Ana and Christian, reimagined

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3 weeks before

“Section 3, appendix 1: Submissive must be neatly groomed and must have a hairstyle suited and acceptable as deemed by the Dominant?” asked Ana, “It’s non negotiable, Anastasia” a gruff Christian replied. What did Christian have planned for his latest brunette beauty?

As the meeting came to an end, Christian could only think of the many ways he imagined Ana as his submissive. He hadn’t needed his hand to do the job for him, in a long time. His thoughts swirling with memories, of the long snips, and clippers, and the ponytails. It would all be in good time.

No submissive had questioned his grooming choices, what would he do to Ana? She had the perfect featured for her current haircut. The long layers and peek-a-boo bangs. A very fuckable girl next-door. But it would be a shame not to steal her prize.

Some of Christian’s submissives, were allowed to have longer hair, they wore long braids in the red room.

Ana needed a bob, if not a pixie. The naughty ones went shorter, but Ana, Ana was a mystery.


Ana had finally accepted Christian’s terms. But she was quite unsure of how she’d be expected to present herself. Taylor drove her to Grey House, where Christian waited. Today was haircut day. Finally.

Ana followed Christian into the Red Room, further into the room till they met another door. Who knew kinky Christian could get any kinkier?

Inside was a smaller room, with a salon chair and a larger mirror encompassing most of the front of the room. A barber awaited Ana.

But Ana, poor Ana, had no idea what was coming.

Christian’s First Submissive

She too, sat in the chair, unknowing of her fate. But Christian said nothing to comfort her, the barber, the same as now, caped the poor girl, and put her hair in a ponytail.

Snip, Snip, Snip. Christian took her severed ponytail for himself. The barber left her with a lob.

“Haircuts, every 2 weeks, am I clear Rose?” he commanded. A meek nod from Rose led to her training.

Ana’s Cut

The barber cleared his throat, and brought both Christian and Ana back to reality. The untrained submissive awaited her fate, while Sir and the barber discussed her fate. Christian wanted her bangs, but no hair would touch her neck. He spelled out his desire for an undercut and a bob. The rest was in the barber’s hands.

The same hand made a makeshift ponytail. And so, the schnik of the scissor commenced the hacking of her hair.

Dear Readers, I thought I’d delve deeper into my favourite fantasies.

Let me know if you’ve enjoyed this trailer, more parts are yet to come;)


3 responses to “Ana and Christian, reimagined

  1. It’s great fun, K. One question, though. I did get a bit confused between Ana and Rose. Did I miss something?

    I love the stern command to have a haircut every two weeks. Either she will be very precisely trimmed or her hair will get shorter and shorter. Both perhaps?


  2. I get why you’d be confused. Rose refers to Christian’s first submissive, whereas Ana, his current one. Who knows, maybe Ana may have some “short” surprises along the way!

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