Austin’s Razor: Ellie’s Awakening

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Girls’ Night Out

“Alright, everybody, I have to leave! I have a brunch date in the morning and I need to be at least somewhat sober before I start drinking those bottomless mimosas!”

All of Ellie’s equally drunk friends squealed loudly and held up their drinks in the loud club. She hugged several of her friends, kissed cheeks, and downed the remainder of her colorful fruity cocktail. She then stumbled drunkenly out onto the dark street of downtown Austin, Texas.

For the last several months, a serial kidnapper had  been terrorizing the young women of Austin. Attractive young women were being kidnapped randomly and seemingly without warning at night before being released the following morning uninjured and terrified. They however were not being released unchanged.

The only thing that could be found in common between the young women were that they were alone when they were taken and that they had long hair. Any of the city’s attractive young women with hair past their shoulders were at risk.

Once these women were taken, their hair was unlikely to be the same. These women were being found on street corners with varying different short haircuts, ranging from short cropped pixies to completely bald. Most though had been shaved smooth, some losing eyebrows and even eyelashes to the serial kidnapper now being referred to as “Austin’s Razor” by the news.

Women across the city lived in fear, doing what they could to never go out alone at night, some even going so far as to cut their long hair into pixie cuts to avoid the Razor’s attention. But there were still those like Ellie and her friends who chose to ignore the danger, to wear their long beautiful hair down and flowing, to walk alone, drunk and unaware.

Ellie stumbled down the street, choosing to forgo calling an Uber as her phone was already dead. She was close to her apartment and felt confident that she wasn’t really that drunk. The tipsy young woman knew she’d be able to make it home with just a few minutes of walking. She even knew of a poorly lit alley that would get her home even quicker.

Ellie ran a hand through her long curled hair, pushing the blonde hair back from her face as it stuck in her lipstick. She had just been to the salon, her favorite stylist touching up roots of the long highlights and lowlights of her bleached blonde hair.

Her stylist knew to be careful, trimming off less than a half inch of hair, protecting the growth and length of Ellie’s waist length hair. Her goal was to grow it down to her butt and during her three years at the University of Texas, the college junior who had just turned 21 had grown her hair all the way from the shoulder length lob she got before she started college.

The cut was the shortest her hair had ever been but it had been necessary to go from her natural reddish brown color to the blonde she desired in the healthiest way possible. Vitamins, hair masks, keratin treatments and expensive shampoos and conditioners had fostered the healthy growth of her chemically altered hair.

Ellie drunkenly gather her long hair and shifted it so it all fell over her left shoulder, her black leather clutch purse dangling from her wrist by a lanyard. Her black pencil skirt and black leather high heels did nothing to ease her struggles in walking straight. At least the white sleeveless crop top made the hot Austin summer somewhat more bearable.

The unsteady blonde finally turned onto the alleyway that led to her apartment where she lived with her best friend, eager to get home and remove her uncomfortable shoes. She heard an old sounding engine pull up behind her and was suddenly grabbed by two strong arms. Before she had a chance to scream and rag was stuffed into her mouth and a dark bag was pulled over her head.

Though thoroughly intoxicated, Ellie did her best to fight back, struggling against the powerful arms and trying to pull away. This was stopped as she felt a sharp prick on her neck. She felt whatever will to fight she had fade away as her arms grew heavy.

Floating from whatever drug she had been injected with, Ellie was pulled into what felt like a van with no seats. She barely felt a thing as she faded into unconsciousness, registering the sound of a sliding van door close before everything faded to black.

The Razor’s Roost

A prick on the arm in the bend of her elbow. Bright lights obscured by a black bag. A pounding, splitting headache. Ellie didn’t know where she was or what was happening but she knew she was awake but wished she wasn’t.

The blinding bright light was painfully revealed as the bag that obscured her view was ripped from her head. All she could see was the light that was obviously being shined directly at her face.

”You have been chosen because your hair is long. When you leave it will not be long anymore. It may be gone entirely. How much hair you leave with is not your choice,” a deep, distorted voice said from behind her.

