Aunt’s cut with some Masti

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Heyyy it’s a 3rd edition nd probably be the last one in this series but right after that one more real experience is coming. And I lost my login IDs so created this another so I hope u will give same support



As u know my aunt got her haircut by her self in an anger nd told everybody to not to force her to grow her hairs.she will keep it like this only.

She called me after that incident….

P:- Hii,kya kr rahe ho

Me:- kuch nahi aap batao kya chal raha hai aur enjoy kr rahe ho ki nahi new haircut aur undercut ??

P:- ussi ke bareme baat karni hai .

Me:- vapas trim krvane Jana hai undercut ?

P:- arre sunno to mene trim krvaliya .

Me:- mujhe bataya bhi nahi aur akele jakr krvaya .

P:- nahi sunnoto mene kahi jaakr nahi krvaya Khudhi krliya hair aur vobhi pura clean shave bilkul smooth aur soft , piche se abhi tumhari aunty aadhi ganji hogai hai ( she laughed ).

Me:- sachme kya hua ? Kese hua ? Aur kyu kiya ?


Then she explained me the whole thing nd while listening I got really horny ,that bulge is increasing nd got really excited to see her bald head to touch it to give a kiss on it.

P:- gharme sab shocked hair mujhe koi kuch nahi bol Raha abhi aur mere friend bhi bohot enjoy krte hai yeh look sabke hands ruktehi nahi bas vahi chale jate hai aur mujhe bhi koi touch krta hai to abhi bohot achalagta hai jeseki itne saal me isi satisfaction ke liye rukithi , aur to aur abhi koibhi mujhe car me ya scooty pr piche nahi bethne deta mujhe hi drive Krna padta hai aur vo log mere smooth half ganju sir pr hath lagaye rehte hai.

Me:- haa sab log enjoy kr rahe hai sirf mujhe 6odke aur btw kitni baar smooth shave keliye abhi tak ??

P:- 3 ya 4 baar hogaya hai aur gharprhi Kiya hai .

Me:- yani khud to nahi kiya hoga abhi uncle ne kiya hoga itni baar ??

P:- bilkul bhi nahi mere alava agar koi mujhe kahiprbhi shave krega vo sirf tumhi ho abhi smjlo kaha kaha shave kr skte ho tum , kyuki yeh new version Mera tumhari vajehse hai tumne yeh new life di hai mujhe , mere asli self se tumne milaya hai.

Me:- sachme ??

P:- aurto kya pagal issi vajehse Aaj tumhe call Kiya hai meri cutting due hai sabhi jageh pr aur gahr pr koi nahi hai to tu aajao.

Nd I got excited nd went to her home

Me:- hiii kesi ho ( nd touched her half bald head , it was sandpapery feeling but a little longer one I turned her nd directly kissed her on her bald head a watery kiss nd a cool sensation pass through her body nd she shivered )

She pulled me inside nd started kissing sooo hardly that I can’t imagine no girl kissed me sooo deeply nd soo hard my bulge is growing harder nd harder nd she dragged me into the washroom nd…

Me:- thoda bhi wait nahi kr Skti kya.

P:- nahi tum shuru kro varna me khud krlungi

Me:- arre but clips leke aao part Krna hoga thoda time lagega

P:- jldi kro aur haa 1inch section jyada nikalkr shave Krna pehle trimmer se badme shaving cream lagakr razor se , jldi kro abhi nd she is in full arousal nd getting horny sec by sec

I made parting , take out extra 1inch meanwhile she got undressed nd standing naked in front of mirror a big bush was grown down their so my first duty is to clean it but nd I did it very well nd she started moaning while I was working down their nd now I again started the trimmer nd placed on the bottom of her nape a 1st pass made nd a big , very big moan came out of her mouth

P:-Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh ( deep breath ) bas aur kro Puri Ganji krdo , pura undercut clean krdo.

Nd I made a very slow steady pass to make her feel that trimmer blades eating her little hairs nd suddenly she blurted out

P:- 2 inches aur section nikal kr shave krdo

My eyes got widen bcoz her previous original undercut was reaching her ear level nd I took 1 more inche nd it got passed her ears nd now she wants 2 more so I told her not to do otherwise she will become bald but she didn’t care about that she wants it but i convinced her nd told I’ll take only 1 inch more nd done another section nd a

Buzzzzz buzzzzz buzzzzzzzz

Started nd her moaning staterd with that

1st part was completed a buzzing from trimmer was completed nd a more risky part was coming so I warned her to stay still other wise her head got cuts from razor

Nd i lathered her bald head with shaving cream nd put a hot towel to soft her bristle nd she got something new experience she asked me why this so I explained her nd she told me soo now onwards I need to come every month nd give her this special treatment

After 5 minutes I remove that towel nd started scratching that left over cream nd it glided smoothly nd in a no time I shaved her clean smooth nd especially a super soft she ever had , I washed her half bald head nd cleaned her up from tip to toe nd wipe out her with dry towel nd section that uper hairs up nd stand behind her nd a 1st sensation she ever got is my kiss a soft kiss on a soft bald head nd a big lik on that nd a big shivering she got nd a satisfied moan nd dropped in my arms nd told that she didn’t even get any close kiss to this from uncle she told me that this is her heavenly kiss she ever got nd started kissing me nd 1st time she touch her head nd felt sooo smooth nd soft that she told me this is her best haircut . Nd we made some love for 1 or 2 hrs nd then cleaned up ourselves nd booked her another appointment with me but I got a thought that this undercut is way to hing so upper hair will hide it or not if got staighted bcoz in curls it will hide it so is took her to her dressing table nd straighted her hairs nd styled it in a straight undercuts bob nd hopefully it look sooo normal nd sooo cute nd sooo sexy that we kissed againg nd I got soo excited that I gave her a lovebite on her bald head nd then got realised that uncle is going to come nd will see this so told her that is anyone ask u about this red mark tell them u got burnt by straightener .


While I was heading towards door she came from back huged me tightly nd told me to give a a soft kiss I give her when I clean her up nd told me that…

P:- abhi every month meri appointment book krleti hu yeh tumhari service aur yeh soft kiss ke liye agar tum nahi aaye to tum mujhe bohot hi khrab haircut me paoge sooo to keep ur bitch well groomed nd sexy do visit every month nd gave me a good soft goodbye kiss.


The end

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