And, Mother too

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And, Mother Too

By JimB     ©opyright  2010



“Hi, Connie,” Jack said as she walked into Jack’s Barber Shop, pushing her nine year old son, Tim, and his two sisters, Terri, age six and Lynn, age five behind him.

“How are you doing?” Jack continued as he continued cutting his customer’s hair and as she motioned the children to sit.

“Fine,” Connie replied. “Have an interview at Sidney’s Bar and Grill for a job as barmaid in ten minutes.”

“Sidney’s… Crazy place but I understand the waitresses make good money there,” Jack answered.

“Not the place I would think you would be working!”

“Well, you know how it is,” she said.

“Since, Tom left money is kind of short for now. Maybe after November I can give it up and just do with one job.

“Anyway, it’s only for three or four days a weeks and for four hours a night.

And, it doesn’t conflict with my job with the construction company.

“Tim needs a haircut,” Connie said.

“Will it be alright if the girls stay with him?

“I’ll be back by the time you have finished his haircut.”

“No problem,” Jack said smiling.

“The girls are welcome any time.

“Besides, I’ll have to let Sharon, you met her, my new help, cut his hair. I have an appointment myself and have to leave after I finish Ron, here.”

“That will be fine,” Connie replied, brushing Tim’s hair off his face.

“Just tell her to cut it like you did last summer when he came with his father.

“You know… close to his scalp.”

“Right… a clipper shave, isn’t that right Tim?” Jack replied and asking little Tim.

He just nodded his head and went back to reading his comic magazine.

“What about the girls?” Jack asked, pointing his scissors towards them. “They look like they need the ends trimmed a little. I am sure Sharon would do them.”

Connie looked the girls’ hair over and brushed their hair off their face. She thought for a little.

“Well, summer is a few weeks away,” she commented, stepping back to look at the length of their hair.

“Maybe… hmmmmmm… tell her something short, around the ears… a bob just below the ears.”

“Got you,” Jack replied as he began lathering Ron’s hairline.

Connie started to pay Jack, but he said, “Wait until you come back.

“I’ll tell her where you went and that you’ll be back before she is finished.”

With that Connie kissed her son and daughters.

“Now you behave,” she said.

Jack went back to finishing Ron’s haircut, as Tim and his sisters sat reading their magazine.

“Tim,” Jack called to him.

“Here… here’s the key to the soft drink machine. Get yourself and your sisters a soft drink on me.”

Tim took the key and got the drinks for them and asked Jack if he wanted one, to which Jack said, “No thank you.”

Just as Ron was stepping out the chair Sharon walked in the shop.

“Just in time,” Jack told her, then introduced her to the Walkers.

“This is Tim, these are his sisters, Terri and Lynn.”

Sharon reached out and shook their hands.

Tim said, “Nice to met you Miss Sharon.”

“Connie, their mother, is down the street at Sidney’s for a job interview,” he told Sharon. “She’ll be back shortly.

“I have that appointment, so I told her you would cut their hair.

“Tim, here,” Jack said as he messed up his hair, “is to get a nice short and smooth summer shave.

“The girls, too”.

“Connie will pay you when she comes back,” Jack told her as he left the shop.

“OK,” Sharon inquired of them, “who’s first?”

With that Tim put his magazine down, walked to the chair, and Sharon helped him up onto the child’s seat she put in the chair.

“Nice short and smooth for the summer, hey?” she asked. Tim just nodded his head as she put the cape on him.

Sharon picked up the big black clippers with the .0000 setting.

With a flick of the switch and her left hand tilting his head down, she began clipping the hair from his neck and up the back of his head. It didn’t take her long to finish the back.

Then, it was just as quick with the right side and the left side.

With five quick passes over the top of his head, she was finished buzzing his hair close to his scalp.

As she dusted his head, she said, “Short and smooth… Right?”

Tim answered, “Yes ma’am.”