”Mhm!” she said, trying to talk through the rag in her mouth.

Schick-schick-schick was the only reply she heard from behind her head. Then she heard something fall to the floor and her head grew lighter. Her hair!

”Mmm! Mmm!” she screamed through the rag as she heard the horrible schick-schick and the sounds of more of her beautiful hair falling to the ground. Then she gasped, it had to be Austin’s Razor. She could hardly believe it as she felt cold scissors brush against her neck just below her jawline.

An overwhelming sense of dread overcame her as she realized that she really would be losing her hair. Her eyes widened when she thought of all of the bald women, shaved completely hairless of any trace of hair on their whole bodies. Tears began to run down her cheeks, smudging the thick mascara and dark eyeliner from her eyes.

”I almost forgot,” the distorted voice said, pausing from his relentless cutting of her once perfect hair.

She heard his footsteps walking to the side and then heard squeaky wheels rolling in front of her. In a brief moment of relief, the blinding light was finally blocked.

As her eyes adjusted her muffled cry could be heard again. The Razor had wheeled out a large mirror and for the first time she saw herself.

Her previously perfectly cut, colored, and styled hair was now a mangled shell of its former self. The left half of her hair had been hacked off in an only mostly even blunt bob that stopped just past her jawline. The hair on her right side hung down long and untouched. Her makeup looked horrendous, cheeks covered with the mascara that had run down her face.

”Now you can watch this ugly hair be cut away while I transform you into something that is actually beautiful. Shall I remove your gag?”

Ellie screamed again, her voice muffled by the rag that she now recognized as a dirty looking sock. She cried and screamed, nearly gagging herself at the realization of the disgusting thing that was stuffed in her mouth.

”Now if you’re going to scream like that we’ll have to leave it,” the distorted voice said, chiding her like an impudent child.

Ellie continued to scream as the Razor continued her haircut, working around the left side. Her screams slowly subsided to whimpering cries as he made the last few cuts, leaving her hair in a blunt bob that was shorter than her hair had ever been.

“Do you think you can be quiet enough for the next part if I remove the sock?” the Razor said, goading her into further reaction.

Instead if screaming or crying, Ellie made a big shuddering sigh, blinked a few times, and then nodded. She knew she was stuck and fully at the Razor’s mercy. Perhaps if she behaved she might walk away with some hair. At this point she’d feel lucky to even leave without having her eyelashes plucked.

The Razor, whose face was covered entirely in a black ski mask which had a ghostly white skull painted on the front, nodded in approval. He slipped the scissors in the pocket of his dark jeans and reached around, pulling the sock from her mouth.

”Thank you, sir,” Ellie said in the most submissive voice she could muster. She watched the front of the Razor’s pants swell into a bulge.

Maybe it was because she was still drunk but Ellie made a decision at that moment. If she was going to lose her hair, she was going to have a good time with it. The Razor looked like he had a good body and the bulge in his pants looked impressive. Being an adventurous young woman, she decided she was down for anything.

”I’m glad you like what you’re doing to me,” she said, looking up at the masked man in the mirror.

”You’re going to lose a lot more hair before we’re done,” he said in response, somewhat less firmly than before.

”Whatever you want, sir. I want to make you happy,” she said, innocently batting her long eyelashes at him.

”You’re already doing a great job of that and you will continue to do so,” the serial barber replied.

Ellie then tried to move to hold his bulge in her hand when she finally realized for the first time. Her hands and ankles were taped to a barber chair by silver duct tape. She did her best to hide her shock as he turned away to grab another tool.

Bound but no longer gagged, Ellie watched in the mirror as the Razor returned with a set of cordless electric clippers in his hand. She had seen her little brother have his head buzzed and knew what it would do. He had once been buzzed with no guard and he had ended up nearly bald with only a slightly visible stubble left behind. The captive woman saw that her captor’s clippers had no guard and she gulped.

”Are you going to make me bald sir?” she asked seductively, doing her best to regain her confidence.

