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I am excited to announce that we will be writing many stories in the future. This will be a wonderful opportunity to explore your creativity, improve your writing skills, and share your unique ideas. Get ready to embark on this exciting journey of storytelling together!




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  1. the story is of a Indian lady she is old school and old fashioned but is a young and married women from village married to an ordinary farmer who finds a job as a Hindi/Tamil/Kannada/Telegu/Marathi/Bengali teacher in a prestigious English Medium school in the city as there’s no one in the city who has grasp on the local state language in the city and is utterly humiliated by her students who make fun of her as she only wears sarees that too in an old fashioned way has a long braided hair wears bindi and other traditional stuff and also is made fun of because she can’t speak or understand English and brings fruits from her house and is very gentle and shy and gifts fruits to her students which the students laugh at and calls her poor and lower class and she can’t control her classroom at all and has no commanding aura one day she urges a student pleadingly to finish the homework when the students mock her and make fun of her pronunciations and her attire and the school headmaster joins in and has fun mocking her and destroying her self esteem she runs out of her class crying when a lady from the school board hears the incident urges her to forgo the old fashioned ways and embrace the new and asks her to let go of her farmer husband and take a 7 months leave and go with her to Europe or Canada there she teaches her the Western ways how to speak properly in English let go of her native tongue how to dress in a western and androgynous way and finally for new beginnings then lady on the school board shaves her bald 7 months later she returns to the same school bald bold and confident wearing stylish modern clothes and suits as a English teacher exuding command and dominance drinking Starbucks Coffee secretly dating the board lady and is now feared and respected by all students she keeps her head bald as a sign of strength and authority she is now extremely confident and often cracks jokes but maintains a scary commanding aura and is disgusted by the idea or mention of her old life.

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