Sharon undid the cape and let if fall over his lap. She picked up a small towel and tucked it in his collar. She wet a washcloth with warm water and gently wiped his clipped head.

Then, she filled her left hand with warm lather and began spreading it over his head. Tim sat saying nothing as his sisters watched.

With his head covered with lather Sharon first reached for her straight razor but decided on a safety razor. She obtained one from Jack’s drawer.

“Now you’ll have to sit still and let me move your head,” she told him.

Tim answered, “OK.”

Sharon began shaving the top of his head a little section at a time.

After a few strokes she would check the scalp for smoothness then shave another section. It didn’t take her long, because of his small child’s head.

Within about five minutes she was finished and wiped his head clean. She applied a skin cream to keep the scalp soft.

Then, she dusted him off.

She helped him out the chair and asked which of the girls was next.

Terri, the oldest of the girls, walked to the chair.

Sharon helped her up on the seat.

As she placed the cape on Terri, Sharon commented, “Short and smooth… I wonder if that’s right?”

“Be right back,” she told them.

She picked up the telephone and called Sidney’s.

She asked for Connie and inquired about the girls’ haircut.

At first Connie thought something had happened but when she found out it was Sharon asking about the girls’ haircut, she was relieved.

“Just,” Connie answered, “just like I told Jack.”

With that Connie hung up.

Sharon took hold of the big black clippers, with its .0000 head.

Just as she did to Tim, and in the same time, she slowly pushing the clippers up the back of Terri’s head.

But, it was slower with her, because her hair was longer, the clippers had to be moved slower. It took a little longer to clip the back but soon she was at work on the right side of Terri’s head.

Then, the left side.

Finally, the top.

Terri looked at herself in the big mirror, behind where her bother and sister were sitting. She had wide eyes and laughed at the face she saw in the mirror.

Sharon dusted the soft hair duster over her head causing her to laugh louder.

The cape was undone and allowed to slide covering her lap.

Just like she did with Tim, Sharon wiped Terri’s head with a warm washcloth.

Then, she lathered her head.

Using another safety razor she shaved Terri’s head just as smooth as she had Tim’s.

When she was finished she helped her out the chair.

Little Lynn looked a little uneasy as she walked to the chair.

Sharon picked her up and sat her in the seat.

“Nothing to worry about,” she told her as she gave her a hug. “I’ll be finished before you know it.”

With that Sharon again picked up the big black clippers and clicked it on.

She titled Lynn’s head downward and being clipping up the back of her head. Four quick passes and she was clipping up the right side of her head.

The door opened.

Terri called out, “Mommy… look at my new haircut!”

Connie looked at her, then Tim.

Her eyes got wide then wider when she saw the back and right side of Lynn’s head.

“My GOD!” she shouted, somewhat mad. “What the hell have you done to my children’s hair?”

“I take it you’re Connie,” Sharon asked, somewhat questioning.

“Just doing like you said.

”Just like Jack said, too.

“Nice and short and smooth for the summer!”

“I didn’t say that,” Connie said as she looked at Terri’s shaven head.

“Why would I tell you, or Jack, to shave their heads?”

Sharon stood there in disbelief.

After all she had called her before she shaved Terri’s head.

“I called you at Sidney’s… right?” Sharon asked Connie.

“That was you I spoke with.

“You are the Connie who said ‘Just like I told Jack to tell you.’

“Before I could ask you for sure you hung up.”

Connie stood there looking at Tim and Terri, then at Lynn, sitting in the barber’s chair her hair almost gone like her bother and sister who sat there before her.

She thought back to the telephone call to her, at Sidney.

Sharon was right… she tried to ask her about the girls’ haircut.

But, she cut her short without knowing what Jack had told Sharon.

She looked at Tim.

His head still had a light blondish brown tint to it. You could hardly see that his head was shaved unless you got close to him.

Terri… she was smiling.

Connie had not seen her smile like that in the last eight months, when their father picked up and left them.

