Aunt makes me a lady pt5

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All caracters and locations are ficticous

Leaving Edith’s salon wasn’t any thing like the last time for me instead of being shy in front of passing strangers like last time now I am proud of what’s left of my traditional curls, the cut came out exactly like the old lady’s who was being finished as we came in, and I’ve grown to love the smooth tingly feeling that a freshly shaven neck and ears give, my head feels a little lighter even though my hair was quite short to start with.


Emma’s just in front of me opening her car door out here in the day light her shaven neck looks really white were the skin is being exposed to the sun for the first time ever, the light shining on her curls makes them look even shorter than they did in the salon, she looks on the verge of breaking down into tears still, I remember what a shock it was to me when Mrs Hood cut off all of my long hair so I imagine Emma’s shock at what has happened to her.


We get into the car and I reach over and run my fingers up Emma’s neck it’s really smooth and feels a little cold.

“How do you feel now, you look so different that is one major makeover she’s given you, but it really looks good on you as if you’ve really grown up and now you’ve put all of that girly long hair behind you, it’s like the woman within you is shining through. It’s going to be a shock having so much hair cut off I remember when I first had mine done but it’s been so worth it now, give it a little time and I’m sure you’ll love it”. I say to reassure Emma.

“I didn’t want my hair cut this short it was just right before she started again on me and she’s set me so I look like an old lady, I’ve nothing left around my ears and my neck feels really strange were she’s had those clippers and razor on me, it all looks so harsh, not the soft curls I wanted like you had.” Emma replies then breaks down in tears.

I put my arm round her and let her sob it out, its certainly been a shock to her receiving one of Edith’s specials but now Emma’s going to have to get used to the fact that she’s no longer such a good looking trendy girl with long flowing hair to hide behind, the short very tight curls are a permanent feature for a good while to come.

“Yours only looks and feels hard at the moment because you’ve been given a very traditional neat set with a lot of lacquer holding it in place, in a few days time you will be able to wash your hair and it will dry naturally into the sweetest little tight soft poodle curls and the whole style will feel different to you, just give it a little time”

Emma stops sobbing now and looks at her self in the rear view mirror

“Oh my look at my ears she completely shaved the area in front of them do you think they stick out now”

“Your ears look fine don’t worry, I must say though totally removing the side burns and giving you a high clean shaven neck has given you a lovely hair line around the back and sides and she’s cut it so precisely it really looks so neat and tidy, and with the plain neck line of that dress shaving so much from the back has given you a lovely regal long neck”

Emma’s smiling a little now and holds her cut off pony to the back of her head and laughs at the fact that there’s so much been cut off.

“How will I keep this set in until I can wash my hair” asks Emma

“Edith gave you a hair net as you were leaving, you’ll need to wear that when you go to bed, and you’ll be ok for a few days, there’s a lot of lacquers on you’re curls so they will not be blowing about for a while”

We set off home two very traditional looking young women with short sets to show the world.


Emma drops me at Aunts

“Ill drop you’re dress back later, now I better go and show Paul my new curls, I’m really nervous about what he’s going to think, I told him I was having my hair cut and permed but I wasn’t expecting this much to be cut off and I defiantly think it will be a surprise for him”

“He may be a little surprised at first but I’m sure he will love the new you” I say to encourage her.


I leave Emma and enter Aunts, Emma’s not the only one with a new look to show off.

“Oh my, you’ve really gone short, that’s even shorter than when she gave you a cut last time, you’ve barely got a curl left on top, but it does look very prim and tidy did you ask for it that short or did Edith get carried away”

“No I asked for this style, there was a lady being finished off when we went in and this is how her hair was cut, remember how I felt after the wedding when I wanted John to be sure I wasn’t like my old friends any more, well when I saw how short and harsh the lady’s hair had been cut I had the idea that if mine was cut the same it would show John that if I was willing to have such a harsh haircut I defiantly wouldn’t be going back to the way I used to be, so Edith got the clippers and cut most of my hair off, it isn’t a cut I would choose permanently but I’ve had it done as a statement of commitment to John”

“Well it certainly looks very neat, if a little to short perhaps, but I’m sure John will be very pleased, especially with how he liked you’re hair cut short last time, and who wouldn’t be pleased with commitment of this level”

“Good I can’t wait to show him he’ll be calling shortly”


It was time to shut the shop after all this and not long after there was a knock at the door I opened it and Emma stood there with tears running down her freshly exposed face.

