Aunty Made sure Asha is taken for Regular visit

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Asha is working women. She is with her relatives. She is staying with her aunty from childhood. Asha is working in ITS. Monthly once Asha goes for trim and maintain her hair to below hip day her aunt saw her hair  it was very long Jet black Shiny and volume is also good. Her aunty hair is shoulder level with good volume. She thought Asha hair is too long. Next day morning aunty took Asha to temple. Asha took bath plated her hair And wore red top and blue jean. Aunty took her to nearby temple. She entered tonsure section. And took ticket for tonsure. Asha asked aunty for whome. Come will tell you.

Took her inside. Aunty gave the ticket to the barber and told mottai adichu vitrunga intha ponuku (give head shave for this girl) and made Asha to sit. Asha was about to get up barber holded her head and poured water Asha told please leave me. Aunty told stay silent anna motta nalla valu valu nu adinga (Make her head smooth). He told okey and in5 min he shave her completely bald. Aunty was checking Asha head and told to shave again. The barber did. And made her head smooth. Asked aunty to check she checked and told ok. Nalla valu valu nu iruku(Its smooth), Romba nandri na(thank you). Asha was about to get up the barber holded her head and told wait. He took sandal paste and rubbed forcefully on her head and face. Once done told her to get up. She got up whipping her face. Her aunty did not say her anything took her to home.

She was puzzled for few days and ignored. Few weeks went her hair started to grow and she was happy. 3 months from headshave. Her hair was growing into over grown pixie. Her aunty told Asha mudi valathuduchu (hair is grown for you) today ready ah iru barbershop ponum (Get ready we will go to barbershop).

Asha was asking her aunty please don’t ,I wanted to grow my hair. Aunty told if you won’t listen me motta potu vitruvaen (Will give you headshave).
Last time niyabagam iruku la (remember the experience from last time)
. She got scared and went out with aunty. They both went inside barber shop.

Barber told intha ponuka mam cutting. Pointing to asha aunty told yes and made her to sit in the chair. Summer ku nalla thangura matri vetti vidunga (give her something to manage easily for summer). Barber wrapped cape and sprayed her hair. Barber asked last time enna cut paninga madam (What haircut was given last time).

Aunty replied motta potuvitaen(headshave). Barber asked apo ipo yum motta potralama summer ku nalla irukum . Dandruff tholla irukathu. Sweat agathu. Asha was getting scared. Aunty replied sari motta adichu vitrunga na pakathula shop poitu varaen.
(Let shave her head again it will be good for summer.There wont be any Dandruff problem. She wont have any problems of sweat during summer. Aunty agreed and told her to shave her head smooth and went to near by shop)

After 10 min she came back to the shop. She saw a girl is Sitting in the highly pumped barber chair. Completely covered with cape only head is visible. And the head is shave very smooth. Also the eye brows also removed. He sprayed water and wiped her head with towel. Turned her to aunty. Aunty smiled and told barber enna chinna ponu matri hight ah ethi ukara vachurukinga. Face clean pana madam. . Nalla iruku. Asha thanks solu polam. Aunty paid.
(Aunty asked she is looking like kid and you made her to sit in highly raised chair.Barber replied i cleaned her face too .)

Barber told adikadi vanga madam. Nalla panni vidraen papa ku(Come frequently ). Aunty smiled and told Asha say okey to the uncle. Asha told okey. They both left. Asha got used to the head shave. Aunty took her every month and shaved her completely.

Asha tried skipping one month for her bday. All her friends are invited to the party. Aunty called barber to home and shaved her completely just before the function . Asha came freshly shave to the party and celebrated. Every one asked why you are shaving her. Aunty replied she is having dandruff and lies problems. She s not maintaining properly. Atha motta adichu vitaen (thats why we shave her head). 

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