bed thinking how Tom had always been by her side. Why most men were not as caring as he was? She wondered. “I hope shopping turns out fun. Oh, before I forget I’ll make a list of things to shop,” she thought. She made a list and went to bed.


Tom’s phone rang, it was Simone who was calling. He thought it was best to not answer at that moment but he never ignored her. So he answered the call.

“Hey babe, how was your day?,” a familiar voice enquired with love

“Hi sweetie. It was the usual Friday, everyone ready to finish work and rush home. Are you done with you meeting?”

“Well yes, but I may not get back until Sunday evening. There’s a chance of meeting another client tomorrow. I’m sorry babe. I know I had promised to be with you on Sunday.”

“That’s not a problem hon. We’ll make it up.” he assured her he wasn’t mad. The nervousness in his voice had another reason.

“I’ll make it up to you hon. I need to go now. Love you. Night”

“Love you, bye”


“What a cursed thing this hair fetish is!” he thought.

There was much love between him and Simone. Lucy was a good friend and even Simone had gotten along well with her. Yet he feared his obsession with hair had the potential to wreck everything; bring about a mass destruction. His mind still echoed Lucy’s words about her hair appointment.

Lucy in the salon chair, blonde hair on the salon floor, Lucy in a pixie? Or a bob? Clippers over her head? or just inch long snippets on the cape?” his thoughts had no break and images of his dear friend flashed through his head

What a complicated situation this fetish puts a man in! He thought irritatingly and decided it was best to finish shopping and head back home resisting all the urges to accompany Lucy for her haircut.

“Fool, don’t be that weirdo” he said talking to himself while he felt like slapping himself, to rid him of this hair obsession. Deep within, he knew that was not possible.

“I’ll be determined. Very very determined!’

“Just shop, just snack and head back”

“Just shop, just snack and head back”

He repeatedly muttered this and went to bed.


Scene 3: The adventure begins (Sat)


Tom glanced at the clock; it was 10:49 am on that clear sunny Saturday morning. He had dressed up casually and was waiting for Lucy to arrive. He knew her to be punctual and expected that she’d arrive early. Five minutes later, he saw a green sedan park in front of his apartment. He stood by the edge of the window and watched Lucy get out of the car. She stood next to the vehicle in a faded blue top and denim shorts. Her shirt was masked with long golden waves that seemed to glow under the tender sun. He hadn’t often seen Lucy with her hair let down as she usually kept it braided or in a tight bun. He felt an awkward anxiety watching his colleague when his phone rang.

“Oh yes yes! I’ll be down in a minute.” he hung up, gathered himself by taking a deep breath and left the house.

She stood in the driveway browsing her phone. Her head leaned forward caused the foot long curtain of tresses to hide her face. She looked up as Tom approached her and smiled at him as she put her hair behind her ear.

“Good morning,” she said as she opened her arms to greet him

This scenario was already unprecedented for Tom, whose head was barely functioning ever since he had set his sights on that Rapunzel’s hair. As they hugged briefly, he felt her hair across his cheeks. His palms registered the softness of her hair for the first time. The strong fragrance made it clear that the mane had been subjected to a pampering wash that morning.

“Good morning Lucy,” he replied with some courage, for he feared trembling already.

They both walked to the car discussing their plans for the day. Lucy told him she wanted to buy a dressing table, a bookshelf and a lounge chair. So the plan was to conclude the shopping in a hour and half and then grab something light to eat. She would then drop him back at his place and proceed with her plans. So they entered the car and the two hour date commenced.

Tom had been fighting extremely hard all this while to keep himself from throwing a compliment about her hair or how beautiful she looked that day. As this invisible struggle was going on within his head, they conversed about their office life and colleagues. Lucy certainly didn’t bring up Evan today, which was a hint that the mourning period of her dead relationship had ended. This escape from the usual sad relationship talks would have been a welcome relief for Tom on any other day. But on that day, he had no escape from the feelings that roused a storm within. He didn’t talk much.

Lucy certainly had noticed his silence and started having doubts if something was wrong. She had expected a hoard of compliments from her friend, who she knew was a sweetheart. She had hoped her moving on and finally getting out of her gloomy state would please Tom. And the fact that he had been ignoring her hair was irritating for her at that point. She remembered how he would always have an opinion of the different hairstyles she had worn to work. The entire world would not notice the subtleties of her hair but Tom always did so, and gave his opinion. She had always loved this attention from her friend.

“You’re quiet today. Is your friend talking too much?” she chuckled and threw him a brief glance at the red light. Tom was noticing how the bottom layers of her hair had gathered in her lap. “Its gotten so long,” he thought. He quickly came back to his senses to respond to her.

