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You walk up to the shop front. It’s blank, minimalist, unrevealing. Two letters above the door – A.S. you enter. Inside is a desk with a self operated touch screen. You type your name in and there is an affirmative bleep. You now notice several doors behind the desk, each with an indicator light above it. All of them Red. One now flicks to green with a ding sound and the door slowly opens. “Please step into your designated booth” says a recorded voice.

You enter and the lights fade up slowly. The walls are black shiny tiles and the floor is tiled in dark blue. In the centre of the room is a barber’s chair with another touch screen on an extended mechanical arm beside it. There is nothing else visible except in the corners of the room the tiles are replaced with drains. “Please take your seat” says the voice.

You take your seat and as you do so you can feel it molding to your body. The high back of the chair has started to pulsate in a soft massaging motion. A subtle smell has been released automatically into the room, chemical by nature yet it is pleasing. The arm holding the touch screen is now rising to within your grasp. “Please select your options” says the voice, although now it seems to be coming from inside the chair.

You look now at the screen and it presents you with a series of questions which you must answer. With each touch of the screen there is a pleasant click. The first question – style of cut. You select your split ends being cut off, nothing too adventurous. The next question asks for the base length of the cut, you select 2 inches, not too long but definitely not too short. The final question is simply says [include finishing] to which you answer yes. “Confirmed. Sequence commencing, please relax and sit still”

The mechanical arm retracts gently and behind you the tiles start to slide back revealing a large apparatus previously hidden behind the wall. It slides towards the chair and locks into place behind it with a gentle but solid clunk. Two robotic arms extend out of the sides of the complicated machine and drape a cloak over your body, fastening it automatically but gently around your neck. The arms move away again and air is blown gently into the room, your hair is flailing with the wind and the machines stop blowing. Two more arms now reach out and one has a comb attached, the other a rather large pair of scissors. A brief flash of blue light as a laser grid scans your head taking measurements in preparation. “Confirmed” says the voice again

Gentle mist is spraying out from the comb side, wetting your hair as it now starts combing through. Gently and firmly all of your hair is now combed to perfection. The comb arm whips up a section of hair and the scissors arm sweeps in cutting it with a solid chink of the blades. The hair flies away and floats down to the floor. The arms pick up speed and sweep more hair towards the shears which by now are rapidly snipping open and closed to perfect time with the comb. Your hair is powerless to resist and falls to each slice of the scissors with no resistance. Snip Snip Snip. The machine is humming gently with each movement and now it has finished the top of your hair and moves to the back. The comb scrapes against your neck sending shivers down your spine and you shudder involuntarily. “Sit still please” the machine commands

The machine is now almost done with your hair, combing through and checking it with the laser guide. Snipping the last strays of hair to make the length perfectly even. The arms now slide away. “Cutting sequence complete. Commence finishing” your arms have been resting on the chair and now a metal cuff slides out of each one locking them into place. The same happens around your feet. “Chosen style incompatible with requirement. Auto-Selection mode engaged. Stand by for reconditioning” you are powerless to resist as the chair leans back.

Two small arms have extended from the main machine body, both with a tiny spinning blade attached. They move in closer and slice through the material of your shirt. As they work their way down your body splitting your top half clothing in two, a third arm removes it. You are now completely naked waist up, but the blades aren’t stopping. They effortlessly slice through your leggings and panties too and they are also now removed. You sit in the chair completely naked wondering what is next.

From the ceiling, water now rains down upon you. It is pleasantly warm but thick enough to have you soaking in seconds. Your hair is saturated and small arms extend towards it. They have soft claw attachments at their ends and they are now massaging your head, secreting shampoo as they move. Their touch is so soft yet so commanding; it’s sending waves of pleasure through your whole body. The arms stop and more water rains down to rinse the suds away. Now you realise what the drains were for. “Commence reset” the voice purrs.

The chair sits you up again and there is silence. A single arm now extends and as it reaches you there is a buzzing sound coming from it. It has a clipper attachment and it now reaches down towards your hairline. Slowly the blades are plunged into your hair and with a change in the tone of the buzz and a strong vibration against your skull the hair is mown away. Sheared down to almost totally bald the machine makes several passes along the top of your head. Now it moves to the sides and shears slowly upwards, more and more of your hair is falling rapidly to the floor in great clumps. The machine moves round your head shaving away the remaining hair with ease. The buzz of the clippers stops as it makes its last pass leaving you completely shorn. “Commence finishing”

In front of you now the floor opens up and a new machine rises. This one seems to be formed of several flexible hoses. The largest of these extends forwards towards your soaking wet cunt. Two others, smaller, extend towards your breast, soon after your nipples and as they reach the skin they attach themselves with gentle suction. The large tube has now reached your pussy and attaches itself too. Silence for a moment. The machine starts up and the tubes begin pulsating. Your nipples are being stimulated with repeated motion of the suction and inside the largest tube your genitals are being caressed by what feel like tiny brushes. The feeling is incredible. You feel the soft claw of the massager on your head again which only amplifies the sensations, you are very close to climax. The machine seems to sense your state of arousal and kicks the massage up a notch; your body is shivering with intense feeling as the machines relentlessly stimulate all your most sensitive areas. You finally come with an incredible sigh and the machine sucks away the residue and detaches.

You sit breathing heavily for a moment, the machines have started to return to their homes and one last time the voice is heard. “Sequence complete” a panel opens up in the wall revealing new clothes exactly as you were wearing before. The shackles release and you stand, still shaking. You dress yourself and leave, stroking your newly shaved head.

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