“Emma what’s the matter come in”

I take Emma sobbing through to the kitchen and sit her down.

“Paul hates my hair, he shouted what ever have you done to you’re self, why have you cut off all of that beautiful hair and had that old woman’s perm done to you, what do you look like. Now he won’t speak to me, what am I going to do?”

The door went again and I left Emma with Aunt and went to answer it, John was waiting on the step and when he saw my new cut for the first time his face lit up.

“Wow someone’s been busy with the scissors, that looks absolutely stunning I love those little waves’ lets have a look at the back”

I show him the back

“That has been shaven superbly you’re hair line is divine, am I one lucky man having some one like you”

“I’m glad you think so, other’s don’t seem to share you’re good taste in ladies hairdressing, Emma’s had all of her long hair cut off and Edith’s given her a neat traditional perm and set and now Paul hates it and has shouted at her, she’s in the kitchen really upset.”

“Let me speak to her and I’ll see what I can do” John replied.

I take him through and he gets his first look at the new Emma.

“Emma you look delightful, having you’re hair cut off has really made a difference. You look so much more grown up with out all that long fussy hair in the way, that perm looks so neat, what an improvement. You’ve done the right thing changing you’re image like this, it’s probably just the surprise that’s got to Paul I know some people like to hold on to things the way they are and not to have to change but you’re circumstances have changed so much in the last few months that it’s only natural that you will need to change you’re looks to reflect you’re new responsibilities and you’re hair looks perfect for this, was it Edith who did it I remember going there with Claire she wasn’t sure but she received and very good cut perm and set, and has had an even better cut this time, and now you’ve moved forward and had the same, I’ll go and have a talk to Paul and see if I can get him to understand why you needed to have all of that long hair cut off and explain the brilliant future you can have now you have put all of those girlish vanity’s behind you”.

John leaves and goes to talk to Paul.

“Don’t worry Emma is any one can talk Paul around John will be able to, and as soon as he gets over his initial surprise I’m sure he will come to love the new short curly you, how do you feel now about you’re cut” I reassure Emma

“It still feels really strange as if a part of me is missing; I suppose I’ve had my pony for so many years now it will take a little while to get used to having it chopped off.

My ears and neck still feel really strange and exposed but I suppose I’ve never had my neck shaved before either. The strange thing though is my make up although I don’t wear that much in the day it still looks over the top with this hair style, I suppose that I’ll need to be even more restrained or I just won’t look right”

“I know what you mean I stopped wearing make up before I had all of my long hair cut off, but I feel that it just wouldn’t be appropriate with my hair cut short and wearing a more restrained classic dress style. In fact I feel far happier and more confident with out it than ever I did before when I couldn’t leave the house with out layers of carefully applied make up, I don’t know how much time I must have wasted getting ready everyday but since giving all that up I haven’t looked back at all”.

Emma gives a lovely smile after this statement.

“Well may be I’ll give it a try my self” she replies in a confident voice.


We’ve been sat chatting and reassuring Emma that she’s done the right thing for over an hour when John returns.

“Emma, Paul’s out side and has something to say to you” John informs her with a smile on his face.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, and let you know how things are” Emma says nervously as she leaves.


