Aunt makes me a lady part 3

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All people and locations mentioned in this story are purely ficticous.

Pt 3

Four months later:

The meeting with the church committee went well but unfortunately John didn’t get the parish as they felt he would be ideal for the job in a few years but needed more experience working in other parishes before he was ready for his own.

John wasn’t too disappointed but was concerned that even though he loved the prim permed look on me I would think my shearing was all for nothing, this wasn’t true as now I’m pleased I had it done it seems to have drawn a line under my previous life before I came to Aunts. It took a few weeks but I got used to having short curls although even now I do miss having a good brushing from Aunt before bed. I started out having regular sets from Mrs Hood and still do when we are going some where special, but lately I’ve taken to just washing my hair and letting it dry naturally the short curls have grown out and it hangs down in waves and it feels so soft with out the layers of lacquer locking the style. My perms still there but I have a three inch straight section of new growth under it, and the sides have grown back to cover my ears, my neck has changed from smoothly shaven to sharp little bristles which I loved John running his fingers up and down, returning to short hair in need of tidying up and now is almost on my collar.

It’s looking a little scruffy and a tidy ups well over due.

When I first left my curls to dry just a week after my perm, the result was a style that looked even shorter than the set, the curls were so tight that I could almost see my scalp between them, but it’s a very easy style to manage and I felt comfortable with it after a wile. This brings me to my next decision, John and I were due to visit my mum shortly and attend one of my friend’s weddings so I need to sort out what to do next. I can think of three options,


Leave it to grow back long again? I’m already part way there; my long hair was nice, and in truth this is the option that I would choose.


Have the old perm cut out leaving short spiky hair? Short hairs easy but it wouldn’t be very feminine, or match my dress style and no way will I go back to trousers now I’ve discovered how special skirts and stockings make me feel.


And the third option revisit Mrs Hood for a cut, perm and neck shave.


I’ve just laid out these options for John and I’m waiting for his reply, he’s giving this a lot of thought. At last his answer.

“I know that you sometimes miss your long hair, but with a proper ladies cut and style you look so beautiful and sweetly feminine that I would love you to keep up your curls, it would be such a shame to loose them now after you finally got used to them, and it would be lovely to show all you’re friend the new lady you have become”.

I’ve got used to having my hair slightly longer and would have liked to grow it back long again. It would be a shock to go back to an OAP bubble cut and perm, but looking in his eyes I can see that this is what he really wants from me. The way he’s looking at me now how can I refuse to have the image he really wants for me.

“Ok then I’ll book an appointment as soon as possible, for the same again as last time” I tell him.

“Just like last time would be great, but may be this time how about trying your hair just a little shorter if she could especially round your ears. And might it be possible for me to come with you to watch. As you’ve grown back so much it’ll be quit a make over so  I’d love to see the change taking place and be there to support you, and I just have to feel how smooth that neck of yours is straight after it’s been razored, lately  I’ve missed your clean smooth neck . ”

Being shorter is a surprise but not as big a surprise as him wanting to come and watch my hair being cut off. It’s nice though that he wants to support me during this as it’s for him that it’s going to happen.


When I return home latter Aunt had already gone to bed so it wasn’t till the next morning that I was able to speak to her.


While we were having breakfast I bought up the subject.

“I’m going to need an appointment with Mrs Hood before we travel up for the wedding, I decided after talking to John that I’m going to go back to being short and permed” I tell Aunt.

“Oh dear that may be a problem, Mrs Hood will be away for another week so you’ll need an alternative. You’ve only a couple of day so you may struggle to get in at a salon, there’s not many traditional hairdressers left nowadays. I suppose as a last resort you could always go to Edith Murray if she’s still going I don’t know any others in the area, but it is a last resort. Pass me the phone book please”. She replies.

Aunt searches the book for a couple of minutes then goes through to the hall were the phone is, I’m not sure if I like the sound of this Edith Murray.

A few minutes later Aunt comes back in.

“You’re in luck she’s had a lady cancel and can do you in an hour from now you’ll need to get a move on as she’s a little way from here, you’ll need to get a taxi”

I go to the phone but instead of telephoning a taxi I call John.

“Can you get the morning off I know its short notice but if you want to see all my growth cut off and permed you need to be here in ten minutes” I tell him.

