An Out of This World Opportunity

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Grace’s modelling career wasn’t going well. She did get some jobs with a few emerging swimsuit and sportwear brands just after she moved out to LA, but it had been over a year since her last one. Luckily she was able to get a few minor roles as an actress in some crappy made-for-streaming movies and had enough royalties to cover her rent, but if things didn’t improve for her she was seriously considering giving up.

Then she gets a FaceTime from her friend Hayley.


“Hey Grace, it’s me” Hayley opened with.

“Hi Hayley! How you doing?” Grace replied.

“Not great” said Hayley “last night I was with Tammy and we got completely wasted. We went back to her parents’ house and started doing some real stupid stuff. I ended up falling from the balcony and broke my arm.”

“Oh my gawd Hayley! I’m so sorry to hear about that, are you going to be ok?” A distraught Grace replied.

“Don’t worry bestie, I’m in the hospital now and they’ve gave me some good pain meds. I will recover but they told me it’s going to take at least 6 weeks.” Hayley explained. “This is why I’m calling you. I was supposed to have a shoot on Thursday and they need a replacement for me. I know you’ve been struggling to find work and this is a good opportunity. I’m going to recommend you to them”.

“Hayley! I don’t know what to say! Thanks so much!” Grace said.

“Before you say anything else Grace, be aware that there’s a catch.” Hayley told Grace.

“What do you mean?” Asked Grace.

“I don’t have time to explain it all, the physio is coming to see me in 5 minutes. If you want I can send my agent round to your place to explain everything this evening.” Hayley informed her.

“Ok, get well soon” said Grace.

Hayley told her that her agent would show up at 6:30pm and hung up.


A few hours later, 6:30 came and sure enough he was there.

“Hi Grace. I’m Ed, Hayley’s agent.” He said introducing himself to Grace.

“Hi Ed, come have a seat here” Grace said leading him to the living room.


“Ok, let’s cut to the chase here” Ed said as soon as they both sat down. “You know Hayley, I’m sure you’re aware that she suffers from Alopecia?”

“Yes” Grace confirmed. “She told me about how she wears wigs in all her shoots, it’s actually been helpful sometimes.”

“Well she wasn’t going to in this one Grace” Ed said.

“Wait, what exactly is this shoot?” A confused Grace asked.

“You know the Planet Wars movies?” Asked Ed

It rang a bell, but Grace wasn’t really into Sci-Fi so she didn’t know anything about it. “Not really” she said.

“Basically it’s a Sci-Fi trilogy with a cult following from the 80s and 90s.” Ed explained. “The 25th anniversary of the final installment is coming up and SciFiWorld magazine, the largest publication of it’s kind, are doing a special online edition for it. Hayley was supposed to pose as a member of a fictional alien race from Planet Wars that looks like this.”


Ed brought out his phone and showed Grace a poster from one of the Planet Wars movies. She saw two female humanoid. They looked just like human women except they had emerald green skin, fins on their thighs and shoulders, didn’t have visible nipples and, most notably, were completely bald.


“As you can see, Hayley’s alopecia made her perfect for this.” Ed said. “They hired her and another model who also had alopecia well in advance, but they can’t find another one on such short notice.”

“I can wear a bald cap, it’s no big deal.” Said Grace.

“I don’t know how else to tell you, they don’t want bald caps. The director of the shoot doesn’t think a bald cap is realistic enough, you would need to go bald for real.” Ed informed her.

Grace was speechless. “I don’t know, this seems like a great opportunity. But that’s a huge deal.”

“I’ll give you some time to think about it, but you will need to call me by 5pm tomorrow. We’re really pushed for time here.” Ed told her just before he left.


That night Grace was lying in her bed contemplating it all.

She couldn’t imagine herself being bald. She loved her straight, blonde, bra-strap length hair. There wasn’t just the salon visits she’d not need for a while, there were the little things like playing with it when she was bored or shaking it side to side when it was in a ponytail she would miss. But at the same time, this could be the make or break moment for her becoming a real model. There was no way she could pass this up.

The next morning, she called Ed.

“Hi Ed, it’s Grace. I’ll do it.”

And with that, he was back at her apartment with the guy from SciFiWorld to sign the contract and everything.


Before Grace knew it, it was Thursday and she was on the set.

