Annie gets her desire fulfilled, plus a little more: 12 years of pleasure

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Hiya folks! Jill here. Just wanted to say that this will be low on context and actual story and focus more on the cutting. Once again, please leave feedback so I can improve my stories. Also once again, this gets sexual. Guess I’m dirty-minded lol. Thanks!



2 months after the second “appointment”

Ellen stared at her reflection in the mirror. Annie looked adorable bald, even though her hair started to grow back mere days after the shave. They had both agreed that they would give Annie another shave once her hair reached butt length again. For now, they could play with Ellen’s hair or Annie’s ponytail. Ellen turned to face her whole-body mirror. No makeup, no clothes, just her. and her hair. It was soft and curly, and fell down to her mid-back. She had gotten some Polynesian genes from her father (God rest his soul) and had the Polynesian hair. It was one of her best features. But she wanted to try something new. Nothing like a headshave; she enjoyed having hair. But having something shorter would be very nice. She grabbed her hair, and tying into a ponytail just at the base of her nape, started to brush it out. It wasn’t fair that only Annie had to make such a dramatic change. Why not her as well? She grabbed her nearby scissors, and paced them just above where her hair tie was placed. She had cut enough ponytails to know that if she cut right there she would get a chin-length bob. It would pretty cute, she thought. So, without thinking much of it, she started snipping away at her ponytail. Her thick hair took a long time to cut through, but not as long as Annie’s hair. Her head suddenly felt much lighter and she heard a small thump on the floor. She looked in the mirror. Her hair very choppy chin-length bob, just like how she planned. She began to snip away at the bob, evening everything out. When she finished, she looked very cute. She grabbed the foot-long ponytail and put in the cabinet below her bathroom sink. Annie is going to be very surprised tonight.


Six years later….

Annie and Ellen arrived back at their home. Lucy had been invited to slumber party, and the happy couple just couldn’t say no to their daughter. Annie and Ellen’s marriage was absolutely wonderful. The honeymoon was perfect, and their adopted daughter (age 5) had given them someone to call their child. Life just couldn’t get any better. Inside their room, there was a nightstand. It had a small lock on it, and inside were some…valuables. Dildos, sex toys, etc. But, the couples personal favorites were the two ponytails. One was 2 feet long, and looked like a bunch of tied up flames. The other was a foot shorter, but was more curly and soft. At the salon, they had a locker in the Employee room which held almost 25 ponytails of varying colors, lengths, qualities, and thickness. These were their special secret. If sex wasn’t wild enough, they whipped one of these and it always did the trick. But the two tails (belonging to Annie and Ellen respectively) were beginning to grow old and were wearing down. But, the couple had an ace up their sleeve. About three years ago, Annie’s hair had reached its former butt-length. This is when the wives agreed to shave Annie’s had and collect another flame-orange ponytail. But, Ellen had a suggestion. What if Annie grew it longer? Ellen could help Annie maintain it, and if they were patient enough, it could be floor-length. Annie agreed to this, and three more years went by. So, here Annie was, getting her hair played with and pulled by her wife on the couch. Annie was moaning with pleasure, her jeans increasing with wetness at every tug. Ellen was stripped naked, rubbing Annie’s floor-length hair all over her naked body. The hair had changed after Annie’s shave. It became straighter, and much, much, thicker. Ellen licked Annie’s soft hair and leaned over the couch to give Annie a kiss. Ellen walked over to the front of the couch, stripped Annie, and they fucked for almost ten minutes.

