Anaamika Diaries: Part 1

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Anaamika was her name. Literally, the nameless one. Someone I met in the forgotten corners of social networking, devoted to my particular fetish: trichophillia. We shared a lot of interests. Which led down the rabbit hole of role playing. She was surprisingly good at it, adapting to my style with ease. Some day though, she wanted a real life experience. Time passed, our explorations got deeper, our desires explicit. Finally about an year after we met, we decided to meet up. Hopefully for a real life experience. I decided to use a time share to book a vacation for both of us at the idyllic town of Munnar. Sure, I knew her for a year, but still, that was no reason to lose my head and take unnecessary risks.

The day we were supposed to meet, I was staking out the restaurant balcony. It conveniently overlooked the driveway. Noon came and went and still no sign of her. I was starting to lose hope when a cab arrived. A young woman stepped out, alone. My heart leapt as I saw the resemblance to the pictures that she had sent me. She turned to get her bag out and my heart just about jumped out of my mouth. A thick long braid that fell down way past her butt. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I wandered back to my room in a bit of a daze, not believing what I had just seen. The phone rang.

“Mr. Vijay? This is reception.”
“Sir, your guest Miss Anaamika has arrived and checked into room 405.”
“Thanks for the update.”
“You’re welcome, sir.”

That had to be her. I still couldn’t believe it. I held back for about twenty minutes before calling her. Hell, that was the most I could do, having come this far. Heart pounding, I called her room.

“Sloppy Special: ten minutes.” 
“I am yours, my master. I await the fireworks.”

Her docile voice did nothing to help my heart rate. A quick glance at the clock told me we didn’t have a lot of time to play. She would be hungry and tired after the travel. Opening up my bag, I took out the leather roll up pouch that I had prepared for her. It contained everything we would need for the ride I had planned for us both. Ten minutes later I knocked on her door. She opened the door, looked at me and stepped aside with cast down eyes. I stepped into her room with a curt nod. Closing the door, she followed me and stood before me, eyes still cast down.

Dressed in a pale off white saree and a cream coloured blouse, she looked sexy as hell. I put my hand on her shoulder and turned her around. Her loose, thick fat braid fell down to almost her knees. Breathless with excitement, I took a deep breath and hoped I’d live up to her expectations. I picked up her braid and held it firmly at the nape. Pulling it with the weight of my hand, I turned her to face me.

“Vijay, I don’t want to forget this for the rest of my life…”
“I promise to make you happy.”

“Then, I am yours to do with as you please.”
“I accept, Anaamika and I am honoured to be so trusted.”

I stroked her cheek and slowly ran my finger over her lips. She started sucking my finger seductively as I moved it in and out of her mouth. Letting her suck my finger for a while, I pulled my finger out of her mouth and wiped it on her cheek. Keeping my grip on her braid, I walked her to the middle of the room and made her go down on her knees. Standing in front of her, I wrapped her braid around my hand and pulled her forward firmly into my crotch.

She buried her face in my crotch and started to nuzzle me. I gave her the signal to stay on her knees and dropped her braid over her shoulder, into her lap. Unrolling the pouch on her bed I removed the velvet rope from the kit. Going behind her, I took both her hands behind her back and tied them together. I heard her breathing quicken as I firmly bound her wrists together.

I turned her around on her knees and removed removed her sari from her shoulder, getting the first glimpse of her cleavage. The picture of hers that I had seen must have been old, because she looked slimmer and a lot more curvier. I cupped her left breast and squeezing firmly as she bit her lower lip. She squirmed imperceptibly. Still holding her braid, I tipped her chin up slightly to look at me. She kept her eyes cast down. I unzipped myself and took out my erect dick.

She heard the zipper go down and tried to lean forward eagerly. I held her back by her braid, and teasingly I ran the tip of my dick along her lower lip. She gasped and tried to take me into her mouth, but I held her back. Slowly I slid into the waiting warmth of her mouth. She started sucking me off. Given how excited she’d become, I let her suck me off a few times before tightening my grip and making her stop.

Holding her head still, I started to move my hips, fucking her in the mouth. She gasped as she realized what I was doing and tried to suck hard each time I pulled out. Her breathing quickened along with mine and she was squirming. The thought of her imminent haircut adding to the heat of the moment. Her breathing getting deeper and the occasional moan as she sucked away. I slowly pulled myself out of her mouth. She looked at me sultrily, like a hungry succubus.