“How did it go with Paul” I ask John

“Very well in the end, he was in shock at first to see his beautiful young wife with long flowing blonde hair transformed with such a very short prim old fashioned hair style, it was probably to much of a change for him to take in all at once, he was expecting loose soft curls to just below her shoulders not fully exposed ears her fringe completely removed and her neck shaven. But I explained to him why she needed to have all that long hair cut off and how a neat simple low maintenance hair cut was necessary, not only for the practical reasons of how long it took to wash and dry so much hair but also the physiological reasons that she no longer wanted to look like a girl men lusted after and having this cut only reinforced how content she was with him, and also the fact that she now wanted to be seen as a confident mature woman in her own right and not just be judged by her very long blonde hair and all the stereotypes that brings up.

After we had finished talking Paul felt really ashamed of the way he had reacted to what was after all something that was meant to be a step forward for them all as a family. And now really wants to make it up to her”

I was really pleased to hear that John had managed to sort all of this out; Emma would be going through enough emotional turmoil of her own after such a major shearing with out Paul adding to it.

“Well done you” I say to praise John

“It was nothing really I just remember how proud I was when you had all of you’re hair cut off for me and a lovely perm, and how upset you were when I went with you and you had you’re hair cut really short and extremely tightly permed for me and why you did it. And now look at you you’re hair gets better with every visit I just love the way she’s cut you this time, it’s so very short but at the same time very neat and feminine, in fact its perfect”

With these compliments ringing in my ears I can at last dispel any doubts I may have had about John reaction to my new super short cut and also any left over worries from the wedding, this day has worked out fine in the end.


The next day.

It had been a slow morning in the shop and I was just thinking about lunch when Emma came in she looked a lot happier now than last time I saw her and also different, then it came to me she wasn’t wearing any makeup at all, this is the first time I’ve seen her with a fresh scrubbed face and it did make a difference to her, she looked so much more innocent and sweet with out all of the layers she usually wore.

Her set still looked immaculate with out a hair out of place.

The thing was her clothes didn’t seem to match with her new look, she’s wearing a fashionable skirt that comes about five inches above her knee’s and a top with a v neck that plunges into her bust line, and it seems to spoil the whole effect.

“How was Paul last night when you got back, I do hope he was happier” I ask Emma.

“It was great I’m not sure what John said to him but it seemed to do the trick. I still think he would have liked me not to have had all of my hair cut off, but he was very understanding of the reasons and said that he is happy to go along with what ever I need to do to develop as a woman in my own way. He was very sympathetic when I told him about how I’d got the style I wanted but then the hairdresser went on to cut a lot more of my hair off and give me this very traditional set. He seemed pleased that I will be able to wash the set out in a couple of days and then just have natural short curls, I’m quite looking forward to trying those my self. The funny thing is although he didn’t want my hair to be cut, now he can’t leave my neck alone he seems fascinated with it and I love feeling it stroked which is a bit of a bonus. Last night seemed strange sleeping with a hairnet on I’ve never done that before but this morning I really felt the benefit I was up and ready in no time with out all of that long hair to deal with, and I’ve even left the makeup off today, so I had loads more time this morning which was a real advantage”.

“I must say you look so much fresher with out all of that makeup on your face it really suits you now that your hairs been cut, I’m so glad my self that I don’t need to cover my self up any more, and you’re curls still look lovely”

“Thank you, I must say it still feels strange to have been shorn of all that hair but I am coming around to it. I phoned my mum this morning to tell her what I’ve had done and she was very pleased, she always wanted me to have neat shorter hair when I was younger in fact she once booked an appointment with her hairdresser for my long hair to be cut into a chin length bob, but I protested and played up that much that on the day she had to cancel the appointment, but she’s coming over this afternoon because she wants to see me with a neat old fashioned set before I wash it out. Any way I’ve bought you’re cloths back thank you for lending me them the dress was very nice and made me feel very feminine even though I wouldn’t normally wear that sort of style, in fact I don’t feel that my present wardrobe is right for me now, I loved the feeling of being a respectable lady that the dress gave me, maybe I need to change the way I dress, I still want you to show me how you achieve you’re figure if it’s all down to foundation as you say”

Aunt had heard all of this and was smiling to her self

“The shops quiet I’ll look after Josh you two go upstairs and sort Emma a few things out to get her started on the road to dressing as a lady should” offered Aunt

Emma gives a big smile

“I’d love that thank you”


In my bed room I’ve got a large collection now of classic ladies clothes. Careful searching through some of the charity shops has provided me with some hardly worn super quality cloths and accessories for next to nothing luckily Emma and me are practically the same size so I’m excited about making her over from a fashionable young mum into a well dressed lady.


