As A Couple

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I had to shave my head first. Yes, I HAD to shave my head. I work as a model. We both do. That’s how we met. We were cast as a couple, and then we became a real one. When I went to the set, they wanted to bleach my brown hair blonde. So, I went along it. That’s what you do as a model. Let them dictate how you look. Well, yeah, my hair didn’t react well to the bleach. Great big clumps of it fell out in the hairdresser’s hands. So, lacking any better options, she took the clippers from her toolkit and ran them up and down my head. As an adult, I always have long shaggy surfer hair, and I had grown quite attached to it. (And so had my girlfriend!) I didn’t expect to feel my dick harden as I watched it fall from my scalp in the wake of those clippers and onto the floor. I felt like a little child being dragged by my mother to the barber’s for my summer buzzcut.

“Mmmm, you look good,” she whispered in my ear, “but you’re going to look better after the razor.”

She rubbed shaving cream on my scalp and then used a BIC to shave me smooth. The photographer came over after she finished. Surprisingly pleased with my new look, considering that he booked a model with long shaggy hair, he ran his hand over my scalp. He told the hairdresser to shine me up and then send me over.

Noticing the erection under my cape, he told her, “And take care of THAT first.”

As I sat there, stunned by my new sudden new appearance, and the feelings that invoked in me, she poured oil on my scalp and rubbed it in. Then she slipped an oily hand underneath my cape and into my pants. As I looked in the mirror, at the unfamiliar big-eared bald dude starring back, she brought me to climax.

When I got home that night, I immediately confessed what happened to my girlfriend. I put my bald head in her lap and sobbed as I told her the story.

“Did you want it?” she suddenly asked.

I nodded. “She aroused something primal in me. I’m so sorry, honey.”

“You’re going to stay bald for awhile as punishment for cheating on me,” she said, rubbing my head, “and you will be shaving my head.”

“What? Why?”

She ran her fingers through her thick golden blonde waves. “I’m curious about your reaction. I wonder if I will feel the same way.”

I could feel my erection swell. “Can I be a little rough with you?”

“Of course,” she said, “the safe word’s still ‘red’.”

I grabbed her hair and dragged her to the bathroom. Driven by my erection, I stripped her naked, throwing her clothing to the floor. Then I took the shears from the medicine cabinet. For a while, I held her in front of the mirror, letting her take one last look at herself with hair. Then I started cutting, cropping each lock close to her scalp and exposed her beautiful breasts. Tears started to leak from her big blue eyes at the sight of her roughly cropped head.

“Poor little shorn girl,” I said, putting down the clippers and fingering her wet pussy, “let’s get you finished.”

I made her kneel. Then I plugged in my beard trimmer. With it, I buzzed her down to a grade zero. She definitely wasn’t the same beauty that I fell in love with. The clippers left her exposed and looking a little freakish. My erection never fell. I loved the new her. I couldn’t wait to lather her up and shave her smooth, which I did with her own BIC. After I wiped the last of the shaving cream off her scalp, I kissed it.

“Do you like it?” she asked, rubbing her head, still a little teary.

“So much,” I said, “but what if I shave your eyebrows too?”

She moaned. “Only if I can shave yours too.”

Our agent was, at first, pissed by our dramatic makeovers, but she got over it when we booked even more work. Especially as a couple. Photographers and designers went wild at the sight of us bald and browless. A pair of beautiful freaks. Frankly, I didn’t care if we didn’t get any modeling work at all after that day. After we shaved off our eyebrows, we fucked, and, afterwards, as we laid in bed, closer than ever, I finally decided to propose to her. It took her only a second to say yes.

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