Anything to win

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Ally was swimming laps in the pool long after practice had ended. The Olympic qualifiers were tomorrow, and over 100 of the best male and female swimmers from all parts of the country were going to be in action as they fought for the opportunity of a lifetime. She knew that she may never have another chance to go this far, and if she was going to win, she needed all the practice she could get. Right now she was finishing her last run of the night, the 100 meter butterfly.

“58.1” yelled her coach Kat. Ally bobbed up and down in the water for a minute. “It’s fast, but it may not be fast enough. Especially if you’re going to beat Kirsten Nielson.” Ally frowned at Kat and gave her a light splash. “Nothing is going to make me faster than HER.” Ally frowned. Kirsten Nielson from UCLA was the best swimmer in the conference by any standard, and she had the accolades to prove it. This year was her senior year, although she had won Gold at the last Olympics as an 18-year old, she was determined to repeat that feat this year. Ally was 21, a Junior, and she knew very likely that this would be her only chance to make it to the Olympics. Ally removed her swim cap and let her blonde locks spill out around her shoulders.

“Well, don’t worry too much about it. I know how much work you’ve put in, and I think you have as good a chance to beat her as anyone does. It’s not easy to cut a half second overnight. Try to get some rest, and I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.” Kat threw a towel to Ally and began to walk away. “And make sure you don’t forget to tell Archie you’re finished so he can lock up.”

Ally jumped out of the pool, and began to towel off her toned, athletic body. She went back to the shower, and try though she might, she couldn’t stop thinking about Kirsten Nielson. Bad enough she had the edge on her athletically, but she also had flawless skin and beautiful platinum blonde hair like a movie star. And to further complicate matters emotionally, after regionals last year Ally’s boyfriend Steve had left Ally for Kirsten. Ally had long blonde hair as well, but more like spun straw, and it never seemed to do what it was supposed to, so Ally simply wore it in a neat shoulder length bob that could be easily concealed in a swim cap.

As Ally looked in the mirror after she finished her shower, a thought occurred to her as she toweled off her blonde hair. She pulled it back into a tight ponytail, and suddenly she was struck with a wild idea. Suppose she shaved all of her hair off? She would hardly be the first swimmer to do so, as the aerodynamic advantage from having a completely bald head with no hair would allow her to swim through the water with ease, and also allow her to forego wearing a swim cap. She had no particular attachment to her hair, and the potential competitive advantage that she could gain seemed to outweigh any potential negatives. But before she made any rash decisions, she decided to talk with her roommate Paul. He was a friend of her older sister who offered her a room for cheap when things went south with Steve last year. He certainly had hair clippers as well, considering he wore his hair in a neat buzzcut.

Ally put on her jeans and green tank top and tied her hair up in a ponytail. On her way out, she stopped by the Security desk to tell Archie she was leaving. Archie was a tall 67-year old black gentleman who cleaned up on weeknights. He always had a smile and a kind word for everyone he met, and the lines on his face showed a hard life lived, but many lessons learned. He had a thick white beard and a bald head. “Good night Miss Ally. Good luck tomorrow. I know you gonna do great.” Archie said with a smile. “Thanks Archie!” Ally smiled back and gave the gentle giant a big hug. “I’m thinking I’m gonna have to make a couple changes to get faster though.” She reached up and rubbed her hand along the top of Archie’s head, “I think I need some luck.” she laughed, as she noticed how smooth Archie’s head was. The thought of shaving her own head so smooth was an exciting thought for her. Archie laughed at her “Any luck I got you can have, I don’t need it tomorrow. Pretty young thing like you come along and rub my head can have about anything she want. Don’t tell my wife I said that now though.” Archie winked at her, and Ally laughed and said her goodbyes and left.

The whole way home, Ally kept thinking about how soft and smooth Archie’s head was to the touch, and the thought of shaving her own head so smooth began to excite her. By the time she was close to her apartment, she found she had broken into a light sprint. She was getting more and more excited the closer she got, and her heart was beating faster and faster. As she reached her apartment door, she fumbled with her keys and dropped them. She picked them up and inserted the key and turned it.

As she entered the apartment, she was relieved to see Paul was still awake. She would probably need help, so when he looked at her as she entered and slammed the door behind her, she immediatly blurted out “I’m going to shave my head like yours. Will you help me?” Paul looked at her with a smile. “I’m surprised it’s taken you this long honestly…I know how bad you want to win. Of course I’ll help you.”

After she had put her purse away, taken off her jeans and swapped them for pajama pants and fed the cat, Ally sat down on a stool on the kitchen while Paul gathered his supplies. He returned from the bathroom with a pair of clippers and set them on the counter. He handed Ally a towel, “Wrap this around your shoulders, or you’ll get hair on your clothes. I have the #1 guard on the clippers since that’s what I use, but…l”

“Sorry, I know I said like yours, but I need it to be shorter. So no guard. And do you have a razor?” Ally said with a sly smile as she undid her ponytail and let her blonde hair fall about her shoulders. “Wow, you want me to shave you smooth? Yeah, I can do that. I’ve done mine a couple times, I’m sure I can get it smooth for you. Let me grab them real quick.” Paul turned to walk into the bathroom again, when he heard the pop of the clippers coming to life. By the time he had turned around, Ally had already plowed the clippers through the middle of her forehead, leaving only the barest of stubble remaining in it’s wake. A clump of flaxen blonde hair fell to the ground.

