At the Barbershop, Girls Admitted to the Boys Prep School

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The prestigious boys school was going to admit girls for the first time. There were twenty girls 15 to 17 years old starting for the new year.

On the first day they received their uniforms. They were lined up with about 120 boys outside the school barbershop which had 8 old fashioned barber chairs. The girls were told they would be receiving the same haircut as the boys. The headmaster said he believed they should all be treated equally. Very traditional boys haircuts with shaved sides and back. The top would be slicked back with a side part and quaff.

The girls all had different lengths of hair from short French bobs to mid length to their bra straps, with some long hair to their waist or butt. Some of the boys in line with them were teasing them, especially those with very long hair. You’re going to look like a boy when they finish buzzing off all of that hair, then added, especially since you don’t have any boobs.h

Most of the girls looked extremely nervous as they slowly moved closer and closer to their shearing. The first two girls waited as they were next. The barber to buzz one of the girls said this is going to be fun. He said come on sweetie, she had hair below her shoulders. The second girl had a really cute French Bob. They both got up into the chairs, and tissue was tied around their petite little necks. The capes were then tightly tied in place.

Everyone was watching as the barbers took their Oster 76 clippers and buzzed the longer haired girl starting next to her ear and continued around, repeating the process until the side of her head was cut very close.

The poor French Bob girl had the clippers placed at her nape and plowed through up the back all the way to her forehead.

In a matter of minutes both girls looked like the boys. Their sides and back were skinned high and tight. A few girls were really turned on by the sight of their new friends getting buzzed and the boys and barbers could tell they were enjoying themselves in the chairs as the barbers mowed them down. You could also see that a few of the guys were really enjoying watching the girls shaved close.

Some of the girls cried a bit and others sat there stairing in shock as their beautiful hair was quickly cut off with the massive clippers. There were two girls who really put up a fuss and it was necessary to use restraints and strap them into the chair, while the barbers held their heads with one hand and sheared off their hair with the clippers.

When done all 20 girls looked like little boys and with their uniforms matching the boys with slacks and white shirts, you couldn’t tell the girls from the boys, except for a few who were more developed. Most of the girls were A or B cups and some even triple A, so only the few C ad D cups stood out. The headmaster thought maybe we can reduce the more developed girls a bit.

They were told that they would come in for trims every two weeks.

One of the boys told a girl, she was really hot with her skinned high and tight, even though she was flat as a pancake. Peter kissed her and Mary could tell he was hard as a rock. He loved running his hand over her stubble on her nape. They fucked every chance they could. The first time he bent her over, he drilled her and rammed it up her ass. She couldn’t get enough.

When it was time for Mary’s trim, he went with her to the barbershop. He asked the barber to shave the sides and back with a straight razor. The barber smiled and said sure. When he was finished he said to Peter, you like her white walled, I bet now you’re going to go and fuck her brains out. Mary smiled looked at the barber and said, I hope so, and her and Peter left holding hands.

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