Anjali’s Barbershop Series: The Arrogant Bitch

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Hello people from today onwards I have decided to tell you the stories close to my heart, well they are stories for you but they are my real life experiences so I have lived and loved them hope you will too.

I wasn’t a hair fetish when I was born but it happened because of experiences in life, after graduating I decided to get a job but the feeling would never leave me so I started a small parlour.  But I will tell you my origin story in a short while for today I have a story to tell you which elevated my fetish to another level.

So, firstly let me introduce you to my own beauty, I know all of you reading this are fetishers so imagine the thickest set of hairs you’ve ever seen. That’s how beautiful my hip length hair are, I’m a fetish for cutting others hair but I love growing mine. I’m 5’11 taller than any average girl you’d find and quite well built too, some days even I don’t know my own strength.

I had rented a small 3 room space for myself in the front I opened my salon and used the 2 rooms in the back as my living space. I should someday take you on a tour of that room it’s a place full of my fetish treasures.

Technically not my first experience but it is kinda the first time I executed my fetish plans in the salon.  So, there was this lady Mrs Gupta she lived in a nearby apartment and would often come to my parlour for a trim. As long as I had seen her she had her pixie and would every 15-20 days would come to the parlour for her trim.

She was as chatty as one can be most her sessions would include her gossiping about other women in the locality and praising her daughter Sonali.  In some sessions even Sonali accompanied her, my heart would often rush when I saw her. She was a thing of beauty, great figure and what I loved most was her long beautiful thick straight hair dangling around her waist line.  She was an arrogant bitch tho whenever she would come with her mother she would treat my place like a second grade barbershop; she would act hesitant before sitting on the waiting chair, would look around the shop and things in the shop with destain and the worse she would never speak a word to me. I hated that bitch and wanted her to teach a lesson she would never forget.

A few times I asked her mom why she lets Sonali spend so much money on big salons she only has to get a trim she could get it in here with her and she agreed to the idea. Even asked her once if she would like to get a trim at my shop, her response burned me she simply said ‘ Mom you’re happy getting your hair trimmed here but I can’t let someone working in a small barbershop like this touch my hair’.  Oh I so wanted to cut her mane there and then but I stopped myself and calmed myself down ‘wait for the right opportunity Anjali’ I told myself.

They say when you have a desire and you really really really really want it to happen then even god makes way for it to happen. That’s what happened with me in Sonali’s case, there was this small lane in between the before entering our locality where people would hangout near the wine shops and pan shops. I mostly avoided even looking into that area when returning home but I don’t know why that particular day I glanced at the lane, I stopped in my tracks when I saw Sonali standing near one of the shops.  At first I was shocked but then I saw a boy approaching her with a cigarette, instinctively I opened the camera of my phone and started recording the whole thing. She kept the cigarette in her mouth while the boy lit it, she was smoking it like she was a pro. Moments later they poured 2 glasses of what looked like whiskey and were drinking together.   I was in heaven when I saw it, the moment which made me happiest came when I saw them move to a corner away from everyone else. Both of them were kissing profusely it was clear Sonali was enjoying every bit of it, as she made the boy press her boobs then her butt.

I took a number of videos of the actions as well as brilliant pictures from my DSLR, her mother’s appointment was on Sunday evening.  I was eagerly waiting for Mrs Gupta to arrive at the shop thinking about how I can use the pictures and videos to take revenge from Sonali. A number of ideas crossed my mind; I thought maybe if I show it to Mrs Gupta she will punish Sonali. But then I thought she might not necessarily get her to cut her hair so I changed plans. It was a mess I was pacing around the parlour watching the road waiting for her.

I was waiting outside the parlour when I saw Mrs Gupta coming out of her apartment gate, at first I was disappointed because I thought she was coming alone but as she walked a few steps I saw Sonali coming out too. I was literally giddy when I saw her it was time to execute a plan which I had finalised.

I almost ran back in to make things look routine, Mrs Gupta came in she greeted me and started with her usual chit chat while taking her place on the chair. In between the chit chat I mentioned to Mrs Gupta that my laptop wasn’t working; Mrs Gupta saw my struggle and asked me what was wrong. I told her somehow my laptop had stopped working and I was trying all day to fix it. Almost what I had anticipated she very proudly announced ‘why you take so much tension? My sonali here knows everything about laptops give it to her she will see what’s wrong’. Sonali gave a very annoyed look to her mother while I opened the pictures and videos on the laptop, she came near the laptop and was stunned looking at the pictures. ‘See sonali this isn’t working and this too’ I kept saying as I scrolled thru the pictures and videos, I saw her face turn sadder and sadder as she looked at the pictures.

