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In the weeks leading up to the Final Destination PPV, both Ashley Rains and Jennifer James continued to be a thorn in each other’s side. They would interfere in each other’s matches, causing each other to win and lose by disqualifications and distractions.

Jennifer even went as far as recruiting two other rulebreakers to her cause, for Ashley mostly got the upper hand over her arch rival. Jennifer aligned herself with 5 ft 8 inches tall, built like an Amazon Aundrea Matthews and the 5 ft 5 inches tall, tough as nails Dangerous Dani Gauge. The three women dubbed their stable Deadly Beautiful.

Two weeks before the PPV on Tuesday night, Takedown, the group of rulebreakering women, violently assaulted another woman on the RCW roster Piper Winters backstage. Piper Winters laid helplessly as all three members of Deadly Beautiful brutalized her, when Ashley Rains ran in wielding a steel chair to save the day.

Ashley swung and just missed Dani Gauge with the chair with Aundrea pulling Dani out of the way in the nick of time. Security were now trying to keep all 4 women apart. They all tried to break free from the clutches of the security team, trying to still fight each other as their emotions ran high.

“I’ll see you next week….. BITCH!!! Dani Gauge shouted at Ashley Rains with pure hatred.


“I’m gonna rip your damn HEAD OFF!!! Ashley replied in a fit of rage. For Ashley and Dani were already scheduled to face each other in a singles match, the Tuesday before the PPV.

The following weeks episode of Takedown had come, and Deadly Beautiful blistered Ashley in a backstage promo earlier in the night, for not being at last Thursday’s episode of Allstars. Ashley’s absence was due in part to her making rounds with different talk shows and podcasts to promote her upcoming match with Jennifer James at Final Destination. Finally, it was time for Ashley’s match with Dani Gauge.

Ashley Rains made her way to the ring, while Dani Gauge, accompanied by the rest of Deadly Beautiful, already made their entrance. The house lights faded causing the arena to go pitch black, As Ashley’s music came across the arenas speakers while the stage lights began to flicker, as Ashley Rains hit the stage to a large enthusiastic pop from the crowd. Ashley paused on stage for a moment before running down the ramp sliding into the ring and attacked Dani Gauge with a double leg takedown jump starting their match.

Ashley landed several haymakers then went to work on Dani’s leg with some heel hooks, as the referee called for the bell officially starting the match. Ashley was on the offensive early on, taking out all her frustrations that had been building up to this point on her opponent. After working Dani’s leg for a bit, Ashley picked Dani up off the mat and performed a backbreaker on her. As Ashley’s momentum was growing, Jennifer James distracted her.

With Ashley’s attention turned towards Jennifer James, when she tried tripping her when Ashley got too close to the ropes. Dani Gauge chopped blocked Ashley’s right knee while Ashley’s back was turned away from her, causing Ashley to fall to the mat in a heap, clutching her knee Dani proceeded to target the injured limb with some stomps and leg locks of her own. Dani Gauge deadlifted her fellow competitor up and slammed Ashley back down with a side walk slam.

Dani Gauge was now solidly in control as she wrenched Ashley’s neck, as the fans were now booing, showing their displeasure. The chants of Ashley!!!, Ashley!!!, Ashley!!! filled the air, as the RCW Fandom tried to will their hero back to her feet. Ashley drove her elbow back into Dani’s face as Dani relented her grip. Ashley staggered to her feet, attempting to shake the pain out of her right leg as she fought back.

Ashley attempted a springboard maneuver off the middle rope, but her injured leg gave out, allowing Dani Gauge to dodge the attack and go back on the offensive. At this point, Dani refocused on Ashley’s leg with repeating elbow blows to her knee. Dani Gauge dragged Ashley over to one of the ring corners, then slid out underneath the ring and rung Ashley’s ravaged leg into the ring post, issuing her more pain.