“No problem he tells me I’ll bring the car round straight away”

I go back in to Aunt “I’m sorted John will take me so I’d better get ready”

Up stairs and on with my black all in one corselet this has become a bit of a favourite its really tight and not that comfortable but it gives me a great hour glass figure and super cone shaped boobs some dark blue stocking to go with the navy blue knee length dress with a wide pleated skirt and a high round neck and a cardigan over my shoulders.


I come down stairs and Aunts already given John instructions on were to go. Then she gives me an instruction,

“Don’t let Edith get carried away when cutting, make it clear what you want and not what she wants, and I’m sure you’ll be fine”.

This statement fills me with doubt, am I just rushing in here and should I wait for Mrs Hood to return instead of this last resort as Aunt put it.”

We set off I’m a little apprehensive about were I’m going after Aunts comments, but luckily Johns familiar with the area were going to, but not the salons exact location.

Were soon in the town and then we go through a series of back streets, find the right street and drive the length of it and see no signs, I look at the directions Aunts written out and see that there’s a number we drive back up the street and park the car near to were the number is, we get out and there it is. The salons not so much a shop as a converted house front room with some grubby looking net curtains covering a dusty window, there’s a small front yard that’s covered in stone slabs with weeds coming up through the cracks and a battered bin stands against the wall. There are lights on and a small sign on the door that we missed on the way past.

Looking at the outside I’m not sure about this at all, John’s by my side and seems quite excited by it all. “Now you know what you want then, an extremely short bubble cut with a high clean neck and a little more cut away around your ears than last time and very tightly permed, finished with a tight formal set, how does that sound.

Let’s get in then”

I’m a little shocked by how insistent his voice sounds. But this is what I’d agreed to I’m not sure about the extremely short part though. And I’m certainly not sure of what I’ve seen so far.


Entering means walking into the wall of smells found in traditional salons, and my first impression was worse than the outside, a bell clanged as we entered it was quite small inside, the door was on the left and straight in front of us was a single old fashioned chair on a heavy round base with a foot pedal to raise it up and a rest at the front were my feet would shortly be going. Hanging over the back of this is a faded pink cape. In front of this was a discoloured white sink mounted on the wall, with an old square mirror over this.

The mirror had parts round the edge were the backing had come away and no longer reflected. Either side of the sink, were work tops with hairdressing tools over one side and a small pile of shabby looking towels on the other. Hanging from hook under the top are large electric hair clippers. At the side of the chair is a trolley covered in perm rods and rollers. Along the left hand wall are three straight backed wooden chairs with some old pink gowns on pegs behind them, no fancy waiting area here. And along the right are two hood dryers in a faded cream colour with seats under them these look really old and one of the seats actually has tape stuck across it were it has split. We can hear our foot steps as we enter on the bare dark floor boards, and looking down there’s locks of various colours  but mostly white scattered around as if no ones bothered to sweep up properly. There’s no sign of the hairdresser yet so I turn to John “I’m not at all sure about this place in fact I don’t want my hair to be cut here, come on let’s go and find somewhere else”

“No please this is perfect for us” he replies. What does he mean but before I can ask the hairdresser enters from a door on the back wall.


I’m quite shocked by the sight of her; she must be well into her seventies with a thin lipped severe looking face with flabby jowls hanging from her chin. She’s a very large woman with large breasts resting on top of her large stomach, her hairs very short and pure white and she stands before me wearing a nylon coat overall, wrinkled stockings and carpet slippers. She looks me up and down then turns to John, he’s wearing his work dog collar and she seems quite impressed with this as her expression changes to a small smile.

“Are you the young lady I’m expecting for a cut perm and set” she asks.

My mouth just goes dry and words wont come out, seeing this John steps in.

“That’s right, were so grateful to you for fitting all this in at short notice. There’s a lot to do I know but would you mind if I waited wile you work”

“Not at all reverent but your going to be here for a few hours, so lets get started. Right then my girl”

She walks over and picks up one of the gowns from the pegs and shakes it a few white hairs fall from it, she opens it up and walks up to me.

“You can slip off your cardigan you don’t need that it’s warm enough in here, then put this gown on”

This woman’s got a very domineering attitude towards me, I stand frozen summoning up the courage to look her in the eye say no and walk out of this place.

