Aunt makes me a lady part 6

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All caracters and locations are ficticous

Aunt makes me a lady part 6

Village life seems to be suiting me fine there are a lot of preparations to be done for the church fate in three days time and every one seems to be making a real effort to make it special.
Aunt insists we look our best and has made us both an appointment with Mrs Hood for a set early Saturday morning. I haven’t been to Mrs Hoods for a while as John is very pleased with the extra short cuts I’ve been receiving from Edith. Still I want to look my best not just for John but also because my mum will be coming for a couple of days.
I haven’t seen Emma for a few days but I’ve just had a phone call from her asking if I could go over and help her out tonight, she’s in on her own as Paul’s helping John with some stageing. When I asked why she was a little mysterious and would only reply you’ll see. I wonder what this could all be about.
My new waves have been getting me a lot of compliments not just from the older ladies but also from some of the younger men who come into the shop they seem fascinated to see very traditional hairdressing on a women the same age as their wives and girlfriends. I don’t know what they would think if they could see my foundations although if there reaction was anything like John’s and Paul’s there would be a lot more young women around here with a firm straight posture.
The shops been very busy today and it’s nearly seven o’clock before I can get a way to Emma’s house.
I knock the door and she answers straight away. She’s wearing a dressing gown which seems strange; I wonder what all this is about.
“Hi Claire I’m glad you came I need a bit of help with this next step”
I’m really intrigued by all this but there’s still no information coming out, I follow Emma through to the kitchen and it looks like she’s ready for some thing, there’s a chair in the middle of the floor, a comb on the table some latex gloves and a towel and in the middle of the table a paper bag with a box of some kind in it, and finally a razor and a tin of shaving foam, what is all this about.
“I bet your wondering what’s going on aren’t you; well it’s time to revile all.”
Emma goes over to the table and pulls out of the paper bag a box of hair dye.
“I’ve always been blonde and had all the association with that, and now having made one big change having all of my long hair cut off, I feel brave enough to face the world as a dark haired women and I’d like you to help me”
“Certainly I’ll help you but are you sure you’re ready for this I know it’s been a little while since you had you’re cut but I just want to be sure that you are ready for this next step. Now what is the razor and foam for?”
“Two things it’s not been that long really since my hair was cut but look at my neck already I’ve got some soft bristles growing back and also in front of my ear and brunet hair and blonde stubble doesn’t really go. And secondly I’ve been watching a couple of old films on TV and some of the women have curls like mine, the thing that really caught my eye was their eye brows they have lovely thin pencilled brows, now I was thinking about changing my full brows any way but dark hair and blonde brows wouldn’t go at all. So I’d like you to shave my neck, sides and brows if you would”
“If you’re sure that’s what you want of course I’ll help”
Far from being reluctant to help her I’m actually a little excited to take part. The colour Emma’s chosen is actually a dark brown colour and not one of the trendy makes advertised on TV this looks a old fashioned make I haven’t heard of before, so this is going to be a big change for her. Mind she should be getting used to them by now.
“We’ll start off by shaving you then and then do the colour” I decide.
Emma’s dressing gown has a high neck so she slips it off to allow full access to her soon to be very smooth neck. She wearing just a pair of big high wasted cream coloured knickers and a matching full cupped vintage long line bra, she sits on the chair and I put the towel around her shoulders.
She has some hair clips on the work top (she seems to have thought of every thing) so I clip her curls up around the back to fully revile her small under cut, I repeat this around her temple pulling the curls back from her ear. With this done I can see the full extent of her regrowth, I can now make out her original hair line from before Edith redefined it. When running my fingers down it feels very soft but running up towards her head it feels bristly and sharp but not for much longer.
I’ll slip my cardigan off before I begin leaving me in my prim short sleeved pale pink dress, I’ll have to be careful not to get any dye on this.
“Have you an apron I could slip on Emma to protect my dress”
“Unfortunately not, why don’t you just slip it off there’s only me and you in”
This sound’s a good idea so I take my flat court shoes of and slip off my dress leaving me in my full white old fashioned bra, matching knickers and deep suspender belt with light tan stockings attached.
I give the can a shake and squirt out some foam into my hand, then gently push Emma’s head forward to fully extend her neck and spread some of the foam over her neck giving it a rub I can feel the stubble under the white covering foam.
Emma lifts her head up and lays it slightly over to the left so I can carefully apply the foam the area where her side burn should be then repeat this on the other side.
This leaves just a bit of foam left for her eye brows, she straightens her head up and I smear the remainder on to her full blonde brows.
I go to the sink and swill the foam from my hands and run some warm water in a bowl and take this over and place it on the table next to a foamed up Emma.
Picking up the razor,
“Now are you sure about your brows this is going to make a big difference to your face”
“Yes I’m very sure this is what I want” comes her reply.
I give the razor a swill in the water the place it above the middle of her brows and applying a little pressure draw it through her right brow, then repeat this a little higher then lower a swill in the bowl then repeat the other side, all the foam and brows are now removed, Emma looks so different, her face looks pale and her forehead bigger, I hope that the pencilled in brows she intends to have can improve this look.
Before Emma has chance to go to the mirror and look I push her head over to access the foam at her right ear.
With a freshly swilled out razor, I place it at the bottom of her hair line and draw the razor down leaving a path of clear smooth skin behind it, I repeat this to completely smooth shave the area in front of her ear, there were a few stray hairs around before but now these have been removed leaving a precise outline.
The other side receives the same and its time for the nape. Emma moves her head forward before I expected making me think she’s enjoying being shaved and is anticipating feeling the razor on her neck. I place the clean razor in the centre of her stretched neck and draw it down the foam builds in front and behind there’s a clean very smooth path, I repeat this on ether side of her neck, its now completely clean up to her raised hair line but just to make sure I run the razor up against the micro bristles left there this leaves her really clean shaven, there’s a cloth in the bowl and with this I rinse over the shaven areas to make sure all the foams gone, and dry her with a towel, her neck seems to be shining its that smooth, I cant resist running my fingers over her neck and around her ears, the skin is cool and very smooth and as I run my fingers on her nape she pushes into me and puts her head back. “That feels great I never would have believed I could come to love being shaved and how sensitive my neck feels after, that was brilliant thank you”
“Only to glad to help, now let’s get this colour sorted out”
I must be honest I think I enjoyed shaving her every bit as much as she enjoyed being shaved.
Emma’s wet her hair now and is sat on the chair she’s put a old towel around her shoulders ready for the colour.
I’ve done this before for a friend a few years ago only then it was a trendy red on light brown, not beautiful natural very light blonde changed to a plainer dark brown.
I put the gloves on and pore the contents onto her hair working it through its easier than when I did my friends before as Emma has a clearly defined hair line, the provided plastic bag goes over and its time to let it work. I’m really tempted to get Emma to shave me but remembering I’ll be going to Mrs Hoods on Saturday morning for a set, I’ll leave it this time I’m a bit nervous about going back to her as Edith has cut me the last couple of times.
