Anaamika Diaries: Part 3

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Anaamika paused. Nervous, yet excited. The scissors were at Aarthi’s nape, ready to cut her braid.

“Ma’am…? Mistress, may I please kneel before you?”

The words took Anaamika by surprise and she almost dropped the scissor. She let go of Aarthi’s braid and turned her around on the stool.

“Aarthi? What do you mean by calling me mistress?”
“S-Sorry ma’am. This is something I’ve dreamed about a lot… As you might have realized, I’m a lesbian, and I’ve always had submissive fantasies about my hair. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I got carried away…”

Anaamika looked at me in confusion. I knew Aarthi had a crush on Anaamika, and this wasn’t quite unexpected, given her demeanor around us.

“It’s okay Anaamika. It is completely your choice to accept Aarthi’s offering.”
“But, sir…”
“She’s taken a risk coming out to you. But, if you are comfortable, by all means, explore. However, remember that her trust in you is ultimate to have made that declaration.”
“But, my master, I am bound to you. Well, at least, that’s what my promise was for this vacation.” I stroked Anaamika’s cheek, kissing her forehead lightly.
“Go ahead. Find yourself. I know you’ve always thought yourself straight, but you find her cute. And let’s face it, and you know the thought of kissing her isn’t a turn off. If you feel comfortable, explore.”

Anaamika nodded and turned back to Aarthi. Picking up her braid, she wrapped it around her hand in a firm pull, lifting up her face. She stroked Aarthi’s cheek gently, and bent down, pressing her lips to Aarthi’s lightly. Aarthi responded eagerly, pressing her lips to Anaamika and kissing her deeply. Eyes closed, squirming. Taking her hand, Aarthi guided Anaamika to the collar of her shirt. There was no hesitation on Anaamika’s part as she undid the collar, and the top two buttons in quick succession. Her hand crept inside Aarthi’s shirt, finding and caressing her breast. The kiss continued unbroken as Anaamika’s hands moved around under her shirt. Squeezing, fondling. I began to wonder if our kisses were that long. Slowly, Anaamika broke off the kiss, but her hand remained inside Aarthi’s shirt.

“May I call you my mistress?”
“Of course, you may.”
“Mistress, my hair belongs to you. Just as you gave up your hair for your Master, I want to give you mine.” Anaamika looked at me, questioning the new development.
“Go ahead Anaamika, you don’t need my permission where Aarthi is concerned. You are her mistress, and she, your slave. Just remember that her offering is not to be taken lightly.” I responded as Aarthi’s ears went a delightful cherry red.

Aarthi put her hand on Anaamika’s exposed midriff, running her hand along the smooth exposed skin. Slowly her hand moved up. Sliding it under the pallu of her saree, Aarthi paused.

“May I… Mistress?”

Anaamika nodded and her hand slid upwards, fondling and squeezing her breast. Anaamika undid the rest of Aarthi’s shirt, slipping it off. Followed by her bra. Aarthi’s breasts were covered by goosebumps as she felt her mistress touch her naked, exposed skin. Eyes closed, breathing heavily. Her nipples hard and erect, squeezed and rolled between Anaamika’s fingers. Low moans and squeals of pleasure from Aarthi. After several more minutes of making out, they slowly broke apart. Aarthi got up from her stool, and knelt down on the floor. Down on her knees, and sitting back on her legs with her head bent.

“Mistress, please take my braid.”
“Your mistress does have a present for you, Aarthi.”

She looked at me, surprise turning to shock as I pulled out one of Anaamika’s cut braids from the bag. The cut end was secured with a tight zip tie. It was in perfect condition, perfect as impromptu bondage rope. Keeling behind Aarthi, I slowly drew her hands behind her back and tied her wrists together with her mistress’ braid. It wasn’t as good as rope, or even as tight, but the bondage was more symbolic than restraining. I went back to Anaamika, drawing her in a hug and kissing her. I slipped her saree off her shoulder and unraveled it from around her waist. It joined Aarthi’s shirt. Followed by her blouse, bra, and petticoat. I left Anaamika standing topless, clad only in her black lace panties. Positioning the stool before a kneeling Aarthi, I guided her to sit on the stool. Reaching around her, I stroked her hickey covered breasts in full view of Aarthi. She managed to blush harder than ever. Then, I handed the scissors to Anaamika.

“Have fun, my little lamb.”