Before I react John has walked over and lifted my cardigan from my shoulders and tells me in a soft voice.

“Come on its going to be fine let’s just put the gown on”

At this point my resolve leaves me and I resign my hair to its fait.

She holds out the gown and I slip my arms in, I feel it tighten as the cords are done up then start to cry quietly, seeing this the hairdresser seems to smile slightly knowing now that she’s got me now.

“Right with that silliness over we will start, come along we’ll have you in the chair now”

With my heart pounding I walk over and sit in the single chair put my feet up on the rest and try to breathe normally. Looking in the mirror I can see her come up behind me now she places the cape around me and I can feel the neck tighten.

She picks up a comb and combs all my hair down straight.

“What are we doing then” she asks not me but John.

John gets up and walks over “what we want is a bubble cut again and an extremely tight perm, finished off with a formal set. Now the length, last time it was cut she had it about one and a half inches all over with a high clean shaven neck that ended in a step as you can still see even though its really badly grown out. This time we still want the clean shaven neck but now clipped to blend in and make sure it’s all well clear of her ears and clipped and blended round them. Now the top, last time she asked for her hair cut so there was just enough left for a set you can see how long they left it by the remaining perm, how short do you think you would be able to cut and leave a length that can be set”?

She picks up a section of my hair and looks at it for a second. What is John asking her to do, Aunt Eileen’s warning rings in my head but this is John in control not the hairdresser. Before I can say any thing she answers.

“They didn’t take it as short as they could have last time, what I’m going to do is give her a nice short top and when I do the set I will use some special extra small rollers I have, I used to use them a lot, years ago. Right lets get her washed.”


The hairdressers running the water in the sink in front of me and now puts one of the towels round my shoulders, then unexpectedly holds the back of my head and pushes me over the sink, I’m now receiving a forward shampoo she’s quite rough but its soon over and the towels over my head she rubs the towel into my closed eyes as its wrapped round my head, it’s a good job I’ve stopped wearing makeup.

I sit back up and after a brisk combing it time to cut me. My hearts banging, I feel more nervous now than I did even when Mrs Hood was hacking at two foot long chucks of my beautiful long hair. Then I get a real strange sensation as she pumps up the chair.


She combs up a section of my hair from the top it stands up about four and a half inches long and she cuts it off leaving an inch and a half, about the same as Mrs Hood did,

That’s not so bad I think, but instead of combing up another section and cutting that the same she turns to John.

“Now this is about the length she had last time, how much shorter were you thinking, for a bubble style and especially with the tapered back and sides you had in mind I really think we need to be shorter than this.”

She moves her fingers down the raised lock of hair and I can’t really see were they are now.

John answers “That looks good, but would it be possible to have it a little shorter still”

This seems to please her “Certainly the length I’ve just shown you is the maximum I would consider for this type of style, but to get the best effect this is were it should be, there’s not many nowadays willing to have the more traditional bubble cut at the length it really should be cut to.”

“Yes we would like the old fashioned full cut please, you know best take it as short as you feel the need to” came John’s reply. What is this old woman going to do to me?

She may have asked John but no ones asking me, and I don’t want my hair cut so severely.


With this instruction seeming to please her, this first section receives its second cut,  the one and a half inch section held up with one slice is halved and a section of hair falls on to the pink cape and drops to my lap, with this first section cut she’s setting about my hair and pieces of curly hair are falling all over the cape, I start sniffing and then full crying, I don’t want my hair this short last time was shorter than Aunts what’s my poor cropped hair going to look like this time. The fact I keep on crying doesn’t bother her at all, there’s a damp patch on the cape were my tears have run down. I manage to stop just as she gets to my right ear at this moment I’ve very short hair on top but both ears are still covered, snip and I’m looking at one covered with wavy hair and one bare what a contrast. The other side and the back have now had her attention and she puts down her comb and scissors, considering my hair wasn’t that long when I came in here there’s a lot of hair all over this cape and my hair looks like its been butchered, I find it hard to believe that this is what John really wants for me.

“I will be back in a moment” she tells us and walks through the door out of the salon.


John gets up and walks over,

“I know you’re not sure but trust me, you’ll look brilliant, and some really tight curls now will be awesome” he says.

