Anaamika Diaries: Part 2

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My eyes fluttered open. I looked at the bed side clock. A little past five. Way to early to be getting up. Beside me, Anaamika was still sleeping, a little cute snore coming out occasionally. I put an arm over her and pulled her to me. Mumbling sleepily, she turned over and cuddled up. I massaged her fresh cropped nape and held her close. Soon I drifted off…

…cool air waking me up as the blanket was pulled off of me. I mumbled under my breath, but soon there was a different sensation. A warm, wet covering on my morning wood. A gentle suction brought me fully awake and I looked down to see top of a bobbed head, sucking me awake. I pulled myself up a little and started to stroke her nape. Anaamika looked up and winked. Stroking her nape, I signed contentedly, gripping her hair and slowly pulling her off.

“Good morning, my little lamb.”
“Good morning, my master. I trust you enjoyed your new alarm clock?”
“I’ll miss it after the vacation. Honestly I didn’t expect to be awoken thus.”
“Well, you were already naked, and it seemed to be a shame to waste a perfectly good morning wood. Besides, I’m hungry.”

With that, she put her head down and started to suck me off earnestly. I could feel my thighs tighten as she took me to heights of pleasure I had never known. Nothing else seemed to matter to her as she went about playing with her tongue, lips, and mouth. She lavished all her attention on my dick, even sucking on my balls. I did my best to hold out, but the extreme arousal was hard to fight. She took my load in her mouth effortlessly, sucking every drop dry and emptying my balls. She swallowed and dipped off to the bathroom to brush her teeth. She hated kissing with morning breath.

After a few minutes, I got up and walked over unsteadily to the table where her cut braids lay. I picked them up and stroked them, smiling at the thoughts of the previous night. My thoughts drifted to Aarthi. I felt soft hands encircle me and hug me from behind. Anaamika buried her face in my back, covering it with kisses. I pulled her around into a tight hug. Both of us were still naked from the last night’s round of sexy times. She slid her thigh between my legs rubbing up against me.

“That was a very good start, last night…”
“Yeah, I loved every moment of it.”
“You’ve gotten my hopes up for what you’ve planned for the rest of the stay.”
“No thanks, I just ate.”
I smacked her lightly on the butt, and she yelped.
“Would you mind if I make a present of one of your braids to Aarthi?”
“Should I? I am, but your humble sub. I’ve given every inch of my hair to you. I am yours.”

She took her cut braids from me and knelt down before me and bent her head submissively. Coiling the braids together, she held them up level with her forehead, offering them to me.

“My hair has always been your property, master.”

I took the braids from her and put them back on the table. Unrolling the kit that was still lying there from last night’s activities, I pulled out a straight razor. Snapping a fresh blade in half I slid the blade in the holder. She looked up at me, eyes wide. Ran it over my palm to check that it was seated properly. I pulled out a chair and sat down, beckoning her over. She scooted over to me on her knees. Holding her chin, I drew her face forward into my lap. Feeling her deep, warm breath as she buried her face. Running my hand over her nape, I pushed her hair up and out of the way, exposing her nape. A hairy neck stared back at me, something I should have taken care of last night. Well, time to rectify it. Slowly I scraped with the straight razor, up from her shoulders, stopping at the hairline of her undercut. She squirmed.

“Hold still, my little lamb. I don’t want to nick you.”

A deep breath as she steadied herself. Slowly I continued to shave the back of her neck. A dry shave is always tricky. I kept blowing off the tufts of hair that were scraped off by the razor. To her credit, she held absolutely still as I finished shaving her neck. I folded the razor and tossed it on the table. Lifting her up to her feet, I carried her into the bathroom for a shower. Giving her a bath was an excellent way to explore her sexy body, and the perfect after care when we wrapped up a session. Half an hour later we walked into the restaurant, my hand around her waist, holding her close. She was dressed in a black skirt and a short sleeved shirt. As we walked in, who should be at the welcome desk, but Aarthi. I gave her our room numbers as Anaamika went on to make a round of the buffet spread. A blush was on Aarthi’s cheek, as she wrote down our room numbers. Grabbing a plate I sat down with Anaamika. All the action giving me a fierce appetite. We were eating mostly in silence, but playing toe hockey under the table. A discreet cough alerted me to Aarthi having come over.

