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Ashley Rains is the reigning women’s world champion for the wrestling promotion RCW. Two & half months ago, Ashley was brutally attacked backstage by rival competitor, The Barber Jennifer James. Where Jennifer had savagely cut large chunks out of Ashley’s long black hair that touched her collarbone, with a side undercut and had a dark pink berry color dyed throughout it. Before Jennifer James could cut more of Ashley’s hair, RCW officials, along with security, came to Ashley’s aid.

A few days after the attack and receiving medical treatment, Ashley went to have get her hair fixed. “There aren’t many options here! The hair stylist proclaimed in exasperation as Ashley exposed her ravaged locks from underneath her hooded sweatshirt, “Do whatever you think is best, Ashley declared giving the hairstylist the green light to cut as much as she needed to give her hair any sense of style. “Okay, it’s going to be pretty short! The stylist warned cheerfully as she had free reign to do whatever she desired.

A month after Jennifer James’s cold ruthless attack on Ashley Rains, Jennifer’s reign of terror continued as she went after female competitor after female competitor, Jennifer had put another vicious beat down on another opponent after Jennifer had already won the match while she taunted the fans with her shears threatening to hack her unconscious opponent’s hair. Just as Jennifer wrapped her opponent’s hair tightly in her hand and mocked the crowd, ” Where’s your hero now! Jennifer shouted while pointing to her own long blonde hair that was tied in a tight pony tail that had some of Ashley’s black and pink hair braided into her own, which infuriated fans even further as they sat helplessly. Jennifer kept egging on the fans as she would pull the shears away every time she leaned in with them, humiliating her opponent even more. As Jennifer placed her scissors into her opponent’s hair, preparing to make the first cut. A mysterious hooded clad figure ran out and slid into the ring. As Jennifer fell backwards in surprise, letting go of the woman, she mercilessly tried to make an example of and rolled out of the ring.

Jennifer looked up in horror when the hooded figure revealed themselves, for it was Ashley Rains now sporting a short edgy undercut pixie that still had some of the dark pink color within it, as Ashley yelled and pointed at Jennifer while the crowd erupted with cheers, never losing sight of her nemesis. Ashley called for a microphone, “Jennifer, it was bad enough to come after me, but then to have nerve to go after the entire women’s locker room, well I’ve got news for you! Ashley stated angerly. “You & me next week one on one if you’ve got the guts! Ashley demanded loudly as she got a big reaction from the fan base, Jennifer while walking up the ramp agreed with a sour grimace on her face while the announcers at ringside started promoting next weeks match as the show was going off air.

The following week came, and it was time for their big match on Tuesday night, Takedown. Ashley made her entrance first to a big energetic pop from the crowd, before she could enter the ring Jennifer ran out and attack the champ from behind after a couple of suplexes out on the arena floor and Jennifer whipping Ashley into the steel steps, the referee called for both women to get into the ring. Jennifer lifted Ashley up by her hair, and nonchalantly tossed Ashley into the ring and thrusted her head up in the air & to one side with arrogance as the fans booed and hissed at her actions. The ref called for the bell to start the match and began to give Jennifer the 10 count to enter the ring as she continued to taught the fans at ring side, Jennifer climbed in at the count of 3 from the referee and started raining down forearm shots after forearm shots across Ashley’s back as she rose to one knee. Jennifer kept mocking Ashley as she slapped her across the face, Jennifer strutted around, raising her arms, inciting the fans even more with her arrogance.

Jennifer proceeded to use her signature long blonde braid to strangle Ashley with it while the ref gave her to the count of 5 to break the illegal hold, Jennifer broke the hold at the count of 4 then raked Ashley’s eyes as more booing along with chats of you suck came from the crowd. Jennifer then hit Ashley with a DDT then covered her for a pin, the referee began the count but only counted 2 when Jennifer lifted Ashley’s head up off the mat by her hair breaking the ref’s count before he could get to the count of 3 and ran her fingers into Ashley’s hair in scissor like fashion pretending to cut it.

