Anjali Exam, Result To a Change

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Anjali was a bright student, but her recent exam results had left her parents and teachers disappointed. They had tried everything from extra classes to counseling, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, they came up with the idea that a drastic change in her appearance might help her focus better on her studies. They decided to take her to the local barbershop in Mumbai and give her a short haircut.

Anjali was hesitant at first, but when she saw her parents and teachers were serious, she agreed. They all went to the barbershop together, and the barber welcomed them in. The barber had been in the business for many years and was known for his expertise in cutting hair. He greeted them and asked them what they wanted.

Anjali’s teacher spoke up, “We want to give Anjali a haircut that will help her focus on her studies. She has been spending too much time on her long hair, and we feel that a short haircut will help her prioritize her studies.”

The barber nodded in agreement and asked them what type of haircut they wanted. Anjali’s parents and teacher looked at each other, unsure of what to suggest. The barber sensed their hesitation and offered to show them some different hairstyles.

He started by cutting a few inches off Anjali’s hair and showed them a bob haircut. They all agreed that it looked nice, but it wasn’t drastic enough. The barber then suggested a pixie cut, but Anjali’s mother didn’t like it. They kept trying different haircuts, but nothing seemed to satisfy them.

The barber then overheard their discussion and came up with an idea. “I have a suggestion that might help Anjali focus on her studies. Why don’t we shave her head and leave only a small oily braid on top to hold while she walks? This way, she won’t be distracted by her hair, and it will be a constant reminder to focus on her studies.”

Anjali’s parents and teacher were taken aback by the suggestion, but they couldn’t deny that it made sense. Anjali was nervous about the idea, but she trusted the barber and her parents. After a moment of hesitation, they all agreed to the idea.

The barber started shaving Anjali’s head, leaving only a small oily braid on top. Anjali couldn’t believe what was happening; she had never seen herself with such short hair. Her parents and teacher were watching her closely, making sure she was okay.

Anjali’s friends arrived at the barbershop, and they were surprised to see her with such short hair. They started giggling and teasing her, but Anjali’s parents and teacher stepped in and reminded them that this was for Anjali’s betterment and not for fun.

After the haircut was done, Anjali’s parents and teacher thanked the barber and paid him. Anjali was still adjusting to her new look, but she felt a sense of relief that she no longer had to worry about her hair and could focus on her studies.

As they were leaving the barbershop, Anjali’s teacher turned to her and said, “This is not to punish you, Anjali. We want you to succeed in your studies, and we felt that this drastic change would help you focus. We believe in you, and we know you can do it.”

Anjali smiled and felt grateful for their support. She knew it wouldn’t be easy adjusting to her new look, but she was determined to work hard and prove them right.


Please write comments on what should I try next and what can be improved. This is my first story. Thank you.

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