After we’d made and drank a coffee and some gossip its time to see the result we go up stairs to the bath room and Emma leans back over the bath as I rinse the dye out with the shower, the water coming off looks almost black and her wet curls look very dark. After I’ve finished rinsing I rap a towel round her head and we go back to the styling chair in the kitchen.
A brisk rub soon removes most of the moisture from her curls and the towel is pulled off, Emma cannot see any of this as there is no mirror in sight for her.
Oh my, what a change the new dark hair really contrasts with her pail skin and the contrasting tight little curls around her forehead hair line were her fringe would have been make her face look even more exposed especially as there’s nothing any more between her eye’s and hair now her brows have been removed the whole image is very stark and severe and I just hope she’s ready for the shock this is going to be, to be brutally honest she’s becoming less attractive with every new step she takes and with her lovely blonde hair now replaced by this rather boring dark brown it’s just like looking at a totally new person, a rather plain not especially attractive but very neat and homely lady quite a bit older than the one who walked into the hairdressers with flowing blonde hair trailing behind her and the ability to turn men’s heads, she may turn heads still but now it will be in surprise at seeing a young women with a severe old fashioned head of brown curls.
“Nearly finished Emma, a quick blow with the hair dryer and you’ll see your new colour properly”
Emma’s very quite as if the suspense is getting to her. It doesn’t take long to dry her curls and the heat makes them pull in even tighter than normal. There’s a real contrast now between the shiny smooth of her clean high neck and the dark curl under of her hair line and her ears look even more exposed now with no stubble softening the contrast around them. I can’t help massaging her clean neck it feels so smooth and silky. I can’t imagine how much plainer she’ll look if she goes through with her idea of being cut even shorter.
“Right have you got you’re eye brow pencil ready, I’ll get you the small make up mirror but no peeping at you’re hair until it’s all done”
Using the small mirror up close Emma draws on two thin high arched almost black brows, she looks so different, the brows look just like an actresses in one of the old fifties black and white movies I cannot believe the difference they make she looks so serious and mature.
Emma stands and looking at her in her retro firm bra and full sized knickers now toped off with dark brown hair and arced brow all she needs are horned rimmed glasses to complete the no nonsense strict school teacher look.
We go into the hall were there is a full length mirror.
Emma stands before it silent for a few moments her face fixed; she seems to be taking in the whole new picture.
I don’t know what to say as I cannot gauge her reaction yet; I move and stand beside her what a picture we make two respectable women, in there under garments.
At last Emma breaks the silence putting her hands up to feel around her ear and neck,
“This is perfect, at last I’ve put the long haired dizzy blonde image behind me, I don’t think you realise how people have always seen that blonde colour and all its associations before they have seen the real me, at last I can be a person with a opinion that counts not just a hair colour, I’ve wanted to do this for years”
Now I can breathe a big sigh of relief this is what Emma wants and she’s happy so I couldn’t be more pleased for her.
“Well welcome to the world of the brunette, I must say you look so much more distinguished now and the contrast between the curls and you’re neck look beautiful, now you can really see how far you’re hair lines been raised. Paul’s mums is going to think he’s got a new wife when you arrive”
“Yes she will, mind you in a lot of ways now he has got a new wife and he’s just getting used to it”
Saturday morning.
It’s the big fait day today so Aunt and I have just arrived in our neighbouring town for our set appointments with Mrs Hood were quite a bit earlier than we needed to be but one of Aunts friends has come into town and offered us a lift in their car, its been a draw back not having a car these last few months but John is getting another car next week and I’m having his old one off him so I’m looking forward to being able to get round more easily and not have to rely on others.
The weathers a lot different to last time I came here with Aunt it’s a lovely June morning and pleasantly warm, last time it was cold and windy and I can remember the shock of how cold the wind felt on my newly exposed ears and freshly shaven neck well my neck should be used to it now as its been done a few times now.
The Gala hair salon as the name in the window announces looks exactly the same as last time in fact I would be disappointed if it had changed, I’ve come to love having my hair properly dressed now, and to many real hairdressers are disappearing and being replaced by modern salons that lack any character and turn out their clients to a fixed few styles regardless of the clients needs. As we approach the door my stomach all most tightens with excitement as I anticipate the wall of smells that signals you are entering a real hairdressers.
Entering the salon I’m surprised to see no one in but Mrs Hood, it still feels like stepping back in time in here but may be with my short wavy hair and the prim clothes I’m wearing that its were I belong.
“Good morning Mrs Hood, sorry that we’re so early but some one kindly dropped us in town and their offer was to good to turn down, how ever we wont mind waiting, and how are you now we’re so pleased that you have got over you’re illness”
“Good morning ladies, and thank you I feel much better now, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to wait a short wile before I can deal with you as I’m expecting Mrs Brunson any moment, you must know her as she lives in your village, apparently she is bringing in her daughter in law who is with child now and Mrs Brunson doesn’t think her daughter in laws present image is suitable for a member of her family”
I know Mrs Brunson only to well as she is a regular customer in the shop. She’s quite a forceful woman who makes a lot of noise on the Parish Council, and is always trying to make herself seem more important than she actually is. I can feel sorry for any woman who has to cope with Mrs Brunson as a mother in law.
Aunt and I take a seat in the waiting area as the door opens in comes Mrs Brunson immaculately turned out as usual, she’s followed by a young women in her early twenties she’s very pretty and wearing a fashionable long blue printed top that’s quite low cut over some black leggings and just as Mrs Hood mentioned her belly is just starting to show, her light brown hair is just past her shoulders and cut in a very fashionable layered style with a long wispy fringe but what really sets her hair off is the variety of near white high lights and dark red low lights that combine with the main colour, these certainly complement her quite heavy dark eye make up and give her whole look an edge.
“Good morning Ladies what a lovely morning, ah I see we’ve a bit of a queue building have we” Comes Mrs Brunson’s loud voice.
“Not at all these ladies are here early, so I’m all ready for you’re young lady here, if you’d like to get her ready” replies Mrs Hood.
“Ah very well come along then Zoë lets be having you”
Zoë steps forward to the space by Mrs Hood’s left hand chair she looks terrified and has obviously been bullied into this by her overpowering in law.
A gown is put around her and Mrs Hood gathers her hair together into a pony so that she can fasten it at her neck, she lets the hair go and it falls all around her the colours look lovely as the light catches the different colours.
“Sit down then my girl, I’m not cutting your hair with you stood there” orders Mrs Hood.
Zoë gingerly gets into the old chair; she’s really looking uncomfortable and quite upset.
Rather than sit in the waiting area with us Mrs Brunson is on her feet and stood next to the chair.