Holding her hair, I moved behind her and began to wrap her thick fat braid around my dick. I could barely manage more than a couple of wraps and ended up with almost half her length hanging free. She tipped her head down obediently, exposing her nape and I pushed myself into it. She sat there submissively, head bent, hands tied letting me fuck her hair. Something that I had only roleplayed at. Holding her head still with my left hand, the tip against her nape, I had the time of my life. After a couple of minutes of fucking her nape, I came into her hair. I pushed up as hard as I could, getting my juices into her nape, and into the thickest part of her hair. Taking a deep breath from the intensity of the ride, I let go of her braid.


That signaled the end of the submissive session, as I lifted her to her feet and untied her wrists. Shakily she stood up rubbing her wrists.

“I suppose that’s how you greet your partner?”
“If the partner was particularly beautiful sub, why not? Besides if you weren’t up to it, you’d use the safe word.” She tucked me in and zipped me up.
“I trust you have more plans for my hair as well, than just finishing up in it?” she asked starting to adjust her sari.
“Well, we’ll have to wait and find out now. Won’t we?”
“You could have finished in my mouth you tease. Now I have to wash my hair before dinner.”
“You need to anyway. Your hair’s a mess after travelling. I’ll call you around 8:30 and we’ll go for dinner.”
“Sure… see you then.” 

I rolled up my pouch and headed back to my room. Coming off the high after the long wait and intense welcome, I collapsed on the bed and took a nap. When I woke up it was around 7:45. Time to get started. I spent the next fifteen minutes or so getting some things ready for her, and then called her room. She lifted the phone on the fifth ring.

“Anaamika, I want you to come to 316.”
“Now? I barely finished drying my hair.”
“Sloppy Special: Fifteen minutes.”
“I am yours, my master; I await the fireworks.”

“I want your hair in a braid. And wear a sari as usual with a sleeveless blouse.”
“Yes, master.”

Twenty minutes later I heard a soft knock on my door. Opening it, I saw her standing there as ordered. She was still wearing the same sari and as she walked past me into the room, I caught the flowery scent of her shampoo. I felt an instant hormonal rush as I saw her still-slightly-damp-hair in a thick, long loose braid. Slipping a hand around her waist, I walked her to the small table typically used for in-room dining. I had set a plate there, but with a comb and a pair of scissors instead of the usual cutlery. Making her sit in front of the plate, I moved her braid over her shoulder, falling into her lap. I stroked her shoulders slowly.

“You look beautiful, my little lamb.”
“Thank you, sir.”
“However, you are late.”
“Yes, sir.” She kept her eyes down. I raised her left arm, exposing her armpit and ran my thumb along the skin. Rough, week old stubble.
“You are in no shape to be wearing a sleeveless blouse with this stubble.”
“I am sorry, master,” she said bowing her head down.
“I will take care of this, and you need to be punished.”

Her breathing quickened and. I unrolled my kit and she let out a gasp of surprise at the full range of cutting tools that I had brought. I wet the shaving brush in the sink of the small kitchenette, put a dab shaving cream on it and set it down before her. She obediently raised her left hand and let me lather up her armpit. Using a straight razor, I slowly and carefully shaved off the accumulated stubble of a week. She held still as I scraped her clean, wiping off the lather on a wad of tissue. After wiping off her armpit, I raised her right hand.

She obeyed silently, closing her eyes and enjoying the sensation as I used the straight razor to scrape her armpit clean. Slow careful strokes. After checking both her armpits one final time, I let her put her arms down. I pushed her saree off her shoulder into her lap. Reaching around, I cupped her breasts.

“Do you think you have beautiful breasts?”
“Yes, sir,” she gasped as I squeezed them firmly. I undid the hooks between the cups of her blouse.
“Are you proud of them?” Opening her blouse, I slid it off her shoulders down to her biceps so that her arms were restricted by it.
“Yes, sir,” she replied.
“So proud that you did not clean your armpits.” She bit the corner of her lip.
“Please punish me as you see fit, my master.”

I stroked the loose ends; about six inches of hair that she had left tied off. I took the comb and ran in through the loose hair, before placing it on the plate in front of her. Reaching around her, sliding the virgin scissors into her hair, and slowly started to snip off one inch lengths from the end of her braid. Slow snips adding to the charged atmosphere. I shredded her hair till I reached the elastic band. Slipping it off, I undid about three twists of her braid and re-secured the end. Combing out the loose hair once more, I trimmed out the rough ends giving a clean manicured look to the end of her braid.

