Austin’s Razor: The First Catch

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Ellie’s quarter inch long red-brown hair was itchy. Well not usually. Most of the time her grown out head shave was soft and velvety. She missed the razor shaved smoothness of a fresh shave of course but she hadn’t earned the right to be shaved again. Her hunt would have to be successful tonight if she wanted to experience that erotic pleasure again.

The reason Ellie’s short buzzcut itched so much was because of the wig she wore. Razor had given her a few different wigs to wear while prowling clubs for women to take. She wore a very natural looking wig of long brown hair that was styled in long luxurious curls, something that seemed to drive the men in the clubs crazy.

Working the room, the buzzed assistant danced, drank, and chatted while the loud EDM songs thumped. All the while, her eyes scanned the room, looking for long haired women that were drinking a little too heavily.

Unfortunately for the eager headshave enthusiast, finding women who kept their hair long was difficult. Her master, the infamous serial kidnapper and transformation specialist known as Austin’s Razor, had ensured that the local women lived in fear. Short hair and modest alcohol and drug consumption was slowly coming into style.

The only targets were people from out of town and the occasional irresponsible college girl like she has been only two weeks before. Having so few targets and so little assistance as a kidnapper’s assistant meant that Ellie had struggled with only her revenge shaving being her only successful hunt. And that had been set up by Razor.

Keeping her from the precious smoothness of a razor shaved head was her punishment and her encouragement to succeed in finding women to be shaved. Razor promised her a head shave for any woman she helped him catch and transform, as well as the privilege to shave her head as often as she would like for one week. Her grown out hair was a constant reminder of her failure.

Eagerly waiting for the chance to remove what she now considered to be long hair, she was beginning to feel desperate. She danced with a particularly attractive twenty-something man with rock hard abs, muscular but not overly bulky arms, natural blonde hair cut into a short undercut which was pushed back, and beautiful blue eyes.

Rubbing her shapely ass against his bulging manhood to the thumping beat of the loud music, she continually scanned the room. Her body was already begun to grow more toned as she worked out with her friend and roommate, the CrossFit junky with beautiful long brown hair named Liza, and Ellie, Razor, and her numerous sexual partners had all been very pleased with the results.

During her last two weeks of unsuccessful efforts at taking women, Razor insisted that she go home with a new sexual partner to sharpen her skills as a seductress and a lover if she could not find him a long haired woman to take. Her task was to satisfy whatever desires they had. Each night that she went home with someone, they were shocked to see her shorn head but she made sure they forgot all about her uncommon appearance. The blonde man she danced with would likely be her companion for the night if she could not locate someone soon.

She turned to face the man she danced, rubbing her crotch against his and while looking over her shoulder, she spotted what might be her first target. There were several women in their mid to late twenties all wearing sashes that said “bride squad.”

Each of the attractive women had long, beautiful hair and all were perfectly drunk. Ellie knew the difficult part would be separating one from the herd but she knew once she had one by herself that any drunk member of the “bride squad” would be easy prey. She also knew that it would be possible that she wouldn’t even have to ditch a phone to prevent tracking. Many bachelorette parties had strict no phone rules.

Stretching her fingers around the blonde man’s neck, Ellie kissed him with false passion before excusing herself. She then moved to the edge of the room where she texted Razor on her burner phone. As she told him the general description if the bride squad, she saw one of the women, a delicate looking redhead with hair that reached down to past her mid back, head towards the back door.

Ellie hurried out, blending in with a group that was leaving. Although her hunts had been unsuccessful, she had gotten plenty of practice blending into crowds and recognizing the locations of security cameras. Moving to the back of the parking lot, Ellie hopped into the van. Razor had already started the ignition and moved himself into the back of the van to grab their target.

In the same distorted voice that now was a cause of arousal in her, Razor said, “Hurry up, let’s hope you’re actually successful this time, slut.”

She removed her wig and pulled on her own matching ski mask, “Yes sir. I think I found you a good one. She went in the back alley alone where there are no cameras.”

As she drove around the back, avoiding the traffic cameras and outward facing security cameras Razor reminded her of her prize, “If you’d ever like to be shaved by me again, you had better hope so.”

Ellie gulped nervously as she drove around to the back of the club. She turned the van down the dark alley and saw her target. The drunk girl with the king beautiful red hair stood alone in the dark alley, struggling to light a cigarette.

Wasting no time, Ellie pulled up alongside the girl. Hearing the door slide open, the squeal that was cut short, the thump, and finally the door closing, she began her drive. She celebrated silently as she began the drive back to the warehouse where they would do their work.

”Well done, slut. This is a good prize. I look forward to this one. You have earned your reward. Perhaps I’ll allow you to pleasure yourself while I shave you,” said the distorted voice from the back.

