Austin’s Razor: Ellie’s Revenge

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The Life of a Bald Girl

Aiden was not a fan. Ellie had arrived at her brunch date wearing the blonde wig that Razor had gifted her for her services to him. He had told her that he takes care of his favorite whore and that she could expect more gifts if she continues to cater to his needs. She wore the wig not to conceal her bald head but instead to surprise her boyfriend of only two months.

Young and like so many other guys, her fraternity brother boyfriend expected his girlfriend to have long hair. He was disappointed by the blonde bob and sulked through the brunch while Ellie made her way through several of the bottomless mimosas. Before it was time to get up, the newly bald girl decided to reveal her new self.

”I know you aren’t too sure about the bob so I have a surprise for you, this is actually a wig,” she said, pointing at the short blonde hair on her head.

The young man had sighed in relief, “Thank god, Ellie. I really thought you had chopped all of your hair off. I didn’t think I was going to be able to show you off at the next house party.”

His jaw dropped though when Ellie removed her wig to reveal her shining bald head. He said nothing, simply dropping some cash on the table and leaving her sitting there alone.

”I guess we’re broken up then?” the smooth headed co-ed shouted after her now ex-boyfriend.

Rubbing her smooth head in delight, finally free of the restrictive wig, Ellie sat and had another drink and finished her food. Carefree and unconcerned about the shallow boy who left her alone, she knew she could look forward to whatever her new master had in store for her. Her eyes always watched for their next victim. The first for her.

After finishing her last meal and drinks on the young man who had previously occupied her time, Ellie walked down the street. Her blonde wig now stuffed into her handbag, hair hanging out slightly, the ex-blonde felt the stares of those who saw her. She still felt self conscious of her brand new look but that only excited her more.

Wearing big sunglasses, she felt the warmth of the summer sun on her scalp. A cool breeze blew down the street lined with expensive shops. The sensation was new and unexpected on her bare head and Ellie felt shivers run down her spine.

Sticking a hand up to feel her smooth scalp, she instantly became aware of the new risk of sunburning. A natural redhead, she had spent hours on a tanning bed to achieve the modest tan she had but her pasty scalp was now at risk of burning.

Fortunately for her at risk head, a beauty supply store was close by and Ellie headed that direction. Inside she saw other girls her age, some with short bobs and pixie cuts likely cut in fear of her new friend, others with hair that resembled hers from the night before. Starkly bald, Ellie stood out the moment she entered the store.

Hearing murmurs as she walked by, Ellie raised her sunglasses up and rested them on her bald head. Her large gold hoop earrings wobbled as she walked to find a salesperson to help her find a good sunscreen to buy.

Finding a woman in a fashionable sundress that had a radio and earpiece hanging from her ear, Ellie tapped her on the shoulder.

“Excuse me, miss. Would you be able to help me?” she asked politely.

Something about being humbled at the hands of the Razor had changed her normal, brash, bratty behavior and she found herself much more respectful of those who might help her.

The woman turned around, her sleek chin length brown bob bouncing as she turned. She gasped slightly at the sight of the bald girl who stood before her. Quickly gaining her composure she replied.

”Of course, how may I help you?”

Ellie smiled, “Well I need some good sunscreen for this old thing.” She pointed up at her bare head, “And if it also moisturizes, that would be a great benefit too. Can’t have a dry scalp when you have no hair.”

Still clearly in slight shock the woman nodded and led the bald headed girl to the skincare section. Seeing the woman’s name, Kit, on her name tag, Ellie spoke up.

”Kit, I have to tell you that I love your hair! It’s so nice and neat looking.”

Kit smiled, tucking the short hair behind her ear, “Thanks, I normally keep it long but with Austin’s Razor out there, I didn’t want to risk making myself a target.”

Ellie smirked at the fear that she knew she would soon be contributing to, “Ah yeah, good thing I don’t have to worry about that. Perks of a smooth head I guess. So what do you think of this one?”

Ellie picked up a sunscreen that was infused with moisturizer and showed it to Kit who shook her head at the happily bald woman in disbelief.

”This gives good sun protection and is a great moisturizer but it makes your skin pretty shiny. I’m not sure if that’s what you want or not,” Kit said shrugging her shoulders.