Stretching her bra, I proceeded to tuck the shredded hair into both cups, under her breasts. Slowly I padded out equal portions of the shredded hair onto both sides. I could see her biting her lip in frustration.  I squeezed her breasts again so that she would feel the clippings, making her a bit more uncomfortable. The sharp bits of hair digging into her sensitive skin. She squirmed. I pulled up her blouse and refastened the hooks. Using a wet tissue, I wiped off the strands stuck to her goose bump covered breasts. Finally I pulled her sari back up over her shoulder.

“How does it feel?”
“Itchy and uncomfortable, sir.”
“Good. Now, you are not to show any sign of discomfort, or, try to remove the hair without my permission.”
“Yes, sir.”
“At the restaurant you will sit by yourself. At a table close the entrance. I want your braid hanging behind the chair so that everyone can an eyeful as they walk in. And if any woman comes over to compliment you on your hair, accept it graciously.”
“Yes, sir.”
“You will also tell them that you are planning to get a really short haircut.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Put your headset in, as if you are listening to music. But be on a call with me obey all instructions. Keep one side in during the conversation so that I can give you orders.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Now go to the restaurant and wait for my call.”

Ten minutes later I got to the restaurant. As instructed she was sitting at one of the tables near the entrance. A spectacular view of her thick long braid as it fell to a few inches shy of the floor. I walked over a few tables and sat down so that I had a clear view of her. Setting my phone on the table and putting in my headset, I called her number. She picked up the call. I stayed silent. Over the next few minutes she received compliments from several women. As instructed, she accepted their compliments and told them of her plans to get a short haircut. There were a few shocked reactions, and a couple of women who tried to advise her against the idea.

Then one of the resort employees, specifically the afternoon receptionist came by. The massive bun on her head was a dead giveaway. She would have gotten an eyeful of Anaamika’s hair when she checked in. If she was particularly observant, she would also notice the shrinkage of several inches. Over the headset I could hear the conversation begin, the woman asking her if she was happy with her room and then moving on to complimenting her hair. Before she got to the part about the haircut plans, I decided to step in.

“She’s the receptionist. Ask her to join you if she is off duty. Do not tell her about your haircut yet.”
“If you are off duty, please join me for dinner.”

“Thank you so much. My name is Aarthi. I can’t stop admiring your lovely hair,” she added wistfully.
“Thank her, pull your braid to the front and ask her if she wants to touch your hair.”
“Thank you for your compliments I am pretty sure your hair is equally lovely. I mean your bun looks so heavy and thick.” She casually pulled her braid over her shoulder.
“Actually no, ma’am. My hair has volume but not length. It barely reaches my hips.”
“Would you like to touch my hair?” A barely perceptible nod from Aarthi.

Aarthi scooted her chair closer and tried to take Anaamika’s braid rather unobtrusively. However, it was perfectly in my line of vision, and I was pretty excited about how things are moving.

“I know this could be an impertinent question, but did you cut your hair after checking in?” She’s on the ball, this one… I thought to myself.
“Yes… the ends were looking damaged so I cut some of it off.”
“Did you now? Tell you what… Tell her you are going to get it cut short.”

“I am planning to get it cut short, though.”
“Really? But why? It would take ages to grow it this length again.”
“Well, my hair has never been cut till now, and I do want to try something different.”
“Oh… Won’t you miss having long hair?”
“Tell her the cut is being planned when you are staying here at the resort.”
“I guess I will, but I have been thinking about it a long time now. In fact, I am getting my hair cut during my vacation here.”
“Oh… Such a lovely braid… pity you are getting it cut… May I ask how short you are planning to go?”
“I haven’t yet decided, but I am pretty sure it will be at least chin length.”

“Wow, that is a huge change!”

Even from the distance I could see the gears in her head turning. She would love to see Anaamika lose her hair.

“Would you like me to make an appointment for you at our salon ma’am? The town is pretty far away and the only beauty salon there is very irregular. The only other option would be a barber shop, and I don’t think you would prefer that… In fact, if you stop by the reception when I am on duty, I will accompany you and make sure you are well taken care of. I am pretty sure I have some discount vouchers you can use. Just ask for me.”
“Now, invite her to your room to watch your haircut.”