It was all quite intimidating for her. She’d never altered her appearance in a way she would have to live with afterwards for a while before. Once her hair was gone, it would be gone for a while. But she knew it needed to be done so she headed to her dressing room where she met with the hairdresser.


“Hi Grace, I’m Heidi” she said.

“Hi Heidi, I think they’ve told you what’s happening?” Grace asked.

“Yeah. I know this is a nerve-wracking experience, but I’ve done this before, I know you’re gonna look great!” Heidi reassures her.

“Aw thanks!” Grace said just as she sat in the chair before she was caped up.


Heidi then brings out a very large pair of clippers and takes the guard off. Grace’s heart starts pounding as she powers them up and the buzzing sound fills the dressing room.

Grace is sat perfectly still as the clippers run right down the middle of her scalp, but inside she is screaming. In the mirror right before her eyes she sees a line of fine, wispy stubble. She realises that this is the first time she’s ever seen her scalp.

This happens again and again. Each time more of the top of her head becomes visible. She notices the contrast between the paleness of her newly revealed scalp with the rest of her sunkissed skin, that was something that never even occurred to her. Before long, the top was done and Heidi moved on to the side.

As the hair on the first side started to fall she noticed her ear seemed to stick out more and more. Her heart sank. What if her bald head made her ears look really big? By the time the first side was done though it didn’t look to bad and she realised it was just the shock of it all making her freak out.

Just like the first side, the second side was also done, it was just the back to do now. Grace was now able to see for the most part how her head was shaped. It was perfect! Almost perfectly round with no bumps and proportional to her facial structure, she really lucked out here.

Not long after that the back was done. Grace now had a #0 all over. She starts feeling her head. It’s so soft and fuzzy! She could sit there for hours just running her hands all over it.

“Not done yet Grace” Heidi told her.

“Why?” Asked Grace.

“You’ll need to go smooth, it’ll make the body paint work better.” Heidi informed her.

And with that, Heidi took out some shaving cream and a straight razor.

Grace watched in the mirror as her stubble head was smeared all over with a generous amount of shaving cream. The cold feeling of it being splashed on her head almost made her flinch, she was used to feeling it in other places but this was new.

After that, it felt like an eternity as Heidi carefully stroked every last inch of Grace’s scalp with the razor. Every time she did it a new patch of smooth, pale skin was stripped of the stubble that had once been Grace’s roots.

Eventually the last patch of stubble had been wiped out. Heidi then grabs a hot, wet towel and cleans up all the residual cream from Grace’s head.

Putting her hand on her freshly nude scalp is the weirdest sensation Grace has ever felt. It’s feels like her legs after she’s just shaved them but far more out of place. There’s nothing it can be compared to.


Once this is done the costume designer comes in and hands Grace a white pair of panties and some nipple tape to put on.

After taking off her clothes, she stood there looking at her naked, bald self in the mirror. There was absolutely no going back now.

All she can do is put on the panties and apply the tape to each nipple. She then emerged from the dressing room to be escorted to a booth where the body paint would be applied.

It was just like when she gets a spray tan, only this time it’s the characteristic emerald green. Here she was joined by the other model Ed had mentioned.

“Hi I’m Ellie!” She said

“Grace” she responded.

After the two of them had been painted up and had the rest of the costume applied, they sat on the floor waiting for the shoot to start getting to know each other.


“So I heard you literally just went bald in there?” Ellie asked Grace.

“Yeah I still can’t believe it!” Grace replied

“So many perks to it! No need for shampoo, straighteners or anything like that. And once you have your first shower, believe me it will be so sensual you will want to get it lasered!” Ellie enthused.

“Well I’m already liking it!” Said Grace

Not long after that the cameras were ready. After around 2 hours it was a wrap. Grace went home.

She called Hayley and thanked her for getting her the gig. She knew she had to return the favor one day.


A few months later and the special edition was out. SciFiWorld’s online readership for the month hit a record high and everyone was talking about it.

Grace’s phone was blowing up and her business email’s inbox was going crazy. This was the big break she had desperately needed.

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  1. Another solid story. This one really feels set up for sequel. Did Grace keep her bald look? Was she approached specifically because of it? How did she return the favor to Hayley? Maybe Grace will take Ellie’s advice to have her hair lasered off? Maybe the laser company from your previous story will end up involved? Maybe even it turns out Hayley (or Ellie, or both) alopecia was actually consensual?
    +1 anyways

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