”We’ll start with the clippers and see how I feel. I know that I want to see this scalp and get rid of your fake blonde hair,” he said, flicking the switch on the clippers. She heard the clippers pop and then hum. Foggily she imagined the small blades chewing through her hair. She knew that before long she’d feel like the bob style she currently had would feel long.

”I should warn you, although you’re doing a very good job behaving, if you give the police any useful information about me, I will kill you,” to assert his point, the man pulled up his black shirt and showed a gun that was tucked in his waistband.

Fearfully she nodded, “Don’t worry, sir. You’re doing me a favor. I won’t even go to the police if you don’t want me to. I know I started off screaming, but I love this.” Although her behavior had begun as a ruse, if she was honest with herself Ellie was loving this. She had always loved being submissive in the bedroom and this felt like the extreme version of that.

Austin’s night terror patted her on the head, pulling her face close to his throbbing crotch. She willingly leaned her face against his erect shaft and nuzzled it with her cheek. “You are a good girl. I have a reward in mind for you. But first I need to finish with this hair.”

”Please make me into what you want me,” she said nearly moaning.

The Shave

The Razor placed the clippers in the center of her hairline. Ellie was shocked when she chose to keep her eyes open. To watch the hair she had once been so proud of be shorn away. He paused for a moment, almost teasing her.

When Ellie could no longer wait she finally begged, “Please, sir, please shave me!”

Without hesitation, the man plunged the humming clippers into her lush hairline, pulling them all the way to the back of her crown. Ellie shuddered as she saw the pale strip, her arousal growing at the sight of the horribly unflattering style.

The Razor shaved strip after strip off the top of her head, the college girl’s underwear growing damp as her body prepared itself for what it hoped would come.

Before long, the hair on her crown was rendered to stubble, her recently bleached natural roots not yet coming through. The Razor rubbed the bristly stubble on her head, a feeling which made her ferocious desire for sex that much more uncontrollable. She moaned at the sensation, “Please, sir. I want more.”

”Your roots are still blonde. You’ll be needing the razor. Do you like that, whore?” the distorted mechanical sounding voice asked, slapping her bald crown.

Ellie’s eyes rolled back at the degradation coming from the masked man, “Yes sir, it does. Shave me smooth, please. I am whatever you want me to be.”

He rubbed a thumb over the bald section, “If I cut one of your hands loose, would you like to feel this, whore?”

Ellie nearly reached climax at the thought, “Please let me feel it, sir.”

The Razor, taking a box cutter from his pocket, cut the tape from her left wrist and peeled it away. Trembling, she slowly began to raise her hand to her head. She could barely believe what she saw in the mirror. Her body was littered with the scraps of what had been her pride and joy. The crop top and skirt would be littered with hair for a long time, long hairs left behind to remind her of what once was.

Cautiously, she placed her hand on the ugly, pale bald strip and slid her hand backwards against the grain of her hair. The sensation drove her over the edge, her body tensing up and shaking in the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. “Uhhh,” was all that escaped from her lips as she continued to rub and moan.

Painfully, the Razor slapped her hand away, “Did I say you could cum, whore?”

Ellie’s hand darted down to the rest, “I’m sorry, sir, I promise I didn’t mean to.”

”For that I won’t let you feel it again until you’re out of my sight. I want you suffering and since you are enjoying your shave so much, I’ll make you suffer in this way instead. Now I think I want to shave your crown smooth before I shave the rest. I’ll have you looking like a little blonde Ben Franklin before I finish you off,” the Razor said sadistically.

The thought of being finished off nearly sent Ellie into another climax but she fought the feeling off. Although the thought of another punishment intrigued her, she wanted to experience the reward he mentioned.

While in thought of what the reward might be, the kidnapper taped her arm back to the chair before disappearing in the darkness again. He returned with three items. Over his shoulder was a clean white towel. In his hands were a can of shaving cream and, much to Ellie’s surprising excitement, a straight razor that glinted in the eerie light.

Ellie gleefully sat still as the man piled up cool shaving cream on the top of her head like a soft serve ice cream cone. He placed the towel over her shoulders, her now short hair not even reaching the towel, and began to massage the shaving cream in with his free hand. The captive found herself closing her eyes and savoring the cool, calming touch of the man who had taken her without asking.