“Thank you for the offer, but I have my own plans for a haircut. But, If you want to watch me getting a haircut you can come down to my room tonight.”

There was a stunned silence from Aarthi.

“Tell her you have your own personal barber. And warn her that it will be intimate… we don’t want to scare the poor girl…”
“My close friend will be giving me a haircut. Things will get intimate. If you are okay with that, we don’t mind you stopping by my room in an hour or so.”

A few seconds of silence in which I could see the poor girl torn between the desire to visit Anaamika to watch her haircut, and the rules of employee behaviour.

“I don’t think that would be possible ma’am. We are not allowed to visit guest rooms outside of official work. I would love to join you though. I am so sorry madam, but I have to go now…” “Consider it my personal invitation if it helps.”
“Okay ma’am. I’ll try.” she said getting up and walking away to get her dinner.
“Don’t be late now,” responded Anaamika with a wink.

I could see a smile on Aarthi’s face as she walked away. Adding a spectator to the haircut would satisfy the exhibitionist in Anaamika. She would love it if I marched her into a barber shop. But the intimacy factor would be impossible, which is why we had settled for a haircut in the resort. Besides I didn’t want a barber claiming the bulk of her hair.

“I’ll meet you outside after dinner.”

I disconnected the call, grabbed a plate, and hit the buffet. My excitement was affecting my appetite and I was not able to eat much. I dropped off the plate and stepped out into the cool night air, catching sight of her waiting a few feet away from the doors. Walking past her, I slipped an arm around her waist and took her along. She walked along beside me, leaning against me slightly. Her thick long braid brushing against the back of my hand. I pulled my arm tighter around her waist stroking her tummy and navel. As we walked up the dark paths to the block where our rooms were, I let my hand stray up and cup her breast. Squeezing and fondling it. She squirmed from the prickly hair tucked into her bra, but did not protest or complain. She snuggled closer.

Slowly we walked back to her room, stopping only to collect my kit from my room. I pulled her into an embrace and pressed my lips to hers. Her lips parted and she let me kiss her deeply, responding with her tongue. As we kissed I slid the saree off her shoulder and went for her breasts again. The hair stuffed bra was working its magic. Squirming and moaning she pressed herself against me, feeling my erection against her thigh. We broke apart after a couple of minutes breathing hot and heavy.

“May I please take off my bra and clean myself up?”
“Not just yet my dear little Rapunzel, that little interlude in the dining room with Aarthi has gotten me pretty excited.”

I was surprised to hear her use the safe word so quickly, but if she was uncomfortable, time to stop.

“Something wrong, my little lamb?”
“Have I been a good girl tonight, master?”
“So far yes, my love. You’ve been everything that I wanted of you.”
“May I ask for a reward?”
“Of course, you have earned it.”
“I want to taste you, master, my way.”

I stroked her cheek tenderly. Holding her braid firmly, I walked her over to the couch. I sat down on it and pulling her down to her knees, drawing her face forward. Before I realized it, she had pulled my zipper down unbuttoned my jeans. I rose slightly allowing her to pull my jeans and boxers down. She held my dick in her hand and started to stroke it. She started to lick me off, squeezing out a few drops of pre-cum and licking it off. Running her tongue up and down the shaft, and mock biting it. Her breathing and eyelids started to get really heavy and she slowly took the head into her mouth, sucking hard. Slowly, she took me deep into her mouth till she was deep throating me.

All the while sucking me hard, letting her lips ride from the base of my dick to the tip. Her tongue was doing an intricate dance on my shaft and she was occasionally raking me with her teeth (gently, thank god.) I was moaning and tightened my grip on her hair which seemed to make her go wilder. Her hand was moving down into her crotch and I figured she was pleasuring herself as well. I decided to add to the tornado of feelings by squeezing her breasts. The shredded hair in her bra worked as expected, driving her wild. A few moments later she shuddered and orgasmed. Just as she climaxed, my own personal tornado of sensations touched down and I dropped my load in her mouth. She let out a sigh of pleasure as my juices filled her mouth and she swallowed it.

I relaxed my grip on her hair and she slowly came off. Running her fingers down the sides of my dick she squeezed out every last drop and licked me clean. I used the end of her braid to wipe myself off.

