And Moving Forward

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The is a sequel to “Just Getting Started”.

That night was a fun one.  Jillian and I talked a lot.  She had just moved to the area about 3 months ago.  She was already looking for the change in ly ook and had cut her shoulder length hair to this amazing bob style way before she moved there.  A little more advanced than I was at having such a look.  But it was that day, that night, and her that changed my perspective on my looks, my outlook, and who I wanted to be.

I woke the next day to a mild hangover and pulled myself out of bed and into the bathroom.  “What have I done?” was the first thought that ran through my head.  But then upon looking, and swooshing my head back and forth, I knew exactly what it was.  I didn’t want to be this pretty long haired girl anymore.  I wanted style.  I wanted to be bold.  And I wasn’t done with this makeover yet.

From the night before, I remembered Jill telling me that she had gone this route before.  She wanted to see what she could make herself to be and she had done it.  She had gotten many compliments on her look before mine, but had never inspired someone to do what I actually did.  She said she was actually growing her hair out and wanted to get back to her normal color.  I asked what that was and she said a chestnut brown and she wanted to have her hair below her shoulders again and be able to put it into a ponytail.  The exact opposite of what I had done.  

I began frequently going to the coffee shops and local stores and began a new job.   I was serving drinks at a local pool hall.  It wasn’t great for money but it gave me cash to continue on with each day.   About a month went by and my hair had lost its luster.  It was a little grown out at the bottom and the front was becoming a bore.  I needed inspiration.  So I went back to the bar to see Jillian. 

Her hair had grown like 2 inches and she had evened up at the top of her shoulders.  The dark black and blue was gone and she had gone back to a dark brown color.  I was not inspired.  When the crowd died down and I was able to talk to her, we bonded.  She wanted to know about me and I wanted to know about her.  She was trying to get back to being a preppy girl and I was a girl gone bad.  It was rather odd.  The tattoos she had would always be there but she felt the need to cover them up.  She wanted nothing else less than to be able to slip her hair into a ponytail, put on a hooded sweatshirt, and be a basic girl.  I was not on the same page.  And to my surprise, she loved that I was going into the opposite direction.  Over a long night of drinks, she devised my next haircut.

She could see I was in a change.  She showed me cuts and colors that she was contemplating but had never done.  I was enthralled.  Among the many, i had looked harder at a shorter version of what I already had.  It was an angled bob, but it was steeper.  It was more buzzed in the back and there was now way to hide the side buzz around my left ear.  I had always identified myself with the preppy girl with long hair, so the thought of doing something more drastic than I had done was a new feeling for me.  It was a good feeling, just new and different.  And I wanted everything else to match.  Jillian told me about her tattoo artist and how great he was.  And after the thrill of new piercings and my first tattoo, I wanted to get more.  The next thing she told me came into reality.  And it changed the way I thought about any of these things anymore.  

She wanted to make me her muse.  She wanted to have life goals in work, like getting a degree and being a successful business woman.  She wanted to have a slave girl that would do what she asked.  I had never thought of myself in that type of role.  But honestly, I had always looked at myself different because had always been that girl that was going to get a great job, was on the right career path, conformed with the normal business type environment.  She was the opposite in growing up.  She had been the pusher of norms, the rebellious type.  We were literally at a place of switching roles.  I loved my hair, I had loved my girly sense of style, and I loved the looks that they had drawn.  But now, I wanted more.  And I wanted different, so I agreed to be her muse.  We hung out a ton in the following weeks.  We shopped together.  I showed her sensible business clothes and she showed me more of the progressive punk look that she wanted for me.  I loved the woman I was turning into.

So the next step was for a haircut.  We went back to Tendrils of course.  I greeted Holly when we walked in and she eyed me up and down.  I was no longer the long haired prep girl that she had trimmed so many times.  I was now dressed in a rock tee shirt, with torn jeans, and a comfy pair of Chucks that I had worn out a little bit.  I introduced her to back to Jillian and she was a little bit shocked as well.  Jillian had gown her hair since to an angled bob, about should length and we dyed it back to her natural color.  She was wearing a light floral dress that we picked out at J.Crew.  Holly, who was very taken back, asked what we wanted done.  that’s when Jillian took over.