The referee chastised Dani Gauge for her actions and warned Dani to keep the action clean. The ref commenced a countdown commanding Dani Gauge to re-enter the ring, in that moment Jennifer James took the opportunity to ram Ashley’s leg back into the ring post inflicting more excruciating pain on her rival she despised most. Jennifer’s heinous measures drove the RCW fan base insane with fury as they berated Jennifer for her transgressions.

“Boo hoo…. cry me a river, you worthless disgusting PIGS!!! Jennifer said in displeasure, as she antagonized the people at ringside.

Dani Gauge rolled into the ring when the referee reached the count of 5, stopping his count. Ashley Rains using the ring ropes pulled herself up into the corner of the ring, when she was met with a charging European uppercut courtesy of Dani Gauge, that sent Ashley crumbling back to the wrestling mat face first. Dani took hold of Ashley’s leg and drove it into the ring mat, triggering more intense pain to her opponent’s already compromised leg. Ashley laid there defenseless as the show went into commercial.

During the commercial break, Dani continued her relentless assault on Ashley. When the show came back from its scheduled break, Dani stood over her opponent while Ashley Rains managed to get to one knee. Dani Gauge helped the RCW women’s champion to her feet by torquing on Ashley’s hair, when Ashley Rains drilled her fist into her tormentor’s midsection as she landed a series of chops’ to Dani’s chest. Ashley managed to hit a belly to belly suplex on Dani Gauge, which sent both women crashing to the ground.

The referee began his 10 count, while both competitors laid motionless on the ring apron. The arena rose to a fever pitch as the urged Ashley to get up, as J James a long with Aundrea Matthews both pleaded desperately for Dani Gauge to do the same. Both Competitors slowly got back to their feet as the ref reached the count, the count of 9. Ashley proceeded to land a slew of arm drags, and back body drops as Dani rushed towards her.

Dani Gauge was now on the defensive as Ashley Rains retook control of the match. with her injured limb, Ashley miraculously leaped into the air and hit a standing dropkick. Ignoring the excruciating pain of her crippled extremity, Ashley ran and sprung off the middle rope, planting a flying forearm into Dani’s face. Ashley kicked up off the wrestling surface and hovered over her opponent.

As Dani staggered to her feet, Ashley picked her up and violently drove Dani back down onto the mat with one of her finishing maneuvers, which she named Thunder Driver 99. Ashley covered her opponent as the referee brought his hand down for 1…2…3, giving Ashley Rains a decisive win over Dani Gauge.

After the match was over, Ashley celebrated her win to a massive reaction from the fans. Jennifer drew Ashley’s focus while she continued to celebrate her victory, when Aundrea Matthews snuck into the ring and walloped Ashley from behind with a steel chair. Jennifer James entered the ring, sporting a pair of electric clippers in hand, as the rest of her cohorts kicked & stomped her arch nemesis.

Deadly Beautiful continued their ruthless of the RCW women’s world champion while the offical timekeeper rang the bell calling for help, as they tried to injure Ashley’s leg by whacking her knee with the chair and dug the foreign object into the knee as well as Ashley screamed out in tremendous agony. Jennifer stood over her immobilized rival, preparing to shear Ashley’s hair before their big PPV match, for it would be a preemptive headshaving for both women agreed that loser of their most anticipated face off at Final Destination, would have their headsaved.

With the ring bell still ringing, Jennifer leaned over, turning on her clippers when Gi Jade and Erica Draven ran out to take up for the current champ. Deadly Beautiful bailed out of the ring before the Barber could relieve Ashley Rains of her hair. Gi Jade and Erica Draven help Ashley up, as she hobbled on one leg. All six women stared each other down with hateful intent.

“I’ll break that leg off and take it with me, when I take your title and your hair! Jennifer James threatened menacingly, while Ashley Rains stared her nemesis down with a stone cold grimace on her face, as the show faded to commercial.

Later in the evening RCW Commissioner Ron Coleman announced, that there would be a six women tag team match Deadly Beautiful V’s Ashley Rains, Gi Jade and Erica Draven at last episode of Allstars before Saturday’s Final Destination PPV, bringing Tuesday night Takedown to a close.


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