“Hi Aarthi.”
“Good morning ma’am. I’m on the morning shift today. How’s the breakfast?’
“It’s wonderful. My compliments to the chef.”
“Uh… ma’am… I just wanted to say…”
Anaamika gave her a mischievous grin. “You look sexy & confident in the short haircut.”
“Awww… thank you so much.”
“Also, I am sorry if I interrupted anything last night… and I know I touched you inappropriately.”
she blushed again.
“Don’t worry about it. I loved having you participate in my haircut. We more than made up for it after you left.”
I kicked her under the table.
“If I may say so, you make a wonderful couple.”
“Oh, nothing like that. We’re just friends with benefits.”
“Uh… ah. I’ll have to go back to my desk ma’am.”
She hurried away to take care of another couple waiting to sign in for breakfast.
“You scared her off… poor Aarthi,”
I laughed. And got kicked under the table.

The rest of breakfast was uneventful, except for playing with each other’s feet under the table. After breakfast, we set out in the general direction of the town. My hand wrapped around her waist as usual, holding her close. It was a slow stroll, taking time out to enjoy the cool weather and the beautiful views. We spent a little while poking around the market place. She got herself a couple of trinkets. As we were walking around a barber shop caught my eye. Interestingly, it advertised haircuts for men and women. A fleeting thought entered my mind. I knew she would enjoy being put in a chair at a barber shop, but at the same time, I didn’t quite feel like sharing her with a barber. My hand moved up into her hair, stroking it. She turned to me with a questioning look. I nodded in the direction of the shop.

“What is… oh! A barber shop. What does my master have in mind?”
“I’m not completely sure yet. Should I be sharing my treasure with a barber?”
“You did get your prize. And you know I’d love it if you took me into a barber shop.”
“I get what you mean… but…”
“No more than a few inches, please, Master? Sloppy special. Now.”

Well, that did it. She was asking for it. As her dominant partner, a major part of her expectations would be me anticipating and fulfilling her desires. I took a deep breath, slid my arm around her waist and walked her to the shop. She dropped into character, dragging her feet. Slowly we reached the shop. I pushed the door open and took her inside. The barber looked up quizzically from his paper. I gave him a non committal look as I steered her to the chair. She reluctantly climbed into the chair and sat down, barely half way into the huge chair. She looked very nervous. I didn’t know if she was playing nervous, or really was. But the effect it was having on me was euphoric. The barber put away his paper and got up.

“Haircut for madam?”
“Yep. Cut it like this. Can you do it?”
“Sure. Ladies haircuts are 250. Just wanted to make sure you know before I start cutting.”
“No problem. Go ahead.”
“Are you ready, madam?”
“Y-Yes… P-Please don’t cut too much…”

The barber put his hands on her shoulder and pulled back gently. She scooted back slowly. Reaching around her, he undid her collar button (made me wonder when she did that up,) and the first button on her shirt. Loosening it slightly, he spread the neck wide, and folded the collar inwards. He picked up a cotton sheet that passed for a cape that was lying on the other chair. He shook it out a couple of times and covered her with it. Pulling it firmly around her neck and tucking it in. The sight of her sitting obediently in the chair, caped, was exquisite. He took the water sprayer and started wet her hair. Running his fingers through the bob that I had beautifully cut last night. He got her hair damp, and using the comb, pulled her hair straight back over her ears. Slicking it back with the comb. Drops of water coming out of the ends of her hair. He picked up his scissors and snipped them in the air a couple of times.

Hand on her head, he bent it down firmly. She obeyed rather reluctantly. Slowly putting her chin to her chest. Placing one blade against her neck, level with the base of her nape, he started slicing into the wet hair. Carefully the scissors snipped across. Chunks of soft wet hair came loose. Some of it getting stuck to the folds of the cloth, some pieces falling to the dirty old stone floor. He went back and forth through the wet hair, snipping the same sections repeatedly. Lots of tiny bits of wet hair stuck to the back of her shaved neck. His hand still holding her head down and turning it for better access. I looked into the mirror to see her biting her lip again. A couple of minutes of careful cutting exposed her neck completely.

“Parting on the left or right?”
“L-L-Left.” she squeaked.

He expertly drew a clean part in her hair and combed it out to fall straight on both sides. Some more time spent combing her hair and checking how it fell. Once again the scissors started to snip into the ends of her hair. Cutting to match the back and taking off the little bits of excess. She was squirming in the chair as the scissors snipped away. Bit by Bit. Satisfied with the blunt line, he started to work on the back again. Tipping her head firmly, despite the token resistance she was offering. He started to section her hair vertically in his fingers and started to layer the back. More chunks of hair fell. 2-3″ bits as the snipping and shaping went on.