“I would like you to take the back of her hair much shorter, and I would like to see an undercut, from the base of her neck, past the occipital bone, all the way to the the shorter side of her hair.  I would like the undercut to go up to her temple, with a hard part.  The longer side, I want cut to no longer than chin length.  And we are going jet black with blue undertones like I used to have.”  Holly stepped back to get my approval which I gave her with a subtle wink and asked what Jillian would like.  She replied, “Just a 1/4 inch off and dyed to match my roots.”

So it all began.  

Holly shaved the back of my hair, not cut, but shaved it down without a guard.  She parted my head to the side and completely shaved the side of my head up to my temple.  She trimmed and sectioned off the rest and then sent me to the color bowl where her assistant took over.  By the way, Holly had also let her hair grow since her the last time I say her but she had shaved the side off and added new piercings to her ear.  While in the color bowl, I could occasionally look up to see Jillian getting her hair trimmed to now shoulder length and they put light conditioner and dye to get her back to her normal color.  For what seemed like a day, I was being raised up out of a daze to go to the mirror.  Jillian, looked from behind me and I stared into was what the new me.  I was full on punk.  I had jet black hair, with some blue hue to it.  My side was shaved almost completely bald and there was a path around to the back of my head.   I had a severely asymmetric pixie style.  There was no similarity from the girl I used to be and the punk ass bitch I was becoming.  Jillian smirked with an approval.  I bit my lip thinking about what she had in mind for me next.

When we left, I couldn’t help but to keep feeling my hair.  Rubbing the shaved part and moving my head around feeling the short hair hitting my lips.  Jillian was walking a little more business like, telling me she loved the look, but I wasn’t finished.  We walked into the piercing and tattoo shop.  They welcomed her with open arms, said it had been too long.  But we weren’t there for that, she made that clear.  She wanted me to be under the gun and tattooed and more pierced.  Quickly after her commands, I made myself submissive to her request.  The next few hours were hell.  I was tattooed on the top of my hands with flowers, skulls and all types of shading.  It drew up to my elbows with ink.  There was no more preppy Brooke.  I wasn’t a long haired prep anymore, I was a tatted up punk.  And now I had the ink to match.  After the session, my arms were throbbing.  But Jill, as she let me call her, wasn’t done.  I needed some more holes peirced too.  They began with my nipples, which after the tattooing, wasn’t that painful.  But then I was told sternly to stick my tongue out.  What came next was a big rod shoved through it and two balls stuck on the top and bottom.  It hurt like hell but was worth it to see Jill smile and pull her hair back out of her face.

We concluded with another lip ring.  Another to match my bottom lip.  And Jill also wanted my monroe pierced, which was fine by me.  It matched the look.  I was going to be her punk muse and was getting excited about it.  The ears got a little modification too.  I had the lobes stretched out to a 1/4 inch and my left ear got three new holes to come closer to the cartilage.

I was numb.  But when I looked at Jillian who nodded in her acceptance of my mods, I was happy.  How this new role made me look was drastic.  But how it made me feel was electric!  I wanted to do more, but Jill held me back.  I wasn’t finished with her vision of me, but I was content with her gaze at me.  We were switching places.  I was becoming what she was and she was turning back into what I used to be.  I never felt more alive in my life.

As we went back to her place, she held my hand.  She thanked me for being so open to her ideas and although my mouth was numb, she planted a kiss on my lips before I headed to the door.  I walked inside my new home, my new belongings. and turned on the bathroom light to get a closer look.  I was getting tatted up.  My face was becoming more pierced.  And my hair was the stuff of Instagram and Pinterest lore.  I look like a badass.  I have almost half of my hair shaved off, rocking a dark and vibrant color.  I touched the back and raised it up to the side of my shaved part and swished my head around.  I felt amazing.  And Jillian wasn’t done with me yet.  Or at least I hoped not.

To be continued it ya’ll want to hear more…

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