Another Man?

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I received a call from a friend of mine asking when Jill and I divorced.

We haven’t, why? I replied.

He seen her at a restaurant kissing a man.

I was stunned it never crossed my mind she would cheat.

Later that day she came in from work and it was the usual kiss and small talk as she headed to shower before dinner.

While she was in the shower I thought I’d have a look at her phone.  Sure enough her plans for the date was in the phone no name just a number.

Was It was only this one time?

Was this a regular thing?  She was stepping out of the shower so I quickly returned her phone to her purse and left the bed room.

I started making plans for revenge. I waited a week checking her phone daily.  The first message had disappeared. So I figured she was deleting them as she went just in case.

My order had arrived and I had everything I needed for my plan.  It was working out perfectly.

She came in from work same kiss, small talk, and headed for the shower.  I rolled a chair into the bathroom sat and waited for her.  She open the door and was shocked that I was sitting there.

Are you here to watch? She ask.

No. I replied.

I sat her 5’3”  thin frame up on the counter.

Quit shaving the playing field? I ask.

She replied. Cause we ain’t playing much anymore. Since I’ve quit cutting my hair short for you.

I told her. I’m sorry, let’s change that.

I reached in the drawer and pulled out the new electric shaver I ordered.

Placed it on the counter put a little cream on her and pulled her bottom to the the edge on the countertop. I sat in the chair and spread shaving cream thinly and evenly.  Gently massaging it in to soften the hair. I picked up the shaver and turned it on. Her eyes grew wide as I began slowly working my around in circles. With the shaver vibrating.  I Retraced my steps and until it was smooth.  Washing the remaining cream off. While playing with her wet stimulated pussy.

She was extremely excited and ask what’s next. So I took her off the countertop and put her in the chair.  She didn’t appear to have any idea what was going to happen.  I had never ask to cut her hair so it was probably not even a thought.

I placed a restraint on her right wrist  attaching it to the arm rest. She began getting nervous and uneasy. I started telling her that this was going t be fun And calmed her down some. I grabbed her left wrist and wrapped the restraint on it attaching it to the arm of the chair.

With both hands tied down I pulled out a cape and showed her what was coming. She started objecting right away. Lifting her butt up and trying to wiggle free.  I grabbed a long phone cord from the counter and tied her to the back of the chair. I placed the cape around he neck and snapped it on tight. Reaching over in the drawer I pulled out the scissors. Opening and closing in a playful manner.

She started telling me how much she liked her long hair. I listened to her like it mattered what she liked.  The cheating bitch was going to get a haircut. Her next answer was the determination of how short.

Does your new guy like long hair and a full bush? I ask.

What new guy? I don’t have one. she replied.   

I combed her hair down over her eyes and face.

I pronounced this won’t do, you can’t see.

Snipping the scissors for her to hear. I placed them near her eyebrow. Please don’t do it she said loudly as I made the first cut letting her see the mirror though one eye.  She closed her eyes and started cussing under her breath and mumbling.

She ask if I was done?

 Tell me about your new guy.

 Its not a guy it is a girl. She blurted out.  Yes she likes long hair and a trimmed bush to lick and rub on.

Well she will have neither in a little while.  I replied as I put the scissors below the corner of her eye and squeezed the handles together slicing a chunk back towards her earlobe.

How do you think she’s going to like short hair on you? I questioned.

She shook her head and shrugged her shoulders.

Only words she could get out was please no. She began crying and opened her eyes looking at the start of her new cut in the mirror though one eye.

I reached in the drawer once more and pulled the clippers out. They was ready with the .5 blade on them. I plugged them in to the outlet as she watched and begged for mercy and understanding.    Explaining  it just happened it wasn’t a planned thing. Turning them on and off letting her hear the buzzing made the experience even more agonizing.

I was considerate and offered her a chance for an undercut she refused not knowing the option was much worse.

I placed the clippers to her forehead as she said Please, please don’t do it.

Then I watched hope disappear from her face when I started them buzzing.

Lowering the clippers to the side and. Pushing back a strip over her ear. Then  bringing the clippers back for a second pass.

As I did she ask for mercy once more and added a under cut would be great.

I reminded her.  The answer she gave was no  

She said fine give me a half shave like you’ve always wanted me to have.

The thought hadn’t crossed my mind but one side hasn’t even been touched.

With a second pass I eliminated all hope of that shaving down the middle. She cried more and begged less with each pass.  Seeing the long blond hair hit the floor. I started shaving from back to front so she could see her hair better as it passed her eyes and cascaded down the cape to the floor. The mound of hair on the floor was the best thing I ever experienced to that point.

As best she could get out with all the crying she wanted out of the chair. I explained we wasn’t though.  I pointed at the shaver that made the field smooth. Reached over putting shaving cream in my hand and wetting my other. Rubbing her head with my wet hand then spreading a thin layer of cream or her head I prepared her for the shortest hair cut she would ever have. With one click of the button I started shaving the stubble leaving her her smoother with each pass. Each pass in my rotation Also got closer to another surprise.

The prized, shaped, and tweezed eyebrows had to go as well. The closer I got she stated mumbling  again to stop. Ignoring her request  I passed over bit by bit til they was gone.

When I took the cape off and removed the straps  she stepped out of the chair and left, bald and crying just as she entered the world  

The next time I seen her was at court her hair had started to grow a bit but her girlfriend was clean shaven.  When judge ask about the hair incident. I thought this is going to cost me. She just replied it was a life thing.  The judge granted the divorce with no awards.

She passed me a note thanking me for showing her how a partner would be better with a shaved head then smiled at me as she  left.

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