‘Sonali why don’t you come tomorrow morning then we can fix this? Will that be fine Mrs Gupta?’ I said with a wicked smile on my face. ‘Why not dear my Sonali is a very helpful girl she will help you. Sonali beta before going to college come here and help Anjali’ Mrs Gupta replied.  I guided Sonali back to the waiting area she was still stunned and shocked with what she had seen. The appointment went thru a little quicker than ususal, I was glancing and giving grins to Sonali every few minutes. ‘See you tomorrow morning Sonali else you parents will see the pictures and videos in their morning feed’ I whispered in her hear when they left.

I woke up the next morning as if I was touched by electricity, I was so happy about this morning that I completed all my chores for the morning way before the usual routine. Next I called my office and told them I won’t be able to come to work today because I had flu haha well that’s not entirely true for a few moment that day I was thinking It might be the best day of life.

Mr doorbell rang it was 9’o clock I looked down the window and saw Sonali standing on the door in all this excitement I forgot the main reason I was so happy. The reason was standing at the door of my parlour waiting for me to open it. I went down and opened the door for her, it was amazing to see she still had that guilty pale look on her face. ‘Please Please delete those pictures please’ She started begging me as soon as I opened the door she literally moved me aside to get in. ‘ I will delete them but I need to have some fun first’ I told her.

Holding her hand I took her to the chair ‘sit’ I told her ‘No way I told you I don’t get my hair trimmed at barbershops’ she said in a very arrogant manner. It was enough to tick me off how dare she say it again and right to my face. I pulled her to the chair and forced her to sit ‘you move 1 inch I will hit send to your parents and everyone else in your society’ I was angry at this point so much so that I was holding a scissor in my hand in a very threatening manner.

She looked scared by my gesture ‘okay okay you can trim but not more than ½ inch please’ she said in a very hurried voice. Without saying a word I caped her for the first time I was able to touch her hair. Oh wow it was so amazing; I loved them it felt like grabbing a silk blanket. So, thick so beautiful I was mesmerised for a few moments holding her hair in my hands her constant nagging made me return back to my senses.

For first few minutes I admired her sitting on the chair caped, I had seen the same scene in my dreams since she first visited my salon with her mother. Finally, she was in my chair and at my mercy.  My hands were almost shivering when I started combing her hair, Oh my days it was just an out of body experience combing her long locks from top to ends. I made the first ponytail very close to her head and tied another just a centimetre away from the first one, she tried questioning me as to what I was doing but I pressed my finger against her lips to stop her from saying a word.

Opening my drawer I tried finding the best weapon, after carefully looking for it I found the biggest pair of scissors in my arsenal. I knew normal scissors were no use for this mane, it needed a special pair. I held the tail in my hands kissed it once then inserted the blades in the centimetre gap between the 2 rubber bands.

She instantly tried popping out of the chair, pausing the shearing I opened her video on my phone kept it in front of her. “Stay calm baby or this might end very differently for you” I whispered in her ears. She looked me with her teary eyes thru the mirror I smiled back at her.

It was time I inserted the blades again this time enjoying the experience the first crunch from the blades oh the hair was thick it was like cutting thru a ship’s anchor. But my scissors were also a match I mustered some strength and made stronger cuts trying to cut thru it. Only 2 sounds were audible in the room Sonali’s weeping and kanch kanch kanch kanch the sound of my scissors hacking her pony.  After what felt like 30-50 cuts her ponytail was finally hanging by a few locks attached to her head, I gave her a big grin before making the final snip.

Oh what a reward it was in my hand I held her ponytail up as her weeps grew into howls crying like a baby.  I kept my hand on her lips again and gave her a deep kiss “This is your punishment for being the bitch that you are, now if you keep crying so loudly I will leave you like this while if you stop crying I will fix this into a short bob”  She looked at me with anger and disgust. Without saying a word she got out of the chair. A glance at the side of the mirror she saw how small a ponytail she had left behind her. “You say a word about this to anyone I will post your videos to the world, not just the ones where your kissing and drinking but this one too. You did this to yourself not me” I announced while she looked at the condition of what was left on her head before storming out of the shop.

I closed the doors and went back up with my prize, the whole day I layed down on my bed with it, kissing it playing with it having orgasms.

If you like this one the next one might just break your pants.

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