“Now Mrs Hood if you remember our telephone conversation you will recall that what she needs is all this mess cut off nice and short, leaving a very neat respectable simple cut that she will be able to maintain with the minimum of effort, I would suggest that the ears are fully uncovered and the weight is greatly thinned from the top and that fringe needs to be considerably raised I don’t know how she can see were she going at the moment, then depending on how the hair falls a parting to the side may be in order”
Mrs Hood is nodding her head as if she’s in full agreement with these suggestions. Zoë on the other hand doesn’t, but no one seems interested in what she thinks, she tries to speak but all she can manage to get out is a few quiet sniffs as she tries to hold back her tears, she’s not doing to well at this and a few are running down her checks.
She lowers her head and in the mirrors reflection I can see a look of resignation come over her face as her poor hairs fate sinks in.
Mrs Hoods giving her a brisk combing now, all her hair is straight down and her fringe is nearly covering her eyes. A pair of scissors are picked up and placed half way up Zoë’s forehead, my heart is pounding watching all of this and if I’m being truthful I cannot wait to see all of this soft silky hair lying over the floor I cannot explain why but I’m wishing Mrs Hood on to really give poor Zoë a good hard cut.
It seems that Mrs Hood has a similar idea to me as she hacks across the fringe, now she’s positioning her scissors at the bottom of the right ear then cuts straight round, there are large chucks of hair falling away as the scissors work round to the back leaving the start of a rough hacked bob behind. She’s half way round as the telephone rings, Mrs Hood straightens up and walks away to answer it.
Zoë’s hands go straight up to her hair and she pulls the ends out to compare the to sides one long, one short she doesn’t look at all happy. The back looks odd were the cut stopped prematurely and there’s a big step I’d love to get a picture of this.
Mrs Hoods soon back and carries on were she left off the rest of the hair follows on to the floor leaving a plain rough bob, Zoë looks so different her hair looks a contrast to the heavy eye make up that’s smudged slightly and it still looks strange to see a attractive young woman in a old fashioned hairdressers shop like this even if she is now sporting a straight fringe and short bob.
The cut though is far from over, Mrs Hoods now damping her hair with a spray bottle and a comb, after damping it down its being combed into shape with a neat straight side parting on her left this really changes the whole look, then the hairdresser picks up some strange looking scissors with instead of the usual straight blades, small comb like blades I’ve never seen any like this before and I’m intrigued to see what she’s going to do with these. I soon find out as a section of hair is lifted with the comb and then these scissors are ran down it, a large section of hair falls away leaving behind a really thinned out small layer, Mrs Hood moves now and I can’t really see what’s happening, but I an see large sections of hair building up around the base of the chair.
Mrs Hood and Mrs Brunson are discussing some thing and Mrs Brunson is pointing to the parting I’d love to hear what their saying but can’t quite make it out. Mrs Brunson steps back and Mrs Hood looks to be going over the top again, there’s more hair falling in light sections, at last she moves around to the other side and I can see what’s been happening.
Zoë’s hair has been really thinned out and looks very short on top the main layers are about an inch long but even these have been cut into with the thinning scissors and so the effect is of a side parted short crop the thinning appears to have been done in a way that makes the parting a permanent feature, she still has some wispy hair coming over her ears and covering her neck but as Mrs Hood picks up some regular scissors this may not be there much longer.
The scissors working with a comb are making short work of the thinned hair left over her left ear now, very precisely the hair line is forming around the ear that has been folded down to allow easier access, the hairs being tapered now with the comb lifting sections up it quite short all round the ear now and Mrs Hoods moving round to the back. Zoë’s lucky that she’s being left with a short scissored hair line round the back I know how these old fashioned hairdressers can get carried away with a fresh neck to work on, it doesn’t take long for Mrs Hood to finish up and put down the comb and scissors she now picks up a small brush and removes all the cut hair from around the top of the gown and brush off all the hair still sitting on the shoulders. Her hairs nearly dry and there’s been that much thinning out done to the top that it only takes a couple of minutes for Mrs Hood to completely dry her hair with a hand dryer. Dried it looks even shorter and sits perfectly in parted style she’s been given the high straight fringe looks a little out of place as if it had been done by her mum.
The new Zoë really looks different to the young trendy with a attitude who walked in not that long a go the colours left on top don’t show up nearly a much as they did now only part of the high lights remain, how ever where her hair has been taken shorter at the back you can clearly see spots of colour that are the remains of individual high lights and the small length of natural root were they have grown out.
Zoë doesn’t look at all happy with this new cut and just looks down as if she can’t bear to look at her self. Mrs Brunson on the other hand looks very pleased with her self and is smugly nodding her head, but then she walks around the back and her expression changes.
“Oh dear just look at these, the spots those silly colours have left will have to go I can’t have her walking around looking like a leopard, you’ll need to take off what’ necessary to get rid of those” booms Mrs Brunson
“Very well that’s not a problem but the sides will need to be blended in to match, if you’re happy for her to be closely clippered then I’ll carry on” replies Mrs Hood
“Yes I think it will be appropriate in this case”
With Mrs Brunson’s wishes confirmed the clippers are removed from there hook, Zoë’s sat and sniffed her tears up to now but the sight of the clippers is to much for her.
“Please I don’t want to be shaven haven’t I gone short enough for you already I only agreed to this to stop you going on at me, you said it would just be a tidy up”
Before Zoë could go on any more Mrs Brunson stopped her in her tracks.
“That’s enough my girl, you will have you’re hair cut in a manner appropriate to you’re condition, and the fact you are known to be a member of my family means you will keep up standards of dress and grooming appropriate to our social standing in the area, now be quiet”
Zoë lowers her head and sobs looking totally deflated. None of this stops Mrs Hood who with a smug grin on her face has fitted a small plastic guard to the blade of the clippers. The pop noise followed by the low buzzing seems very loud in the now silent salon, Zoë’s head is pushed forward and the clippers placed at the bottom of her hair line, with one movement they are pressed up into her hair raised then with a flick of her wrist bought out and a clump of hair flicked from clippers, there’s a very short strip running up the back of her neck and tapering out into the hair on top her scalp is clearly visible through the stubble left behind. Zoë’s really crying now but no one’s taking any notice. Mrs Hood soon makes short work of the neck and moves round to the right side which is not visible from here, it’s not long before she’s round this side and I can see the clippers being run around Zoë’s ear and blending the sides in with the back. The guard is then removed and the hair line around her head is being clearly defined it doesn’t take long until the clippers are swapped for a straight razor.
Mrs Hood has now made a lovely job of giving Zoë a nice clean neck and very neat hair line the tiny clippings are being brushed from her neck and she’s now got a very plain short back and sides style, Mrs Brunson looks very pleased with how plain her hair now looks.
