Angela Was Fed Up And Ready For A Change

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After three years of marriage, Angela was fed up being the trophy wife that Johnny wanted her to be.  It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy their current lifestyle, the giant mansion they called home, the fancy cars they drove, and the endless vacations they took, all afforded because of Johnny’s office executive position.


What Angela was really tired of, was wasting enormous amounts of time every morning tending to her waist-length blonde hair, applying gobs of makeup and having endless fancy pedicures and manicures done. Johnny always insisted that she maintain her long hair and prestine body just for him.


Twenty three year old Angela was fed up pretending to be someone that she didn’t want to be, just to please Johnny. Angela realized that it was time for a change and she decided that it would be most practical to start with her hair.


Angela knew that disobeying Johnny’s wishes led to certain consequences, usually a sharp talking to and a spanking on her bare bottom which she secretly enjoyed. Sometimes Angela intentionally upset Johnny so that she was forced to recieve a spanking more often.


At this point she didn’t care what happened, this change was happening whether Johnny liked it or not.  Angela decided early one morning after Johnny left for work, that today would be the day. She dressed up in her favorite outfit, a purple blouse, a short blue skirt and black heels.


Angela promptly got into her red sports car convertible and left the house. As she drove across town, the wind whipped her long hair this way and that across her face. Well this will be the last time for that for a long while, she thought mischievously. She soon pulled up next to the local barbershop that advertised “Walk-ins Are Always Welcome.”


There were two main reason why Angela had chosen the barbershop over her usual salon. The biggest reason was that a barber would be more willing to cut her hair as short as she desired. Her usual hairdresser at the salon would spend more time trying to talk her out of it. The other reason was that she knew the barbershop was always busy and the thought of having her beautiful mane chopped off in front of a large audience of men gave her a secret thrill.


As she stepped through the main door, all eyes immediately focused on her, the pretty bombshell blonde who was entering the shop. The busy shop was already full of men awaiting their turn in the barber chair.


Angela ignored the staring men and took a seat, thinking only about her upcoming haircut. She waited her turn as men came and went. Angela fought several urges to leave the shop and forget this crazy idea altogether.


Angela stayed planted in her seat because she remembered that this was her decision alone, without any pressure from Johnny and it was vitally important that she not chicken out. Angela had a feeling that she would not regret this change in her life.


Angela was tired of the same old, same old and didn’t want to be Johnny’s precious little obedient arm candy anymore. She wanted her own ideas and decisions to transform her into a brand new confident woman.


Finally Angela came out of her daze and saw that the customer in front of her was finished. The look on the old barber’s face suggested an element of surprise to see a young woman with long blonde hair in his shop. He refused to turn down business and moving right along the barber announced that it was her turn in the chair.


“What can I do for you today, miss?” the old barber asked.


“I am looking for a drastic change. I want you to cut off all of my hair right now,” Angela stated confidently, exhaling slowly as she sat down and got comfortable in the plush red barber chair.


The old barber sized up this beautiful woman, her waist-length blonde hair, and her fancy outfit showing off her sexy legs. Females were not common in this shop and she was by far the prettiest customer that he had ever seen.


“You want me to cut it all off?” he asked, trying to make sure his old ears had heard correctly. “Are you sure?”


“Yes I’m sure, please do it quickly before I change my mind,” Angela snapped with a bit of irritation.


All of the men waiting behind her had a good laugh. Angela knew that she was an intruder in their shop and didn’t care what comments they made or how excited they got while all of her hair was coming off. It was her hair after all and her decision to make.


“How short do you want me to cut it?” the barber said, giving her time to think this through.


“I want you to give me a quarter inch buzzcut. And start with the clippers right away please,” insisted Angela.


The old barber thought for a moment taking this all in.


“Please get started,” Angela pushed.


“Certainly,” agreed the barber. “A quarter inch buzzcut, I will get right to it.”


The barber approached the chair and tied Angela’s long blonde hair into a ponytail which cascaded down over the back of the chair. He wrapped a tissue around Angela’s slender neck. Next came a shiny black cape that was placed over her petite body and tied snuggly over the tissue, which was folded down. Angela felt the chair jerking slightly as it was pumped up to a proper working height.