“The first thing is to get out of your present trendy cloths, and I’ll find you some real under wear to start”

Emma takes off her skirt and top her small panties and lacy black bra do look very nice, she slips them off now she’s got good firm boobs that will benefit from a properly shaped bra.

“These may feel a little strange but it’s the overall dressing that I’ve found really makes a difference”

Emma puts on the large silky white knickers I passed her they sit above her hips and come a little way down her thigh,

“These feel really different in the past I’ve gone out at night in shorts much smaller than these, now its real knickers for me, this is fun”

Then comes a very firm control long line white bra this is a real departure from the lacy sexy one she came here in. Emma leans forward and puts it on, I help do up all the eye’s at the back and adjust the thick shoulder straps, I stand back and have a look, her bust now looks brilliant her boobs are perfect cone shapes and stand straight out proudly, Emma’s looking in the mirror.

“Wow I never would have believed the difference this has made look at these and this is surprisingly comfortable to, these knickers are fun they seem so unrestrictive, I can’t believe I’m actually wearing all this”

“We haven’t finished yet a lady isn’t properly dressed with bare legs which brings us to my favourite part, stockings”

Thinking that a girdle may be a little to much to start with I find Emma a deep suspender belt with thick straps, which she puts on, then a real treat for her a pair of black fitted stockings with seams up the back. She sits down on the bed and pulls them on, I get her to stand up and show her how to attach the suspenders properly, now she can’t wait to get in front of the mirror.

“Wow these feel so strange, but also so smooth and glamorous they really set my legs off, Paul will love these, and do you wear stockings all the time now”

“Yes since Aunt introduced me to stockings I’ve never looked back in fact I don’t even own a pair of trousers now, at first they used to feel strange but they are a part of my dress style now and I couldn’t imagine wearing tights anymore.”

A nice white slip finishes off the under wear.


With Emma’s mother coming over to see her we decide she needs a neat simple outfit that will be very presentable in the day but not over the top either, so I select a dark grey pleated skirt for her that goes very well with the black stockings, it comes three inches below her knee and fits beautifully. For the top a nice plain white blouse with long sleeves a round lacy collar and a small bow at the neck should look very nice.

Emma puts the blouse on and buttons it to the collar ties the small bow and smoothes out the lacy collar, buttons the cuffs and tucks it into her skirt.

She looks divine so sweet and innocent a complete change to when she came in with her tight top and short skirt, her shaven neck looks perfect surrounded by the prim lack collar, and the bow is a real statement against tarty fashion. In this plain blouse and skirt she really sets off her very neat set perm and sharp hair line perfectly in fact with all the make up removed you wouldn’t recognise her as the same person who answered the door to me yesterday.


Emma’s stood looking into the mirror its quite a change for her to take in, from her short firm set, to her cone shaped firmly controlled boobs, the prim white blouse and the respectable skirt, down to the black stockings showing under the skirt.

Just a couple more things and she will be finished. A pair of old ladies flat black lace up shoes finish the bottom half, then I get Emma to take out her fancy large ear rings and the small studs she has higher up her ears. These are replaced by a single pair of small pearl sleepers that look so much better on her exposed ears especially now all the side burns have been shaven away. A nice cardigan finishes the look perfectly. I must say Emma looks a good few years older but now she looks a perfectly gentle lady.


Emma’s taking all this in and is stood in front of my full length mirror.