Ally shriked with excitement as she felt the stubble on top of her head. She laughed aloud as she said, “Sorry, I couldn’t wait to start…I feel like I should have done this long ago.” Paul laughed as well, as he returned to the bathroom and grabbed his razor and a can of shaving cream. By the time he had emerged, Ally had already shaved the entire top of her head to just light stubble, so light that it almost looked completely bare. The blonde locks fell about her shoulders as she ruthlessly sheared herself with efficiency, cackling and smiling the whole way. She stopped every other pass or so to feel the stubble on top of her head as she closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure. “Here Paul, will you help me with the back?” Ally said as she finished up on the sides of her head. The top and sides were now bare, but her blonde hair still cascaded about her shoulders in the back.

Paul picked up the clippers and moved to the back of her head. He sheared the remaining strands of blonde hair off in just three or four passes from the nape of her neck to the crown of her head. In just minutes, her long blonde hair had all been shaved off and lay about her shoulders and lap and on the floor. Though her scalp looked bare already due to the light color of her hair, she still had stubble. Ally rubbed her hands over her hair several times, closing her eyes and smiling. “It’s so prickly…I want to shave it smooth though, I need to be as fast as possible.”

Paul picked up the shaving cream and shook it up, before dropping a large dollop right on top of her skull. He began to slowly rub it into her scalp, massaging gently as he did. Ally moaned in ecstacy, “Oh my god Paul, shave my fucking head, I need to be bald, please shave me bald.” Paul continued to rub the shaving foam into her head gently until it was covered from her forehead to her neck. Paul began to notice his cock getting tighter in his pants as he caressed her head. He picked up the razor and placed it at her forehead. “Are you ready?” he asked. Ally closed her eyes, and smiled as she whispered softly “God yes, shave me smooth.”

Paul moved the razor from her forehead to the crown of her head slowly. The razor rasped as it removed the stubble from the head, leaving a path of smooth, pale skin behind. Ally reached up to feel the spot where the razor had just passed. She squealed as she her fingertips stroked the smooth skin. “Oh my god, yes. That’s amazing. It’s so much better than when I do my legs. Keep going.” Ally was beaming from ear to ear now, not just her smile, but also her scalp. The light reflected off her hairless dome as Paul made pass after pass over her head, the razor rasping as it removed the stubble, and her skin seeming to glow under the lights as she was denuded. Ally was growing more excited as well, as Paul neared completion, moving to the back of Ally’s head to make a few passes up from the nape to the crown, until it too was smooth as silk. Once he had finished, Paul picked up a towel, and wiped off the excess foam from behind Ally’s ears. She put her hand to her forehead and rubbed it from the front of her head to the back. She smiled, but she immediately stood up and walked into the bathroom. She returned momentarily with a tube of an ointment Paul had never seen before.

Ally positioned herself in front of the mirror, smiling and turning her head from side to side as she admired her bald head. “This is something I use on my legs and underarms, it inhibits hair growth. I almost never have to shave either if I put this on once a month or so. But I’m going to use it on my head, to get it completely smooth.” she smiled as she squirted a small amount of the blue cream directly onto her bare scalp. “So you mean you’re going to be bald permanently?” Paul asked. His cock was growing even bigger now, he felt like it was about to burst out of his pants any second at the thought of Ally’s perfect head being permanently, completely smooth, forever.

“That’s the idea, as long as I use this every month or so,” Ally said with a devilishly sweet smile as she rubbed the ointment into her head. “I love this so much, I don’t even want to have hair again. I love the look, and it’ll be great for the pool.” As Ally continued to rub the ointment in, Paul noticed that it was acting as a wax almost, adding a layer of shine to her bald head, and that any traces of stubble were nowhere to be seen, as though she had been perfectly hairless her entire life. Once she had finished, she rubbed her hands across her scalp again as she cried in ecstacy, “Oh Paul, it feels so smooth, feel it!” She took his hand and placed it on the top of her head.

Paul could feel no hair anywhere at all, her head was perfectly bald. It was literally as smooth as a billiard ball, and with the hair remover acting as a wax, almost shiny enough to see yourself. When he put his hands to her head this time, he pulled her in close, and kissed her passionately on the lips. Ally was surprised, but not resistant, as she was feeling extremely excited by the situation herself. Paul’s hand roved furiously across the top of her bald head, and before long they had collapsed into bed together, where the full fury of their passion climaxed shortly.

As they lay in bed together, Ally lay across the crook of Paul’s arm. Moonlight bounced off her hairless scalp, as the cat hopped up on her, and she awakened and sat up on the edge of the bed. She ran her hands across her bald head and smiled, before sighing. The most important day of her life lay ahead of her tomorrow. She had taken a huge step towards making a statement competitively, and she knew that whatever happened, she was ready to face it as a confident, beautiful bald woman.


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  1. Another great story. A few ideas: How about some of Ally’s team mates liking her bald look and deciding to follow suit? Perhaps Ally could decide to use the cream all over so that she is completely hair free? Maybe Ally could shave Paul and use the cream on him? Whatever you decide on, I am looking forward to part 2!

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