“Thank you Mrs Hood that’s just what was needed, you’ve made her look as if she comes from a respectable family now, once I’ve got her clothing sorted out she may even become a credit to us one day”
“I’m pleased you’re happy I must say I do enjoy doing this sort of change, its really nice to see a nice neat head emerge from a hairy mess like the one she came in with god knows what they were thinking when they cut that, I must agree those spots of colour are certainly better of on the floor than on the head, now up you get my girl that’s you done”
Zoë looks up and the sight of her freshly clippered sides only starts her crying again, still she stands up and steps away from the chair. Mrs Hood unties the gown and slips it off her as she approaches us I can see that her heavy make up has really smudged around her eyes.


“Before you leave you need to wash you’re face I’m not having people see you leave my shop looking like that, now go over to that sink and wash it off”
Zoë goes over to the sink and looks around at us a look of embarrassment crosses her face as she is made a show of. There’s a bar of soap on the side of the sink and Mrs Brunson moves over to make sure it’s all gone.
Oh my what a difference, with the makeup gone she looks so fresh faced and her new plain short parted hair cut makes her look so much younger, her slightly showing belly looks out of place on such a plain young woman.
She’s feeling the back now stood in the shop as Mrs Brunson pays and shudders as her hand finds the prickly stubble that now makes up the back of her head.
“Well thank you Mrs Hood for a long over due job well done, I cannot believe the difference I’m quite sure her husband will be very pleased that at last she’s starting to look like a respectable wife should, now come along we’ve a lot to do. Good bye ladies”
And with this she ushers an upset shawn Zoë out of the shop.
Holding out the gown she’d just taken off Zoë Mrs Hood turns to Aunt and me.
“Now then Eileen it’s a set for both of you then, I see you’ve been keeping up the perms then it’s nice and short now what did you have in mind for you’re set” she asks.
Before I can answer, Aunt comes in.
“She’s had to go to Edith’s a couple of times while you were unavailable, her hair has grown out a little since she cut it last time, I must say it was extremely short but I do like the way these waves have formed. Now I have had an idea for the fait today, do you remember when ladies used to have Marcel waves in their hair, well I think she would look absolutely divine with a head of firm set waves, do you think you could do this”
“I haven’t done those for quite a few years, I used to have a couple of old ladies who still had them, the ladies passed away a long time ago but I’ve still got the clips, I remember learning how to do these when I first started hairdressing many years ago, in fact it will be nice to do them again after all this time”
I’m sat in the chair now with my hair freshly washed and Mrs Hood is combing it out, I’m not really sure what these Marcel waves that Aunt and Mrs Hood seem so keen for me to have actually look like, they sound very old fashioned and how am I going to look with the hair style of some long dead old ladies, oh well at least she’s not going to cut my hair today so if I don’t like them at least I’ll be able to wash them out my self later although that would be a great disappointment as John has asked me to have my hair set how he loves it in a prim formal set with plenty of lacquer for the fait later, he seemed disappointed when I told him I would be having a set this morning that he wouldn’t be able to come along to but there is simply to much for him to do this morning to be able to sit around watching me being wound up in rollers and covered in a net.
Mrs Hoods rooting round in the back of a cupboard and pulls out a battered old box,
“I knew they were in there some were, here we are I wont be using rollers on you today my dear instead I’ve got the original clips they used to use when I was a girl”
Inside the box are some long metal clips I’ve never seen any thing like these before what on earth is she going to do with them.
The answer soon reveals its self, after a good soak in setting lotion Mrs Hoods carefully arranging my hair into rows of waves starting by one ear going up over my head and down to my other ear, these waves are then being held in place with a series of the metal clip, these are the then repeated over the rest of my head.
It’s taking a while longer than a roller set would to get all the waves right but Mrs Hood doesn’t seem to mind in fact she’s quite chatty with Aunt.
“How are you now Eileen, fully recovered from you’re illness now are you”
“I’m back to full strength now thank you, it’s been very helpful having Claire here stop with me the last few months to help me out with the shop”
“That’s what I need a young assistant to take some of the work load off me I’ve being trying to get one for the last month, I’m having to turn away a lot of business and as for taking on new clients well at times its out of the question, I don’t mind at all doing the odd cut like Mrs Brunson’s daughter in law this morning, in fact I really enjoyed chopping all her fashionable look off, I don’t think she’s ever had a presentable short cut before, well it was long over due I used to do a lot of those years ago now I struggle to cope with just the regulars and I really feel bad if ever I let them down because I’m under the weather. I’ve had a few apply and interviewed them but they haven’t the enthusiasm for traditional hairdressing that I demand, and also I would expect any one working here to dress and wear their hair in a style that reflects the standards we believe in, in short I would expect them to be cut and permed here and set regularly in a manner that reflects are clients ideals of good hairdressing and when I make this clear to them they cannot wait to leave. In fact I think I will be better off training some one my self as these modern hairdressers haven’t a clue how to cut hair properly and most have never even given a simple set never mind the complex ones some of my ladies wear. It’s just a case now of finding the right candidate”
This conversation has gone on for quite a while and I am that focused on what Mrs Hood has been saying I haven’t been taking any notice of what she’s doing with my hair, in fact all the metal clips are now in place it all feels heavy and looks very strange, it looks a little more normal now as a net is placed over and ear pads put over my ears.
“Right young lady lets get you dried off”
I’m led to the left hand of the three dryers, I’ve come to love my time under these hood dryers the warm air around my head is really relaxing but today my head is now to full of Mrs Hoods words to allow me to switch off.
The visor comes down the fan starts up and I can hear no more of what’s being said.
The ideas come out of the blue but the more I think about it the more I want to become Mrs Hoods trainee, I loved doing Emma’s shaven neck and colour and found watching Zoë and Emma being shorn of all there hair really exciting, if just watching made my heart beat faster what must it be like to actually close the scissors on those long tresses and see them fall away, I realise that most of the time would be spent just trimming and setting older ladies hair but even this would be very rewarding.
My big problem is how I can tell Aunt that I no longer want to work full time in her shop after how kind she’s been to me when I most needed it, fortunately now Aunt is back to full health there isn’t really any work for me other than to talk to keep Aunt company during the day, and also I really enjoy living with her, I wouldn’t be able to move in with John yet as this would course him a lot of problems with the church, I’ll need to give this some thought.
I’ve been that wrapped up in my thoughts that I haven’t taken any notice of what’s happening to Aunt and time has just run away and the next thing I know she’s sitting down next to me with a head of small netted rollers, looking in the mirror opposite we do look a fine pair in matching gowns and nets.
After a couple of minutes Mrs Hood comes over and turns off my dryer I follow her back to the chair and sit back down, I’m that court up in the whole idea of becoming a hairdresser that I’ve not even given these Marcel waves another thought now as she removes the net it comes straight back to me.