”Well if I’m bald, maybe it would be good to polish the old head right?” Ellie said, rubbing her smooth head with a grin.

Laughing nervously Kit nodded before leading Ellie with her new purchase to the check out counter. Picking up a pair of dangly earrings, Ellie made her purchase.

“Is there a bathroom or something I could use? I want to get this stuff on my head before I start to freckle up there.”

Kit nodded, “There are restrooms in the back, thank you for stopping in today.”

Smiling back at the bobbed saleswoman, Ellie thanked her and headed to the in store restroom. She passed several women on her way there, feeling their stares. Her cheeks flushed at the attention but she found her arousal growing further at the embarrassment.

Ellie entered the restroom and locked the door behind herself. Looking at herself in the mirror she took the sunglasses off of her head and placed them on the counter. The restroom was clean and and neat with scented candles and fashionable decor.

Opening the long, rectangular box that the sunscreen-moisturizer came in, Ellie looked at the bottle inside. It was coconut scented and said it provided maximum sun protection while moisturizing.

Putting a generous amount in her hand, Ellie began to massage the cool white colored product into her bare scalp. As she watched herself in the mirror, she felt herself being turned on at the sight and sensation of oiling her perfectly bald head. The pale color, damp smoothness, her ears that stuck out now more than ever, all overwhelmed her senses as did the scent of coconut.

Ellie had worn simple short denim shirts and a white tank top to her brunch date and she found herself sitting on top of the toilet. Snaking their way up the leg of her shorts, the fingers of the hand not rubbing her scalp found their way to her clit.

She began to massage, one hand massaging her slick smooth head, the other teasing and massaging the outside of her labia. Flicking and playing with her clit, she found herself approaching her climax at an alarmingly fast rate.

Smooth head providing nearly all of the stimulation required to finish, Ellie silently quivered in a powerful orgasm. Panting for a moment, the girl took stock of the last 24 hours. She had masturbated as soon as she arrived home and came twice while being shaved by the razor. Now touching herself in a public bathroom? She couldn’t believe what was coming over her.

Ellie stood for a moment, washing her hands in the sink and trying to catch her breath. Her face and bald head were flushed and she fanned herself for a moment before gathering her belongings and hurrying out of the store. Ashamed at her behavior, she rushed out hoping that no one could tell why she was so flushed.

Once outside, her newly oiled head reflecting the bright sunlight, she heard her phone chirp out a text tone. She reached into her purse and pulled out here iPhone but saw that there was no new text.

Gulping she reached into the side pocket that held the burner phone given to her by Austin’s most notorious criminal. The screen was lit up and read “New Message.”

The First Mission

Orders for the nights mission and where to be were all that the text had said. Also included was a photograph of their victim. She was ordered to dress like she be dressed for the club, she must be wearing the wig that was given to her, and she would need to be ready to whatever the mission required. Razor would pick her up from the alley where he had first taken her.

Ellie tried to nap during the afternoon as she expected a late night but she was too excited, instead tossing and turning with sweat beading up on her bald head as she lay in bed. Eventually she gave up, finding herself again pleasuring herself, the thoughts of her bald head and what was to come were all that were required to drive her session of self love.

Finally the time arrived and she got herself ready, choosing to dress as scantily as possible. She wore only a pair of black skin-tight shorts that only just barely covered her shapely round ass and a shirt that was not much more than a bra. Choosing not to wear an actual bra, her pert nipples were easily visible through the thin white fabric over her impressive breasts.

Next came a thick coat of makeup, dark eyeliner and smoky eyeshadow, and dark violet lipstick. Razor called her his whore and she wanted to do her best to look like one. Topped off with the blonde wig and an exceptionally high pair of black strapped heels and she was ready for her new job as a kidnapping accomplice.

Walking out from her room she was greeted by Liza who could only utter, “Damn.”

Ellie did a turn for her roommate and best friend, “What do you think?”

Liza smirked at her friend, “I heard you and Aiden broke up, something to do with your new bald head. I guess you’re going out for a hookup?”

Nodding, Ellie smirked back, “Something like that. Another quiet night in?”