“I can’t believe how different I feel in these clothes, they certainly suit my new perm, its like I’ve totally changed over the last few days, people won’t recognise me, but it does fell nice to dress this way, so plain and simple but so neat and smart, the suspenders feel really strange did you feel like that too, but I love my boobs just look at them, oh thank you Claire for all your help, I never would have dared to try any of these cloths on with out you, and I couldn’t have face any one with my new short perm with out your support. And here I am a lady in big knickers old fashioned bra and seamed stockings who would have believed it”

“That’s ok I’m only to happy to help it’s nice to see some one else have the courage to lose the long hair that meant so much to them and turn there back on tarty fashions and look so dignified and neat”

“Do you know when the hairdresser clippered me and gave me this old fashioned set I was shocked and upset at the result but with these smart clothes I’m now pleased with the result and like being a lady not a girl, who knows this may be the start of a future of short perms and sets, perhaps not as short as yours but may be I’ll build up to it one day.”

This is music to my ears, I’m so pleased that Emma is starting to like her traditional hair style and the cloths just finish her look and attitude perfectly.

Only one thing left to do and we go down and show Aunt.


“Oh Emma my dear you look beautiful, such a lovely change in you, you should be very proud of your self, and I know you’re mum will be over the moon to see the gentle homely wife her daughter has become, its so refreshing to see you two with you’re neat little perms and smart clothes were all so proud of you”

“Thank you, I do feel so different now and I love wearing these clothes I feel special now, but I must be going as my mums coming over, I don’t think she knows just what a surprise she’s in for. So thank you again”

With this the new very prim Emma leaves us.

I haven’t seen Emma for a few days but I’m off round to her house this morning for coffee and to catch up with all of her news, before I get dressed I need a shower its been four days now since Edith cut and set my hair and I’m ready to wash it, how its going to look dried naturally now its this short is a bit of a worry, I’m not sure if there’s enough left for poodle curls or whether it will just stand on end, oh well here goes.


I’m sitting in front of my mirror now with a towel around my head and a dressing gown on. A deep breathe then off with the towel.

Oh my what a surprise my damp hair doesn’t need any styling, I’ve got lovely little waves running over my head it looks very 1920’s in a way and very like the set Edith gave me but a little softer and more feminine. A quick blast with my hairdryer and it’s ready to go, I still cannot believe how much simpler short permed hair is to look after than the fussy long hair I used to struggle with.


A nice plain sensible yellow mid calf dress, with long sleeves a nice lacy collar and some tan stockings look very smart and just to finish off some thing new to me, a pair of white gloves they feel a bit strange but make the look complete.

“My you look smarter every day, I must say although a first your hair cut so short was a surprise, those waves look delightful, are you going round to Emma’s” Aunt compliments me as I come down stairs.

“Yes I can’t wait to see how she’s adapting to dressing more conservatively, and also I wonder if she’s washed her set out yet, I’ll let you know later” with this I set off to Emma’s house.


I knock the door and I’m stood waiting a wile I begin to wonder if she’s in then the door opens and Emma opens it in just her dressing gown with her hairnet still covering her head.

“Oh come on in, I’m sorry I’m in such a state, I’m just so behind this morning my mum has only just left she’s taken Josh out for the morning so we can have some time. Look at your hair it looks lovely those waves are really neat”

I go into the house it’s just me and Emma in.

“Come up stairs we can chat while I get changed”

I follow Emma into her bedroom.

“How has every one taken you’re new look, has Paul come around now and what was you’re mums reaction to the big cut and new cloths” I enquire.

“Paul’s come round ok now I think that those black stockings helped a lot, in fact it was surprising he really likes these knickers and the effect you’re bra had on my bust he couldn’t keep his hand of me, I think he’s ok with the short curls if the stockings come with them. My mum was over the moon I think she’s wanted to see me as a respectable looking lady she can be proud to show of to the W.I. for years. And I think if she’d had her way I would have been taken for a good shearing a long time ago, now she’s just keen for me to keep the look up, in fact mum sent over some under wear yesterday and has just bought me over some clothes the W.I. has collected that she thinks I may like we can try them on later. Now when did you wash you’re hair and what have you done to it, I’d love to give mine a wash I’ve don’t think I’ve ever left my hair this long, would I be able to do mine yet or is it to soon”.