“Keep the top long. Don’t take off more than half an inch.”
“Yes sir. Please tell madam to hold still. She is squirming a lot.”
“Hold still, Anaamika.”
“Uh… O-Okay.”
she whimpered.

I watched mesmerized as the snipping went on. I didn’t care much for the end result. We did have plans for her to end up bald, so this was just another pitstop on the way. The cutting continued as the barber worked the sides and matched them to the back. For such an old shop, the barber was surprisingly good. Satisfied, the barber put the scissors down and began to blow dry and fluff up her hair. Soft, and with some of the bulk cut out of it last night, the effect was awesome. Bits of hair blew off her cape as he dried out her cut. Once her hair was dry, he combed it out once more. Then he picked up a small trimmer.

“Last time madam. Please don’t move this time.”
she squeaked.

For the third time her chin went down to her chest. First, the barber used the trimmer to edge the line of her haircut. Making it neat and straight. I could see the hair powder stick to her neck again, as he scraped it off. Not much was left after I shaved her nape earlier in the morning. Then he started to sculp the back of her bob. Making the layers blend with each other. He turned her head as he did the back and sides into a perfect plum bob. Sure it wasn’t inverted, but it looked sexy as hell. One more round with the hair dryer and he finished up combing out her bob. An brush dusted off her neck, followed by an old sponge that sat in a dish of talcum powder. He liberally powdered her neck. Loosening the cloth, he removed it carefully. I took her hand and helped her out of the chair. I checked over her haircut. Pulling out my wallet, I got three 100s out and paid him, telling him to keep the change. Hand around her waist, we walked out of the shop. She straightened out her collar and demurely buttoned up her shirt.

“Fireworks! We need to go back right now.” she whispered.
“How now?”
“NOW now. My panties are wet.”

Looking back wistfully at the barber shop, we walked back, faster than we had come. We headed over to her room and she ducked into the bathroom. Thankfully she hadn’t seeped into her skirt, or the barber chair. I sat down on the bed to wait for her. Moments later, she came out, naked and breathing heavily. Before I could open my mouth she tackled me onto the bed and started to kiss me. It was a full blown make out session that went on for several minutes as we devoured each other’s faces. The excitement of getting her a haircut in a barber shop turned out to be quite the aphrodisiac as we ripped each others clothes off. We spent the next hour or so fucking each others brains out. Tired out, we collapsed in each other’s arms and snuggled.

“Damn, I didn’t expect the barber shop session to get that intense.”
“Well, mon Cherie, that was only to be expected. Though I’ll be honest. I didn’t expect you to be this horny.”
“What do you expect? I’ve been fantasizing a barber shop haircut since I was fourteen.”
“I can see that it was worth the wait. By the way, were you really that nervous? Or were you being the obediently nervous sub?”
“That… is for me to know, and you to find out. Also, thanks for not taking me to the barber shop for the first cut. I would have found it VERY hard to keep my hands off of you.”
“I wasn’t quite willing to share you, you know. Even now.”
“Mmmmmm… my master is possessive. I like that.”
“And I like it that my little slave trusts me completely to ask for what she wants.”
“Have I been a good girl, master?”
“You’ve been the perfect sub.”
“Please promise me you wont stop here. Shave me clean, master.”
“I will. I promise you’ll leave Munnar, bald.”

She sighed snuggling back up with me. On the way back, I was sorely tempted to leave her with this haircut and not go any shorter. The barber had done an amazing job, and the haircut looked absolutely dreamy on her. But a promise is a promise. She had a lot invested physically and emotionally in our long distance relationship. Sure, we might just be friends with benefits, but that was no reason to disrespect her, and not fulfil her expectations. I took a deep breath and pulled her close. Tired out, we drifted off to sleep.

Warm sunlight hitting my face woke me up. Lazily I looked at the clock only to realize, I’d slept off the afternoon. The bed was empty beside me. I got up and wandered around looking for her. Only to find a post-it note stuck to the door saying she’d gone out to get something to eat. I got myself dressed up and sat down on the couch to wait for her to return. Almost an hour passed and I was wondering where she’d gotten herself into, when the door opened and she came back in. Same shirt, but a different skirt. She was like an angel come down for me. She walked up to me and dropped down on the couch beside me, head on my shoulder. I reached around her and ruffled her soft bob.