Grinning wolfishly, the long haired, olive skinned brunette nodded, “Can’t gave a late night out if I plan to be there for another 5am workout.”

Rolling her eyes, the wigged accomplice opened the door to exit their apartment, “Don’t wait up, I don’t plan on being home before you leave for your workout.”

Liza could be heard laughing at her bald-headed friend as Ellie closed the door behind her.

Revenge Taken

Ellie waited where she had been taken from the night before. In under 24 hours, her hair was growing prickly and it itched under the wig she wore. She never thought she’d have to worry about scalp 5 o’clock shadow but she was already wishing she could have shaved again before she left her apartment.

Shuffling on her uncomfortable heels, she did her best to control her nervous breathing as she saw the blacked out van where her new life had begun. The back door was open and a divider was up between the driver’s seat and the back section. Ellie couldn’t see through the dark window tint in the twilight but she knew who drove the van. In contrast to the last time she entered the van, now she was the predator and not the prey.

There was a sole bench seat at the back of the windowless van and Ellie took a seat, noting there was no seatbelt, closing the sliding door behind herself.

”Well, whore, are you ready to get your revenge?” a distorted voice asked over hidden speakers in the van.

”I am sir. Is our target tonight the woman who picked me to be shaved?” Ellie asked eagerly.

”It is, whore. Tonight you will seduce my former assistant and lure her outside to an alley outside the club where you will be going tonight. Have you reviewed her picture?”

”Yes sir I have. I am ready to do whatever it takes to please you,” Ellie nodded her bobbed head at the front of the van.

“Good. Her name is Cara, she loves leggy blondes with bobs. You should have no trouble. Do you have money to buy her drinks?”

Ellie gulped, suddenly realizing her new job would be expensive. Fortunately daddy’s credit card seemed to have no limit. “Yes sir, I have my credit card,” she replied.

”No paper trail. There is cash in a bag under the seat for you. And a fake ID. Do your best to bring cash in the future if you don’t want to displease me, whore.”

Reaching under and taking the cash and ID, she nodded, false hair bouncing. “Yes sir, sorry sir. Thank you for thinking of everything.”

Ellie rode in silence for the remainder of the drive, examining her fake ID. Lena Woodrow of Oklahoma would be her alias. Hearing music thumping from outside the van, she knew her time had come. As the van came to a stop, Razor spoke again.

”Get out. All you have to do is have her meet you at the alley to the east of the building. When you separate, come find the van. Do not let her see you get in. You will drive for me, the address to my Roost will be in the navigation system.”

”Yes sir, as you wish,” she said as she exited the van, closing the door behind herself.

Exiting the van, she found herself at a club she had attended in the past. Loud music, flashing lights, distractingly delicious and strong drinks, the perfect spot to pick up an unwitting target.

With her revealing attire and excellent body, Ellie had no trouble being let in. Once inside she purchased a fruity cocktail for herself both to blend in and to ease her nerves. She had never seduced a woman before but Ellie knew what she would like and figured that should be enough.

Working the room and avoiding the aggressive advances of the men who found her, she looked for the target. If the men knew what was under her wig they probably would have avoided her entirely but tonight she couldn’t blame them. She looked good and more importantly she looked slutty, the ideal woman for these club goers.

Spotting her quarry, Ellie purchased a drink for the woman she saw dancing seductively on the dance floor. Her brown hair was worn in a high ponytail and she was dressed similar to the huntress, deciding less was indeed more.

Ellie danced her way through the crowd, she came upon Cara and immediately began dancing with her. Grinding on the woman and offering her the sweet but strong drink, Ellie immediately was in. The two danced with one another, kissing and drinking. Ellie continued to purchase drinks for Cara while she purchased virgin cocktails for herself, not wanting to get drunk.

”What’s your name gorgeous?” Cara finally drunkenly asked.

”Lena, what’s yours?” Ellie lied.

”I’m Cara, if you’ve had enough foreplay, I want to get you out of here and into my bed.”

Ellie smiled seductively, “I’ll meet you on the east side of the building, I need to find my friends and tell them I’m headed out.”