“Nothing like that. I was just listening today since you seem upbeat. Let me enjoy this moment when the dark clouds seem to have disappeared.” he laughed, feeling cautious

“Oooo…I seeeee….hmmm..that is true..I feel good today,” Lucy said playfully as they pulled into the parking space at the furniture mall.


Scene 4: Shopping (Sat)


The large store had enough variety to confuse a person with choices for days. But Lucy was quick and decisive when it came to her choices. Still, there was a lot of walking to do and it was Tom who usually followed her around. Whenever she faced away, he spent a long time struggling to pull his gaze away from the golden tresses. Half hour in, they’d finalized the bookshelf and the lounge chair and the dressing table was what was left. Lucy needed one with a large rectangular mirror; the kind that acts as a bedside table as well.

This whole experience made felt like the one portrayed in movie 500 Days of Summer. They laughed about it and looked on for the dressing table. Finally, they found a set that was came with a stool. It was placed next to a bed and Lucy sat down on the stool in front of the mirror, trying it out. Tom stood behind her and the mirror was large enough for them to see each other. She smiled at him indicating she liked it. Tom, although acting normal was far from it. He saw that gorgeous blonde sitting in front of this large mirror. The tiny stool allowed him to witness the entire length of her thick mane and this scene roused an extreme passion.

“So, what do you think?” enquired Lucy , gazing at him through the mirror

“hu-Huow..long and pretty…oh this hair..” he muttered losing the resolve he had made. He felt shivers in his legs as he uttered these words. There was very little hope that she had missed what he had said.

There was a sudden flush of red on her cheeks as her immediate reaction was to cover it up with a laugh. “He finally noticed,” she thought

“You like it so much?” she quizzed with a playful and ponderous expression

“Yes. Anyway, this dressing table is great. Just the way you wanted. You wanna proceed with the billing? There’s just 30 minutes to 1pm and you don’t want to be late,” he said hurriedly

Tom gasped for breath as he spoke and gave out a sigh as he finished talking, hoping he had put that situation behind. He knew he had messed up already and felt like running away right that moment. Fucking up his dear friend just as she was recovering was the worst crime, he told himself.

“Okay. Lets proceed for billing and then we’ll carry on. I know a good food truck that sells rolls. You up for that?” responded Lucy not giving her vulnerable friend a very hard time. It’s surprising how people react unusually when they are in a good mood. The usual Lucy he knew would have taken this quite differently and he would definitely have been on the way home after such a moment.

“Yes, sounds like a great idea. It’s been a while since I had it,” said Tom, overcompensating for the silence the longer pauses had created. He still noticed a bright smile on her face and she acted as if nothing had happened.

Pretending to be casual was the best option available to poor Tom now.

The billing was done, the home delivery for the furniture was scheduled and two hot blooded souls in their mid thirties drove to a food truck situated a mile away. The service was fast and both of them had their desired order in their hands. There wasn’t much conversation during this time since they were caught up in minor things. The dearth of time prompted them to eat as they walked back to the car. Food was a welcome relief for Tom as his attention had finally been diverted to the flavorful roasted chicken and hummus wrapped in a thin pita bread. He had been taking bigger bites compared to Lucy who had been nibbling at it, looking elsewhere as if lost in a deep thought.

Thanks to the food, Tom thought his difficult ordeal was over

Just as that moment passed, a gust of wind tossed a long lock of Lucy’s hair over the roll which has sauces spilling over. It stuck to the creamy white hummus and as she pulled it away, more sauce rushed out spilling over the fingers as well that long lock of hair which was now soaked with sauce. She had her phone and car keys in her left hand and the roll in the other. Not knowing what to do she yelled, “TOM MY HAIR!!”

He was unaware of this before he listened to her. He turned towards her and immediately reacted by offering to hold her roll, but it was a mess. So the only other option was to quickly wipe the lock of hair before the sauce dripped off it and ruined her shirt. He grabbed the thick lock from right next to her chin, lifted it away from and wrapped it with a tissue and pulled it along its length as to clean the hair. They ran out of paper and then he had to use his handkerchief to. All this while, Lucy had held the other hand away because it still was a mess.

Lucy observed how passionately he had tended to her hair and if that was exciting for her.

“If you’re done with my hair now, can you please let it go? I need to take care of this mess in my other hand?” she laughed hard as he immediately let go off her hair. She walked to a nearby trash can tossed what was left of the food in it.

“Well, I know how dear your hair is to you. I know your priorities,” laughed Tom, this time not ignoring talking about her hair; a poor effort to seem casual.

“And now I know your priorities too,” she chuckled and pressed his arm pulling it gently, to signal that it is time to go.