“I want to feel it in me… right now.”
“Clean down there, little lamb?”
“Yeah. It’s too irritating for me to grow it out for more than three days.”

Raising her to her feet, I took her behind the couch, bending her over it. I raised her sari and petticoat to her waist and pulled her panties down. She spread her legs with a sigh. Slowly I pushed into her wet waiting flower. Moaning as I went balls deep inside her. Rocking my hips I started to ride her faster, as she moaned. The couch complaining at the rough treatment. She moved her hips back into me, taking me deeper. After a few furious minutes of pounding her, she had a rolling orgasm and went limp. A few thrusts later, I dropped my second load inside her.

“Thank you, master!”
“Fireworks. Why don’t you go do yourself up? It’ll give you something to do while we wait to see if our friend shows up.”

“And how will my master want my hair?”
“Please me, my little lamb.”

“Can I cleanup my breasts?”
“Yeah. But don’t throw out that bra. I have plans for it.”
“You are taking me short tonight. Are you not?”
“We’ll see.”

“You tease.”

She threw a cushion at me and went to the bathroom. A few minutes later she came back out. She had redone her sari neatly. Her hair was up in a twisted, loose bun held in place by a clip.

“I’ll need a shower to get that stubble off my breasts… Where do you come up with these ideas, anyway?” I pulled her into my lap.
“Well, you did enjoy it, didn’t you?” I asked reaching under her saree for some stress relief, a.k.a., her supple breasts. She snuggled closer and leaned in for a kiss.
“That was exquisitely uncomfortable.” There was a soft knock on the door.
“Wanna get that? It’s your audience I believe?”

Anaamika opened the door to reveal a slightly nervous Aarthi. Still in her saree, she had taken off her uniform vest.

“Come on in…”
“I am not going to be in the way, am I?”
“Of course not, Aarthi. I invited you here, didn’t I? Just to let you know, again, I’ll be naked during the haircut. So if you have any problem with that…”
“I mean if you are comfortable with me watching…”
“I find it pretty exciting to have an audience. So, I guess that’s settled then.”

I put my arm around her waist and walked her over to the chair set at the small dining table. My tool pouch was already there rolled out and ready to go. Still standing, I gently massaged her shoulders and nape. She obediently bent her head exposing her nape.

“Sloppy Special.”
“I am yours, my master; I await the fireworks.”

Aarthi looked a little puzzled at our interaction. Spooning her, I slid her sari off, slowly removing it and tossing it aside. The petticoat followed in short order as I pulled the drawstring loose and let it fall to her feet. I turned the chair slightly so as to give Aarthi who was sitting on the couch, a good three quarters view of the haircut. Hand around her waist, I nudged her to the chair and she sat down, keeping her head bent deferentially. I stood facing her, hand firmly on her head, holding it down. My hand slowly moved down to a firm, controlling grip on the back of her neck. I looked over at Aarthi, whose eyes were wide as saucers at the proceedings.

“Are you feeling comfortable, Aarthi?”
“No, it’s fine.” she squeaked.

I smiled at her and turned back to my waiting slave. Putting my hand under chin I tilted her face up and pressed my lips to hers. Slowly I started to kiss her while I started to undo the hooks on her blouse. Without breaking lip contact I slid the blouse off her shoulders and tossed it aside. Her bra came off next, consigned to the heap of her cast off clothes. Sitting only in her panties, Anaamika’s big moment had come. This is what we had been planning for a long time. I removed the clip holding up her hair, letting the bun unravel in a thick cascade of silky black hair. A gasp from Aarthi as she saw the full length and texture of Anaamika’s glorious tresses.

Thick long silky hair that would have touched the floor if I hadn’t cut those few inches. Gathering her hair, I started to comb it out. Slowly I worked out the tangles. Parting her hair down the middle, I tied off the left half in a rough knot and worked on the right side. A few more minutes of combing later, I started to braid the right side, as tight as I could get it. Aarthi was watching the show, not daring to blink.

Anaamika sat silently and submissively awaiting her fate. Finishing off one braid and tying up the end, I pulled the knot loose and started to work it. I almost felt sorry for cutting her hair, but, this was what she wanted. I prepared my lamb for her first shearing. Once both braids were done, I pressed them into shape and squeezed them a bit. I moved to stand before her to give Aarthi a good view.

“Beautiful, aren’t they Aarthi?”
“Very. How much are you going to cut?”