Cara smiled and winked at the woman she thought she was going to bed with and began to wobbly walk her way out to the east side. The huntress smiled to herself and carefully hurried out, ensuring she was not seen by her supposed partner for the night.

Climbing into the driver’s seat of the van she tapped on the metal partition and drove to the location where her revenge would begin. She may like her new life and new look but Cara didn’t know that when she selected her.

The Punishment

She drove the big black van alongside Cara who put up almost no fight as Razor pulled her into the van and injected her with whatever drugs he had given Ellie the night before. Ellie then drove to the address on the van’s navigation system and pulled into an open garage door. Apparently the Razor’s lair was an old mechanic’s shop just outside the city.

Ellie exited the driver’s seat and closed the garage door as Razor opened the back door of the van. Cara lay unconscious in the back of the van. Razor stood with his mask and placed his hands on his hips.

”We will unload her, tape her to the chair and then begin. I said you would decide the fate of her hair, what would you like to see her leave with?” the man’s distorted voice asked.

Ellie smiled wickedly, “Do you remember how you just shaved only my crown last night before you finished the job? I was thinking we could leave her like that. Except you could cut the sides shorter so she looks like an old man. That seems so humiliating.”

Razor nodded under his ski mask, “I think I can do something like that. Perhaps I can use hair removal cream to make it a bit more permanent.”

Ellie nodded eagerly, “Yes sir, I would love that. Would it please you?”

“Yes, whore, it would. I can think of an activity for us while the cream eats away her hair. Maybe in full view of her.”

“I would love to service you again, sir. I am your whore, my only desire is to please you,” she said, bowing her wig covered head.

”Remove that wig. I want to see your bald, whore’s head.”

Ellie happily removed her wig, revealing the faintest red-brown shadow. “I’m sorry my head is no longer perfectly smooth. I followed your orders and only oiled my head. I miss the smooth shave, sir.”

Razor patted her stubbly head, feeling the bristly surface with his rough hand. “It is not time for you to feel the release of a shave yet. You must find your own victim for me first.”

Disappointed, Ellie nodded her head, “Yes sir, whatever pleases you.”

The two kidnappers unloaded their victim and placed her in the same chair Ellie had sat in the night before. She missed the chair but was happy to be apart of this.

Soon the woman was taped to the chair and Razor readied the antidote. The lights were shifted and the mirror was placed. Ellie was seated to the side in the shadows where she would not be seen. Razor had even given his whore permission to masturbate while she watched, with strict orders to remain silent for fear of losing her privilege to be her assistant.

Cara was awoken and immediately knew her situation. “Sir, please I’m sorry! Don’t shave me again! Look at how long my hair has gotten! I promise I will leave and never look back!” the brunette pleaded with the masked man.

“I have chosen a new assistant. Your services are no longer required. She would like revenge and I will give it to her. She does what you would not.”

”Was it that blonde skank from last night? That was her in the club wasn’t it? I knew I recognized her!” Cara complained to the unflinching serial kidnapper.

”You will now undergo your punishment. Then you will leave and never return. If you cause any problems, you know what will happen to you. Anything done to you tonight, you will claim responsibility for.”

Cara nodded as tears began to stream down her cheeks. Ellie relished her suffering, already beginning to fondle herself. Razor wasted no time and began hacking away the woman’s long brown hair with scissors.

Every time he would remove a chunk of hair he would hold it up and drop it in front of her face, forcing her to watch her hair be taken away. He cut it no longer than an inch away from her scalp, chopping the hair brutally short.

Before long, Cara’s hair was rendered down to a choppy, uneven pixie cut, her long hair littering the floor. Her face was soaked in tears an littered with hair while Ellie’s hairless pussy was soaked in her own juices.

Razor then put away the scissors and flicked on the clippers. All Cara could do was silently sob as Razor carefully buzzed away the hair from her crown, leaving a barely visible brown stubble behind. Ellie reached what felt like her hundredth orgasm as her victim’s new hairstyle was revealed. She knew she would have trouble waking if she couldn’t stop pleasuring herself so often. Perhaps the regrowth from the smooth shave would provide a necessary break from her frequent self love.