Scene 5: Revelations (Sat)


The food incident had cost them some time and now it had to be a quick 5 minute dash to the salon if she had to make it in time. Although it was possible, the detour to drop Tom home was going to cost her 10 more minutes.

Both of them entered the car and Lucy noticed the clock.

“Oh shit!! Tom I’m going to be late!” she backed up the car from the parking space

“No, you’ll be fine,” said Tom not understanding what the big deal with women and their salon appointments is. For him, it was not an issue to be 5-10 minutes late. Though he was also well aware of Lucy’s extra punctual nature.

“No! I would be late for sure. I need to drop you home as well.”

“Oh yes! Why don’t you go on to the salon directly? I’ll take a cab home,” offered Tom.

Lucy seemed thoughtful, staring at the wheel.

“Do you have any plans after you get home Tom?”

”No, why?”

“You wanna go to the salon with me?”

This offer had presented itself out of nowhere and all of his blood rushed down instantly. She was certainly messing with him unlike anyone else had before. She was surely on to him, he thought.

“Oh…but why?” he looked away

He felt her fingers on his chin, turning his head towards her. She was combing her hair with her fingers to show it off to him.

“You love my hair, don’t you?” she asked him quietly and a red flush filled her face. Her tone was that of a loving friend and comforted Tom a bit and that made him lose all control. The floodgates had been opened and she had succeeded in her quest. Sweat had gathered over his forehead now.

“I’m really sorry Lucy. I didn’t mean to be inappropriate with you. Please let me go now. That’s for the best. And the answer to your question is YES! I love your hair. Normally I resist the distraction it causes but today you are looking magical and the hair is just, so sexy. I don’t understand why it needs to look so good on the day you’re getting it cut. Please wear your usual braid or a bun to office on Monday. Don’t torture me showing off whatever haircut you get. It’ll distract me in office all day. Let’s never talk about it from now on. Now I should go.”

After this rant that now felt embarrassing, he turned away ready to unlock the door and get out.

Before he could open the door, she put her foot on the table and car started trundling towards the direction where the salon was located.

“Put on your seat belts,” she said assertively, with a tone of slight irritation

He had no choice or words. So he sat passively, fearing what a mess he had made.

“Tom! let me get this straight. You want to ignore me because you like my hair so much that it makes you uneasy?”

There was a dead silence that forced her to speak again

“How great is this! I have one friend who claims I’m his best friend, who understands me the most and he gets uncomfortable because of my fucking hair! Normally, anyone would be happy if their best friend has good hair. I fucking dressed up today to show you how good I felt. I am not asking you to cheat on Simone but I could do with some love instead of this sulking that you’ve carried on all day.” She had watery eyes now from the feeling of rejection. She didn’t have feelings for Tom but certainly had depended on him, more so after her break up. He had stood by her in every difficult moment and she wanted to thank him for that. This plan of a good day out had seemingly failed, she thought slipping back into her melancholy state.

Her mood reflected on her driving and that told Tom it was time to own up. Lucy was taking the things he said in a very wrong way and he needed to do something about it. That’s when a red light came up and thee stop gave him some relief. They had to make one turn and they’d reach the salon.

“Luc..c..” she didn’t let him speak

“Shut up now! My hair troubles you so much? Now watch it all get cut off. I came in for a trim but I’m getting rid of it. Fuck it, imma fuckin shave it today. I know I’m overreacting but if this is how you behave because of my hair, I’d better rid myself if it. Don’t give me any justification now!” a tear rolled down her cheek as the lights went green and she stepped on the gas pedal. They reached the salon a couple minutes late and parked.


Scene 6: Understandings (Sat)


She had not let him speak a single word all the while. He felt it so strange that her hair became such a big deal even when she did not possess this fetish. The only logical explanation he could create in his head was that women probably don’t feel logically. He was trying to understand what had exactly offended her. Maybe she did love her hair as a precious accessory, and derived confidence from it.

The thud of the door broke his chain of thought.

She got out of the car leaving Tom behind and hurried inside and enquired at the salon reception. He did not want to follow her inside, fearing more dramatic scenes may happen.

Tom sat stunned in the passenger seat while she was gone. Clearly not knowing what his options were. He loved his friend and cared deeply for her. Why she was so hurt on account of his stupid hair fetish troubled him. He knew he could make her understand the truth but she needed to give him a chance to do that. That moment, she was acting with a massive anxiety and gone were his chances to explain her the real deal. He hoped and prayed that she would not do something crazy.

Moments later, he was leaning back into the seat with his eyes closed. He felt dizzy from exhaustion. There was a knock on the window. It was Lucy signaling him to get out. It was a relief to see her hair was unchanged. He stepped out without saying a word. She seemed calmer than she was few moments ago.

