Auntie’s Christmas gift

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I have chosen the best gift for my aunt.Well, it was really at mom’s behest that I bought it.She’ll be really excited to receive the gift.

On Christmas morn, I made myself a cup of joe as the little ones joyously unwrapped their gifts. I knew I wasn’t getting anything because it was more satisfying to see their faces light up and such.It might be cliché to say that but it’s the truth.

Stuff unwrapped and trash picked up, only one gift lay under the tree.Addressed to my auntie, my blood almost prevented me from handing her her gift: my hands were so shaky.

She was sorta surprised to get another gift, and a big one no less, it’s size was a distraction to the real surprise inside.Her hands opened it and when she peered inside, she smiled.”It’s empty”,she laughed.

A knock came to the door and I smiled,”Not necessarily”

There was a pep in my step as I waltzed over to the door,”I wonder who this could be?”

A sly grin came to my face as I opened the door. The girl in the doorway floored my aunt as she held her jaw in shock.It was her niece, all the way from Scandinavia, she hadn’t seen her in years.

”Hey Auntie”,she shyly smiled as the older woman ran to her and slowly hugged her.

”Oh, child”,auntie laughed,”How long did they have you wait in the cold”

”Too long”,her niece teased,”I wanted to just kick down the door and see you, it’s been so long”

”I know”,Auntie cleared the couch so that they both could sit and chat,”When did you fly in?”

”Last night”,she removed her fur coat and cap.

”Oh my”,auntie awed,”Your hair”

” I know, right”,the young lady undid her bun to two, long Dutch braids,”That’s the only reason I decided to be your gift”

Auntie was confused,”I don’t follow”

”I’m your present, auntie”,explained the younger woman,”I never allowed my hair to be cut, until today”

Auntie laughed,”Oh, child. I don’t have my things with me to do it”

”I do”, I cut in,”Bought them a month in advance.Got the good stuff”

Auntie was astonished,”Well, I’ll be damned”

So, before dinner, I prepared an area for my aunt to get to work on my distant cousin’s head.It was a small area but that’s all she needed: just enough room to walk around the chair. I even bought auntie an apron that resembled her work one back home to a T.

Going all out, I had an embroidered, satin cape for her to drape the girl.We, her entire family, huddled around the area to watch the show.Auntie was emboldened by the attention and wanted to put on the best show she could.

”So, I have full control?”auntie asked her niece.

”I believe so”, she nodded, looking to me. I shrugged so she told her aunt,”Yes. Do what you would like”

”What’s off the table, though?”auntie combed through the acre of hair,”Sorry but I have to ask”

”Don’t apologize”,her niece replied,”I’m your gift.Anything is fine by me”

Auntie sighed,”Okay”

From the black bag I purchased, she took out clipper and comb.No guard, she took off much hair, leaving her niece with half the hair she came in with: about mid-back level. She ran her fingers through the hair before proceeding.

Pinning half the back of her head up, auntie took the clippers and completely buzzed off the half that was unpinned.It was quite a shock to us people as to how much she was taking off.

”Do you have a razor?”auntie asked me,”I want to shave her nape.

I, hesitantly for it was my face shaving cream and razor, gave the blade to my mom’s sister. She made good use of the tools given to her and left her niece’s nape completely shaven.The skills on this woman.

Letting her rub it, her niece was pleased with the new sensation. It was so different from what she was used to.

”Next, your entire head”,auntie joked.

We all had a good laugh at that one.

My aunt then unpinned the hair and bobbed the her niece’s hair. Gave her a straight fringe to, she looked very cute.But more was to come off.

By the time she was done, I was impressed; the whole family was. Her niece sat their, most of her hair chopped off and buzzed.I would never, in a million years, would expect my aunt to give her a horseshoe flattop haircut.

Like, wow.


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