Mrs Hood leaves me sat for a few minutes to cool down, while I’m waiting two ladies in there mid fifties come in, they must be Mrs Hoods next appointments, both have neat short sets one is steel grey but the other has a blue rinse in her hair which must be pure white to give a colour like this, they both greet Mrs Hood then take their light summer jackets off and sit down.
The clips are being taken out now looking straight on I cannot see the result yet as my hair is straight back off my face just as it all ways is Mrs Hoods working at the waves with the long end of a tail comb there’s no back combing to be done today, instead theirs a look of concentration on Mrs Hoods face and she’s not disturbing this with conversation. She spends another twenty minutes working the set which is a long time for an experienced hairdresser like her, and then she straightens up her back with a smile on her face.
“I haven’t done one of these for a long time but I must say I’m quite proud of my work today, I’ll just clean you’re neck up and that’s you done”
I’m now given a nice clean neck shave first with the clippers, I’ve come to love the feel of the cold metal blades on my neck I think it’s the knowledge that all of the hair on my nape is being clipped off to leave just cold bare skin, I never would have believed a few months ago that I would want the back of my neck shaven completely bald never mind actually look forward excitedly to the sensation I get while its actually being done. This sensation is followed by the final touch of the straight bare razor.
“I’ve change the hair line at the back slightly to suit this look better”
She follows this statement up with two very thick coats of lacquer; I just want to see the result now so turn my head so I can see the sides in the mirror, OH MY this is just like one of those 1920’s film stars I’ve rows of deep waves that start at my ear and run over the top to come down in exactly the same position on the opposite side, these look so glamorous I’ve never seen any one other than in old films with a style like this, I must be unique in the area and I love it, I’d never have thought of trying any thing like this. Mrs Hoods holding up a mirror now and I can see the back the waves continue back clear of my ears and end perfectly in one of the dips in the wave, my hair line has been altered now so that it’s flatter and instead of the slight clipped taper that started my normal small waves and came a little way down my nape the tapers gone and it’s a complete step between shaven skin and hair that runs in a slight curve from the top of my ears.
“That looks so beautiful thank you so much, I just love this” I gush the words out.
“It’s a pleasure my dear, you wear this so well, I never thought I’d ever do these waves again, its been a very long time since a young lady left here with a Marcel wave in her hair I’d almost forgotten how lovely they look” replies Mrs Hood.
Being finished now I rise up from the chair Aunts still under the dryer and gives me a big smile and an approving nod of here head.
Aunts in the styling chair now having her set combed out, she looks as immaculately neat as usual it seems funny to think that her short prim style seemed very severe to me when I first came here with my flowing long hair, but now it seems quite middle of the road after my severe cuts at the hands of Edith.
It doesn’t take Mrs Hood long to finish Aunt off and give her a couple of good thick coats of lacquer.
I can’t wait to leave here now and get back to show John my new style but that will have to wait till later as he’s tied up all morning and I wont see him till the fait.
Aunts finished now and we both pay Mrs Hood and leave the salon after heaping more praise on her for the excellent work she has done this morning.
We’ve not time to spend in the town this morning as the shop still needs to be opened up. So we go straight to the taxi rank and get into the first taxi.
Travelling back the driver a young women can hardly take her eyes off my hair, there’s that much going through my mind I barely notice, Mrs Hoods words are repeating in my head along with the memory of Zoë’s lovely long hair all being cut off and a short no non sense hair style left in its place.
I’ve not said a word in the taxi I’m that preoccupied.
“You seem deep in thought, have you thought any about what Mrs Hood was saying that could be a real opportunity for you. Now I’m back to full health there’s not really enough for both of us to do in the shop and one day she’s going to need some one to take over completely”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing I had been trying to build up to say something with out hurting Aunts feelings but she must have been reading my mind.
“Yes I had been thinking about this, and I really want to do this, but I don’t want to seem ungrateful for every thing you’ve done for me”
“Not at all my dear, I love having you here. I didn’t expect you to stay this long I thought that after a few weeks you’d need to get back to London and restart you’re life there, but I must admit I’m glad you didn’t and I’m so proud of the young lady you have become. And what’s more I’d be really pleased if you stayed with me as long as you like”
This was it then I will phone Mrs Hood and if she will have me, I will train to be a traditional ladies hairdresser.

I felt quite glamorous when I left the hair dressers with my new Marcel waves looking a bit like a 1920’s film star, and when we got back to aunts she sorted me out a beautiful silky cream dress with a dropped waist that really looked the part, she also gave me some real silk white stockings and these felt really special as I pulled them on and attached them to my suspenders. I really felt the part.
John was at the church seeing to the last minute preparations he hasn’t seen my new look yet but I’ve got his stare set of car keys and I’m off now to the station to pick up my mum whose train should be arriving shortly, I haven’t seen her since we went up to London for the wedding so I’m really looking forward to this.
I arrive at the station and park nearby the walk through to the platform the train has just left I look round but cannot see my mum I hope she hasn’t missed the train then a ladies voice behind me makes me jump.
“Looking for me” says mum with a big smile on her face.
What a surprise ever since I’ve been born mum has always had the same neat precise chin length bob, but now most of it has gone as she’s wearing a lovely short perm set very precisely giving quite a bit of height on top, the sides just covers the top quarter of her ears and she’s got a neat straight rollered fringe half way up her forehead the whole effect is very smart.
“I’m not the only one who’s spent some time in the hairdressers then, you look lovely what a refreshing change, lets see the back” I reply.
Mum turns round to give me a view of the rear the structured curls continue down to her natural hair line were they abruptly finish in a precise curl under. I don’t think Edith would have left it that low but it still looks really nice.
“Mum you look so different when did you have your hair cut”.
“I knew coming here that you and Eileen would be impeccably turned out so I thought lets not let the side down and had all my bob cut off yesterday. I’m still not quite used to it yet but it does feel very feminine even if I was shocked at how much of my hair had been cut off. Speaking of which look at you there’s hardly any of your hair left now it was very short last time I saw you but you’ve had even more cut off, I hope John approved, though I do like these lovely waves you’ve got.”
“John definitely approves in fact the shorter and tighter my hair gets the more he seems to like it”
With this we set of back to Aunts.
Leaving Aunts for the fait the three of us looked so smart Aunt with her curls freshly set by Mrs Hood, Mum with her newly cut perm and me wearing retro Marcel waves.
I coursed a bit of a stir at the fait everyone was so surprised by my new look and full of compliments, John was particularly pleased and the silk stockings really court his eye, I was so pleased that he was happy with the way I was turned out and he didn’t leave my side all afternoon.
“I’ve some news for you later” I said to John, Ill wait to tell him about my wanting to be a traditional ladies hair dresser till later when I’ve his full attention, not that he wasn’t paying attention now he seemed transfixed by my new waves.
It would have been nice if Emma could have been here to show the world another neat permed head.