One step ahead her master, Ellie had already moved her thong to the side and was fondling herself through the bottom of her short skirt.

Once back at the warehouse, Ellie who had already has multiple small orgasms while driving exited the front seat to help unload their unconscious victim. She was so proud to be apart of stripping this unsuspecting girl of her hair and she was even more proud to please her master.

Pulling out her limp body as a team, Razor made the comment, “Good, I can tell you’re getting stronger. You are a good little slut.”

The little slut beamed under her ski mask which was starkly in contrast to the skimpy short skirt and sparkly bra she wore as her club attire, “Thank you, sir. I live to please you.”

Ellie could see that Razor’s erection was already pitching a tent in his dark blue jeans and she eagerly waited her chance to satisfy his needs after the shave. She hoped she would get to pleasure him while she masturbated, drawing a deeper arousal from his ecstasy.

Placing the woman whose mouth had the same dirty sock she had in her mouth on her introduction to Razor, the buzzed seductress moved into the shadows. Taking her seat in the darkness and slipping her underwear around her ankles she eagerly settled in to watch the show. She removed her ski mask to have nothing to distract her.

Razor injected whatever concoction he used as an antidote to the tranquilizers he used to knock his victims out. The redhead snapped awake and struggled against the tape that held her arms and legs against the chair she sat in. The masked man began to run her long red hair through his fingers and she began to cry silent sobs.

”You may have heard of me. Some call me Austin’s Razor. Know now that you will leave here changed. You will not look the same but if you cooperate, one day you may be able to have this beautiful long hair again,” he said in his terrifyingly distorted voice.

The girl began to cry harder and attempted to babble through the sock which only came out as a muffled, “mmm mmm mmm!”

Toying with her hair for a little while longer, Razor walked into the darkness where he came back with clippers. He held them up so she could see them in the large mirror that he always staged in front of the chair his victims sit in.

Shocking herself, the girl in the shadows was only further aroused by their victim’s distress. Razor had unlocked something dark within her and she loved it. She hoped that Razor would bind and gag her for her shaving as well as she slid her fingers inside the sopping wet folds of her labia.

Strangely, Razor decided to remove the sock from the babbling redhead’s mouth to allow her to speak. She coughed and hacked for a moment, trying to remove whatever grime the sock held before speaking.

”Please, sir. I get married in a week. I’ll come back to you after it’s over and do whatever you want if you just let me keep my hair a little longer. Please,” she begged.

Razor gave her no answer, he only tilted her head back by pulling her hair downward and held the clippers to the center of her forehead.

”No! Please no! Stop! Wait!” she began to scream, pleading for the fate of her hair.

Chuckling wickedly in his distorted voice, Razor plunged the clippers into her dense, lush hairline. Without mercy, he drove the clippers into her thick, long, healthy hair again and again.

Ellie loved every second, reaching her climax yet again as the long red locks cascaded to the floor, leaving pasty white strips of skin. The clippers shaved the red hair so short that from where the gleeful assistant watched the sobbing woman already looked as though she was being shaved to the skin.

The shattered bride to be slowly calmed from screams for mercy and help to letting out only pathetic quiet sobs as her mascara streamed down her face. Ellie noted that as the hair fell away, the broken woman actually looked good with no hair. Her head was perfectly porcelain white without even the slightest blemish.

Soon her crown was shaved completely bald and Razor continued on ruthlessly, placing his hand on her shaved crown and forcing her chin to her chest. He shaved up her nape with the clippers, intentionally sending her red locks tumbling into her lap. She was forced to watch what was likely her pride and joy pile up right before her eyes as it fell lifeless from her head.

Ellie took delight in the thought that the woman who was so close to her wedding day probably had countless Pinterest boards dedicated to wedding hair inspiration photos. It looked as though she had grown her hair out carefully and meticulously for the coming day exactly one week from this night.

With a bare nape and crown, the woman’s chin was lifted and Razor began shaving the hair from either side of her head. He pulled the clippers backward, working his way down from the top, switching from side to side. The patches grew progressively smaller until finally, they were no more.

The woman sat and sobbed as she stared at her newly bald head, wondering why this happened to her. Ellie took personal and sexual satisfaction in the fact that this woman’s new look was partially due to her actions. The kidnapper’s assistant grew almost faint as she came time and again from the overwhelming gratification at watching the shaving of her first true victim.

What happened next surprised Ellie. Razor tilted the formerly red haired woman’s head back and, wrapping an arm under her chin so she could not pull away, he used the clippers and swiftly shaved away her two perfect red eyebrows. The woman screamed and sobbed in protest but to no avail and soon she was left with only eyelashes to mark the fact that her head could grow hair at all.