“I was late, so they took another walk-in. Lucky there’s a free slot in 15 minutes,” she said

“Okay, that’s good.” He responded

“Let’s take a walk?”


They started walking together along the footpath.

“Tom, I apologize for acting crazy.” Lucy said in a mellow tone, holding his forearm now

“It is me who needs to apologize. Not for whatever happened in the past couple hours but because I hold a secret that you are unaware of.” He admitted this with surprising ease. The tensed moments earlier had left little to go wrong now. So he had to come clean.

“What secret? That you are crazy about my hair? I knew that you fool. But why does it make you uneasy?”

“Will you let me speak please?” he was irritated hearing Lucy ask the same question so many times without giving him a chance to answer

“Yes please. Sorry again!” she started gathering her hair in her fist to put it into a ponytail

“Stop that! Don’t touch your hair! Just listen!” he seized her hair tie

“Lucy, I have a hair fetish. Anything hair related, especially the idea of looking at good looking hair, the sight of a haircut and playing with hair is an instant and strong turn on for me. As far back as my memory goes, I’ve had it since childhood and I can’t really make it go away. So I maintain a safe distance from hair except from Simone’s. Though she loves the attention I pay to her hair, even she is unaware it’s a fetish. It’s embarrassing for me. You’ve always been my good friend and we’ve gotten close over time. I have always had to make a conscious effort to ignore your hair. I never wanted this to affect our friendship.” He gave out a sigh and noticed she was still holding his forearm.

Now she held his arm with both hands and placed her head on his shoulder.

“Oh you poor sweet thing! I completely misunderstood you.” she said. Her face was bright again as the misunderstanding had been cleared.

“It’s alright. Clearly, I am the weirdo here. It’s obviously not normal to have friends that fantasize about your hair.” He laughed and noticed he felt light after the admission

“You’re not a weirdo. Its innocent to feel that way. Besides, fetishes are natural and unexplained. Come let us turn around now. We don’t want to miss the next appointment as well.” Saying so, they turned back. Lucy still held him with her warmth, understanding Tom like nobody else had ever.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to do Lucy. Thanks for understanding though.” He smiled at her. The salon now fell in sight and they would be there soon.

There was a brief moment of silence

“What would you like to do with my hair Tom?” she asked him. More collected than earlier, though taken back by this sudden question, he stayed calm.

“That’s a difficult question. It confuses me a great deal because there’s no one specific thing that would excite me more than the rest. Although I do have a thing for very short inverted bobs. Certainly not the time to get into that right now. But I promise we’ll talk about this later. What did you have in mind when you booked a haircut slot today?”

“I think I wanted an inverted bob too. It’s time to cut it very short” she said playfully

“NO! I can’t take this now. Besides, you are only doing this to tease me. I’m not going to allow you to make a decision. Because you’ve lost your head completely. No major haircut today!” he announced rather authoritatively.

That was necessary as he knew doing something on a whim often becomes a cause of regret later. Tom was well aware about how she adored her hair and tended for it. He wasn’t going to allow some crazy hair decision without her giving it a proper thought. She was just starting to seem normal and anything that creates a mess for her would naturally have affected him. That had prompted him to be assertive over his usually dominating hair fetish. It was a welcome change and he loved it.

“I see. No ‘major’ haircut. How about a ‘Sergeant’ haircut?” she laughed hard at her own bad joke

“N…O….NO….You will keep quiet now! Understood?” he glared at her

Lucy nodded in submission and they entered the hair salon


…To be continued


Thank you for reading my first story. My objective is to create exciting, realistic scenarios that put us hair lovers in an interesting place. 😉

Kindly leave any feedback which I shall take into consideration before releasing following parts of this series. 

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  1. First, i must to say your story here touch my heart. I have same feels you written about too. You written this story realistic for a hair fetisher guy like me. Thank you for share with us 🙏 and hope she would get a trim than Tom can cut off these beautiful tresses 🙂 maybe clipper it all over too

  2. OMG! This story was awesome!!! You stated your objective was to create exciting, realistic scenarios that put us hair lovers in an interesting place. Well I assure you that you did it for me!! Thank you for writing and sharing. I am looking forward to more chapters as I cannot wait to see what she does with her hair and where their relationship winds up.

    1. Thank you for the appreciation and kind words. Reading your comment felt like I’ve reached the perfect audience I had in my mind when I wrote this story. I assure you that there will be more to this and the relationship dynamics will evolve just as they do in real life. Apologies for the delay. I am new to writing fiction and I am obsessed with it feeling realistic. I take my time and will hopefully get faster with time. 🙂

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