Ashley, Ellie, Claire and Holly J.’s Haircuts

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*This is Another Fan-Made Degrassi Fanfiction Story. No Plot Points, Character Deaths, or any other Harmful Copyrighted Content is Used. P.S. I don’t know how many of these I’ll make, it depends on the TV show and the popularity of it. *


During the Early days of Spring, the four 12th Graders were talking in the Courtyard, telling what they were going to do over the weekend.


Holly J. recently saw Paige, Emma and Manny with short, sexy and fashionable hair. She went up to them earlier in the today and asked where they got their haircuts. Emma wrote on a flashcard an address: 18th Street between West Andreas Road and Maineview Avenue. She also said to ask for Sgt. Cutter. Holly J. was a bit concerned about the man who cut their hair and also because there was no name of the establishment on the flash card. However, she needed a trim and hopefully this place had good ratings.


After showing the others the flashcard, Claire said that the hairdressing salon was half a mile from their school. So, Claire called and said the man on the phone could take them any time after 3:45PM when the number of customers being helped would slow down.


The ladies went to the address after they left school around 3:00PM. When they arrived, the sign said, “Luke’s Unisex Barbershop”. They thought they had the wrong address, but they didn’t. So, the four ladies entered.


The sight was a bit frightening for them: Seven chairs with seven military suited barbers. They each had someone in their chairs getting short haircut. The group sat down and noticed Paige was there as Sgt. Cutter was shaving the sides, back and around her ears. She noticed them and told Cutter that Holly J., Ashley and Ellie had long hair, while Claire had a Wedge-Bob. Paige’s hair wax combed through and was turned around. Paige was happy, got uncapped, paid Cutter for the haircut and she wished them luck.


Claire stood up and walked to the large chair. Cutter said he’d clean her up and give her a Peter Pan haircut. Her hair was about chin-length, so she thought it would be a Pixie Cut.

Cutter put a strip of tissue and a red-and-blue pinstriped cape to keep the hair off her clothes. He pumped the chair three times to get the correct height for him to work with.

He turned her towards the next chair in line and started with the Scissor-Over-Comb technique on her left side. 4-inch strands of wavy, light brown hair fall onto the floor as Cutter turned the chair to even out the other side, as well as the back.


Claire soon heard a mechanical whirring noise, which came from the #4 guarded Wahl clippers Cutter was holding. He used the clipper to even out the sides and back without any problems. Cutter then used the Clipper-Over-Comb technique to fade the sides with the hair up top.


After putting the clippers down, he sprayed water on the top of her head and cut Claire’s hair to about 2.5 inches in length. Small, wet tufts of hair fell on the cape.


Cutter took out a straight razor, a long comb with a handle and same wax to finish. He took the straight razor to carefully clean both behind Claire’s ears and her neck. He finally used a bit of wax on Claire’s hair and combed to her right side.


Claire had been lowered and turned towards the mirror. She thought it looked really cute and thanked Cutter.


Claire was uncapped, and when she got up, she noticed that two other barbers were available. She asked if his workmates would be able to give her friends a “proper” look for school and winked at him. Cutter talked to Gino and Samson about it, they agreed on the idea.


All three ladies were talking but stopped when they saw Claire’s new haircut. They thought it looked very chic, attractive and professional for her upcoming college interviews.


Claire thanked the ladies for their compliments, she agreed to wait for them in the waiting area.




Holly J., Ellie and Ashley wen to the three open chairs felling confident after seeing Claire’s new haircut. That is until restraints went around their arms, legs, shoulders, forearms, calves, wrists, ankles and torso. They squealed after the restraints had suddenly closed, while the three barbers put a tissue strip and camouflage cape were put around each of their necks.


They were confused as they looked at themselves in the chair. Ashley’s ass-length, curly brunette hair; along with Ellie’s waist-length, straight ginger-red hair and Holly J.’s belly-button length, wavy strawberry blonde hair shook around as they got scared.


Cutter took his unguarded Oster 76 clippers and started shearing at Holly J. temple towards the side of her head, while Gino and Samson both took shears and a comb to cut Ashley’s hair to below chin-length as well as Ellie’s hair to below her shoulders as they turned the chairs 270 degrees to create the cut.


Cutter finished up the sides and back with the Oster 76 clippers, he then used a set of Wahl clippers and a Flattop Comb to get the right shape. Holly J. was getting Manny’s “May Day”-inspired Flattop. Chunks of strawberry-blonde rained onto the cape, while Cutter used the Clipper-Over-Comb technique to reduce her hair to 1 inch and her sides to 1/8th of an inch.


After 10 minutes of using the Flattop Comb and clippers, he put both of them down and took his straight razor. He was fading and shaving Holly J.’s hair to become perfect.



While this was happening; Ellie told Samson while shaving her nape, that her Dad was overseas in the Military. Samson was impressed knowing their future was in good hands, but also knew that she misses him and assured her he’ll come back safely. After talking for 5 minutes, she was turned around and she got a Curved-In Chin-Length Bob W/ an Undercut.

Ellie thought Samson was a good barber as he was combing a bit of wax in her new haircut, she thanked him and paid a good amount. She sat next to Claire and she said it was very reminiscent to Katie Holmes’ 2008 China Doll Bob, minus the Side Bangs.



Ashley stayed silent as Gino used his Oster 76 clippers to shorten the length of the hair to create a combination of a Short Pompadour and a Pixie w/ Shaved and Faded Back and Sides. Gino always finished the Fade and started working up top. He layered Ashley’s hair, then used the straight razor to thin out her hair and her neck.

Gino finally took out wax and a thin comb to keep the Pompadour shiny and in place while on Ashley’s head. The wax made Ashley’s hair have a wet look, despite the upwards combing that hurt her head a bit. He turned her around and she was astonished. Ashley’s Pompadour made her masculine, but also feminine at the same time. Ashley was a semi-emo/goth girl, and now her hair was pretty much resembled a Fauxhawk in her opinion.

She too liked her hair and thanked Gino. She sat with Claire and Ellie, as they waited for Holly J.



Cutter had the straight razor near Holly J.’s ears and on her neck for Cutter to clean. He then took out a container of green gel and a sharp-toothed comb. The gel was for keeping the Flattop slender and stiff, while the comb was to help with any possible tangles or stray hairs. The gel’s scent made Holly J. cringe and the upwards combing caused a big deal of anxiety.

She was then turned around was shown with a reddish-blonde Flattop. She was uncapped and then paid Cutter, while the others snickered.


After they left the barbershop, they saw Paige in her car. Paige asked if they wanted a lift, and they said yes as they entered the car and the short- haired ladies drove away.


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