Anjali’s Barbershop: My Bald Bitch

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“Oh poor Saloni a few days back you were a beauty to reckon with now look at yourself, you’re a bitch, a bald bitch umm umm my bald bitch” I ran my hands over shaved scalp as she stood in front of the full sized mirror bare naked. “Whack” I slapped her hard on hed butt cheeks when she tried to get her clothes from the floor. “You”ll wear clothes when I want you to wear clothes” I said holding her chin.

I ordered her to kneel on the floor near the table until I return. It had been a long day and I had a big night ahead. I went to my fetish closet there it was her beautiful tail hanging in there, I held it in my hands then kissed it. I took it back to the room with me when she saw it in my hands she had tears in her eyes. “Oh so you remember this” I said laughing at her rubber her head.

“If you weren’t so arrogant you’d still have them on your head but now they are mine like you” She looked at me with her teary eyes. I sat on the bed near the head board with her long tail in my hand. I ordered her to come to the bed when she sat there I opened my legs to her. “Take these off and lick me” I said. She looked at me with disgust I held the hair on her head tightly almost making her scream with pain.

I positioned her in front of my legs then stuffed her mouth underneath my skirt straight for my pussy. I held her with one hand and slapped the crap out of her butt with another making her more and more submissive. She finally started following my orders like a good bitch. She removed my panties and slowly started licking it. Oh it felt good I played with her tail keeping it on her back as she licked me.

“Harder go more deep!! This is the only dinner you’ll have today so eat it well” I moaned. She started going deeper and deeper extending the full length of her tongue she licked me faster. I could feel it’s her first time she needed more training but she was doing well for now. I was about to get orgasms I held her head and pushed it down. Rubbing my pussy over her bald head felt amazing. It was a trance that made me orgasmic.

I hadn’t felt so well in years fingering myself, I could feel my orgasms taking over my body as it cramped. When I returned to my senses I told her to keep the position. From the drawer on the side I took out the biggest strapon I had. After wearing it I wrapped around her pony tail on it and made her give me a blowjob. She was reluctant at first but followed my orders. This was something she seemed very experienced.

I then made her lay down the layed the huge ponytail from her forehead to her pussy. It was time to fuck her so I inserted the dildo in her pussy and rammed it in. Oh what a night I had with her I loved it so much that I passed out after all was done.

The next morning I told her to clean the house properly, she begged for some clothes but I didn’t give her any. She cleaned up the whole place properly then I allowed her to take shower. When she was out I served her some breakfast and gave her an old tank top and a short skirt to wear. Then sent her downstairs to clean and open the shop until I came down.

When I went to the shop she had done every thing well. “Sit down” I told her pointing at the chair she looked at me for a few minutes then begged me not to do it. But I stayed firm and made her sit on the chair. I applied some shaving cream on her head, using the best safety razor I had I cleaned her head properly. Then used some shiny oil on her head to make it glow like a lamp. “This is going to be our daily routine so dare not beg me again or I shall shave you outside on the road without clothes” I scolded her and made her stand near the door.

The morning was slow but right after lunch a lady appeared standing outside the door she was reading the board. I looked at her from inside for a few minutes she then finally opened the door and came in. I had sent Sonali Upstairs to clean the dishes. When the lady entered I saw her holding hand of a young girl with beautiful thick locks. They were in a braid that hung around her waist. The girl seemed reluctant in coming inside the lady was literally dragging her.

“What can I do for you ma’am?” I asked her as she got in. “This is my daughter she has no interest in her studies. Everytime she is thinking about her hair and nothing elese. She just failed her class 12th exams. I want you to give her a very short haircut” She said almost screaming at her crying daughter. “Okay ma’am please sit here” I told her to sit she still was holding her hand tightly. “You come sit on the chair” I told the daughter but she didn’t move her mother got and pushed her into the chair.

I had butterflies in my stomach when she sat on the chair. Her braid was well done not a single hair out. It was thick as hell but soft like ice “oh what beauty” I said to myself holding it in my hand. “Sonali Come down” I yelled then went back behind the chair and held that beautiful braid in my hand. Her mother sat waiting for me to start work. Without asking any of them what haircut she wanted for her or throwing a cape on her I picked out the biggest and sharpest set of shears I had. Her mother glanced at me holding the base of her daughters braid in one hand and scissors in the other.

Without wasting anytime I kept the scissors right on her neck an inch above the base of her braid and closed the sharp shears. “Kanch.. Kanch” I pressed the blades in her soft locks. She screamed in agony crying her eyes out, her mother looked at me with no reaction at all. I kept opening and closing the blades with full force it took some strength to cut thru those beautiful locks. I almost shouted “hurrey”  when the final locks separated from the base and I had the tail in my hands but kept my calm. If you ask me I was giddy inside this was a perfect trophy to hang beside Sonali’s tail.

Speaking of the bitch she came down as soon as I chopped off the braid. I handed it to her to tie another rubber band on the top to secure it. The lady looked at Sonali for a few minutes while I started combing her daughter’s hair or what was left of them. Thru the mirror I could see her eyes we’re stuck on Sonali’s bald shiny scalp. Picking up smaller scissors and a comb I started cutting the hair on the back of her head shorter. I was going to give her a shortish boycut remember people a boycut not a pixie.