“Is this really what you want” I ask

“Yes and I love you so much for doing this for me”

He’s picked up a large clump of my hair from the cape and slips it in a bag he had in his pocket, before we can say any more the hairdresser returns.


“Now don’t worry about the length, I’ll be taking a little more off when the perms took” she tells John.

And with that pulls up the trolley, she picks up a box from the bottom shelf and takes out some tiny perm rods and with a comb in her other hand starts winding the first rod in. She starts in the centre of my forehead and winds it in very tightly, I can feel it pull, I’ve soon got a row running back to my neck these tiny rods are very close together and she’s certainly putting a lot in. It doesn’t take her expert fingers long to have my head covered in these tiny rods and I can feel them all pulling at once.

A strip of cotton wool is placed around the rods then she goes into a cupboard under the sink and brings out the perm solution, she’s soaking the rods now I didn’t think I’d need a lot with how little hair I’ve got left but those tiny rods are being soaked, I don’t know what sort of perm lotion this is but the smell is even worse than last time.

Now she’s got a big polythene bag and wrapping my rods and cotton wool in it.

I feel the chair drop back to floor level, and she removes the cape it’s the first time I’ve noticed how grubby this gown I’m wearing is.

She moves over to one of the dryers lifts the visor and fiddles with the controls,

“Over here then let’s be having you” I receive my brisk instructions.


I’m now sat under this vintage dryer despite the hand full that John picked up there’s loads of my cut off hair over the floor around the chair, I can see a reflection of my self in a small mirror on the wall by the waiting chairs what do I look like and what’s worse what will I look like.


It seems I’ve been here an age my scalp hurts were the rods are pulling and I just want this perm lotion off my head.

She comes over and lifts the visor and turns off the dryer, that’s a relief.

I follow her back over to the chair and meekly sit back down, the big capes back over me I was expecting that, as I’m still to receive the clippers that John so badly wanted for me.

Then a strange thing happens she swings the chair round so I’m looking at the window then the back falls away and I’m leaning back into the sink, my corselet pinches as I go back quickly and before I collect my thoughts cool water is being sprayed onto my head, what a relief.

Then the neutraliser, it feels freezing and makes me shudder.

She leaves this on for a while then rinses me again.

The towels back round my head and I’m sat back up.

She leaves me facing the window and rubs my head with the towel then takes it off and puts it around my shoulders. She’s got a hand dryer in her hand now and started to blow dry my hair, I thought I was getting a set so whys she doing this, I’m not arguing thou the sooner I’m out of here the better.

The dryer stops she puts it down and starts to turn me round.


I close my eye’s I dare not look, finally I open them. Oh my god!!!

My curls look so tiny and tight and it’s so short, like a very short afro, my face is completely exposed and I can see were every rod was, this is so brutally short, and it’s about to get shorter. My hair looks so much lighter in colour it must be her perm solution it’s gone from Auburn to near ginger! Oh god what next. She’s got the clippers now.

“Head forward lets get you neaten up then, high clean shaven neck did you say” boomed her voice.

“Yes please, just nice smooth skin left” is Johns reply

The clippers turn on with a loud clunk

I can feel the cold steel at the bottom of my neck, then the note changes as they enter the curls, she’s bearing down hard and I can feel them rise then she runs them up a comb she’s placed, a big clump of ginger curls fall from the blade onto my shoulder and fall into my lap,

“Sit still Girl” comes her order, I cannot help it my heads shaking as I sob, after a minute I pull my self together and she continues, a few more passes and my necks finished, it feels light and cold. She comes round to my left hand side places her comb above my ear and runs her clippers up my side, a large mass of curls fall into my lap to join the others, more passes follow I can’t see what it look likes yet, she’s moved round the side and joined up with the back, before I can move my head to look she’s at the other side and this gets the same treatment.

Finally the clippers are turned off. I daren’t move my head to look, she’s picked up a cut throat razor, her left hand holds the top of my head and I’m pushed over to the right

The razors being scraped over my ear now she’s working round pushing my head as she goes. Finished I put my hand up to my smooth cold neck, its bald part way up then turns to small bristles and finally tiny springy curls. My ears are completely exposed with the curls starting about an inch above them, noting my interest the hairdresser picks up a mirror and shows me the back. It a shock to see what she’s done to me, I’ve got a tapered basin with my ears looking really exposed my white bare neck really stands out as does the small bare strip above my ears, then I can also see the white of my scalp showing through the ginger bristles that blend into the tiny curls.