After a while we bumped into Mrs Brunson who had been in the hairdressers that morning she still had Zoë with her and had been joined by her son, Zoë looked so different her trendy clothes had been replaced by a light pink flowery maternity dress with a high round collar long sleeves and finished just past the knee, as she was only just showing it buried her and her scrubbed face that really now stood out thanks to her no nonsense short clippered hair cut made her look even younger that she already was I could even tell that her neck was freshly shaven as her skin was pure white showing through the tiny stubble left at her nape and ears than had probably never seen day light before, what had been thick hair now looked thin and limp there had been that much thinned from the top  the dress finished off with flat court shoes was obviously her mother in laws choice. The poor girl didn’t look at all happy and nether did her husband who must have had one big shock to find his lovely young wife transformed from trendy to frump in one morning by his mother.
Mrs Brunson has gone off so I decided to speak to her.
“Hello we met this morning in the hairdressers, I’m Claire by the way, how do you like your new cut now it’s certainly a change for you”
“oh hello, yes I remember you now I wasn’t paying much attention to people this morning I was just so upset about what they’ve done to me, this was all my mother in laws idea she’s been going on at me for months about how I needed to smarten my self up and wear more suitable clothes and in the end I gave in just to shut her up and agreed to a trim, she insisted I went to her hairdresser I never dreamed she would have my lovely hair butchered like this it looks like a old fashioned short back and sides I’m still very upset now and even feel embarrassed that I look so plain and ugly like this I don’t know how long its going to take to grow back at it all feels so thin and wispy now I wont even be able to do any thing with it, the choice is to take it all off and start again or accept that I’m going to look like a boring frump for some time to come, it’s a good job there’s no mirrors around here or I’d start sobbing all over again”
“Its certainly a shock when you are first parted from long fashionable hair that gives you a look of confidence especially when its replaced by an old fashioned simple style like yours has been, but I remember when mine was first cut and given a little time I lost the feeling you probably have now that part of you is missing and the strange feeling you now have around your neck and ears after your first encounter with the clippers and those heavy long locks have been sheared, you might not think so now but this whole experience upsetting though it now is can in the long run be the start of a whole new chapter in your life, if you have the support of people around you then you’ll soon get over this and either grow it back or you may find given time that it has been a good thing to loose all of that long trouble some hair and take up a simpler more lady like demeanour.” I replied encouragingly.
“Thanks that’s given me something to think about, the only trouble is my husband absolutely hates the way I look now, he had a real shouting match with his mum when we returned home this morning, she won through in the end as per usual that why I’m wearing this big flowery sack that she picked out for me, I’m dreading meeting my friends now I’ve been hacked at like this.”
“If your friends are really friends they’ll understand when you tell them what’s happened to you and support you through, it’ll be a test for them”
“Yes your right, I must say your hair looks lovely with those waves its very short indeed have you always had such short hair as it’s quite unusual on some one of your age but very distinctive and gives you a air of confidence different to that shown by most women who think they have to follow the latest trends”
“I was the same as you a few months back, but my hair was even longer than yours used to be and came well down my back until John asked me to change it for him, and I went from very long to very short with a tight perm and a neck shaven much more than yours has been today, I felt all most like my arm had been cut off when all my lovely long hair was removed and I was left looking a totally different person with a really severe tight head of set curls.
I felt like the whole world was looking at me but then I knew that this is what I wanted and my confidence grew with it to the point that last time I had a cut it was shockingly short and not at all what was expected of a young woman but people accept me for what I am not what they want me to be. After first having my hair cut I did regret it and wasn’t at all sure I’d done the right thing but now I wouldn’t have it any other way than a short tight perm. In fact one of my friends has recently gone from a life time of very long naturally blonde hair to a new start with a very short tight perm and dyed the blonde curls dark brown to put all of the old stereotypes she was labelled with behind her, she had a shock when it was first all cut off, but now she’s even talking about going shorter still its like cutting those long tresses away also cuts away at vanity, when you have no choice but to face every day with out the security blanket of long hair to hide behind you become a more modest but confident person. I know you may not be happy with the cut you’ve been given and being so heavily thinned out on top is certainly not going to give you any styling options but give it time and you may be happier.”
Zoë manages a little smile for the first time.
“Thank you so much for talking to me, its really helped to have the experiences of some one who’s been through some thing like this I still feel humiliated at letting those two old women butcher me and do exactly as they liked to my poor hair, I guess I’ll have to get used to it for a wile or wear a hat”
“If you want to talk any more or if I can help you in any way just give me a call” I write my phone number down and give it to Zoë.
“Thank you it would be nice to chat some times” replies Zoë and with this we part as Mrs Brunson has just come back and I don’t want to get court by her.
The rest of the afternoon was lovely it was great spending time with the people important to me.
After the fait John and I went back to his cottage, he was impatient to learn my news
“What’s the big surprise them” he asks
“Well as you can see I’ve had my hair set today, and while I was in the chair I found out that the hairdresser is looking for a trainee to relive some of the load from her as she’s quite old now, well all the applicants so far are not willing to fit into the requirement she has that they must look smart and be prepared to dress and wear their hair in a manner fitting for a very traditional ladies salon. I’d love to learn how to dress hair and as far as my style well I all ready fit in perfectly, I’m going to phone her on Monday and ask her to consider me”
“Wow so you’ll be cutting and perming hair all day, I suppose most of the clients will be more mature but you may be able to get more business from younger women when they see the example you set and how brilliant your hair looks, I might even be able to pop over and see how your getting on from time to time”
I wonder what he means by this, then think back to when my hair was being cut by Edith and how excited he was by the whole process, may be if we did get some younger women in he’d love to watch them being transformed.
“This is a traditional prim ladies hairdressers not a public exhibition for your pleaser” I tell him laughing.
John starts to laugh to “well may be I’ll just come when it you in the hot seat then”
I’ve a feeling this could be quite regularly.
When I returned later to Aunts we had a lovely end to the day, we changed into our night dresses and I put a net over my waves, I wear a hair net every night now even when I’ve let my curls dry naturally it just seems right some how.
Mum was surprised to see me netted she hadn’t bought one with her to protect her own set,
“Haven’t you a net for your hair” asked Aunt
“No being new to being permed I never thought of it, I could do with one really I suppose”
“Don’t worry mum I’ve got spares, I couldn’t be with out a hair net now. In fact I even had to wear one out in public once” mum had quite a giggle as I told her how Edith had sent me out curled and netted into the town while she worked on Emma.
I go and fetch mum a net then help her put it on we did look good all three of us with our hair rapped in black hair nets.
Mum had to go back Sunday afternoon; John and I took her to the station and promised to visit soon.
Monday Morning,
We’ve just opened the shop and Emma’s car stops out side the shop it’s quite early, I wonder what she wants, she comes in the shop.