Giving her the scissors, I retreated to let the girls have their fun. Anaamika once again reached for Aarthi’s braid. Gently, she pulled her forward. Aarthi moved up till she was kneeling between Anaamika’s legs. Holding her braid in a firm grip, Anaamika guided Aarthi’s lips to her breast. Aarthi gently kissed the hickeys before latching onto her nipple and sucking hungrily. Anaamika gasped and moaned as Aarthi sucked, bit and ran her tongue all over her breasts, switching attention from one to the other. Aarthi suddenly stopped, giving her mistress a pleading look. It took a few moments for Anaamika to realize what she was supposed to be doing.

The scissors returned to their previous position. Taking a deep breath, Aarthi plunged into Anaamika’s cleavage. Anaamika looked at me for validation. A grin and a nod later, she started to cut. Aarthi flinched as she felt the first bite of the blades. To her credit, she stayed buried in Anaamika, moaning as she slowly cut away. Anaamika for her part had a radiant expression on her face as she held Aarthi’s braid taut and chopped away at it. Cut after cut, bite after bit, the braid slowly separated from her head. The last strands were cut and the trophy was handed to me. Anaamika ruffled her slave’s hair, stroking her head and nape lovingly. I used another zip tie to secure the cut end of Aarthi’s thick braid, leaving it on the table.

Anaamika continued to play with the remains of Aarthi’s hair. Tenderly kissing her face, stroking her cheek and rubbing her nape. A few minutes of tender loving care, interspersed with a couple of rather passionate kisses. Anaamika helped Aarthi back to her feet and seated her on the stool.

“I am going to hand you over to my master to finish your haircut.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Do you wish to be untied?”
“I will present myself as you wish, my lady. I will surrender my hair to your master as I have submitted to you.”

Anaamika handed me the scissors. Pulling her close, I kissed her. She responded passionately as ever.

“How did I do?”
“You should be asking Aarthi that. Speaking of, cape the poor girl please. She may be your slave, but she still isn’t going to be comfortable getting a naked haircut from me.”

Anaamika blushed. Rummaging in the bag, she pulled out a white nylon cape and the water sprayer. A quick flick and she covered Aarthi with it, tucking the cape around her neck in a snug fit.

“Make me proud my little pumpkin.” 
“I will, my mistress.”
“If you are a good girl, I will reward you with a trip to the barber.” Aarthi blushed.

I started to mist down Aarthi’s hair. Fingers running through her thick soft wavy locks. Getting her hair damp enough to section, but not dripping wet. Anaamika retreated to the chair to watch the haircut enfold. I section her hair off for a classic blunt bob. A glance at Anaamika told me that she was restless to get her slave into the barber’s chair for a pixie. I didn’t want to deprive her of the pleasure, nor delay it. So it would just be a quick cleanup. I set aside my trusty scissors, opting instead for the clippers. Using the comb to hold the hair in place, I cleaned up the ends with the clippers. Using the open guard less blades on the ends of her hair pruning the ends like an over grown bush.

Curls of hair raining on the cape and sliding off to the hard wood floor as I attacked the ends. Lowering the sections one by one, I went over the ends to get the basic shape of the bob. Bulk of it clipped off, I went back in again. Going slower this time, sculpting the ends and giving it a soft blunt look. With the weight of her hair gone, and nothing to hold the wavy texture of her hair straight, Aarthi’s bob came out looking fairly heavy. Even at mid neck. Satisfied with the neatness of the bob, (which by the way was enough only for the first glance,) I unfastened the cape. I fluffed out her bob and combed it out.

Anaamika grinned, running her hand through the fresh bob. Fingers running up Aarthi’s nape, she went in for another kiss. I knew we were friends with benefits, but I couldn’t repress the small gnawing feeling of jealousy at Aarthi hogging Anaamika’s attention. She untied Aarthi and helped her off the stool. Aarthi picked up her cut braid and knelt before Anaamika again.

“Mistress, please accept my offering.”
“I can’t Aarthi, it is too precious.”
“Nothing is more precious to me than your memory.”
“In that case…”

Anaamika took the proffered braid from her hands, replacing it with her own cut braid.

“But, Mistress, this belongs to your master.”
“Nope. That one is mine, and I am giving it to you. As your mistress, I order you to accept it.”

Aarthi kissed the gift and got up. She pulled Anaamika into a tight hug, burying her face in her neck.

“Thank you so much for indulging me, ma’am.”
“We’re not done yet, right? You’ve earned a trip to the barber shop, my little pumpkin. Go put your clothes on. Shirt, and a skirt.”
“Yes, Mistress.”