“Right lets get you finished off then” she say as she pushes me forward into the sink, she doesn’t wait for the water to warm and I get a brief cold soaking.

A quick rub with the towel and she’s pouring on the setting lotion and combing it through it’s hard to get a comb across these tight curls and she keeps snagging it and each time makes me flinch, and now here come the rollers. She’s bought a box out from a cupboard these must be the small ones she spoke about, out they come small mesh metal rollers with a mass of spikes sticking out of them.

She’s winding in a similar pattern to the one Mrs Hood always uses when she sets my hair, I wont dare show my face there for a wile after this. It doesn’t take long and I’ve a full head of rollers I’ve got used to wearing rollers now after livening with Aunt these past few months but not rollers this small, I still think that I look comical in them even if John does like the look, I can see him reflected in the mirror he’s looking on as if in awe, well I just hope he’s enjoying all this as I’m not.

She’s got a yellow scarf in her hands looks like I’m not getting a net like usual, and she’s now wrapped it over my rollers knotted it at the back and pushing in two ear pads.

“Right then, over here then” and I’m back under the dryer.

I’ve come to enjoy being set at Mrs Hoods although I some times feel a little out of place sat between some OAP’s under the dryers, and it’s the same this time the warm air is quite relaxing after all this tension, as I sit here she’s having a sweep up, and about time to, this place really is a step back in time looking at the chair I wonder how many nervous young women have sat there before me and had there lovely long hair butchered by this old relic of a hairdresser I certainly feel as if I have been. Looking at John his face is one big smile, I give him small smile back. The time under here’s gone quickly the hairdressers come over and turned the dryer to cold.

Now she’s taking me back to the chair. I sit back down, no cape this time hopefully no more cut off. The roller are soon unwound and I’ve loads of small barrels all over my ginger lookng head, now she’s teasing with a long tail comb, she’s almost finished the curls have blended together and it almost looks like a very short 1920’s wave  going over the top of my head that’s different to what I was expecting, I still haven’t got over how much has been cut off, I thought Mrs Hood went a bit to short but that didn’t compare to this John has certainly got his shorter around the ears request.

A heavy coat of lacquers falling on my hair now not that it would move a lot any way,

Followed after a short wait by a second.

“There now that looks much better, just what you needed” she proudly informs us.

I get up out of this chair and turn around, John‘s on his feet.

The hairdresser comes round behind me and unties the gown and I slip it off,

She comes round to my front grinning like she’s showing off her latest trophy.

I walk up to John and he runs his fingers up and down my now bald neck this makes me shudder I’d forgot how electric this feeling was, now he kisses me “thank you, now you look delightful it may take a little time for you to get used to but it’s so worth it”

He pays the hairdresser and thanks her repeatedly.

I slip my cardigan back over my shoulders and John follows me outside.

The cool airs a shock around my shaven ears and neck, but what’s more shocking is the reaction of two young mums about the same age as me walking past with their push chairs they both almost stair at me in open mouthed shock to see a young woman with such a harsh freshly cut hairstyle leaving a run down old fashioned place like this.

Walking out of the hairdressers and seeing the faces on the young women passing underlined how big a shock this experience has been, we get into John’s car and I just sit in shock, my ears feel so exposed as I run my fingers around them and feel the taper of tiny bristles rising up the side, John reaches over to stroke my neck, I push his hand away, I need time to get used to this.

I’ve a silk scarf in my hand bag I get it out and put it over my head and tie it under my chin I need to come to terms with this before I show my self to the world looking like I do.

We drive back to John’s cottage I don’t feel like talking yet.

When we arrive back I go in and go up to the bathroom there’s hair in my dresses neck and it itches on my freshly shaven neck, I take the dress off and shake it out there’s a ring of small cut off hairs at the bottom of my neck were the collar was.

I can see my self in the big mirror my very short hair looking ginger after the perm solution lightened it, how long after a perm will I have to wait before I can have it dyed back. The colours almost as big a shock as the length I always loved my auburn hair and have never even had high lights before. And as for the length my poor shaven ears look like they stick out there so exposed, I touch the curls there rock hard and the waves look really old fashioned my whole head feels strange and light, what have they done to me.