“I don’t know how to tell you this… I’m wondering if this is all a dream of some sort.”
“Well, for a dream, your hair has shrunk quite a lot.”
“It’s not that. I ran into Aarthi on the way back from the restaurant.”
“She keeps popping up all over the place.”
“Well, she does work here. Anyways, she was going off duty, and she was shocked at the second haircut.”
“Did you tell her about the barber shop?”
“Yeah. She knows that shop. She pretty much went weak in the knees when we were talking about my haircut today.”
“That’s hardly unexpected. I mean she does have long hair.”
“It wasn’t shock. She was seriously considering a haircut … and …”
“She couldn’t keep her hands out of my hair. She kept stroking my bob and my undercut.”
“Phew. That’s quite the reaction from her. You know, she did seem to enjoy watching your haircut.”
“True. Also, I swear she would have loved to snog me. Kept telling me how sexy my short hair was… and how she wanted to see me in a saree again.”
“Do you want to snog her?” I teased.
“C’mon. I mean, I don’t mind kissing her, she’s really cute. But I’m definitely straight. No spark of that sort.”
“Poor girl.”
“There’s something else she wanted… she asked me to cut her hair.”
“I know. That’s what is making me think this is all a dream of some sort.”
“Well, if it’s a dream, I don’t want to wake up. Anyway, kidding aside, do you want to cut her hair?”
“I said I’d talk to you and let her know. I’d love to hold her head down and chop her braid the way the barber was cutting my hair today. But I’m not sure…”
“It’s your call, my little lamb. This whole trip has been planned for you. Whatever you want, happens. But how can we do that in the resort? She took a big risk coming to watch your haircut in the first place. How can you cut her hair here?”
“It’s her day off tomorrow and she wants us to come to her place at 11:00. She does have a room mate but she will be out when we visit. I want to go, but will you come with me?”
“Also, how short does she want to go?”
“She’s okay with anything up to a pixie. She can’t get her head shaved.”
“She’d look cute in a pixie. But, I don’t think I can do one. Besides we only have a day left. We leave day after tomorrow morning.”
“How about the barber shop from the morning? Let’s dedicate tomorrow to her haircut. I don’t mind forgoing an intermediate haircut, if we can collect that trophy. Plenty of time to shave me bald tomorrow night.”
“Looks like this trip is bringing out the barberette in you. Alright. Let’s do it.”

Grinning she tackled me on the couch. I stroked her short hair and she started to purr as we kissed. I loved this dynamic of hers. As submissive as she was when a session was in progress, she was equally wild and forceful at the end of it. Nothing of any significance happened that night. Apart from dinner and some sex.

Next morning, we got up a little late, almost missing the breakfast buffet. After eating our fill; Anaamika a little too excited for her own good and barely able to eat; we headed back to my room to pack the tools. She was wearing a saree after the comment from Aarthi yesterday. I took everything except the manual clippers and the rope. Aarthi’s place was a good 30 minutes from the resort. My hand around her waist as usual, we walked through the market and down several twisting and turning lanes before we ended up at the address. It was a small two bedroom house set against the hill. Anaamika nervously knocked the door. Moments later Aarthi opened the door. Dressed in a shirt and a skirt, her hair thrown up into a messy bun held in place with a pen. She gave Anaamika a nervous smile and let us into her house.

“Please sit down. I’ll get you something to eat…”
“No, Aarthi, it’s fine. We just had breakfast at the resort.”
“Oh. Okay. I’ll just get some water then.”

She grabbed a bottle of cold water from the fridge and sat down beside Anaamika. Anaamika took a drink of water, and reached around to stroke Aarthi’s heavy bun.

“So… Aarthi. What made you decide to get a haircut? Why me of all people?”
“Well, ma’am, to be honest, I love my hair a lot. I can’t deny that. But it takes a lot of maintenance, and I am late to work at least a couple of times a month. If I don’t get it tight in the bun, it comes loose and causes issues through out the day. I’ve always been thinking of getting a cut, but it felt like a very huge decision. So day-before-yesterday, when you mentioned a haircut, I offered you vouchers so I would have a chance to watch you. Which is also why I took the risk of coming down to your room to watch your … haircut. If your first haircut was so lovely, the shorter length today sealed the deal for me. It showed me how much confidence a short haircut can add to your image. At the same time, as you might have guessed, I am strongly attracted to you. Since you were the inspiration for my haircut, I thought I’d ask you to cut my hair. I mean if it does get messy you can take me to the salon or barber to get it cleaned up. I would definitely like to go for a short pixie.”
“You do know that I cannot cut hair… It was Vijay who did my haircut. And in case you didn’t guess the nature of our relationship, I’m his sub.”
“I kind of guessed that from the way he was handling you last night. Also, I mean I did get a little handsy with you as well. Trying to clean you up, and stroking your hair this afternoon.”