Aarthi grabbed her clothes and went into her bedroom to change leaving us alone. Anaamika turned around gasping for breath, almost hyperventilating. I quickly pulled her into a hug and rubbed her back, calming her down. Long slow strokes down her spine, and massaging her nape. She calmed down in a few moments.

“Okay… what was all that?”
“That was you, snogging and groping Aarthi, cutting her braid, and basically discovering that you are not only bi, but also a switch!”
“Fuck me!”
“Later, I’ll be glad to. But now, we have to get her to the barber shop.”

She ran a hand through her bobbed hair. Realizing something she pulled me close and kissed me passionately.

“I haven’t been making you jealous, have I?”
“Girl, we aren’t in a committed relationship… are we? I have zero say over your sex life.”
“Yeah, but I did commit to you for these four days…”
“Hey, She’s an opportunity of a lifetime for you. Just like you are for me. Besides, what kind of dom am I, if I don’t understand your wishes? Hm?”

She almost knocked me over, leaping on me and shoving her tongue down my throat. Moments later she slowly disengaged and slid off me. The door opened and Aarthi came out. She was looking cute as fuck in a sky blue shirt and a knee length navy blue skirt that accented her hips and waist. I may have heard a small moan of anticipation from Anaamika. She grabbed her saree and the rest of her discarded clothes and went into the bedroom to dress up.

“Sir, I’m sorry, I know I took up your precious time with ma’am…”
“It’s okay, Aarthi. Our relationship is complicated. All that matters to me is that she had fun. And since you ended up having fun as well, I’d say it’s win-win.”
“It would have been better if, you know…”
“Shhhhhh…” I placed my finger on her lips. “You are what you are Aarthi, if you’re not into men, there’s no changing that. Don’t try to be someone you aren’t.”

She gave me a hug and went to get the vacuum cleaner. She started to clean up the floor. Not that there was much. I had barely trimmed an inch off the ends of her bob. The barber would be making a bigger mess. Anaamika emerged, dressed in the saree again. Hair brushed and not a strand out of place. One look at her made me realize that at the end of the day, she would be in my bed. I let out a low sigh of longing. In a few minutes we were walking back up the streets into the market. Fifteen minutes or so later, all three of us were at the barber shop. Aarthi hesitated.

“Second thoughts, my little pumpkin?”
“No, my Mistress. I am a little nervous.”
“Come. No need to be scared. Your mistress has been in the same chair yesterday.”

The barber looked up surprised as three of us entered the shop. Without a word, I went and sat at the bench to wait. Anaamika steered her new slave to the chair and helped her into it. The barber turned to the women, looking quizzically. He recognized Anaamika.

“What brings you back here madam?”
“My friend here needs a haircut. A short boyish cut, please.”
“Wait… doesn’t she work at the resort on Top Station road?”
“I’ve seen her a lot of times. Her hair was a lot longer than this… what happened?”
“Well, we are old friends, coming to visit her. She’s always talked about getting a haircut, but she never did. So I bet her. If I got my hair cut here, she would come with me and get a haircut that I pick for her.”
“So what happened to her hair?”
“I cut it. I wanted to have some fun before I brought here here,” Anaamika grinned.

The barber shook his head, muttering under his breath. He was probably pissed that he didn’t get the first crack at Aarthi. He picked up the sprayer and started to wet Aarthi’s bob. Running his fingers roughly through her hair, massaging the water in. She whimpered at the slightly rough treatment, keeping her head down. The cotton cape went around her, pulled tight around her neck and tucked in. Then the barber picked up a large toothed comb, and a pair of long, wicked looking scissors.

“How short?”
“1/2 inch back and sides, keep the top to about 3-4 inches.”
“Huh, you’re oddly confident now that you’re not in the chair.” Anaamika giggled and Aarthi snorted trying to suppress a giggle.

The barber forced down Aarthi’s head and started to crop the back short. Going scissors over comb and cutting down huge chunks of wet hair. Bits of hair flying all over the place as the scissor happy barber went to town on his occasional woman customer. Aarthi kept her head down, obediently still. A glance in the mirror showed her biting her lip, having the time of her life. The barber parted her hair naturally on the right and started to work on the sides. Soft wet hair rolling down her cheeks and gathering in her lap. Pass after pass as the barber cropped Aarthi’s hair down to her mistress’ specifications. The result, a severe pixie that looked stunning on Aarthi. Even with the bits of hair stuck to her face and neck.

“Someone has cleaned her neck with a razor,” observed the barber, looking at Anaamika.
“Yeah, I did.” 
“Are you a barber?”
“Strange… you can handle a razor, but you cant give her a short crop?”
“That is between the two of us. Please finish her haircut.”