John’s at the door with concern in his voice, “Can I come in”.

I let him in he stands looking at me taking it all in from my blue stockings my black corselet up to my very short new hairstyle.

“You look so beautiful; your hair is perfect, thank you for doing this for me. It’s a shock I know having the hairdresser and me taking control over how you look and giving you such an extremely short traditional style, but you carry it off perfectly and although it’s so short, it looks so feminine and sweet that it’s every thing I hoped for. In the end although you weren’t sure about the salon it was the perfect place for this type of look”.

John seems so pleased and at the same time concerned for how I feel after this change, I terms off loss it doesn’t compare to having all my long hair cut off but it’s still very severe and a shock, we’ve got the wedding in three days and what will my friends think of me looking so old fashioned. John holds me and rubs my smooth neck which makes me feel better, well its done now I’d just better get used to it.


I’m just entering Aunts the shops open and I go in the front way.

“Oh my” comes Aunts reaction, “she’s took you rather short this time, but I must say it really suits you, how do you like it”

“Well it was a shock going even shorter than last time, but John loves it so I think I can get used to my new look”.

I go up stairs into my bedroom to change into my shop clothes, I sit for a wile looking into the mirror then get out the photos Aunt took last time before my big cut, its hard to believe the attractive girl with the flowing long hair is the same person as the prim young woman with the severe perm and shaven back and sides sat looking in the mirror, I cant stop tears from coming.


Two days later

Were leaving now travelling in John’s car to London we’ve a hotel booked as there’s no room for us both at my mum’s flat, the journeys quit pleasant and we arrive mid afternoon we’re both dressed smartly John in one of his nice suits open collar today no dog collar. I’m dressed in a calf length beige skirt some tan stockings and a cream wool twin set with my pearls, my hairs hard with extra lacquer to see me through the next couple of days, the tight short set has been turning a few heads on people not used to seeing such a short neat style on a young lady, I’m not sure if I like the attention I’m getting.


We check in at the hotel, park in there car park and take our bags up the receptionist looked surprised that two old fashioned prim respectable people like us weren’t Mr and Mrs. We drop the bags off then set off to walk to my Mums it’s not that far away.


Walking arm in arm through the streets were I lived and grew up until recently seems strange as if the old me and the new me are different people I suppose in a way they are. Walking along the high street near to my old school I spot some were I hadn’t though about in years. There is the Eve Telis hair salon, an old traditional lace curtain place. I’ve never been in there, but girls at school with bad haircuts were all ways teased that they had been. When I was in my last year of sixth form my best friend Carol was taken there by her mum, one day she went home with waist length honey blond hair then next morning she turned up with her beautiful long hair butchered, she had a high straight fringe and a blunt basin cut that just covered the top half of her ears with a close clipped neck, she was upset for weeks after and some girls were really cruel to her. Thinking of that makes me wonder what reception I’ll get with my new style.


My heart pounds with nerves as we knock on my mum’s door, she’s not even seen a picture of my new hair, I did mention on the phone that I’d had a cut but not gone into any detail.

The door opens and for a split second I think my mum didn’t recognise me, and then a look of surprise crosses her face followed by a big smile.

“Oh my look at my Girl, a real lady what has Eileen done to you, come in both of you”

We go in.

“Mum this is John” I say

“Pleased to meet you” john says with I friendly smile “And don’t blame Eileen for the major haircut the idea was mine”

Mum comes up and feels round my shaven ear and pats my hard perm.

“Well I think it was a good one, I’ve always wanted my hair proud girl to one day become a respectable young lady, and be rid of all excessively fussy vain long hair she always clung onto. If you’re responsible for the lady she become then you can be proud of your self”

“I can’t take all the credit, Eileen needs some to as she introduced her to classis dress style, and your daughter deserves some to for having the courage to have all that long hair cut off in the first place and also for re enforcing her commitment by recently having a second more severe cut and perm”

With all this praise I’m blushing.


The rest of the afternoon and the dinner Mum cooked for us was a delight, Mum and John got on very well much to my relief, and later as we leave I’m very happy.