Anaamika laughed. Pulling Aarthi into a side hug.

“Don’t worry about that. I know you were mesmerized by my transformation. Anyways, we’ll see what we can do for your hair. The question for you is, do you want to have Vijay cut your hair, or have us take you to a barber right now? He is not a professional, and can only do a bob. Nothing complicated. If it has to be a short pixie, you will end up in the barber’s chair.”
“Oh… in that case, I have a request for you…”
“What is it?”
“I want you to do a bob here. I don’t think I can handle a barber chair right away. After the cut, if I feel up to it, you can take me to the shop.”
“You do realize it will still be Vijay with the scissors.”
“T-That’s okay ma’am.”
“You know what, Anaamika, why don’t you brush her hair out, maybe help her relax before the cut?”
“That’s an excellent idea. Where do you want it done, Aarthi?”
“There’s a dressing table in that corner of the living room,” she pointed out.
“That’ll do. C’mon.”

Anaamika took Aarthi’s hand and walked her to the dressing table, making her sit before the mirror. She started to stroke her neck and shoulders to help her relax. I unrolled my toolkit on the dining table and took out a pair of scissors. I walked up to my fledgling barberette and handed her the scissors. Aarthi’s eyes grew wide as saucers.

“Scissors? Now? What for?”
“You might want to make a few snips before you undo the bun…”

Anaamika tipped her head down. Aarthi bent her head obediently. I could only imagine Aarthi being in the same barber chair that my girl had sat in yesterday. A few snips in the air and she deftly snipped off a few tufts of hair that stuck out of the bun. Ends of hair that weren’t quite tucked in. Aarthi’s breathing quickened. Anaamika stroked her nape. I picked up the straight razor and swapped out the blade: the other half that had shaved Anaamika’s neck line. She saw what I was doing, and slowly moved aside to make way for me. She tucked the scissors into the waist of her saree. I took over and she held Aarthi’s head down for me as I carefully dry shaved the back of her neck. Slow scrapes removing the hair from her fuzzy neck, and behind her ears. Turning her head gently, yet firmly. She tried to squirm, but Anaamika held her head steady. Once her neck was clean, I folded the blade and left her to my barberette.

Anaamika pulled out the pen and the bun tumbled loose under it’s own weight. As she mentioned on the first day, thick heavy hair fell down a couple of inches past the seat of the stool that she was sitting on. Anaamika gathered up the hair and started to stroke it. Reaching for a brush, she started to untangle the thick locks. Long slow strokes, pulling through her lightly oiled hair. An expression of bliss on her face as she brushed out her victim client. I sat down on the chair to watch it play out. Slowly she parted her hair into three sections and began to braid it. Like the last dinner served to a convict, Aarthi’s hair was receiving a lot of tender loving care from Anaamika. She went about it very slowly. Spending a lot of time brushing. It took a while for her to finish braiding the thick long tresses, but she finished in the end and tied off the ends with a rubber band. Then she came over to me and gave me the scissors.

I went over to Aarthi, and picked up her braid. She bent her head slightly. Anaamika forced her head down, firmly. I could see Aarthi swallow nervously, but she obeyed her touch. I pulled the braid firmly, and put the scissors snug against her nape. She was getting a crop after all, so I might as well cut the braid as close as I wanted. Or did I? Removing the scissors I passed them back to Anaamika. I let go of her braid and placed my hand on her head to hold it down.

“Go on my little lamb. She’s all yours for the cutting.”
“You want me to cut her braid, master?”
“Yes I do. You have been a very good girl, and you deserve it.”

Nervously, Anaamika took the scissors from me. She picked up the braid and put the scissors at the nape. She looked to be in a bit of a daze, barely able to believe what was happening. A quick glance at Aarthi told me that she was ecstatic to see her braid and scissors in Anaamika’s hands.

“Make sure you pull the braid firmly while you cut.”


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