The barber didn’t muck around, heading straight to the counter for the clippers. Today was certainly his lucky day, having such a pretty female with such a long beautiful mane come into his shop.  He couldn’t have had better luck if he’d played the lottery.


The barber fired up the clippers and came around behind Angela. The loud buzzing echoed through the shop as he held out the long ponytail and without any fanfare, quickly severed it at the base. Angela gasped as an enormous weight was relieved from the back of her head and a round of murmurs came from her audience.


“I will save this if you like,” the barber said, “it should fetch a good price if you decide to sell it.”


“Thank you,” Angela replied as he laid it on the counter.


Angela wanted to enjoy this experience to the fullest. She closed her eyes anticipating her pathway to freedom.




Angela could hear the loud buzzing of the clippers as they were positioned at her forehead. She could feel the barber pulling the clippers back along the top of her scalp sending torrents of long blonde hair to the floor.


As the hungry blades continued to chew through the thick hanks of her hair, a smile grew on Angela’s face. This was really happening and there was no turning back. As more hair was peeled away, her head felt lighter and lighter.




The buzzing went on for quite some time as the hair was sheared down to a quarter inch all over. Angela couldn’t believe how nice the clipper blades felt against her delicate skin. The vibration sent ripples through her entire body. She would have done this years ago had she known how good it felt.


The tickling sensations felt so damn good that Angela pulled up her skirt and began rubbing her pussy underneath the cover of the cape. She didn’t care if the old barber or anyone else took notice to her movements. Angela’s breathing was rapidly increasing as the clippers did their deed, shearing away her beautiful hair.




Angela was in ecstacy and didn’t want the experience to end. She massaged her pussy faster and faster as her adrenaline increased and the hungry clippers continued with their relentless appetite.


The barber placed a hand on Angela’s shoulder to try and keep her still. It didn’t do much good, as Angela breathed faster and faster, in and out, and began to shake in the chair. As the clippers mowed up through her nape, she just couldn’t hold back any longer. Angela let out a loud moan and jerked suddenly as her climax was reached, causing her to see twinkling stars and bright flashes of light. She wrenched as her hot juices exploded all over her hand and inner thighs.


The entire shop of spectators was in awe as they took in this unfolding spectacle. This woman was recieving the haircut of her life and they were all bearing witness to the suspense. For many of them, seeing a female in this shop was a whole new experience, but seeing her enjoy the haircut so thoroughly had reached a totally different level.


The clippers continued momentarily before they were shut off. The barber removed the guard. He fired the clippers up again and ran them slowly around Angela’s hairline to clean off any stray baby hairs and sharpen up the edges. Angela moaned softly as the barber pushed her head this way and that as her breathing finally began to slow.


Several minutes later the clippers were shut off once again. A small brush was used to wisk away any loose pieces that remained. The cape was removed and a brand new Angela was on display for everyone to see.


Angela’s hand was still busy maneuvering under her rumbled skirt as the barber’s eyes floated down to observe.


Angela suddenly opened her eyes and saw the barber staring down at her. Slightly embarrassed, she quickly pulled her hand out from under her skirt and tried to straighten it out.


“You certainly enjoyed it,” the barber grinned as he gave her a towel to help her clean herself up. Once she was through, Angela focused on the mirror in front and saw her reflection. What she saw staring back was a brand new buzzcut on a brand new sexy, confident woman and it looked amazing. Her long flowing blonde hair was now replaced by a mere quarter inch buzzcut. It was so damn short, even shorter than Johnny’s hair. Just seeing her reflection in the mirror caused Angela to squirm in the chair with excitement.


Angela reached up and felt the short bristly blonde hair that remained. She spent several minutes rubbing her fingers around her exposed ears and across her neckline, relieved that there was no longer any lengthy blonde hair framing her pretty face.


“I love it, it’s just what I wanted!” Angela exclaimed as she continued exploring. The hair was cut so short that she could see her scalp showing through, causing butterflies to ripple through her stomach.


“I just can’t wait to show Johnny my new buzzcut when he gets home from work, I bet he will give me a really good spanking this time!” Angela quipped smiling proudly.

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