“No I think you’ve left it long enough, why don’t you wash it now I think you’ll have a nice surprise when you see those soft springy little curls”

Emma gives me a big smile and takes off her hairnet, the set curls are still in shape and the prim harsh look they give her is about to change. She slips off her dressing gown to revile just a pair of large cotton knickers that come over her hips and onto her legs.

“No thong today then” I joke.

“No it’s real knickers from now on for me” she laughs.

Emma goes thru to the bathroom and I wait while she washes her hair.

A short while and she returns wearing just the knickers and a towel round her head.

“Before I do my hair I’ll get some clothes on, look at this my mum sent for me”

Emma shows me a full heavy control corselet the top has real cones for her boobs and there are six thick suspenders hanging from the bottom.

“I’m wearing one very similar my self right now, Aunt introduced me to firm foundations and now I’ve got used to them I love it”

Emma seems surprised by this statement, but smiles and puts hers on, I help her adjust the thick shoulder straps and fasten it up.

“This certainly feels different, the suspender belt felt strange but you really know you’re wearing one of these don’t you” Emma giggled.

“Yes but take a look at you figure in the mirror”

Emma goes over and seems very pleased with the hour glass she’s now got and her boobs look impressive firmly shaped separated and thrust straight out in front of her.

“It certainly gives a girl a figure doesn’t it, so I’ve discovered the secret of you’re amazing shape then. Right lets have a look at what my mums found then”.

Emma empties out to bags on to her bed and holds up a longish dress with a floral print and a belt around the waist it has long sleeves and a high tulip collar and looks very classy.

“Try this one on” urges Emma and passes the dress to me.

Why not I think, so off come my shoes followed by my dress, were both here now in her bedroom wearing our tight corselets mine black and Emma’s white, I’ve got my stockings on though and Emma’s still bear legged.

“These foundations actually look quite sexy don’t they, those tan stockings set you’re legs off very well” states Emma.

Emma rummages through the cloths and find out four packets of stockings that her mum had put in for her.

“Let’s see we’ve black, light tan, dark tan and white, which do you think”

“Try the white see how they go”

Emma gets out the stockings they are fitted with heels and toes; she rolls the first one up her left leg and attaches it to the three waiting suspenders. The right leg now gets exquisitely covered in white nylon and as she leans over and does the final adjustment to her suspenders the towel falls off her head.

She straightens up and I get a full look at her freshly washed still slightly damp natural little poodle curls, they have pulled in much tighter than the set and the whole effect is to make her hair appear a good bit shorter than when she left the salon, but she has got lovely little rows of very tight short soft curls, I can almost make out were each perm rod was wound into her hair, the effect of the curl pulls her hair even more away from her face and ears.

“Oh my those curls just look divine, the perm has taken really well and the curls have pulled in perfectly, have a look in the mirror”

We go over to the mirror and Emma stands in front of it silent for a moment she’s just feeling those soft little curls. I move over next to her and look in the mirror what a picture I see, two young women one blonde in a white corselet with white stockings, and one dark from were my hair was dyed and very short waves, both of us with our faces and fore heads fully exposed and our ears on full display, in a black corselet with tan stockings, we look surprisingly exotic.

“I didn’t want my hair this tight or short and never would have asked for such a harsh shearing as the one I received, but I love these little curls they look so much shorter than the set, I didn’t expect that but its exciting isn’t it, I almost wish now she’d taken me a little shorter although I think Paul would have had heart failure, he’s ok now but that would have been to much. May be next time I’m going to tell her to cut me really short like yours was last time if I’m brave enough”


I dry Emma’s curls for her with a hand dryer as she sits upright (no slouching in a tight foundation) the curls all nestle into each other and the effect is supper, she now has a perfectly even covering of soft poodle curls, looking at her and remembering how she looked with her flowing long hair I must be honest (but not to Emma) and acknowledge that the cut and exposing curls haven’t done her looks any favours, she’s defiantly not the head turner she was before her cropping, but now she’s got used to all of her very long hair being removed, she now looks more contented and approachable like her personality has changed with her style.