With the shaving cream applied, the masked man wiped his hand clean on the towel and began the task of shaving her crown smooth. While the feeling was not as satisfying as the buzzing clippers, the result was incredible. Everywhere the razor scraped, her scalp was left shining and smooth. Not even the shadow of where her hair had been could be seen, only the paleness of skin that had never been exposed to the sun.

He expertly worked his way around her crown, starting at the edges and working his way in until the top of her head was clean and glistening. The light of the bright light that initially blinded her bow bounced off of the shiny, pale dome that was the top of her head.

”Oh god, please shave the rest. I want to see it all gone, please sir,” Ellie said, barely being able to speak above a whisper as her body trembled with pleasure.

The Razor only nodded and wiped any residue left behind away with the towel. He slipped into the darkness and returned with the clippers and immediately set into shaving the rest of her head.

Pushing her head down, her forceful barber plunged the clippers into the short hair at her nape, sending it falling around her neck and into the lap. She watched more and more hair pile up, now pleased to see her beauty being stripped away.

With the back of her head now buzzed free of hair, the Razor lifted her chin and tilted her head to the left. Beginning at the front, he drove the clippers into her right sideburn, sending hair showering down. He shaved back further, folding her ear down and shaving around it.

When he released it, she saw for the first time how much her ear stuck out she blushed. Whenever she pulled her hair back, she pulled the hair over her ears in an attempt to cover what she considered to be overly large ears.

The Razor must have seen her blush because he chided her as he continued shaving the right side of her head, “Is the whore embarrassed of her ears? Perhaps your new name should be Dumbo. Your ears are just as big as that cartoon elephant’s.”

Her face and bald scalp grew more fully flushed in embarrassment at his teasing and her new strange appearance. She would no longer be able to hide her ears unless she wore a beanie. She’d probably get heat stroke walking around Austin in July with a beanie on so she knew there was no hope.

With brutal efficiency he was soon done with her right side. He placed a hand on the top of her smooth head and shifted it to the right. Leaving his hand there and massaging with his thumb, the man began shaving away the last of her blonde hair.

Although she was feeling immense pleasure, she lost herself in a moment of sadness. The man had started at the back of her head and as he calmly shaved away hair and rubbed her bald head, she thought of how people would respond to seeing her bald head. Her big exposed ears. Maybe even her face without eyebrows. She blinked back tears that began to well up in her eyes.

”Does this make the little whore sad?” Razor said, watching the young woman blink away tears.

”I’m just sad that my time with you will be over soon. I hope I might be able to show you my appreciation for what you’ve done,” she said, shaking away the sadness and using her eyes to point at the man’s massive bulge.

The Razor nodded, “I never force myself on women like that but, if you’re willing I’ll gladly accept. I have to finish your shave first though.”

He shaved away the last bit of blonde hair, leaving her head looking strange. The way her crown was smooth and hairless while her back and sides were stubbly reminded her of a creepy economics professor she had. He was old and fat with a mustache and a hairstyle very similar to what hers looked like now. She forced the thought down as she awaited the completion of her shave.

Razor began to massage more cool shaving cream onto her head, applying it again to her crown as well as to the back and sides of her mostly bald head. She closed her eyes and relished his touch, his strong hands feeling around the curvatures of her skull. Again her womanhood throbbed, this time at the thought of suddenly learning what her skull was shaped like.

Razor finished applying the shaving cream and took his namesake and began to shave away the last bits of stubble from her scalp. His hands were steady and sure and she joyfully watched her pale scalp become exposed to the world.

No longer was she worried about her new appearance. She could worry about that tomorrow. For now, she took pleasure in the amount of pleasure she gave her captor. And she loved that she was being transformed. For better or for worse.

He shaved her crown again, then her right and left sides, using his hand to control her head, making sure she could feel his hand on her sensitive, exposed scalp. Forcing her head down, he shaved away the last trace of her from her head, the stubble on her nape.

