An unforgettable anniversary

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“Hey honey, can I borrow your laptop? Mine needs to charge.” I asked my husband Brett. Sure honey,” he replied.

I opened up Brett’s laptop to type in a couple of things. That’s when I caught a glance of the suggested searches in the search bar; “hot bald women” and “women with smooth bald heads”. Not only that, but I happened to find a hair fetish forum that my Bret was a part of. He posted comments about how he fantasized me being bald.

I felt my head spinning and was just absolutely shocked. I didn’t think that a husband would want his wife bald. Let alone my husband. Don’t men love beautiful hair on a woman? I wouldn’t think a man would date someone who was bald unless it wasn’t by choice.

Our anniversary was coming up. I hadn’t always been the best wife to Brett. I usually put my work before him and I knew he was feeling neglected and like there wasn’t a spark anymore. So it was no wonder that he was on these forums, but it was the perfect idea to shave my head for him.

I didn’t know whether or not Brett wanted to shave my head or just see me bald. It felt disrespectful to dig more into his comments. So I made an account on the forum with a fake name, asking if the people there who liked bald women were interested in shaving their heads, or just the shaved head itself. Lo and behold, Brett responded to the question within a few hours and said that it was the thought of his wife’s head being shaved that turned him on most of all.

I knew what to do. I take the day off from work on our anniversary, shave my head, and make a fancy set up that he’d come home to. ┬áHe was going to love it, and I couldn’t wait.

As our anniversary was approaching, the week before I went out to purchase some clippers. They were expensive and I knew there was know backing out at that point since I wasn’t buying them for nothing. I hid the clippers so Brett wouldn’t see them.

Finally, it was our 12th wedding anniverary. I was asleep while Brett went off to work and wouldn’t be home until the afternoon. After getting up, I cleaned the whole house, and made a rose petal trail to our bed and put it together for the perfect anniversary night.

I then got undressed and made my way to the bathroom with the clippers. My hair was honey blonde and went down past my hips. It was extremely long and beautiful but I knew Brett would love the end result of me having no hair.

I plugged the clippers in and flipped them on. They vibrated and felt weird in my hands. I had a brief couple minutes of hesitation and wondered if I should just return the clippers to the store and forget about the whole idea. But I thought about Brett again, and turned the clippers back on before holding my hair back and pushing the clippers through the middle of my head. Strands of my hair fell behind me.

My stomach dropped and I turned off the clippers. A wave of emotion rushed over me as I realized there was no turning back and the many, many years of growth were gone in just a couple of seconds. I continued passing the clippers through my hair as more tears streamed down my face. I was feeling so many emotions at once that it all felt so surreal.

The clippers felt nice and warm on my head, and felt loud near my ears. I had a handheld mirror to get the back of my head. Finally my head was completely buzzed. I felt even more emotion looking at my shaved head in the mirror and seeing the long locks which were once on my head were now all over the floor.

I thought I was done but then I realized seeing my husband searching about women with smooth and shiny heads. My head was shaved but certainly wasn’t smooth, which I needed a razor to complete.

After watching a quick tutorial, I realized the razor I had was not going to do the job. So I quickly went to the drug store to pick up a better razor and raced home. I spread some shaving foam on my head and took the razor, and shaving downwards on my head, and felt what I had done and it felt completely smooth. After I checked, I continued making small strokes on my head and constantly checking to make sure I got everything and hadn’t cut myself.

I got to the back of my head and used my mirror to make sure I wasn’t missing any spots. Finally there was no more shaving cream on my head and checked with the mirror that I was finished.

After I wiped my head down with a towel, another wave of emotion rushed over me and I started crying again. I was officially completely bald and it didn’t feel real. I never thought I’d be looking at myself with a bald head. It felt nice but weird to touch at the same time, and my head felt so bare and light without my hair.

My head was sensitive from being shaved for the first time. I got in the shower, and without all the hair on my head, the water was beating on my bare scalp. It was a unique feeling that only a bald person would experience, and it felt super nice. It soothed my sensitive head.  Taking the opportunity in the shower to shave, I shaved my arms, armpits, legs, and pubic hair to make sure I was completely smooth for my husband.

I looked in the mirror to see yet again a bald but confident woman. I was still myself even if I didn’t have hair. With my confidence at a high, I put on some makeup, along with a shade of red lipstick that I knew turned Brett on. He had boughten me some knew lingerie recently, so I wore that.

I heard the car pull into the driveway, and about a minute later heard the keys jiggling in the door. I got on our bed and lay down in a sexy position.

Brett came into the house. “I’m home, babe!” I hollered, “I’m in the bedroom!”

I heard Brett walking into our bedroom. “Happy anniversary honey, I got you some flow-” He walked in with flowers, and upon seeing my bald head, his jaw nearly dropped. He rushed over to me to feel my head. I knew he was pretending that he didn’t care for bald women.

“When did you do this?” I pointed to the bathroom which had hair off over it. Brett rubbed my head, kissed me and called me beautiful. I pretended I had no idea about his fantasy. “I don’t know, this is just something I always wanted to so and I thought it would be the perfect time to do it.”

“Well, you look incredible,” Brett told me before he kissed my forehead and then my bald head.

We weren’t going to say it but we both knew what the other was up to. But it was so exciting that we didn’t say anything. An unforgettable anniversary indeed.


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