Sonali finished securing the braid on both ends she looked a little sad glancing at the girl every now and then. I was so into the girl’s hair picking those beautiful locks up from the comb then chopping them as close to the scalp as I could. I was looking at her thru the mirror every few seconds with a wide smile on my face. Thru her tears she could see how happy I was. Oh what beautiful hair she had so soft so silky even my comb must have felt the pleasure.

“Why is she like this?” The lady asked me I didn’t understand at first so I looked back at her. She asked the same question pointing towards Sonali who looked ashamed at the question. “Something similar to your situation Aunty ji” I replied to her. “What do you mean? She asked    “Well Aunty her mother is my regular client she was being a very bad girl so she asked me to give her this punishment head shave and told me to keep her in the shop as an assistant for 3 months” I told her. She got up from her seat while hearing me and walked towards Sonali who looked quite ashamed. 

“Can I touch it?” She asked “Sonali sit down let aunty touch your head” I ordered her. Sonali sat on the stool in the side the lady rubbed her hands over her head and the locks left at the back. While running her hands on Sonali’s bald scalp she looked at her own daughter thru the mirror. I could see her from the mirror looking at us, I had finished the back and the left side of her head. I chopped the sides close to her scalp making sure it wouldn’t grow out for next few weeks.

As I started my work on the top I could see the lady thinking she couldn’t stop touching Sonali’s bald head. Sonali looked uncomfortable it almost made me laugh looking at her. In 5 minutes I chopped the length on top to 1 inches long making it a shortish boycut. The girl was livid looking at her self she was too old to have a hair cut like this at least what she thought. “Aunty look is this fine? ” I asked she came forward towards her daughter then ran her hands in her short hair. She could not stop glancing back at Sonali while checking her daughter’s boycut.

“Cut it like hers leave something exactly like hers” She told me. I felt a shiver down my spine a tingle in my pussy when she said that. I looked back at her with a very wide smile I couldn’t control myself. Sonali looked blank and well a little sad for the girl. The girl almost got up from the chair ready to run out of the shop. Her mother held her hands and threw her into the chair “mom please don’t do this I beg of you I will study every time” She begged her mother for mercy but the lady had made up her mind.

“Sit still or I will leave you bald till your marriage” She yelled at her. The girl cried her eyes out bickering with her mother to leave her. She signalled me to start I asked sonali to give me a mug full of water. I poured some over her head then massaged the roots properly to loosen them. She was trying to get away moving her head in every direction. As I changed the blades on my straight razor the lady held her chin tight, I asked sonali to her her too. Sonali with hesitation held her head helping the lady. I kept the razor a few inches from the forehead towards the middle then ran it straight down. Small 1 inch strands fell from over her eyes she screamed seeing the skin on her head. I didn’t waste time I made more passes clearing the front part of her forehead clean.

“Leave her now aunty if she wants to run away she can do it now” I told her mother. The girl cried but didn’t move an inch from her place. “Exactly what I thought” I said looking straight into her eyes thru the mirror. Leaving a bunch of locks right in the middle of her head I started running the razor removing the locks from the head. I had already done the work of cutting them too short it wasn’t taking me time to shave them. But I was enjoying the scene praying for things like this to happen every day.

Slowly I cleaned she sides smooth then the back and crown. She looked at her self in the mirror with defeated eyes. It looked ridiculous she had a wide bunch of 1 inch hair standing right in the middle while rest was clean. I used the razor to make the area with hair a little smaller. I wanted to make it the perfect humiliation so I picked out a small rubber band from the drawer. Using it I tied the hair in the middle of her head it looked really cute to me. I then handed Sonali the can of shaving foam to lather head head. She looked ag me confused so I gave her a death stare making her move. She poured some over the top near the forehead then started applying the cream.

I knew it was less but since she was still learning I let it slip. She poured more foam near the crown and kept applying it. I wanted the girl to have this time so I could stand back and look at my work. When sonali was finished I picked up the safety razor and cleaned the girl up properly. “Check it aunty’ I asked her mother she ran her hands over her scalp then for comparison she ran them over Sonali’s. “Aunty you will get this smoothness when you shave her twice every day” I told her. She looked at me thinking something “hmmm how can I do it?” She asked. “Oh it’s very easy aunty you can buy this shaving foam and safety razor from me and shave her once in morning before shower and once during evening everyday. For more touchups you can bring her here once a month” I replied.

“That’s great I will buy this stuff I want her to be like this till she passes the boards” She said. Pouring some shining oil over her head then gave her a deep head massage when I was finished she shined brighter than Sonali. The lady got quite impressed with my work. She paid me a hefty sum for my work while leaving she ran her hands on Sonali’s head. I didn’t have any appointments for the day so I asked Sonali to close the shop.

We went upstairs where I hung the beautiful braid beside Sonali’s sexy tail. She looked at me as if she was looking at a maniac. “Take them off now when you’re here you don’t need clothes” I ordered her to strip. I knelt my bald bitch on the floor and rubbed my cunt all over her head all evening. It was so orgasmic I use to loose track of time. But my stay with her wasn’t long a week after she was here her mother came for her regular appointment.

Sonali begged her mother to take her back, at start she wouldn’t even look at her but towards the end I convinced her to take her daughter with her I was bored of her anyway.

More stories of my adventures will follow but I would like for you to comment and like the stories. I assure you I will tell you the tales of over 50 tails I have in my fetish cupboard one after another.




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