“Mommy,” Terri said to her. “Mommy… I like this haircut. It’s not in my eyes like before.”

Connie smiled, shaking her head, “No, it’s not.”

“What about Lynn?” Sharon inquired.

Connie looked at her sitting there, the back and right side of her little head with no hair to speak of.

But, yet she looked pleased, like Terri, about the haircut.

She could not believe it.

What would her husband, their father, say if he came back in their lives?

She thought a few minutes.

“What the hell,” she commented as she picked up Terri and gave her a hug.

“You might as well finish. I can’t have her going around with part of her head shaved and the rest not.”

Lynn smiled, saying, “Yessssss.”

“You sure?” Sharon inquired.

“I know it may not be right but I could give her a crew cut.

“Not shave her head like I did with them!”

“No,” Connie replied as she sat down next to Tim, still holding Terri.

“Go ahead and shave her head, too.

“They get upset when one can’t do what the other does. Besides, it looks like she wants her head shaved, too.”

With that Sharon turned on the clippers and continued clipping Lynn’s hair off.

With a few quick passes she was finished the left side then a few more and the top was done.

She wiped her head with a warm washcloth then lathered her head.

Using another safety razor Sharon slowly shaved Lynn’s head smooth, like she had Tim and Terri.

After wiping her head, applying a skin lotion, and dusting her head, Sharon helped little Lynn out the chair.

Lynn ran up to her mother who gave her a big hug and kiss. She could not believe she had allowed Sharon to shave their heads, nor how they liked it.

Connie was about to pay Sharon when she noticed them sitting in the customer’s chair with their little arms crossed. At first she didn’t understand, but when she got to the chair to pay Sharon she got an idea.

Instead of handing her the money, Connie sat in the chair.

Sharon looked at her.

“Just like them?” she inquired, pointing to the children.

“Sure,” Connie replied. “Don’t think they’re going to say much at the construction company.

“And, as for Sidney’s… might get a few extra tips with my head shaved.”

With that Sharon put the cape on Connie.

She picked up the big black clippers to oil them.

As she was about to drop a few drops on the blade, she stopped.

She looked in the mirror at Connie sitting there.

She took the .0000 head off… then got the new .00000 head and put it on. This head would almost shave her head without a razor being needed.

Sharon turned around, placed her left hand on top of Connie’s head and tilted it down.

With a flick of her finger she turned the big clippers on.

Not hesitating Sharon quick made an upward pass with the clippers sending a pile of dark brown hair down to the floor. The second pass was made quicker.

As she began the third pass, she heard a soft sound of pleasure from Connie.

“Enjoying it?” she questioned Connie in her right ear.

Connie just nodded her head and raised her body up more in the chair. The fourth pass was begun as Connie’s body shivered a little.

Sharon brushed her left fingers over the clipped back causing Connie’s body to shiver more.

She gently patted Connie on the left shoulder.

Then, stepped to the right side of the chair.

Connie turned her head to face Sharon.

She was smiling.

Her upper body was rising and falling… rising and falling with pleasure.

Sharon could not believe this. She had heard about it in barber school but thought it was just the men talking.

Connie turned her face away from her.

She placed the clippers under her hair and slowly pushed the clippers up into the hair.

Slowly, little sections of hair fell from her head.

Touching her shoulder, then sliding into her lap.

She began another pass just over her right ear. It too slid down to her shoulder then into her lap. The next pass was behind her ear. This section of hair fell hitting the back of her shoulder then falling to the floor.

Sharon didn’t notice it until she began clipping the left side.

Connie’s hair was past her shoulders.

It was soft and silky, well taken care of. Hair any woman would want to keep.

But, here she had a woman sitting in her chair as she made pass after pass after pass with the clippers, cutting her hair off extremely close to her scalp.

If she were not the one doing it, she would have thought Connie’s head was being shaved by a razor.

The back and sides clipped, Sharon stood behind the chair.

She moved the clippers over Connie’s head, to her forehead.