Annie had decided to leave the couch mess for Ellen to pick up. She ran her hand through her hair. It was pretty gross. Matted with sweat, saliva, and other fluids, she decided a shower would be best. She let the water heat up, and while she was doing that, she examined herself in their full-body mirror. Her round breasts, pale skin, and hair. Her thick, straight, orange hair. She was only 5’7, and her hair reached the floor and even dragged on the floor a little. She absolutely loved it. Stepping into the shower, the bathroom door opened. Ellen stepped in, and walked into shower with Annie. Ellen ran the shampoo through all 5 feet and 11 inches of Annie’s hair, and Annie ran the shampoo through Ellen’s waist-length curly black hair. After more passionate kissing and a touch of shower sex, the two stepped out. Ellen went to the kitchen and grabbed a bar stool that sat at the island in the kitchen. She placed in the middle of the bathroom, and Annie took a seat. Ellen towel-dried Annie’s hair to the best of her ability, and blow-dried the rest. While Ellen was brushing out Annie’s her, Annie decided to speak.

“Let’s do it now.”


“Tie the tightest ponytail you can, cut it off, and shave me.”

“Whatever you say, babe.”

Ellen draped Annie’s hair over her naked body, and it stretched to the bottom of the chair. Annie enjoyed its beauty, then gave Ellen the green light. Ellen bunched up all the hair, took a hair tie, and tied a very tight ponytail at the base of Annie’s nape. Then, taking another hair tie, she tied a second knot in Annie’s hair to increase the security of the tail. Ellen picked up the scissors from the kitchen, and started to gnaw away at Annie’s ponytail. The hair was practically begging to be set free from Annie’s head. The crunching of the scissors against the soft hair aroused the pair like nothing else. When Ellen made the final snip, Annie’s 6 years of growth had almost entirely disappeared. All that was left was a simple bob the reached Annie’s neck. Ellen wasted no time, rubbing the hair over Annie’s body, and giving her the tail to mess with. She grabbed the electric razor, and without hesitation, ran them through the center of Annie’s head. Streams of orange cascaded from Annie’s head to her back, shoulders, and boobs. Pass after pass was made with both becoming furious with horniness. It was over. Annie was bald once more. The couple rushed with the ponytail to their bed, where the violated the tail and each other.



2 years later…

Ellen had gone and done it. She had taken a page out of Annie’s book and grown out her hair. It was waist-length, with her trimming it regularly. But now, she had a jagged bob that barely reached her chin. In a moment of pure heat, she tied an extremely tight ponytail, and cut it off. The ponytail was difficult to cut through; not being able to see what she was doing annoyed her to no end. The feeling of the scissors through her black mane was incredible, though. She could see why Annie liked it so much. But that was done. Ellen’s hair was gone and there was not a damn thing she could do about it. She fixed the bob, placed the fresh pony with the 3 in the nightstand, and waited for Annie to arrive home.


4 years later (present day)


In total, counting the four in their nightstand, Annie and Ellen had 42 ponytails. Ellen had boxed up and taken home the 38 ponytails from the salon. 38 ponytails lie on the sheetless, pillow-less bed. Four were placed on top of the nightstand. And in the middle of the bed, wrapped in each others her, lied Annie and Ellen. Annie’s 6.5 foot hair completely covered the two, with Ellen and her 5 feet of hair wrapped around Annie’s breasts.  They were fucking like animals, and it’s best not to go into details of what they did. Meanwhile, alone in her room, 11 year-old Lucy was brushing her dolly’s hair when she got an idea. Going to her crayon box, she grabbed the scissors. She tied her dolly’s hair into a ponytail and cut it off. Feeling a strange satisfaction, she did it to another dolly. And another. And another.




The End.


I think that about wraps up the story of Annie and Ellen, leave ideas for what I should do next! I’m open to commissions (unpaid, obviously), just leave them in the comments!

Thank you and have a nice day!

– Jill H.




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  1. I love it… the playing is something so erotic… I’ve used ChatGPT to let me write several stories with that as theme, the cutting of a ponytail and then playing. So it is a bit surprising that you popped just up this month (wherefore I thank you!) with this theme.
    Most of my GPT stories are rubbish and boring (not worth publishing)… but yours definitely not.

    So go on, let’s play with these ponytails… lets cut some fresh ones (I still need to read your 2nd post …) over and over, I can’t have enough. Locks for love, just a bit different 🙂 and rub them over a naked body.

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