An Unfortunate Occurence

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Veronica Ellington was a trend setter in the long hair world. She held the record for the longest hair, as well as for the most volume. Her beautiful auburn hair was 10 feet long, and her ponytail had a circumference of twenty centimeters! She not only modeled with her hair, she also did porn with it. Many hair fetishists dreamed to be able to experience her hair, but only a select few have had the opportunity. Many stylists were also dying to get ahold of her hair, whether to help maintain it or to cut it all off. She handpicked her stylist, so that she wouldn’t have any accidents. Or so she thought.

“Shit, Stacey isn’t answering my calls. I need to have my hair trimmed before my big shoot tomorrow!” Veronica thought to herself.

“I’m not letting any person but her handle my mane, so I guess I’ll have to settle with one of the new auto salons. They are getting outstanding ratings as of late.”

Veronica quickly put her hair into a massive bun, put on her sun hat, and left her apartment. The local mall had the closest auto salon, and it was about a 15 minute walk from her apartment. Veronica strolled down, and entered the salon.  She read the instructions, and promptly entered the first salon pod. She took her hat off and hung it on a hook provided, freed her hair from the bun, and sat down in the chair. The chair prompted her to choose what she would like done to her hair. She selected the “trim ends” option, as well as the “wash and blow dry” option.  The chair then prompted for her to put her hands into the restraints provided.

“Commencing wash.”

Veronica knew something was off when the chair began to wash her hair first instead of cut the ends. She chose to ignore it however, as the wash was very relaxing. She did however, notice that there was no emergency stop button. The walls also seemed pretty sound proof. If she got into trouble, there would be nothing she could do but submit to whatever cut the machine decided to give her.  Once her wash was finished, the chair dried her hair. The machine began to whir, and then two arms came down and put her hair into a ponytail. A third arm, armed with shears the size of a hedge trimmer, also descended from the back side, out of Veronica’s view.

“Commencing bulk removal.”

“Oh shit, that’s not good!” Veronica screamed, and the machine chopped off her massive ponytail.

Time seemed to stop as one of the arms brought her nine and a half foot ponytail around to the front, and it was placed onto a hook on the wall. Veronica hoped that it was over, but little did she know the malfunctioning machine was far from finished. An arm with a clipper attachment cut around her head, evening her hair into a sexy chin length bob. The arm then went at her forehead, cut her some bangs. They were right at eyebrow level. Veronica was provided a mirror.

“Are you pleased with our services?”, the machine asked at the same time.

“No, your broken piece of shit cut all of my hair off! I was growing it out for years!”, Veronica cried.

“Understood, commencing customer service.”

A dome descended from the ceiling, encapsulating her head. She though that maybe, the machine could grow hair back. Her hopes were crushed when her heard a buzzing noise, and felt dozens of small clipper attachments begin to buzz away the comparatively small amount of hair she still had left. The dome left her bangs and sideburns intact, and applied a gel to her head.

“Commencing Depilation.”

“NO no no no noooo!”, Veronica wailed, as she realized she would never have long hair again. Her career was liking over now, as that was her main marketing point.

The machine wiped the gel off her head, leaving her with a chelsea cut. The machine wrapped her ponytail around her shoulders, and ushered her out of the pod. She was greeted to a before and after photo, along with a banner at the top of the salon’s electronic billboard. It read “Record haircut: 10 foot long to permanent chelsea. Veronica Ellington!”

She turned around to look at the pod, and saw an out of order sign taped at the bottom of the door. She fell to her knees, and wept at the loss of her glorious auburn mane.


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