Jennifer then put a figure four submission lock on Ashley. At this point, Ashley had not gotten any offense in yet and was looking like she was about to tap out to her arch rival. The referee repeatedly asked Ashley if she would give up, Ashley just shook her head and replied no as chats of Ashley, Ashley, Ashley reverbated throughout the arena as the fans rallied behind their favorite wrestler. Ashley began to fight back as she punched Jennifer in the forehead and reversed the submission hold, forcing Jennifer to let go of the hold.

Both Competitors slowly rose to their feet, and Ashley punched and chopped Jennifer a few times, which left Jennifer staggering. Ashley planted a kick to Jennifer’s gut that doubled her over, Ashley grabbed Jennifer around the waist and hit a gutwrench suplex that left Jennifer withering in pain on the mat. Ashley went to pick up Jennifer when she punched Ashley in the solarplexus, cutting off Ashley’s momentum. taking advantage of the situation Jennifer raked her fingernails along Ashley’s back causing her to rear up in pain, then Jennifer whipped Ashley into the ropes and telegraphed a clothesline that Ashley easily ducked and bounced off the opposite set of ropes and delivered a clothesline of her own.

Jennifer rolled out of the ring after hitting the mat from being clotheslined and proceeded to be counted out by the referee. Ashley was visibly frustrated when the ring announcer declared her the winner via count out, “You cowardly bitch! Ashley furiously yelled out as the show went to commercial break. After several matches took place Jennifer James did a backstage interview with Mike Gilford. “Jennifer you jumped Ashley Rains from behind and you had the chance to get a win over her, before you turn tail when she started getting the better of you? Mike Gilford’s line of questions and statements stung Jennifer. “Let me get something through that ugly little head of your’s! Jennifer said angerly as she aggressively grabbed Mike Gilford by his suit jacket. “If Ashley Rains is so much better than me, then why doesn’t she put that precious title of her’s on the line? Jennifer’s rhetorical question sounded very bitter”I’ll tell you why cause she’s afraid, she lose that title of her’s and more! as Jennifer words were filled with venomous anger as she ran her hand through the top of hair insinuating that she would shave Ashley bald, then stormed out of the interview.

That Thursday on Allstars Ashley Rains made her way to the ring at the start of the program for an interview with Mike Gilford, Ashley received a massive response from the crowd as she came down the ramp. Ashley stepped into the ring with a purposeful look on her face. Mike waited for the energy of the arena to settle down before conducting the interview. “Ashley, last week after your match, your current rival challenged for your world title, how would you like to respond? Mike Gilford asked as Ashley paused to gather her thoughts before answering, which sent the fans into another frenzy. Ashley leaned  in as Mike Gilford brought the microphone closer. “I have a message for that bleached blonde skank! Ashley said with a fire in her voice, sending the fans into another uproar as they began to chant bleached blonde skank. Ashley managed to quit the arena, “If she wants a title match, then I’m game to settle the score at Final Destination! Ashley declared accepting her rivals challenge for the big PPV event set for next month. “And it will be a Double Jeopardy match, my title with both our hair on the line 2 out of 3 falls winner takes all! Ashley’s words sent shockwaves throughout the arena.

Ashley’s words caused the fans to go frantic at the annoucment she had just made, as Jennifer James walked out on stage, holding a microphone. “I hope you shine that title, and what’s left of that hair of yours up real nice for me when I relieve both of them from you! Jennifer Seethed inthetically while the crowd relentlessly booed her. “Listen here, you blonde Barbie bitch! “You’ve got so much more to lose  with that long precious braid of yours! Ashley shot back with fire in her eyes while the fans kept mocking Jennifer. “I hope you’re ready cause the forecast is cloudy with a chance of pain! Ashley jibed, leaving Jennifer stewing on stage as large oooooh from the fans engulfed the air as interview segment ended.


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