Thoroughly horrified at her new appearance the hairless woman sobbed loudly, tears and snot running down her face. Had it not been for the excessive crying, Ellie found the woman to be shockingly attractive with no hair. Although Ellie had developed a reasonable amount of experience seducing and satisfying women over the last two weeks, she did not consider herself to be attracted to women. Maybe she only liked hairless women. Or perhaps, she hoped that she could receive the same treatment.

No longer able to continue masturbating, her overstimulated clitoris unable to withstand further abuse, Ellie watched with wicked intrigue as Razor lathered the sobbing young woman’s head and eyebrows with white, foamy shaving cream.

Living up to his namesake, Razor produced a safety razor and began to scrape away the last of the woman’s remaining hair. It had been reduced down to only a barely visible stubble but he refused to even allow her to leave with that. He started with her eyebrows, the woman so broken she could only comply and sit patiently as he stripped away her last trace of hair.

Before long, her scalp and eyebrows were completely smooth, left only with the long false eyelashes of a woman hoping to look her best on her wedding day. The long eyelashes looked strange on her hairless head and face, making her look almost like a porcelain doll that was not finished being painted.

Razor cruelly detached the woman’s left hand and forced her to feel her head. She sobbed, crying out, “My life is over. I look like a monster.”

He showed her the pistol that he hid in his waistband, issued her the same threat he had originally given Ellie. Any useful knowledge given to the police and she and everybody she cares about would end up dead. The woman nodded as she cried before a needle and a tranquilizer cocktail silenced her for the remainder of the night.

“Help me bind her and put her in the van. Then it is your turn, slut,” the masked man said from his spot in the light.

Ellie stood and, stepping out of her underwear, did as she was bidden, helping load the now bald victim into the van. Together they taped her hands to one another and her feet together as well. Finishing the job, they put tape over her mouth, wrapping it around the back of her naked head to secure it.

”Sit,” was all the masked kidnapper ordered.

Nearly shaking from the anticipation, the soon-to-be-shaved woman took a seat in the chair. She was surrounded by the fallen red locks of the woman who occupied the chair right before her.

Razor emerged from the darkness and began to scoop the perfect red hair from the floor to keep it for his personal connection. Ellie knew that if she was offered a wig made of the hair that she would wear it with a sick satisfaction, like a huntress wearing the skin of her prey.

Placing the hair in a bag, Razor removed his pants and let them fall around his ankles. “You will be allowed to masturbate but you must continue to suck my cock while you do it, whore.”

Nodding eagerly, Ellie began to further abuse her battered clitoris. She felt razor remove her bra and as he stepped in front over her, clippers buzzing, she slipped his throbbing manhood in between her lips. One hand teasing her clit, the other one tickling his taint, she sucked his dick as he ran the clippers over her head, sending the short hair showering down over the two of them.

The experienced barber soon left her hair buzzed down to almost nothing and stepped away for a moment, his erect penis casting a shadow. He returned and lifted the woman’s chin.

”Look up to the ceiling and hold still, whore.”

Ellie obeyed the ordered and looked upward, sitting as still as her trembling body would allow. She felt something cold on each nipple causing her to shiver as her nipples hardened. Then she felt a flash of pain as a needled passed through each nipple. A simple metal bar was placed through each of her nipples and Razor stepped away to allow her to see.

”These show that I own you. Every time you feel the sensitivity and pain in your nipples, remember that you are mine, whore.”

Looking at her new adornments with pride, Ellie nodded eagerly, “Yes, master,” was all she uttered.

Raising a single index finger curled it toward herself, calling the man to her yet again. Before he approached her, he took the cold foamy shaving cream and lather her head. Ellie resumed sucking him off as he scraped away her hair, occasionally flicking her intensely sensitive nipples.

Relishing each moment of her master’s special attention, Ellie made sure that he enjoyed it as well. She used everything she had learned during her young life to bring the man close to completion before backing off, helping him to last the entirety of her shave. As he wiped her smooth head clean, she reached up and felt her head. Feeling that her head was smooth again, she rose to an orgasm just as she felt his hot semen spew through her pursed lips.

She looked up at him with innocent eyes, swallowing his load. Licking her lips she smiled at him and whispered, “Thank you, master.”

”Well done, whore. Let’s take this victim back to the bar before any of her foolish friends notice she’s gone.”

Ellie nodded her freshly shaved head and slipped her underwear and mask back on. They drove her back to the alley where she had been taken from, loud music still thumping from inside the club. Her restraints and gag were removed as before she was unceremoniously dumped outside the back door.

The next morning in the gym, Ellie watched as on the news, a new victim of Austin’s Razor had been found. The bride to be cried on television as she was held by her horrified fiancé and crying friends. Turning back to her workout, the victorious kidnapper couldn’t help but quiver with pleasure.


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