Are You Really a Barber ?

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A Day At Palani (Tamil Nadu, India)
( Accidental Headshave )

The travel was done my me and Maxwell .It was our 5th day in India and last day in Tamil Nadu. We had booked our hotel in Palani. Palani is famous for a temple. We had planned our last full day at that place. Previous night we had enjoyed the night life. And now we planned to enjoy the day time their. We had arranged a tour guide yesterday itself and he told to us that he will come early morning at about 6am IST( It was to discuss today’s tour ). We had woke up early in the morning and done all of our primary activities and completely dress up. I wore a shorts and a T-shirt and Maxwell dressed as usual. The Guide Came to our room at the right time. We invited him to our room. He started to look stare on me. By seeing this Maxwell asked him what’s is the reason. He told me that to wear a cloth as local people does. But I don’t know to wear the local clothes. When I told him about this , he recommended to wear a pants. So I changed my cloth.

Then he started to explain about today’s plan. He told about many places. We went to the restaurant and ate our food(we also bought food to our guide). After that we went the main Street and we decided to walk. After 30 minutes my legs started to weaken. So we called a autorickshaw and continue our journey to Palani Temple. After sometime we reached thier. Then the guide says we have to climb steps. Before that we went to a small tea shop and had a cup of tea each. After that we started to climb the steps. By 12 noon we reached the top. It was too hot and it was unbearable for me. Sweat was flowing through all of my body. At that time guide says to take rest. By 12:30pm we continued our journey. We had visited many small temples. The was full of huge number of people including kids. I noticed that most of the people were bald. I was surprised even the teen age girls are bald. By 2:00 pm our guide informed as that his service time is coming over so let’s go back to hotel. But we decided to stay here and we paid his money and some tips and let him go.

We decided to roam around. By 4:30pm we came down and started to walk through the street. At the time a cute girl called me something like “akka”. Her appearance was cute , nice shining face , in a local dress and she is bald too !! . I like to communicate with her but a main problem was that she only knows local language but she can speak some English. I asked her name. She answer me something like “Ganga”(I clearly not remember). I asked her age, she answer me that she is 13. She take me to her family shop. It was a saree shop. At that shop her father was their. He know english and we started to communicate. She urged to buy a saree. First Of All I don’t know how to wear saree. I had no idea to select which one. She had recommended an orange saree. So I decided to buy that. It was about ₹2000. They thanked me and we left that shop. We again purchased some materials and reached our hotel room by 5:30pm. Our Flight To New Delhi was at 4:30am on the next day.

So after some rest by 6:30pm we again went to the street to enjoy the night life. On the way we noticed a Barbershop. Maxwell’s hair had grown long so he decided to take a makeover. We both entered the barbershop. The barber don’t know our language. Maxwell jumped into the chair and touch on a picture in the wall and said to cut it like this. He had done a good makeover. He jumped down the chair. He looked at me and asked me to shave my head ( in joke). At that I had hair about 3 inches from my shoulder. At that time I was very afraid to shave my head. But I had a long desire to Boycut my hair. My parents refused to Boycut at my country and now it is the golden opportunity for me as they won’t stop me as I am in another country. I sat into the chair and showed the barber a photo in my mobile phone. ( I had decided to cut as I saw clipper placed their So it will be easier to cut ). He showed like this “👍🏻” with his arms after showing that picture.

He first took a scissors and cut my back hair till my nape. Then he switched on the clipper and he run it through the exact top of my head. When I looked at the mirror I saw a white portion. Something like a electric current passed through all over my body by seeing that !!. I said loudly “OMG!!”. Maxwell jumped of his seat because of my sound and he started to laugh by looking at me. I can’t believe that a portion of my head is shaved. I don’t know how to behave or how to react at that moment. The only way in front of me is to clean shave my head. As no other option Maxwell told the barber shave it fully. I don’t know how to react at that time should I cry and should I be happy. Somehow I managed to restrict my feelings and accept to shave. The Barber applied some water to the head from a bottle. He took the straight razor and apply a new blade and started to shave my head. Within 10 minutes, he completely shaved my head. Cool wind at that night started to hit my bald head. Maxwell asked him how much to be paid. He said he won’t want as he haven’t done the job which he was required to do( We understood this statement by consuming more than 5 minutes because he don’t know English). However without asking the original price Maxwell took a ₹500 note and placed it on the table and we decided to leave.

But I was very shy to walk along the street with the bald head. I told this to Maxwell. He went to a nearby shop and bought a cap( caps used in winters ) for me. By wearing that cap we went back to our hotel. When we arrived at the hotel, an working girl in that hotel ( she was very friendly with us from the first day itself ) saw me and she was shocked to see me as bald. I told the all incidence to her and we went to our room. First of all we decided to take a bath. Maxwell bathed first and I second. I worn my night dress and we on the Television and watched some local programmes declining the language. By 12:30am our taxi came . We settled the bill in the hotel and we continued our journey to the Airport.

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