Before long, he was finished and polishing her head with the towel. She found herself to be sad that her shave was over but was happy to see the finished product. He seemed as though he would leave her brows which she was relieved to see. Somehow the thought of losing her eyebrows was worse than losing the two and half feet of blonde hair she had lost.

”Is it time for me to show you my appreciation now sir?” she asked eagerly.

”First I have a proposition for you, whore.” Razor rubbed her smooth head with pride as he looked at her in the mirror through the eye holes in his mask.

”What is that sir?” she asked, looking up at him directly, no longer watching him in the mirror.

”I like you. I have a partner who helps me select and kidnap women. She picked you out in the club. I want you to replace her,” Razor said, fondly rubbing her head.

Ellie could hardly believe her big, exposed ears. Would she really work with the biggest serial kidnapper Austin had ever seen? Would she be willing to rob other women of their beautiful hair?

”Oh and a couple things. First, I’ve seen how much you’ve enjoyed this so you’d be able to watch while I transform our victims,” he said.

The woman nodded her bare head eagerly, having experienced this herself, now excited at the possibility to watch it happen to other women. Perhaps she’d even be allowed to pleasure herself while she watched.

”That sounds fantastic, sir. What about the second thing?” she asked respectfully.

”The second thing is that your first victim will be my old assistant. You’ll get your chance at revenge on the woman who helped do this to you,” he said, gesturing and her hairlessness.

Ellie felt a wicked grin stretch across her face, “Would I get to help choose what you do to our victims?”

”Of course you will,” Razor said, wrapping his fingers lovingly around the back of her head.

”I’m in. Whatever you want, I’ll give you. Starting with this,” she said, pointing with her shiny head.

Razor nodded his masked head and began to cut the tape from Ellie’s wrists. With her hands free, she began to unfasten the man’s pants, ready to give him as much satisfaction as he gave her. Her sex nearly burned as she readied herself.

The Next Morning

Outside of her apartment, Ellie and her new shiny head exited the van in which she had first been taken in. This time however, she blew a kiss at the masked man in the driver’s seat. Despite spending the remainder of the night pleasuring the infamous kidnapper, he had refused to give her a look at his face. All he had done was give her a burner phone with one number in it and the instructions to wait for his call.

She finally reached up for the first time and felt her smooth scalp, running her hands back and forth, feeling nothing but skin. Razor had shined her head with a lavender scented oil to give it a nice shine and she was proud of it.

As she walked in, she thought about their arrangement. Her hair was no longer hers and Razor would choose what she did with her hair or even if she would be allowed to grow it back. She was to watch out for possible girls to transform as she lived her daily life, going to classes, partying with friends, dating anybody willing to date her.

Razor had even given her a gift, a blonde wig styled in a French bob. She chose not to wear it this morning, wanting to feel the sun on her bald head.

A jogger ran by, slowing to stare at her shining head, giving Ellie a flash of embarrassment which only further excited her. She headed up the stairs to her apartment, heart pounding with nervousness at the thought of showing her bald head to her best friend and roommate, Liza.

When Ellie used the key to unlock the door, she opened it to find Liza in the living room wrapped in a towel brushing her damp hair. Her friend, ever the workout junky, had likely gone to her 5am CrossFit workout and had already showered.

”Wild night last night?” Liza asked, not looking away from her reflection in the mirror she used.

Ellie chuckled and rubbed her bare head, “You could say that. What do you think?”

Liza looked in the mirror, catching a glimpse of Ellie’s new look in the reflection. “Ellie, oh my god! Your hair! Your head!” The fit young woman whipped around and stared, mouth agape.

The bald woman smiled at her friend, “I like it don’t you?” She rubbed her bare head again, a feeling that she already knew she deeply loved.

”I mean sure but…but…what made you do this? You’ve been growing your hair out for as long as I’ve known you!” In her shock, she dropped her towel but didn’t care.

”I was ready for a change. Now I need to go get ready for my brunch date,” she said, smirking at the prospect of showing her boyfriend Aiden her new hair. Or lack of hair.

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