Fortunately or perhaps unfortunately for Ellie, Razor produced the Nair hair removal cream and Cara’s dismay only drove Ellie to another orgasm. Razor carefully applied the cream to the sobbing victim’s shaved crown.

Razor than called Ellie out and, in front of Cara, forced his new assistant to her knees. The bald girl eagerly unfastened the pants of her master and began to work his huge erect cock in her mouth, tickling his balls and taint with her fingers and tongue.

Ellie, an experienced lover for her young age of 21, left the mostly silent man squirming as she overwhelmed him with pleasure. As the minutes rolled by she intentionally brought him to the brink of climax before stopping to prolong the experience.

Finally, Ellie heard Cara complain, “Please sir, it’s starting to burn. It should have come off five minutes ago.”

Ellie smirked up at the man, throbbing manhood still in her mouth as she finally finished the job. The silent barber groaned silently as he unleashed his load. Before it burst forth, Ellie pointed his cock to top of her bald head and let his load pump out on her scalp. She smiled up at him as the cum ran down her head and dripped down her cheeks. She then licked any remains off of his shaft and tip, savoring the salty liquid and then swallowing it.

With Ellie’s job complete, Razor returned to Cara and, using a damp rag, wiped away the hair removal cream. The stubble was wiped away as well, leaving a perfectly smooth crown, surrounded by short brown hair. Ellie’s first victim was perfectly hideous.

”Come and examine you work, new whore,” Razor said to Ellie who watched from the shadows.

He tossed a towel to her, allowing her to wipe the cum from her head and face. Ellie than came and began to forcefully rub Cara’s shiny crown. If she had been honest with herself, she would know that she was jealous of the humiliation but she knew she lived to please her master first, herself second.

”Now it is time for you to go,” Razor said, injecting a new needle into Cara’s neck.

As their victim faded to black, Razor nodded approvingly at his assistant.

”Well done whore. You seduced her in no time at all because you are such a good little whore. And you came up with a wonderful punishment. Did you enjoy yourself?”

Ellie nodded her bald head eagerly, “Yes, sir. Thank you sir. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

”Continue to please me as you have and you won’t have to find out. Aside from your hair, I expect you to stay fit and attractive. You must also find ways to practice your seduction and sexual skills on both men and women. That should be no problem for you since you are such a good whore.”

The Razor’s whore nodded, “Yes sir. I will also find you your next victim soon. I already miss my smooth head, sir.”

”Find your first victim and perhaps you will be shaved smooth again. If it pleases me.”

”Yes sir, if it pleases you.”

And so Ellie and her master set out, leaving the hideous Cara outside her house, passed out on the porch. In the morning her husband would find her and her new look. The hair on her crown would take weeks to sprout back up and she would either be forced to shave the sides daily or live in the shame of her new haircut.

Ellie arrived home in time to join her best friend in her CrossFit workout, eager to please her master with her toned and fit body. Sleep could wait a few more hours, her master’s desires mattered more.

As the exhausted Ellie worked out alongside her friend, hair did not fall in her face or stick to her neck. She was, though, forced to wear a sweat band on her bald head, hair no longer keeping the sweat from dripping onto her beautiful face.

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    1. I really liked this one! I know this isn’t my story but I think it would be really cool if in one of these stories about the razor Kit would willingly volunteer to have her head shaved because she likes how Ellie looks. Then maybe after volunteering to sit in the chair she could become a second assistant or something. Just a thought I had. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to I just thought it could spice it up!

      1. That’s interesting that you mention Kit because I thought about making her the primary focus of an episode. With her bob she doesn’t really fall under Razor’s normal type but I still want to bring her in somehow so I think that’s a very interesting way to do it.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I think Liza may one day find herself on the same hairless path as her friend. We’ll just have to see what the future holds! Definitely count on some continuation though, this is a fun story!

  1. Great sequel. I hope Ellie ends up perfectly Naired one day as well. Also, as a perfect seductress, maybe she could consider getting nipple piercings and maybe some tattoos?

    1. I think there are lots of possibilities in the future! Ellie is a fun character so we’ll just have to see. Razor likes lots of different things, as seen by his wide array of styles done on his victims so who knows?

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