I try on the floral dress it fits perfectly and feels a real quality garment. The skirt finishes just above my ankle and buttoned up the collar comes part way up my neck, I feel the back of my head and I’ve still a good piece of bare shaven skin between the top of the collar and my hair line. Looking in the mirror I look so formal this dress would be perfect for the church summer faits.

“You look so regal and refined in that dress, I want you to keep it as a thank you for all the help you have given me these last few days, I couldn’t have got through it with out you”

I’m a little taken a back but really grateful for such a lovely dress.

“Thank you so much this is lovely I’m going to wear this to the next church fait it will be perfect and only a week away, will you be coming”

“I love to be able to come, but Paul wants us to go and stay with his parents for the week end, we haven’t visited them in quite a while and this visits a bit over due. I’d much rather be coming with you it seems a lovely occasion to get dressed up for especially now I’ve been introduced to these classic dressy styles. Paul’s mum has always been a bit cold towards me as if she doesn’t really approve of me and it can make for a bit of an atmosphere”.

“Well she hasn’t seen the new you yet has she, those lovely short soft curl may help thaw her out”

“I hope so; anyway let’s have a look at these cloths”.

I put my yellow dress and shoes back on.

Emma’s holding up the clothes she’s a couple of nice plain dresses that will look very nice on her and some skirts and blouses and a lovely soft pink lambs wool twin set.

Emma separates these and finds a pleated light grey skirt that goes wonderfully.

She slips on the jumper it’s quite clingy and moulds its self to her firmly supported boob’s and tightly girdled waist. The skirts going on now it comes just below her knee and sets her white stockings off beautifully. The matching cardigan gives a marvellous finishing touch.

“Emma you look so respectable and mature, people will have no choice now but to take you seriously, your nothing like the girly hiding behind all that long hair now”

“I must admit although I think I look older than my actual age now, I do feel so comfortable and confident now, may be even confident enough to face up to Paul’s mum”.


There’s a knock at the door. Its Emma’s mum bringing Josh back we both go down stairs dressed as two prim young women should be.

Emma’s mum comes in with josh.

“Oh my look at you two what a delightful sight you both make, oh Emma I’m so pleased that you have at last started to wear some lovely clothes. And you must be the young lady I need to thank for helping Emma grow up and have all of that messy hair cut off, it must be such a relief for her. I’ve been trying to get her into a hairdressers chair for a good few years now but she always made such a fuss and would not even hear of a good trim never mind a major cut. And now look at those lovely soft curls so lady like, now you’ve washed your set out I hope you’re not planning on slipping back to you’re old ways it would be such a shame after you’ve come so far”.

“Well you can stop worrying, I’ve really come to like my short curls in fact we were talking about this before you came and you never know I may go even shorter next time I visit the hairdressers” came Emma’s confident reply.

“Well that sounds very nice”, and turning to me “I must say that you’re hair looks very nice too, I do like you’re waves very smart and not that common any more, I can remember when a lot of ladies kept there hair clipped short and smartly waved like yours” comes her happy mums reply.


We sit and chat for a while longer then the kitchen door opens and Paul comes in from work, I didn’t realise it was that time already. Emma gets up and walks towards him she does look so sweet in her twin set, skirt and stockings. Paul looks surprised at first but I’m glad to say happily surprised.

“You’re hair looks so soft, short but soft, turn around so I can see it all”

Emma does Paul a twirl around her skirt flares out as she turns and shows off her soft curly hair above her clean shaven neck line.

“You look lovely my dear, a perfect wife to come home to”.

This seems like a good time to get out of there way with josh sleeping Emma wont want us here while she shows Paul her new foundations.

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