Without saying anything she slowly moved the clippers over her head, pushing a pile of hair back until it fell to the floor behind the chair. Another pass was made, sending another pile of soft blondish brown hair to the floor.

Three more passes and Connie’s head was clipped as close as possible with the clippers.

As she turned to hang the clippers under the shelf, she removed the clip holding the cape in place letting it fall in Connie’s lap.

After hanging the clippers she removed another large white towel from the pile. She tucked it into Connie’s collar, spreading it out over her shoulders. With another smaller towel she wet it with warm water and began slowly wiping her head.

With Connie’s fuzz wet she filled her left hand with warm lather from the lather machine.

Slowly she applied the lather all over her head. As her head rocked while the lather was being spread, Sharon noticed Connie had closed her eyes.

They were closed not in anger, not disbelief, but in pleasure.

She had seen this look on men as she lathered their face for shaving.

First Sharon reached for a safety razor but her fingers took hold of the straight razor instead.

Standing on the right of the chair she took hold of the leather strap and slowly began stropping the straight razor.

She could see Connie’s eyes were watching her do this.

No man had watched her do it.

She felt strange but Connie was pleased.

As she raised the razor to her forehead Connie took a deep breath.

“Let it out slowly,” Sharon told her.

After she did that Sharon began shaving from the center her forehead.

Down to the hairline until she had shaved a one-inch wide section.

With another shaving she shaved another section from the center of her head to her ear.

Sharon continued section after section after section until she had shaved the right side of Connie’s head.

She tilted her head downward and began shaving another section downward from the top of her head. Slowly she shaved across and downward until she had shaved the back of Connie’s head.

Stepping to the left side of the chair she continued until she had the left side shaved as smooth as she had the back and right side.

Standing behind the chair she reached over Connie’s left shoulder and tilted her head backward by the chin tilting her head upward, so she was looking at the ceiling of the barbershop.

Slowly she began shaving the top of her head, even though she had shaved it already.

You could still see the remains of shaving lather.

But, as she shaved over the top of her head, Sharon removed it.

She placed another warm towel over her head and let it sit for a while.

She re-lathered her head, spreading the lather all over her head gently and slowly.

Taking the safety razor this time, she slowly shaved upward from the hairline to the center of her head.

With each stroke Sharon would brush the fingers of her left hand over the shaven area, making sure it was smooth.

Connie continued to sit motionless.

Her breathing was now at a steady rate.

Her body was no longer rising up and down with each movement of the razor. It was as if she had had a sexual experience and was now calming herself down.

Five minutes… ten minutes… fifteen minutes later Sharon was finished.

She wiped Connie’s shaven head and applied some baby oil to the scalp, to keep it from drying up.

Then, she dusted her shaven head and face with the hair duster and removed the cape from across her lap.

As the chair was lowered Tim, Terri, and little Lynn came running up to their mother as she stepped from the chair.

“Let me feel,” they were asking as they reached upward for her head. Connie bent her body down, to their little reaching fingers.

Her head accepted the touches of their little fingers, stroking her shaven head.

“Let me feel your heads,” Connie said as she brushed her fingers over each of their heads.

“That feels funny,” little Lynn said laughingly.

“Can we get our hair cut like this again?” Terri asked as she brushed her little fingers over her own head.

“I like how it feels… Don’t you mommy?”

Connie grabbed them in a big hug and gave a big motherly squeeze, “Yes, we can,” she told them.

She paid Sharon, giving her a big tip, too.

“See you in a week,” Connie told Sharon as they left the shop.

“Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow before I go to work down the street.

“Don’t know if I am ready to do the shaving myself!”

Jack returned an hour later. Sharon was sitting in her barber chair reading the newspaper.

“How’d it go with Connie and her children?” he asked as he sat in his chair.

Sharon looked from the newspaper, smiled…

“Smoothly,” she commented, “just smoothly for them all.”

The End             ©opyright February 2010

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