I would have loved to have Anaamika go down on me while I harvested her braids, but after all the action, I was feeling a bit tender. Winking at Aarthi, I picked up the scissors and Anaamika’s right braid I tipped her head forward, turning her head slightly to the right. She obeyed my slightest touch. I placed the scissors about two twists below the base of the braid. Pulling firmly, I looked into Aarthi’s eyes, and squeezed the blades together. Sharp scissors slicing into her thick fat braid. I made slow deliberate cuts letting the scissors chew through their prize. After what felt like several minutes, the braid came off. I beckoned Aarthi over.

I held out the trophy and a rubber band asking her to tie off the cut end. While she was busy doing that, I got to work on the other braid. Turning her head to the left and roughly judging the same length, I put the scissors to it and started to cut. Slowly the scissors chewed through the second braid as well. Aarthi was standing right beside me watching the cut happen. An expression of complete amazement on her face. Even though she herself had long and thick hair, she enjoyed watching Anaamika lose hers. With a nudge in the right direction she might even jump into the chair herself.  Moments later the second braid came off and I gave it to Aarthi to secure.

Once the ends were secured, I coiled both the cut braids and put them on the table. Aarthi picked up a braid and stroked the length. Next, I picked up the water sprayer and started to damp down Anaamika’s hair. I could see the goosebumps on her skin as the mist hit her head and I massaged the water into her hair. Once I had her hair completely wet, I started to section out her hair in the proper manner for a bob. Across the top of the head, both sides pinned up, then the back of the head, the top sections pinned off and everything below the occipital hanging loose. A couple of more sprays for luck and I tipped her head down once again.

Aarthi was watching mesmerized as I started to crop the section short, scissors over comb. Cutting the hair down to about an inch in length, spilling wet pieces of hair on her shoulder and breasts. She brushed off some of the hair from Anaamika’s breasts and watched closely. Once I had length cut to what I wanted, I placed one blade of the scissors against her neck and neatly defined the hairline. Cutting it down behind each ear and across the back of her neck. With the undercut done, I started to let down sections of hair from the top of her head and cut them into a neat blunt line an inch or so above her shoulders.

Aarthi pulled over another chair and sat pretty close watching the cut. Once the back was done, I switched to the left side of her head, bringing down the section bit by bit and following the same blunt line, curving it upward gently. A beautiful blunt bob emerged as I worked on her right side next. Bits of hair raining on her naked shoulders and breasts as Aarthi tried to clean her up a couple of times, but then gave up. The basic shape of the bob done, I grabbed the thinning shears. I went to town, crunching the bulk out of her bob, thinning it out. Shaking out the crunched hair that piled up in the comb and carrying on. It was quite musical.

Finally I got the hair dryer out of the bathroom and started to dry out her lovely, sexy bob, fluffing it out with my fingers and combing it out. The short blunt shoulder length bob looking very cute and sexy. I slid my fingers under the bob stroking the close cropped nape. I took Aarthi’s hand and guided it under Anaamika’s bob. Letting her feel the soft undercut. She closed her eyes enjoying the feel of the undercut, Seconds later she snapped back to reality, blushing at what she was doing.

“Thank you so much ma’am for letting me watch your haircut. I must be going now.”

She cast a last wistful look at the trophies on the table and left, closing the door behind her.


Anaamika stood up shaking the hair clippings off her body. I took her hands and drew her close.

“Did you enjoy it, my little lamb?” I asked her. She smiled and stroked my cheek.
“I’d have loved to be a bit more involved during the cut, but with her around, sitting in my panties was the best I could do. By the way, why twin braids? I thought you’d love to cut a single thick one off…”
“Oh, I changed my mind when Aarthi showed up. Giving her a memento of the occasion might just guide her into my chair.”
“You haven’t finished with me, and you’re already looking for the next lamb?”
“Let’s get you cleaned up. Who knows, you might get to watch the next time…”

I slipped off her panties and carried her into the shower. Stripping down, I got in with her and started to wash her hair and body while she relaxed. Her close cropped nape drove me wild and after the first rinse, I hoisted her up against the shower wall and pushed into her wet waiting pussy right there. Tired, worn out and squeaky clean, we crawled into her bed and cuddled up. As I stroked her close cropped nape I realized that this wasn’t the end. The ride was about to get wilder.


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