Back at the hotel and I’m a little nervous with John’s position in the church and Aunt being of the older generation I’ve never stopped over at Johns, he’s seen me in a net and rollers at the hairdressers but how will he feel about sleeping with a women in netted rollers, I’m about to find out.

John’s lying on the bed as I remove my skirt and twin set and he gets the full big knickers, long line bra, girdle and stockings to take in.

I sit at the dressing table and take out Aunts small plastic rollers and start to put one in my hair to preserve the set for tomorrow.

“I’d love to do that for you let me help” says John

And he winds in all the small rollers then puts the net over them all.

This seems to excite him and rather than my feared turn off its having the opposite effect.


We wake early next morning dress and ready to go down to Breakfast, but I’m having a big problem I’ve taken the rollers out but there’s so much lacquer in my hair already that it wont go right, parts are sticking out and I’m making more of a mess trying to sort it out. I start to cry we’ve the wedding this afternoon and I don’t want to turn up in a state.

“Now don’t panic I’ve an idea” John tells me, and disappears out of the room.

Thirty minutes later he returns.

“Every things sorted, now go in the shower and wash you’re lacquer out then we’ll have breakfast and you’ve a 10:30 appointment at that salon you told me about yesterday for a set so you’re sorted now”


This comes as a surprise but seems a good idea so I step into the shower and give my self a good shampoo with the pack the hotel provides.

I dry my self down then wrap the towel round my hair, I’ll get ready now as we haven’t that much time, so its on with a silky pair of large knickers they come up over my navel and the ends of the legs come a little way down my thighs. I’ll be wearing my suit that I bought for the parish meeting today so it’s the full cup cross your heart brassier next this finishes just were my very tight girdle starts so it’s on with this next.

John’s sat watching all this so I give him a real treat next some dark black fitted stockings with heels toes and a seam up the back these always feel special as I pull them up and attach three suspender straps to each, I really must thank Aunt for introducing me to the pleasure of stockings, Johns eye are wide open now, a silk full slip finishes off. I sit at the dressing table and remove the towel this is quit a surprise my curls have tightened up on them selves left to there own devices and now I’ve a head of really tight severely short poodle curls.

Johns behind me now running his fingers throe them and I can see the curls pull out what little bit they can then spring back into place as his fingers run throe.

“I so love you for having these beautiful curls for me” John whispers.

Looking at my reflection takes some getting used to but if it makes him so happy then maybe I’ll have to cope with future visits to be cropped and curled by Edith Moray.


Dressing in my suit with the matching scarf cold on my still smooth shaven neck makes me feel special \and my one inch heel shoes finish it all off.


Breakfast went by quickly and strangely I feel a little nervous about visiting the salon, that gave Carol such a harsh haircut, but it’s only a set today and I should be used to them by now.


We reach the salon and John tells me he’s a matter to deal with and to phone him as soon as I’m ready.

“Now tell the hairdresser you need a very formal old fashioned firm set, and I’ll see you in awhile”

With this John departs and I’ve nothing left to do but go in.

I can’t see any thing of the inside as the nets are thick there’s a dummies head in the window with a wig on it with tight tradition curls so my request should be within there scope.


Entering mean passing into the now familiar wall of smells that hair salons generate

The shop inside is quite large with a row of six hood dryers against one wall and four chairs opposite, its quite busy with three old ladies under the dryers and two more in the styling chairs, there are three hairdressers at work and I must be the only person here under sixty.


One of the hairdressers comes over she’s a short plump women with a large slightly blue bouffant and a starched white dress just like the one’s worn by the other two hairdressers.

“Hello my dear you must be my 10:30 set, come in I’m nearly ready for you, my we haven’t much hair to work with have we although I must say it’s very refreshing to see a young lady like you with such lovely tight curls”

“Thank you” is all I can say, and reach up and touch the soft tight curls on top of my head.

This salon is traditional but light and clean unlike the last one I was in.

I’m soon gowned and washed and led to her chair.

There’s a large round mirror in front of me the same as the other stations and trolleys of rollers by each chair, I’m feeling relaxed with this friendly hairdresser and look forward to a relaxing time under the dryer.