“Hi every one we’ve just come back from Paul’s parents and there’s no milk I hope you’ve got some”
Then we both look at each other, what has happened to Emma’s hair she’s obviously had small rollers in but instead of the type of neat comb out she’d normally have it looks like the rollers have been left to them selves and she now has a head covered in small tubes.
“Have you tried setting your hair yourself Emma” I ask.
Emma looks up and pulls a face at this suggestion.
“No it’s bad isn’t it luckily I’ll be washing it out shortly, when we arrived at Paul’s parents I gave them quite a surprise, Paul’s mum’s always been distant to me and not very approving but she was really pleased to see all my hair gone. She has always had short curly hair herself although I think hers is naturally curly not permed as the curl is quite random not defined like a good tight perm, but she always sets it her self with her loose curl this isn’t to bad but she insisted on setting mine and as I’ve such a tight curl her usual method didn’t really work. When she first saw me on Friday night I got my warmest welcome ever she was really taken aback and wanted to know what had produced such a change not just length and colour but my twin set cardigan pleated skirt flat shoe’s and no make up. I just told her it was time I grew up and with that answer her arms went round me and she beamed with smiles. Paul went out early next morning and she walked in on me just as I was dressing she was even more surprised to see me in a big pair of full knickers long firm bra and tan stockings and suspenders, she wanted me to help her get things ready for the meal we were having that night, she’d already put her hair in rollers and covered them with a net. It was then she decided she was going to do the same for me, I was sent to the bathroom to wash my hair then she sat me down at her dressing table and rolled me in her spiky little rollers, she loved it all. I spent the rest of the day in netted rollers wearing one of her aprons, I was still in rollers when people started to arrive that’s when she gave me this comb out and loads of lacquer all over She was delighted with the result but I’m not, she treated me like a trophy to be shown off. She was quite direct with Paul’s brothers wife and made her quite uncomfortable with her comments that’s it’s time she was rid of her silly girlish hair style and matured a little. She has lovely soft naturally curly strikingly red long hair that I think she has no intention of cutting.


My next problem is that in two weeks she’s coming here as were going to one of Paul’s family for a party and I think she intends to set my hair for this, how do I get out of this one”
Emma hasn’t noticed my 20’s waves as their still netted to protect them. I think about this for a moment then a plan develops, “Remember how you said you wished now that Edith had cut your hair even shorter, well if you went back and had it cut really short Paul’s mum wouldn’t be able to get a normal roller in it and so you’d escape that part but you would have to have very short hair” I suggest.
I must confess my own motives in this watching Zoë being subjected to a major hair cut by a domineering older women had been exciting to say the least and the thought of seeing Emma subjected to a real harsh cut was a opportunity I wouldn’t want to miss.
“That could certainly solve the problem, I’ve given shorter hair a lot of thought since we last spoke on the subject and even Paul’s come round to accept that his wife is not the young girl with flowing tresses any more but a sensibly dressed short haired lady, so going shorter still should be just the thing”
“In fact we could have a bit of fun with Edith, you know how she likes to boss about well lets wind her up a bit, if your up for it the out come will be fun as long as you know she’s really going to go to town on you” I say.
“Well a very short cut is what I want so lets give it a try” comes Emma’s response.
We go out the hall way and find Edith’s number,
“Leave the talking to me” I tell Emma
Edith answers the phone after a few rings
“Hello Mrs M I would like an appointment for a cut as soon as possible, I recently had my hair cut short and permed by you but it wasn’t really cut short enough and so I need another good cut after no time at all this time we need to make sure plenty is taken off all over” I say all this in a brisk assertive voice.
“Do you indeed, well I’m quite sure we can make sure you leave this time with more than enough removed, be here tomorrow afternoon at 2 o’clock sharp” comes Edith’s sharp reply, as if to say how dare you question how much hair I’ve cut off.
Emma’s heard all this and we have a giggle,
“I’ll come with you if you want for some moral support, she certainly sounded suitably primed I just hope you know what you’re letting you’re self in for.
After all this there’s not much time to tell Emma my news but she’s very encouraging and thinks it will be great to know her own personal hair dresser.
Later that morning
I’ve just given Mrs Hood a phone and expressed my interest in becoming her assistant, she seemed pleased and I’m to go in and see her late this afternoon this is handy because I was already going into town this afternoon with John, I’ve been getting a few headaches and feel I need my eye’s tested I booked a appointment at one of the express one hour shops last week so I can sort my eye’s out then go and see Mrs Hood. I’m just getting changed now and decide that a smart suit is in order, I’ve a lovely dark grey one with a pleated skirt that’s just below my knee, I’d better look my best so a nice white all in one girdle and some tan stockings that are just a little thicker than my usual ones and a plain blouse with a small broach at the collar sets it off primly but nice. My waves have flattened slightly but my hair still looks very presentable I thought about washing it but decided to stay with the formal set rather than the small more casual curls that drop in with no effort at all, I’ve a feeling that if I work for Mrs Hood then the formal set look will be a requirement in the salon.
I could do with a trim around my ears as its grown back so that the top is all most covered and my fringe is creeping back down my forehead I thought about getting it cut back close and hard when Emma’s goes to Edith’s but I’ll hang back if I get the job then I’m sure Mrs Hood will want to stamp her ideas on my hair style.
I’ve just finished my eye examination and the optician has told me that I need some glasses; this is a surprise as I always thought I had good vision but they know best.
I’m looking through the racks of glasses and have selected a pair of glasses there quite ordinary metal frames and should be ok for every day. This shop is doing a offer of two pairs for the price of one so I need to select a second. John’s gone off to the other side of the shop and is gesturing for me to join him.
“I’ve found these they would look brilliant with you’re hair style just try them on”
John’s stood in front of a rack of glasses that the more mature ladies would normally go for, he hand me a pair of thick frames there no actually horn rimmed but not far off with a sharp oval lens.
“No there not for me” I reply
“Just try them on for me”
I put them on; they make me look much sterner a bit like one of my old teachers who was very strict.
“Just imagine when your hairdressing, there’s a young woman with long flowing hair capped in front of you, she’s about to lose all that lovely hair and standing over her is you with you’re very short impeccably set hair and looking at her through your no-nonsense glasses, she wouldn’t dare not let you do what ever you wanted to her” John whispers mischievously in my ear. The idea’s really making me think and thinking back to how I felt watching Emma’s pony being sheared off, and more recently Zoë sitting submissively and quietly sobbing as her trademark trendy hair was brutally removed and this is really turning me on.
“Yes I’ll have these ones”
I go to the counter and order the two pairs the young assistant seems surprised at my choice, but just as I’m about to pay John interrupts.
“Just one more thing you need to go with them” and he hands me a chain to attach to the retro pair to hang them from my neck, the chain makes me think of the one Edith has attached to her glasses and how she looks over them fiercely at as she presses her clippers into my bare neck.