He probably had another comment to make about the way Anaamika was acting in his chair the day before. One look at her though, he thought better of it and resumed the haircut. He combed out the short pixie and grunted at Anaamika. She held Aarthi’s chin examining her cut. Despite being a grumpy curmudgeon, the barber had done an outstanding job. Anaamika nodded her approval. The barber dusted off the hair stuck to Aarthi’s face and removed her cape. Anaamika helped her out of the chair and they walked out of the shop. I handed money to the barber.

“Just what is going on here? There’s something fishy between the two of them.”
“Don’t worry about it. She’s my cousin who works at the resort. She has had a bet going with my girlfriend for a very long time. The bet was to get both their hair cut in the same shop, by the same barber”
“Oh… weird. But then, why was your girlfriend so nervous yesterday? And she already had short hair.”
“Yeah… She’s always had her hair short, and that was her first time in a barber chair. So won’t she be nervous?”
“I guess you’re right. Be careful with that girl thought, she’s quite the firecracker.”
“That’s why she’s my girl.”

Leaving him to his precious newspaper, I stepped out, looking for the girls. I spotted them walking hand in hand down the street. I caught up with them catching a whiff of a whispered conversation. Aarthi whispered something to Anaamika and she left, while Anaamika steered me towards the nearby park. We ended up on a small bench in a corner.

“Master, I have something to tell you: Aarthi has asked me if I could come back to her flat.”
“How do you feel about it?”
“I told her… wait… what?”
“How do you feel about it? Are you into her?”
“Well, if you put it that way, I guess I am. I do feel physically attracted to her. Rather strongly.”
“How long does she want you to stay?”
“I dunno. Maybe till her room mate comes back? Around 6:00? Gosh, I feel caught between two temptations. I know I’ll be letting you down if I go there.”
“No, you won’t.”
“What should I do, Master?”
“Okay, let me put it this way. We’ve already clicked. There’s a spark between us that can be rekindled if needed. Aarthi however has found a side of you, that you never knew existed. You are on the verge of a new experience. I am telling you as a friend: Spend the day with Aarthi. She’s obviously your type too. Have fun with her.”

She placed a hand on my heart.

“You sure?”
“You want me to shove you into her bedroom and lock the door?”
“I do feel guilty.”
“Don’t. If you still do, you can make it up to me when you get back.”
“How? Will there be enough time?”
“You’ll think of something… besides, we can always make time.”
“And if you don’t have enough time to … shave me?”
“I’ll live. Seriously girl, You’re burning daylight. I’ll be in my room. Go have fun.”

I kissed her on the forehead and walked out of the park. Long slow trek back to the resort, taking in the beautiful sights. I was back in the room by 6:00, re reading some of our old role plays. Both of us had improved a lot. From our first cringe filled play to more elaborate stories that put a lot of thought into characters themselves.

The door opened and Anaamika came in. Her hair was a bit messy, but hardly far from a wind blown look. She walked up to me and knelt before me, head bent. Offering herself.

“Master, I am bi.”
“Hi Bi. I am your master.”

She looked at me obviously annoyed by the corny joke. Moment lost, she got up and sat down beside me.

“Can’t you be serious? Did you have to spoil my coming out?”
“Honey, you came out about five hours ago when you locked lips with Aarthi.”
“Yeah, but where does that leave you. I’m too tired to sit for you tonight. I don’t think I’m up to a shave tomorrow either. I’m an emotional wreck.” I ruffled her bob and pulled her close.
“Hey, I gave you two haircuts, we fucked a dozen times, maybe more… I had the time of my life. As for the shave, maybe we’ll look into it in a year or so.”
“But you won’t get more than a ponytail out of it.”
“It’s still a good enough handle when you go down on me. Trust me, if I was not okay with it, I would have told you. We know each other what? Three years now?”
“True. That’s one complaint I don’t have with you. Thankfully.”

She cuddled up to me and I put an arm around her.

“Whooo… that girl can eat pussy. I can barely walk to the restaurant.”
“Carry you?”
“No thanks… let’s order in. I’m starving.”
“I thought you just ate?” She hit me with a cushion.

I woke up the next morning with her fast asleep in the crook of my arm. After breakfast, we checked out of the resort and headed our separate ways. After reaching home, I was unpacking my suitcase. I took out the box containing her cut braid and looked at it wistfully. The one that got away. As I continued to unpack, I found a second box, containing two braids. Anaamika’s other braid, and Aarthi’s magnificent braid. There was a short note:

“Thank you for everything, master. Till we meet again!”

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