“Now I think your perms been quite recently done hasn’t it and the curls took very well, I suspect they have use a very strong solution to get this tight a result”

“Yes it was done about 3 days ago I would have left it longer before being set again but it was very dishevelled this morning and were going to a wedding so wanted my hair at its best. The solution was strong and it’s took a lot of my colour away, it was Auburn but now looks ginger I’ll be glad when I can have it dyed”.

“As its been three days since your perm I could do it now for you before I set you if you would like me to” the hairdresser helpfully replies.

I consider this for a moment and think why not.

“Thank you that would be lovely if you could” she scurries of to the rear of the shop.


The hairdresser returns with a colour chart

“Now I know you said you were Auburn but just consider this for a moment”

She shows me a very dark brunette sample, it’s much darker than anything I would have considered but the colour looks so rich that feeling in a daring mood I answer,

“That looks lovely; yes I will have that one”

She’s gone off to fetch it and I don’t feel so brave now what is John going to say about this surprise.


My hairs soon covered and as the hairdresser takes off her plastic gloves, she looks straight at my face.


“What you need to finish the look if you don’t mind me saying is those brows sorting out, full brows are all right on a young woman but a lady like you really could do with them properly shaping especially with a hair style that shows a full forehead like you have, while the dyes taking shall I do them for you”

In for a penny in for a pound, I think to my self.

I feel I’m being swept along here but before I’ve even thought about the shape reply

“Yes please”


She’s turned the chair round and I can’t see the mirror now and I’m being plucked with tweezers it’s quit painful I don’t know what she’s doing but hope it’s finished quickly.


“There what do you think of those” she quit proudly announces.

I’m just glad it’s finished.

Then I have my first look. Instead of the full brows now I have very thin arched brows that almost look as if I’ve just been surprised. They make me look so different, not the young girl any more now a prim looking lady a lot more mature and sensible.

I should be used to changes in image by now, and speaking of changes it time to wash the dye out.


Returning to the chair after the sink I haven’t seen the colour yet as the towels still round my head.

“Are we ready then” and with that statement off comes the towel, it looks very dark almost black but I try to withhold judgement as it’s very wet still.

Being dark gives a greater contrast between the white skin round my exposed shaven ear and the now dark bristles and curls.

“Now how would you like this set” she asks.

Remembering John’s words “I’d like a traditional, old fashioned formal set please”

“Very well for hair cut as short as yours has been, a set using a large perm rod instead of a roller gives a very nice result”

And that’s what I get a head covered in rods running in a line from forehead to neck then vertically around the sides.

A blue net follows with two foam ear covers to finish off.

I’m led over and sat under the dryer and soon relax with the warm air circulating around my head.

I’m sat in the middle of the dryers with an old lady on either side of me, I can see us in the mirrors my self and me ladies all in the same gowns with the same hairnets showing under the dryers probably getting very similar hair styles.


As I sit here I wonder which chair carol was sat in and what her reaction was when her lovely long hair was all cut off and replaced with the high fringed severe bob in this very salon. I wonder what she’d think if she could see me now sat between these ladies with an even more extreme cut and style than hers was.


My time under the dryers soon over and it’s back for a comb out.

It doesn’t take the hairdresser long to remove the net and rods, and I’ve now very small barrels all over my head.

Expert work with a tail comb soon softens these into a head of extremely neat very dark curls my face is so exposed with my hair curled back all along my forehead and my new brows have taken away any youthfulness that may have shone thru.

A hand mirror shows what a contrast this new colour has made to my smooth shaven neck, the hair line looks like it’s been taken even higher even though she’s cut none off.

Two coats of lacquer finish the job and the hairdresser looks on very pleased with her work.

The new colour and brows seems to have taken away the last of my girlishness and left behind a sensible prim lady.

I thank the hairdresser and get up and have the gown removed. All the old ladies are looking at me with approving expressions on there faces.

One lady comes up to me,

“I’ve three granddaughters about your age and I just wish I could bring them here and have them made to look as good as you do now”

This statement of approval takes me aback a little I thank her then pay and leave.

Out in the street I see my full reflection in a window with my stockings suit and scarf
I look and feel very special and smart the dark hair only seems to add to it
Time to see what John thinks


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  1. Absolutely superb writing and craftwork. Very suggestive, extremely erotic and just want more of the same. Have some interesting side plots – would love to share with Classiccut if contact could be made?

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