Analyn the maid

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Analyn a 5’4 Filipino young lady, with a slim body, and long jet black hair down to her calf. She’s a part time maid who clean my house every afternoon. She comes in, change her clothes, tied her hair into a bun, and start cleaning. I loved how she maneuver around the house with a feather duster, which I found it cute. She knew I was stalking her, if I’m lucky she would let her hair down and swung it sideway while she clean to teased me.

Analyn and I develop a special relationship. After she clean up the house, we would do BDSM. She loves the hairplay and hair pulling. I make Analyn beg me to pull her hair hard. I would used the ropes to hang her by the hair, and watch as she mourned in pain pleasure. After we’re done with our pleasure time, I would take her out for dinner and send her home. Life was good for me.

All that change when she announced to me that she going to stop working as maid and head back to Philippines. She had saved enough money to go back home to continue her studies. I was feeling disappointed, but on the bright side I’m happy for her. She worked really hard and deserved it. Analyn still wanted to come by and have some fun before she leaves. I told her, she could stay with me until her appointed flight back to Philippines. Analyn thought it was a good idea to save up some money on rent, so she gladly accepted my offer.

A week later when she moved in.¬† Analyn still do the house chores like usually even thought she doesn’t need to. We had amazed time trying out new BSDM method on her. I learned new ways to tie ropes around her hair and got to experience fantastic hairjob from her silky hair. Everything was good when she’s around, but I wanted something more before she leaves.

Analyn and I talked about a new BDSM play that I have in mind. I didn’t tell what exactly this new thing is about, because I want it to be a surprised. She loves surprised and of cause she knew it has something to do with her long hair. Analyn imagined that I would that her up and hang her by the hair, and wiped her like an animal. Or maybe, tie her on the ground with chains while I penetrated her with her hair in. All these imagination makes Analyn horny.

On the last day of her stay, Analyn and I did our BDSM play. I did some new things on her which she extremely enjoys it. I shower her, wash her long hair, blow dry it, and brush it until it’s clean and silky smooth.

I dragged her by the hair to the basement. She was crawling like a helpless puppy not knowing what I had in mind. She thought I was done with her, but I have something more enjoyable for my pleasure. I pull her up by the hair and push her in an old barber chair. I quickly chain both her hands , waist, and feet to the chair. Analyn was confused and didn’t know how to react as this was new to her. I covered her eyes with her long hair, taking her sight away.

I walked around the barber chair, stalking her beautiful hair that touches the floor. I twirl her hair around my fingers and looking it intensively. Analyn was excited, she didn’t know what I’m going to do her. Suddenly, she heard scissor snipping around her. She try to break free but couldn’t. Analyn asked with a trembling voice what I’m going to do to her? I smiled and place the scissor above her eyebrow and slowly cutting her hair until her eyes appear, leaving her with a nice short bangs. And I said to her, that I’m going to give her a nice haircut.

She started crying and beg me no to do it. She didn’t want her hair cut short. I slap her into her face and told her to shut up. All that hair has to go and I reminded her that she’s mine now. Analyn remain silent but can’t stop crying. I pick up the clipper and switch it on.

I told Analyn that she going to be beautiful, and how much I love her with or without her long hair. I buzz her hair from the middle, as she looked at her hair tumbling down on her lap sadly. Her silky calf length hair kept on falling covering her body and to the floor. I grab a handful of hair and show Analyn her beautiful shorn hair. I continuing buzzing her head till all her hair is gone.

I opened her leg and started raping her hard. Analyn was screaming and at the same time she let a pleasure mourning be heard. She had a mix feeling about but overall she kind of enjoys despite losing her long hair. I took a shaving cream and a razor, and carefully scrapping away the remaining hair on her head, until her head is all shiny.

I swept away the hair on her body and unchained. Analyn instantly kneel down and pick up her hair on the floor crying. She kisses and smell her hair before putting it back on the ground. She looked at me and started smiling, showing her appreciation. I carried her on my arms and brought her to my bedroom and had a wonderful last night.

5 years later 

Analyn came back from the Philippines. After her graduation she decided to stay with me. Analyn hair has now reached her butt. I was happy to see Analyn, and warmly welcome her back. She still clean the house. We did crazy BDSM together after a long time. One evening, I noticed the basement door was opened. I walked in the basement and found Analyn sitting barber chair naked, and mourning herself. I took out chains and ready for another forceful headshave on Analyn.


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