“Your glasses will be ready in an hour” informs the assistant as she looks at me there’s a flicker of surprise on her face as she realises the lady who has just picked those glasses with the prim hair and clothes is actually not much older than she is.
I look back at her and think what I could do to her shoulder length over bleached dry hair, that floppy fringe would be the first tress to be sliding down a gown to come to rest on the floor, with a lot more quickly following.
We had plenty of time so we took a slow walk down to the salon and my meeting with Mrs Hood I’m both nervous and excited as I really want this now, John’s never seen the Gala hair Salon before and as we approach he spots it.
“Wow is that the salon were you first had all of you’re hair cut off it looks perfect can I come in with you”
“No you’ll have to wait out side I’m not having you distracting me, you’re taking a lot of interest in hairdressing shops lately” I reply with a smile.
“How could I not be interested in a process that leaves you looking so perfect for me”
“Well just make sure it’s only my curls you’re trying to influence”
Just then Mrs Hood comes out of the shop with a broom to sweep the step in front of the shop, she spots me walking towards her with John he’s got his work collar on and this always seems to impress the older ladies,
“She seems a formidable” whispers John
“You haven’t seen her with a victim in the chair” is my quiet reply
“Can’t wait” and I think he means this reply to.
We approach Mrs Hood
“Good after noon reverent and good afternoon Claire” speaks a surprisingly happy Mrs Hood”
“Good afternoon we both reply”
“Well good luck Claire and I’ll see you later”
“No need for you to shoot of Reverent, come inside and wait if you would like. We don’t get many gentlemen visitors here” comes Mrs Hood’s reply. I’m sure John would change that given half a chance.
We enter the salon and experience the wall of smells these places always have John goes over and sits on the waiting chairs,
I’m told to sit down as Mrs Hood pulls over two chairs foe me and her.
The interview passes quite quickly and were soon to the final part were she spells out what’s expected of me; I must always be turned out in a respectable and dignified manner,
Treat the customers in a respectful manner Maintain a moral standard in keeping with a lady
And finally my hair should be neat at all times and styled in a traditional modest style.
Turning to John she asks how he feels about me wearing my hair in this manner.
“I couldn’t imagine Claire any other way now, initially her hair was cut at my request so that we fitted in with what parishioners expected from a man of the church and his fiancé, I’m really pleased that she has been willing to subject her self to a image that has in many ways detracts from her natural beauty is at odds with her youthful age. However she carries her conservative style with a inner radiance that make up and tarty clothes could never reveal. I can honestly say that I hope she never changes, even if she could do with good trim back at the moment”.
All this has left me blushing and I suppose I could do with that trim.
This speech really seems to impress Mrs Hood; in fact John has really got her on side.
“Right then my Dear you’re training will start Monday morning, but before that you’re quite right reverent this hair defiantly needs a tidy, so no time like the present”
With this she goes over and pick’s up one of her capes and indicates for me to stand up.
“You do have time don’t you Reverent” she asks
I look at John’s face he look’s like the cat who got the cream
“Certainly Mrs Hood, as you say no time like the present, she defiantly needs a good clippering around those ears, and I’m sure you will be requiring some nice short uniform curls on top”
“Indeed so” comes Mrs Hoods reply
I’m soon shampooed and sat in the cutting chair,
“This will not take to long today” Mrs Hood informs us
A quick comb and she’s going for the clippers, no guard today I’m about to find out exactly what she expects from her employees.
The clippers make a pop as she turns them on, my heads pushed forwards then the clippers go hard into my neck, I really love this feeling and I can hear the note change as they run into my hair line.
She’s not cut to much off the top after all it wasn’t that long to start with, and now I’m receiving a head of tiny rollers looks like its curls this time not waves, I can see John’s reflection in the mirror he’s messing with his phone, now I realise what he’s doing he’s photographing me being set and now rapped in a net. The idea of seeing my self in an old fashioned hairdressers chair netted and rollered is a bit of a turn on and I can’t wait to see how I look.
He continues to film as I’m led to and seated under the dryer, he stops just as Mrs Hood turns round before she catches him.
Sitting rollered under a warm hood dryer is a pleasure I’ve come to appreciate, I think back to when I sat under this same dryer and watched hands full of my shorn long hair being thrown into the bin, all those hours I spent styling and conditioning just for it to be carelessly discarded.
In what seems like no time my day dreams are over and its back for a comb out.
I’ve had a very traditional set with the small curls going over from ear to ear not that they reach my ears after the clipping and razoring, the curls end in a step with white skin showing above my ears much like the first time she cut my hair, all though as the hand mirrors held up I can clearly see the back is not like that first time in fact my heart quickens as I look at the rear of a set basin cut the white above my ears continues all the way round, I’ve never had so much neck on show. Even for a lover of a nice smooth shaven neck as I have become this hairline is a surprise.
I don’t really have chance to take it in before the mirrors gone and the lacquer starts to fall on me, two heavy coats and I’m done.
“My that’s much better, I do so love that neck line you’ve created there’s nothing more lady like than the regal sweep of a well shaven neck Mrs Hood you’re a genius” enthuses John
It feels very strange to feel the whole of my nape completely exposed and smooth.
“Very nice Mrs Hood just what I needed” I chip in
I rise up and John removes my cape and hangs it up before stroking the bare skin now fully on show, his touch makes me shudder with pleasure.
Before he goes any thurther I go to the desk
“Thank you now how much do I owe you”
Mrs Hoods smiling proud of her handy work “Not at all my dear, you’re staff now I’ll be expecting you to return the favour soon, I’ll see you Monday”
With this John and I leave the shop
He’s stroking my neck as we walk away and every touch is making me shiver down to my tight girdle.
Just one call to make before we go back, it’s time to pick up my glasses
We collect them and the assistant fits them for me first the normal pair that look quite nice then the old lady pair John picked they really go in with my prim set and make me look even older than the set and clothes usually do, looking in the mirror the arms make my ears stand out more than usual and there’s no hair at all round my ears to soften this.
“They look wonderful keep them on” John whispers in my ear.



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  1. Its time to honor this tale and thank you for sharing this masterpiece …… This story is online since I came remember and for me it was like magnetism, coming back reading this precious storyline again and enjoying each salon journey ….. As you may discover my love for bubble perms, my profile picture, so this journey is matching perfect with my own ….. Thank you

  2. Hi M,

    Just read 5 and 6 and congrats on superb finesse and utter eroticism!
    At the salon, Claire and Emma mention going to the beach together and to protect their gorgeous hair perms, they are presented and fitted with gorgeous rubber bathing caps with straps. Of course, to go with their 1950’s swim costumes.
    Maybe they are both feeling a little attracted to one another, particularly in their caps and cossies at the beach – that electrifying first kiss!

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